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  1. newtie

    Do you use triple buffering?

    No difference here. Unchecked.
  2. newtie

    update error

    Full reinstall under 'admin' did it. Thanks! Mark
  3. newtie

    Blurries out of nowhere

    I think it's his phone. 😁
  4. newtie

    update error

    Hi all- Just updated to 2505R3 and when opening P2ATC I get this warning message... Thanks, Mark
  5. newtie

    top quality jet airplane for p3d

    My current favorite as well.
  6. newtie

    Ford Tri-Motor Project, P3D v4??

    Are these guys still in business?
  7. Not subjective, is. You will know and feel it when you see it. I have been flying for quite some time now with 213, unlimited w/vsync and a few other small adjustments. Every once in a while, I get the compulsion that there is something better than perfect. That was ~ a week ago. Back to perfect. I still can't believe how well P3D runs, looks and feels. I just fly these days which is great fun, and a relief all at the same time.. Cheers, Mark
  8. Forget the loading times. As I've already said, you're going to have to put in some work. Just because P3D loads fast, does not mean or guarantee a smooth flight experience. I went from no AM, to 85,116 and 245; those are the ones I remember 😀 For some unexplained reason* for what I run and how I run it, 213 hit it. I spent the time to go back and check again. Good luck! Mark *Actually it's quite explainable. The AM I'm using matches the data flow I need to support the experience I want.
  9. Hi Jeroen- No, you're not. It's not that difficult and does result in a better flight experience. LM did something in it's last iteration(s) of P3D where a tested AM does make a difference. I've got the hours in to prove it. Anyway, forget the graphs, percentages and commentary; its a distraction. After a long testing period on the latest P3D 4.3, and AM of 213 and my other addons on the open cores via batch file. I'll give you a few simple resources to work with to accomplish this. One last note that I'm sure you're aware of. There isn't a standard PC platform out in the ether. There are going to be a lot different variables associated with each machine. Those variables change depending on where the aircraft is located and how it's being used. My point is that even after testing an AM at the same location, airport, settings, as I did, it's going to behave differently at alternate locations. My AM results in the best smoothness at the places I fly with the settings I use. Here you go.. For AM configuration: or For batch creation: Hex converter for batch file creation: Have at it! Cheers, Mark
  10. Agreed. I'm not sure how this relates to anything except loading times?
  11. So P3D's main thread has its own core.
  12. newtie

    WiFi connection keeps dropping (iPad)

    Assign the device a static IP. That will fix it. Mark
  13. newtie

    Orbx KSAN v2 update released.

    I don't see v2 on their site?