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  1. Sorry Gerard, I took a quick break after the last two crazy weeks we had. I've answered your mail 😉 This is also tweaked in Envshade but it's less customizable, Envshade philosophy is quite different from PTA and is supposed to work "out of the box". Some settings are available to adjust the essential tweaks but due to the complexity of the dynamic tweaks, most of them are not opened to any user input.
  2. Envtex is totally compatible with both REX EF and REX SF (it also has an integration feature with REX SF). PTA is also almost completely compatible with Envtex, that being said we recommend Envshade over PTA because PTA haze and scattering tweaks are conflicting with distant special effects (and Envtex auroras are distant special effects).
  3. Hello Joachim, This happens when ASCA integration is enabled, it automatically enables sky textures and cloud textures by design as this is the purpose of the ASCA integration feature.
  4. Many thanks for the quick update ! And thanks as well for the flexibility offered so everyone is happy with both solutions 🙂
  5. Thought about the 100% transparency solution but it makes the other panels invisible as well, which is not ideal either as some 2D popups always are useful when needed from time to time (like the doors management on the 787, which I prefer doing myself)
  6. If houdini can't do nothing, fsuipc may be can ! It may be a bit overkill but if you have the payware version of fsuipc and want to have control over your huds, what you could do is: - Create a macro using mouse macro or qualitywings L:VAR for deploying your huds - Assigning a key to it as in fsuipc key assignments - Create a voxkey rule with that key (- And optionally a voxscript calling the related voxkey rule for each HUD to toggle) I personally don't feel the need for it as I already have a macro assigned to a joystick button for it but if you need help to do that, I'd do that with pleasure 🙂
  7. I was talking about the electrical hydraulic pumps 😉 I indeed have the latest v2.8.3.4 as i've just downloaded and installed MCE a few days ago. The dll version for NGx and NGxu is correct as well. Not much a big deal for the hydraulic pumps, just wanted to report it as it's obviously a minor mistake. As for GSX, the only two solution is to load the aircraft on the runway, turnoff the engine, call ground so the ramp coordinator wakes up, then I can move the plane with GSX to the required gate; or I can load the flight directly on the required gate and turn off the engine there, however the aircraft is usually not correctly placed according to the gsx profile settings (as gsx adjusts the stop point differently of each aircraft which the afcad does not). Not much a big deal either but in case I'm doing it in the wrong order, I must restart the sim and that's more annoying.
  8. No it's actually not that loud "dong" from GSX. It's a windows "dong". Yes, P3D is ran as an admin and MCE is correctly installed. UAC is disabled as it's a personal preference and required for some of my softwares.
  9. Sorry, I should have been more precise, I made further tests and it actually happens if I move the plane to a gate using GSX (GSX gate placement is more precise than the P3D gate list) then stop the engines or load a panel state. When calling the ground for the first time, the gsx menu opens automatically, then I can hear a "dong", after about 30 secs to 1 min, the mechanic finally answers, but the ramp coordinator remains silent. If I load the aircraft directly at the gate from the P3D menu, then load the aircraft and don't open the GSX menu until the ramp coordinator say hello it works. If the GSX menu is used, then no ramp coordinator. EDIT: restarting couatl and rebuilding airport cache, then restarting MCE does not help either. Seems like GSX menu must not be opened at all until the ramp coordinator said hello or MCE won't detect GSX.
  10. Hi there, I've just realized that with the 737 NGXu, GSX was not properly recognized by MCE, the ground services and gsx pushback are not available through MCE commands. GSX works as it should on its own using the CTRL+SHIFT+F12 key as usual. However if I load a default aircraft first like the piper cub with MCE , then load the NGXu, GSX is properly detected and I can hear the ramp coordinator introducing himself. Not sure if it happens with other PMDG aircraft. Can something be done about it? I've searched the forum but did not find anything about that issue, sorry if I missed the info if it was already given. Also, I've found that in the 737-800 NGxu, the electrical pumps are reversed, calling for the left pump acts on the right one and vice versa.
  11. Hi guys, Thank you Alan and Gerald ! That's a great news it's going to be updated, the 2D panel is indeed more annoying than helpful, it's great to hear its handling is going to be removed 🙂 As for the vspeeds, it was not a big deal but if it can now be read, then it's going to be perfect to use with the 787 🙂 Looking forward to this update, going back to the 737 waiting for the improvements Thanks again for such a quick reactivity !
  12. Thank you for your answer David ! I watched your 787 videos and that's actually what gave me the idea to try MCE again 🙂 I will definitely check your avsim flows ! Thanks for the voices advice, I'll check these for my next flight 🙂 As for vspeeds and other data, yes I do that from the EFB and export them to the FMC, but entering them manually into the CDU also does not help, MCE data remains unchanged. About the 2D eicas, there is no way to prevent this 2D panel to open at the beginning of a checklist? the FO does not even check the lines so I'd prefer to display that page myself
  13. Hello there ! After several years not being able to use MCE with my old PC (never figured why but it never understood me), I've finally gave it another try and it works like a charm so... I'm finally in ! These days I'm flying the 787 from qualitywings, I already customized a bit the flows and had a few questions about it: - I saw it does not read the Vspeeds from the fmc, is that normal? To my understanding, MCE is supposed to get the speeds from the fmc, the use data feature is enabled in the monitoring tab, tried to disable it but it does not seems to help, I guess I missed something - Is there a way to prevent the co-pilot to open the 2D eicas panel? After all I just want him to read the checklist and it's pretty annoying to get that panel popping in a middle of a turn during the before take-off checklist About MCE in general, after looking at the different options it seems I prefer the TTS voices as they are more flexible, is there any good quality free voice you guys could recommend? I saw there are the cereproc voices but after reading some topics, even some of those does not pronounce everything correctly when it comes to aviation. I still have to try it with PF3 atc. Other than that, it takes some time to configure MCE for your own usage and preferences, getting the flows exactly as you want, but when it's done... wow, what a poweful utility ! I think my virtual flights will bring much more immersion now ! Thanks by advance for the help 🙂
  14. Hello Marcus How have you set your sound settings in Prepar3D and what aircraft did you use to test this? Also did you test this at other places? Birds sounds may be heard a bit when you are in a cold & dark situation but as soon as your batteries are ON, you should not hear anything even with engines OFF. What aircraft I've personally been testing this a lot as this is really important to me as well and I honestly could not hear any bird from the inside with batteries ON when the systems fans are running. Envsound is definitely not limited to general aviation and with good sound settings applied you should not have weird results, you can find some details about these settings in the user manual. If you look at this video, you can see that with proper settings, you can't hear any bird or any unrealistic sound from the cockpit with engines running even on a small aircraft, a tubeliner is normally much noisier and should even more cover the ambiant sounds. We obviously can't test all possible situations at all airport with all aircraft so that's perfectly normal that there are a few mistakes here and there, if we can improve the final result of course we will so any feedback is welcome 🙂
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