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  1. Hi Ray, I haven't had any crash I could really link with Concorde in flight, only sometimes during initial aircraft loading from the P3D menu when starting a flight. I agree that the lack of answer/news/updates is quite disappointing, I did not fly her for a few weeks now as I don't have the time for now but I guess we won't have any update when I'mll be back at flying.
  2. Hi there, NZCH is now available to download on the TOGA projects website: https://www.togaprojects.com/godzonesceneries Thanks again Robin for your confidence 🙂
  3. I had to learn all these from detective work, unfortunately there is no SDK for shaders 😕 You can re-enable the sliders by ticking the envplus switch but you'll have much less control (including EA haze). Also you can set the overall tint of the simulator using the HDR tint value (lower is more sepia, higher means more green/blueish tint). Do you mean the cockpit brightness is lower now with Envplus?
  4. Glad you are happy with the results @Ray Proudfoot 🙂 About ASCA integration, may be this is not really clear in the app but it's mainly a feature of Envtex that allows Envdir to inject Envtex sky textures and cloud textures into ASCA, so if you don't own Envtex this feature is disabled automatically as it has no access to the required data. That being said, ASCA actually works with EA for clouds if you don't use the volumetric ones 😉
  5. Hi @Ray Proudfoot Here you go, first one is default, second one is with Envplus adjusted to 0.6 horizon haze And here is the look of the sky at FL540, unfortunately there's no way to remove those bands and create a smoother transition, that's how true sky is implemented here 😕
  6. Oh okay, let me do that again then 😉
  7. I'm not sure when I'll be able to provide improvements on what I've already shown though 😅 but you can already tweak further what I've shown on the previous page where I used a 0.6 value instead of 1, decreasing this value will further decrease the haze and also tweak the sky and clouds to balance everything as you wish 😉
  8. @toprob Not sure if you need any kind of server activation which I could not provide, but if not I'd be happy to host your products for free on our our website at TOGA projects, I may create a dedicated page for them. I've always loved your sceneries and would be glad if it can help you and the community.
  9. Oh my message was not meant to tell you that you SHOULD prefer Envplus but to tell Envplus is not less advanced. The purpose was more to tell you that you may have missed some features of Envplus, and may be if you give it another try (does not hurt as you already own it) and look closer to details you'll find that you'll get much better results, which is quite logical when your competitor only, at least partially, retro-engineered what you've done, the original author always knows better what he's doing. Still, you have more options to work with in Envplus when it comes to EA, for example you can also change the colour of the sky, dawn/dusk and daytime independently, which is more than welcome considering the sky textures have no impact on EA. There is a reason why Envshade/Envplus does not provide separated VC and external models brightness, scenery brightness and terrain brightness individually. The simulator has a complex behaviour when it comes to objects, and the way RDshade (as well as PTA in the past) are separating these settings are actually wrong, you may end up with the fuselage using the external model brightness but wing and engines using the internal brightness. Envshade/plus prevents this by adjusting the balance between the various settings chosen by the users, which is much more clever than letting the user changing values and get weird results with some aircraft model, some sceneries...etc First example that comes to my mind: look at the A330 from Aerosoft and check engine colour and fuselage colour with different brightness level for VC and external model, you will immediatly see what I mean.
  10. Here you go @Ray Proudfoot First shot is the default Envplus setting, second shot is with horizon haze set at 0.6. Just a small correction to my previous post: you can indeed change the tint of the atmospheric tint added by Envshade/plus but not exactly the tint of the EA haze as it is also linked to the sky color so I had to reduce the impact of the changes on the EA haze to prevent weird sky colours. Reducing the strenght of the haze still helps a lot though as you can see: Having a look back at the files gave me a few ideas to explore though, so I'll see if something can be tweaked further.
  11. Hi Ray, Envtex will not be very useful to decrease this blue tint, it's main purpose is to enhance textures and special effects, it also adds auroras. I could not tell it's useless, it definitely adds some additional details, but it won't be helpful for what you are looking for in this post. That being said, Envplus definitely is what you are looking for. There is definitely something we failed at when communicating about Envplus, because Envplus does a lot more than RDshade ! It may not have more options, but the included automated features are far more advanced, and the main reason here is that Envplus directly touches the EA shaders, which RDshade doesn't. Many many shader parameters in Envshade and Envplus reacts directly to the current environment (time of day, weather, visibility, altitude, location... etc). I'm not sure why it's a popular belief that Envplus does not do more. I found some Envshade code that was simply copied/pasted in RDshade files with the copyright text, I contacted someone from RDpreset in the past to get this removed, someting was supposed to be done but since then the guys disappeared from my contacts. There's no doubt that RDshade was basically done by retro-engeneering as per the comments that can be found in their shader files. That was nothing absolutely major so I decided not to fight (again) but you can bet this is quite frustrating to hear that our product is less advanced when you know such things. From a technical point of view, Envplus definitely surpassed RDshade as it affects EA shaders, and it's the only shader software that currently can do that. In a nutshell yes, you'll be able to reduce the blue tint, but not to remove it entirely. You'll probably have to try different settings to find the right spot but overall the default preset should be a good starting point.
  12. Hi @Afterburner @Ray Proudfoot, As we speaked about it earlier in this post, here is the CPU behaviour with AffinityMask 21845 but this time with the PMDG 747 : it seems to be defintely following the affinity setting that Concorde does not follow:
  13. No the CPU load is not at 100% on the main core, but I don't think that it's the case with other aircraft either though, I'm not sure why honestly. I'll definitely try with another aircraft soon, probably not before next week though. I feel the urge to fly Concorde now that it finally works with an acceptable framerate. I flew AFR001 this evening and that was so satisfying to be back at it ! I definitely need to be back at training as well however, I forgot a lot of the cockpit flows during these last 6 years 😰 I'll slightly go off-topic with this but let's be quick: I realized during a short internet shutdown that the HP200LX totally relies on an internet connection, and if you don't have one it seems you simply cannot plan a proper flight, am I right? I also did not find any way to select the descent speed between 325, 350 and 380 which was used by AF, it seems the HP200LX only calculate the decel point with the 350 kt procedure and as I could not find any way to change the decel point or the TBP point on a scheduled flight, it seems we're forced to use the 350kt procedure for now. I'm not sure about these so I've asked these as well on their forum.
  14. I don't really understand why nobody is reacting to this indeed, may be they are investigating, let's see by the end of this week if Norman or someone else reacts 😅 I'm extremely surprised that nobody in the team, even the testers, didn't find this earlier than me. I must say I always loved FSlabs products, I've owned them all from the very first Concorde-X in boxed version to the entire 32X series and then Concorde, but something I always quite disliked is their deafening silence in many occasions
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