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  1. I just ran into this a few minutes ago. It's a catch 22; The GTN750 won't allow you to activate a flightplan without removing the locked waypoint(s). In the preview mode, there's no way to determine, or edit out, the offending WP whatever that might be. Mark
  2. newtie

    Switch for GPS?

    Hi Bob- Thanks for this as it solves my problem! Cheers, Mark
  3. newtie

    Switch for GPS?

    I'm using the Flight1 GTN. I can do that on that device as well but I don't want to have to open the GTN to do so, hence my oroginal question.
  4. newtie

    Switch for GPS?

    Hi Is there a switch to toggle between GPS/Nav located somewhere so I don’t have to open the GTN to do this? BTW, I’m really liking this jet. Well done Flysimware. Mark
  5. newtie

    Trim question

    Hi all, Is there a readout somewhere on the panel that indicates how many degrees of pitch that correspond to the sound it makes when I use my joystick button? Thanks, Mark
  6. newtie

    How to set VS?

    Got it, thanks for the help! Mark
  7. newtie

    How to set VS?

    I found it but it doesn’t move?
  8. newtie

    Falcon 50 FPS

    Yes, FPS are on the low side. How did you turn TCAS off?
  9. newtie

    Flysimware Releases Falcon 50 Beta Purchase

    Best of luck to you.
  10. newtie

    Flysimware Releases Falcon 50 Beta Purchase

    Buy it Ryan. You'll be glad you did. Someone will add paint and scratches to the VC ala their Lear35. Support has been great for me as well. Cheers, Mark
  11. newtie

    How to set VS?

    Thanks I'll check that out when I get home.
  12. newtie

    GTN 750 won't hook up

    Hi- I've successfully gott he GTN installed, but I can't get the Falcon to follow it. AP and Nav in the AC are on. GTN is set to GPS so I think I'm good there. Thanks, Mark
  13. newtie

    How to set VS?

    I see the VS set button on the center console, but can't figure out how to set VS itself. Thanks, Mark
  14. newtie

    Long Frames - Basic Cause?

    I've been running these for quite some time. Never have had long frames or blurries either. Cheers, Mark