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  1. I don't see Asobo releasing a WU just after a partner is selling a fix for a whole country. I guess we are going to wait a while until we see an official australia / NZ WU.
  2. Sadly human life is too short, but I am sure the kids of my kids will enjoy flying it
  3. Just got a reply from the devs, the airports will be out on MSFS market in a month or so
  4. I am lost after all those post. Is this some kind of love drama between you and ChaoticBeauty ?
  5. On MSFS Forum, the community manager said that they are progressing on it, it will get fixed, on the next update, hotfix or SU.
  6. I am doing that with the longitude and I agree, it works quite well Just started to use the vertical path on LNM a couple of days ago. I will give it a shot Thanks guys for you help 😉
  7. Still can't get VNAV descent on the Salty 747. I am at cruise altitude FL310, LNAV and VNAV selected, ALT set at 3000, nothing is happening as I am approaching the airport. Should I press anything to engage VNAV descent? Should I see a TOD on the flight path?
  8. Ok, I am sold, I will buy it. Just a question, does it include some anti slippery pad?
  9. The 747-8 is from the standard version, not sure it's encrypted. By the way I can't make my 747 following a VNAV descent. During cruise, I just change the altitude for something at the beginning of the glide slope 2000-3000 feet for exemple. at FL290, 100nm from the airport, with VNAV and LNAV engaged, I push "Enable altitude intervention", And the Boeing will try to descent as fast as possible, does not care about restriction, also, no TOD on the ND map. I am doing something wrong here?
  10. As usual thanks for the update 😉. I am seeing it wrong or are we going to see a sim update this month, wasn't it supposed to be delayed to June and shipped with world update?
  11. I agree, I also really liked the report at the end of the flight. I hope in some next MSFS update we will get some stats when shutting down like, ATC performance, takeoff-landing info, map of the flight with weather, etc... instead of just a single logbook line
  12. I used the MSFS ATC a lot this week and the only issue I got was when flying over mountains, where I was ask to climb - descend - climb - etc...
  13. I am also having problems, glideslope and sometime weird LNAV, but the worse, is the throttle, when you move them 2mm, N1 will drop 40%. Devs are aware of this issue, it's already solved on their side, but no date or info about the next update... 🤔🙁
  14. I have to agree atmosphere of this game can be breathtaking sometime. Just did a flight in japan, kind of low overcast, but was calm and fine at the airport and went I went above it. I met some kind of out of this world clouds, with massive TCUs connecting two layers, looking like columns made by titans
  15. It's the opposite for me, Flying by hands, I love the feeling and inertia of the A320, the CJ4 is still a bit floaty for me on landing. OOps, I was reading too fast
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