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  1. Good news. I don't see myself spending another 77$ for a variant of a plane, the new 777, I already own I will wait for the MD-11 reviews first
  2. What about pitch during landing with AP off and sounds?
  3. Well the full family of 777 for P3D is around 250$, it might be 20-30 bucks cheaper for the same thing on MSFS. The 773 might be the same price as the 737-700, but missing cargo and vip variants. That's not such a great deal anymore.
  4. One french X-plane 3rd party developer received authorization from Dassault. But when asked about doing it for MSFS they said they would never release an addon for a simulator that can't run on Linux
  5. Not really since all variant will be sold as sperate products. Looking at what we paid for the 737-700, this is not far off
  6. The price is bit high but correct at 80$, the PMDG 777-300 + 77F will probably be around 130-140$
  7. After watching the May 2024 update video, you can understand why, it's not Fenix, Ini or JF A300B4 The CVR on the overhead looks like it's from Fallout
  8. Weirdly, that sounds like a step up from the default MSFS ATC
  9. What would be the best GTN750 to use with this plane, TDS or PMS50?
  10. Microsoft owns 49% of Open AI, they will definitely ingrate GPT-4o to Copilot soon. Makes me wonder what they will do with this tech for MSFS 2024
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