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  1. Win 10 Pro or Enterprise. They will allow you defer 'feature' updates (Service Packs and major updates) for up to a year and 'quality updates' (security updates) for up to 35 days. I've been running Enterprise in this way for quite some time with no problems at all. Cheers, Mark
  2. Excellent and thank you. Mark
  3. Dynamic lighting is going to take a toll regardless of what you may read here. I've got it working reasonably well (22-24fps) because I love the effect at night at the major airports. Try not running weather and see if that helps. What are your AI levels?
  4. I spoke briefly with the FSXFlight guy and he said the jumping to the current GPS position then back to course was a disconnect/reconnect issue which makes sense. Connecting via IP fixed it with no problems since. Mark
  5. No so. For me, GPSOut in P3D resulted in the aircraft rotating left and right in position and shooting to my actual GPS position and then back to course. This has been posted over at the LM forums. Connecting P3D via the iPad IP address through FSXFlight solved the problem for me. Cheers, Mark
  6. FSXFlight FSXGPS Will both get you underway as well.
  7. I've got flashing textures (roof and fronts of building) and a taxiway that appears/disappears in spot view depending on viewing angle. Not at my computer right now so can positively identify that one. Completely uninstalled old version and installed new. Hmmmmm......
  8. There's a topic on this further down. I asked the question if it spaced AI out on approach to stop the frequent go arounds. Haven't heard anything yet. Cheers, Mark
  9. Will this app spread incoming traffic apart and prevent go arounds? Mark
  10. This is a resolution issue on some level.
  11. What's that winch system you got going there?
  12. Can the panel in the Piper version be inserted into the Aerosoft verison?
  13. Hi Avidean- I discovered that site last night. Exterior models are OK. How do you like the DiscusX? I saw that at Aerosoft last night as well.