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  1. I've always wondered the same thing. You beat me to it 😀
  2. newtie

    Transponder setting?

    That was it and thank you. Mark
  3. newtie

    Transponder setting?

    I do. Geez, that could be it. I'll check this when I get home. Thanks!
  4. newtie

    Transponder setting?

    Hi Henry- This is the Lear35. I don't know if that figures into this. I have a post over at Pro-ATC but no help so far.
  5. newtie

    Transponder setting?

    Hi- Is there a place to set a transponder squawk code in this aircraft? I'm having issues with Pro-ATC and this might figure into it, I think. Thanks, Mark
  6. I have removed it. I'll wait as at some point in the future, a working program will hopefully be released.
  7. I won't. from this point on.
  8. When you find out how to get a refund, let me know. This was a mistake. Cheers,
  9. Maybe not .Net, maybe System.dll? ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Application: TrafficApp.exe Framework Version: v4.0.30319 Description: The process was terminated due to an unhandled exception. Exception Info: System.DllNotFoundException at TrafficApp.Form1.IsValid() at TrafficApp.Form1..ctor() at TrafficApp.Program.Main()
  10. No AV running on my sim box.
  11. And where is that?
  12. After the UTL pre-release nonsense and user issues which were stretched for months to fix, I don't understand how people never learned that this concept simply sucks? I think I may have learned my lesson. Well, I guess I can feel good about contributing to the local economy..... or did I mean donating.... 🤔
  13. That makes two of us.
  14. Me too. No response from support yet.