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  1. Just started getting this yesterday when assigning SIDs, See attached pic. Not sure what caused this. Any ideas? Thanks.
  2. Will this work on triple monitors (stretched image) without NVSurround?
  3. newtie

    Favorite Addons ?

    P2ATC is my current favorite.
  4. What’s TextureMaxLoad default?
  5. newtie

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    The root problem is your rig. If that’s not in the mix, you’re going to have to back off your settings. I’d start with the extremely dense setting in scenery complexity first. Uncheck hi res textures. Enable vsync running unlimited.
  6. newtie

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    With your rig specs, you might want to lose PTA 😉
  7. newtie

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    What CPU are you running and at what speed? Graphics card? HD or SSD? Reinstall P3D with no addons and stock settings. Clear shaders. Check for blurries.
  8. newtie

    P3D v4 textures absolutely blurry

    What is etc. and what are the settings? Is this a clean install without ORBX, REX, etc.? Which airport?
  9. Hi Bob- Are you running unlimited in your description above? Mark
  10. newtie

    DHC-3T Turbo Otter Released!

    Never had a problem with Milviz. Their products are superlative, from the Latin meaning art. Oisin has gone beyond the call of duty more than once for me in multiple settings. Not sure what the deal is here. More than likely PEBCAK. 😁 Cheers, Mark
  11. Hi all- I'm using P2ATC in the Flysimware Lear35 with the F1 GTN750. Example: KSAN > KSFO, when I open the SID selection tool, the SIDs in P2ATC are different from the GTN750. In this case, the SIDs in the GTN are LNSAY5, PEBLE6, POGGI5 and BRDR7. IN P2ATC, it's ECHHO2, FALCC1, MMOTO2, SAYOW2 and BRDR7. The only common SID between the two is BRDR7. Why are these different? Thanks, Mark
  12. I've been using multiple EVO Pros for quite some time now. Never had blurries since 4.1. Run light settings with no PR tho'.
  13. I think he meant Pilot/Co-Pilot, etc. vs. chatter.
  14. newtie

    Improvements in V4.3

    Maybe they will. 😀
  15. newtie

    Improvements in V4.3

    Funny how you mentioned this. I was just commenting to my self yesterday how far flight simulation has come and is going. KLAS > KSFO at FL28 in my Lear 35 @ 472 knots indicated through ASN weather being guided by a remarkable IVONA voice coming through Pilot2ATC. Everything right on the money. The improvements you're describing and wanting come with major releases, not point releases. As someone coming from using FS on an AppleII GS, I can say with 100% certainty that for me P3D is IT and the future. No doubt about it. Cheers, Mark