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  1. Really hope it will change soon, even if it's starting with older plane like the 707, 727 or older version of the 737, 747. Just to start some competition.
  2. They want to bring back old planes, missions and airport from FS8-9-10 for the 40th aniversary, interesting
  3. One thing I would love but it will never happen because it's so rare, is a HUD.
  4. Well, the Fenix A320 has been out for less than a month right? I am quite sure that 90% of the items cited in this topic will be fixed before PMDG release their LNAV V2.
  5. I hope Navigraph will soon finish the VFR charts and also the weather on the map, but it's taking such a long time
  6. I really want them to finish the A32X family, A318, 319, 321. Then start with A340-600, A380, A330 and finally the A350 Inibuilds is taking care of the 300 and 310
  7. Now the big question is, will they fix it without having to activate some option on the dev menu? Other thing like the simplified autopilot on-off can only properly activated and disactivated with the Z key on the keyboard, they told me that with the joystick it could not work. No issue with the 737
  8. Try to force the captain INS on the F/O side
  9. Beautiful model of the world got a nice collection for a fair price, but the file hosting and payments are down because of the Ukrainian war. https://beautifulmodelworld.ru/
  10. That's very weird that the update delay was not to attributed to Asobo...🤔
  11. Yep, the military junta is still in power after nearly a decade. If Asobo team needs official approval before getting some data, it will be complicated with Taiwan, Burma and Vietnam as well for various reason.
  12. Well even that does not work well in the MSFS version, runway edge line are wrong, because of old or not detailed enough magnetic declination file in the sim, that I can understand. But From Robert post it's also the reason why the flight path symbol is not working, which is weird because Aerosoft managed to make it, "the flight path symbol" work with the CRJ.
  13. Works well, but I am using my tablet to watch netflix during cruise
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