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  1. Hi- When default atc starts during a flight (which I'm not using) the voices volume of P2ATC drop by 50%. Is this normal?
  2. There’s an old saying, “The difference between the way things are and the way you think they should be is a measure of your sanity.” I’m closing that gap, slowly. Flight simming is the training tool.😎
  3. No rant, just nine letters.. AIGAIM OCI Cheers, Mark
  4. For those of you who don't mind puttin' in the work, Andew Bard Smookler's book, "The Parable of the Tribes" speaks to many of the posts in this thread in addition to the nagging "What the hell happened to us?" One main point he makes early on is that man's fundamental problems cannot be solved externally. How agriculture came back to bite us. Jared Diamond also talks to this here. Fascinating book about human evolution and nature. Ain't no gettin' around it 😎 Cheers, Mark
  5. You are correct. Downloader did not like Firefox Explorer worked fine. Cheers, Mark
  6. The link works, the download does not, for me anyway. Same thing going directly throught their website.
  7. It'll be even better when the FMC for it comes out.
  8. I noticed this as well. Looks really old and dated.
  9. Got the correct A2A version installed for 4.5?
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