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  1. LOL, that's a good one But you might get a blue screen due to too much "overspeed" voice message.
  2. Or maybe not Mach 24 at 40,000 feet...
  3. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    No, always use your dipstick, before takeoff and on any airport you do a full stop, checking oil at the same time is not luxury. The log can be so accurate or un-accurate, that you don't want to use them, you don't want to hear about other people opinions, you want facts not feelings Only on 172 R or S equipped with G1000.
  4. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    The fuel is the thing i check in fourth, after office logs, time before next maintenance and Aircraft paperworks "WB, radio certificate, manual, ect...". Then I use an archaic but really useful dip-stick that will show me the usable fuel level because its calibrated to the 172R tank : And I finish by checking the seal on my fuel cap and close them tightly. I don't really think that fuel gauges are essentials "well, they are mandatory as per NZ law" for a handling flight since they are 10% accurate if, you have full tanks "they might show you empty", climbing, descending or in a steep/max rate turn and 70% accurate the rest of the time. So let's be clear, they are rubbish, but for a cross country, they saved my life. On a 100%, touch and go, 300nm cross country, I noticed that my right tank was still showing full while my left tank was at 21 gallons, normally there is always a delay, because the left one get drain first but it was too much. My first reaction was to land on the first airfield and check the level. The right tank was full even with the selector on both. So after a quick refuel. I did a test 3000' AGL to check and found out that on any position, the fuel selector only picked the left tank. I feel really bad for the instructor since he was the PIC, he was responsible for the fuel. In my flight school, if I run dry "by my mistakes" on a solo as a student, even if I can land the plane, my school will still kick-me off and I will deserve it.
  5. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    Well following all the procedures would not have change much of the result. Focusing on flying the plane instead of handling coms and keeping the engine alive might have
  6. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    Well I have nothing to had but a +1
  7. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    It all depends on the time available for you to do all the checklists. When I did my MAUW 206 rating, I was confronted to a simulated force landing 1000' AGL in a fjord region with 15kt tail wind, so no straight in approach. The plane was dropping like a stone and the only landing strip was a 600 meters long busy road. I ended up in a perfect configuration for a landing but only had "concentration time" to do 1\3 of the checklist. Like I said before, missing checklists might kill you, missing your landing will kill you
  8. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    You can see his hand going for it when the video ends
  9. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    At the end, you can see the instructor switching off the master and going for the ignition
  10. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    In case you are too high after full flaps and before side slipping, increase your airspeed by pitching down, it will reduce the momentum because the drag is the square of the speed.
  11. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    Well it's not the best idea to play with the throttle butterfly in the air, you can get a lot of unburned fuel. The air filter of a 152 burnt, when my instructor was doing it I completely disagree. That should only be considered in case of engine failure with brake failure, because of, the risk of piercing the fuel tanks He was way too high on the first one
  12. bendead

    Emergency Landing Caught On Tape

    You are absolutely right, and even if the engine came back alive I would have done a precautionary landing. Good job from the instructor, while it's not the best, they both walked away from it. Just a few points : - Keep your glide speed constant, just trim and forget. - If you are too high when you turn base or 1/3 point don't go from 0 to full flaps but be more progressive with them and take a bite out of the field, "extend downwind" after turning base. - In the case you are still a bit high or fast, nose down and maximum side slip - Avoid to turn this sharply close to vs0 and at this height Check-lists are good only if you have time to do them, they might not save your life, a good landing will
  13. bendead

    Malaysian 777 down in Ukraine

    Here is a map showing last week flights over Ukraine : I don't blame Malaysian Airline nor the flight authorities, but the ######s that shot the missile
  14. bendead

    Landing at night

    Hey guy I just did my first night dual flight at Ardmore, NZ, without taxi or landing lights as required by the CAA for the rating. Everything was great, well... Orbiting over the economic capital of a country is a huge bonus, but landing when your only reference is 50 AGL "due to the slope, the runway end lights disappear at this height" is quite tricky. My landings were good but not as smooth as my daylight ones. I know that I should use my side windows for height and the front one for track during the flare, but kinda hard to do 90 degrees vision turns every second during such a critical phase of the flight. - Do you have any tips that could help me ? - Why is the runway center-line and taxi boundaries "at least where I am, I don't know about foreign aerodrome" not painted with phosphorescent paint or even encased with tritium tubes ? Thanks. Ben
  15. bendead


    I would love to see a video, with the woman playing with those animals