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  1. Reminds me of a few words of enduring wisdom that came from who knows where. Newer is not always better. If it’s working, leave it alone. Funny you mention hardware. Years ago when Venema was running the show over at ORBX and people were complaining about the performance of his scenery he said if you want better performance, buy a faster computer. Still true today but there is a point of diminishing returns. Anyway, about six months ago I mortgaged the house and bought a Jetline Gravity. Works perfectly right out of the crate and I haven’t touched it except to turn it on. Glad I used the qualifier ‘always’ in my first statement 🤗
  2. A fundamental component of Buddhism has made this painfully obvious for quite some time. Backing up many years to my BA thesis on Eastern religions, I remember reading how the present conditions both the past and the future to be experienced here and now. The explanation of this was a total mind screw because it wasn’t improbable, but possible.
  3. Maybe look here. Terrain.dll crash Any recent windows updates?
  4. I'm flying the Bonanza right now. Always Shift+7 before starting. Learned that the hard way.😀
  5. This turned out to be two KLAS .bgls in TE SoCal. Why an airport in NV is referenced in a CA photo scenery is someone above my pay grade will have to answer. ☺️
  6. Poorly optimized in what way? I had both the FSW Lear and the Xtreme prototypes Lear in 4.xx The Xtreme was a little harder on frames but more detailed; that was the trade. Both are great aircraft to fly. Curious, what are your settings/rig specs?
  7. It is and Jean Luc updates very quickly.
  8. Agreed on all counts. But, I do still have V6 installed and fly occasionally.
  9. I've found this to be high on the list, living in a two story house.
  10. Unlimited in sim, vsync on, locked externally at 30 (my monitor is set to 30hz) works for V5 and V6 for me.
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