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  1. No for the P3D, Yes for the MSFS. Looking at the screenshot of the VC, you can clearly see the limits of P3D. I hope they will really take advantage of the MSFS engine, unlike Leonardo with the Maddog.
  2. That's really cool WT managed to get the runway outlines on the HUD working, PMDG still can't make it work flawlessly on their 737.
  3. You start to mix things, SWS Kodiak, Milviz 310, Flysimware 414 and many other used GNS systems, even when it was not the best at the beginning, because it's expected to have those, not mandatory but still, compared to a weather radar where you can fly without it You can fly VFR or with VOR/ADF, but GNS unit adds a lot of ease of use and quality of life, and the first to improve it was PMS, not WT. PMDG and Fenix decided it was not good enough for the vision they have for their simulation. I often hear here, if you don't like something about an addon, don't buy it. In the case of PMDG and Fenix they don't use it, and I think it will put V2 weather radar higher in priority than if they did implemented the current version, since Asobo still need to work on so many thing to improve the sim, but if you disagree with that, hey it's life.
  4. I would not put the addon plane using the GNS unit in the same category as the Fenix A320, they are even working to massively improve, the engine model, display, EFB and even the 3D model and some textures on the Airbus, while a lot of people won't really see the difference. They don't really like to compromise. As for the GNS430/530, which is a massive plus for navigation, of course dev used them before the WT update, I don't expect to see devs releasing all their previous GA airplanes with only steam gauge, until the WT update was release.
  5. But it does not seems to be only a technical issue here, as the WT exemple you cited above, it's also what can request Asobo from Meteoblue, which seems to be the blocking element for a more complex weather radar or at least raw data access so third party devs can make their own. if the dev are vocal about it, from what I saw on MSFS dev forum, it's the case, and prefer no radar instead of the default one, we might see a real improvement one day, if everyone is using the default one, we might have to stick with that. The IRL A320 weather radar for exemple shows so much more than what Asobo has right now
  6. But if every dev are accepting MSFS current radar, even as a temporary solution, it might push the development of a new version from Asobo back, since it will be much less a priority
  7. Is there any manual, I can't seem to find one
  8. One the web page you speak about "IAS hold modes", it more something like FLC or it's some kind of auto-throttle?
  9. Awesome job 👍 Is it possible to get info on all gauges, for exemple the Slip/turn indicator looks like a VSI but in M/S, is that correct? Also what about the indicator right of angle of attack? What is the gauge under the meter altimeter?
  10. I know, a quick look on wikipedia, youtube, or aviation books and I can find a lot of stuff, but I love a more complete manual, and since they probably worked directly with Antonov, they surely got a tons of anecdotes and stories to tell us. Also, about the gauges or with some switches that tooltip won't help to get a better understanding, it's hard to find online.
  11. One thing I would like, but sure some won't agree is a beefier manual, with a couple of pages on the AN-225 history, weird things and quicks about this plane, anecdotes , explanation on all the working gauges, etc... Wings 42 Bleriot XI Manual is a true gem. would have loved to see the same for the AN-225
  12. And it doesn't look that bad : http://old.kontur-niirs.ru/en/mfi.shtml It's possible to plug in a weather radar and watch a video feedback of the cargo bay
  13. It's a Kontour MFD, you can find it on AN-225 cockpit picture, and was confirmed by Josh from Inibuilds
  14. No, it's not GNS530, where did you see that?
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