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  1. Funny you mention iPhones and accidents. After too many incidents of people either running red lights or tying off and shooting up with their iPhones at stop signs, after which I honk my horn because the light turned 10 seconds ago (after which they flip me off most likely because I ****** up their Tweet) I wonder how many people have been killed while on their phones driving. After searching, information not available. Lumped in with ‘distracted driving’. I wonder who doesn’t want you to know this information…hmmmmm.
  2. And others as well, much to their detriment.
  3. We used to hitch hike to high school and back. Nobody thought anything of it. We were never to be found in the house. Just had to be back by 6 for dinner. Out catching blue belly lizards and king snakes.😀
  4. I abandoned it long ago for this reason, in addition to aircraft skidding down the runway and smashing into buildings, or disappearing altogether. But that’s just me.
  5. If we were still riding in buggies pulled by horses, we wouldn’t be in the position we are today. 😊
  6. If it’s dead, why are you here?
  7. I stopped going there a long time ago for this reason; you feel like a 12 year old. Pointless and useless.
  8. Do you have Chaseplane or EZDok installed?
  9. When you say they won’t run, what does that look like? Start? Move?
  10. Check for multiple control assignments for rudder/ailerons.
  11. I’ve been running Orbx TE w/o landclass for a long time, no problems.
  12. Hi all, Does FFTF still revert to .1 when using unlocked in 5.3? Thanks, Mark
  13. I couldn’t get it to reach the maximum FFTF set by altitude. Removed it and added a manual entry that was half way between high and low. Working fine for a while now. Violated my self-imposed law of using a system to manage a system can sometimes be a mistake. 🙂
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