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  1. You can send it directly to our mail adress 😉
  2. Hi there, We are aware that some of you are getting this issue but we never been able to reproduce it, so there could be one single specific add-on in the list that conflicts. Could you guys send us your addons config file so we can crosscheck that? Hopefully this will allow us to reproduce the issue. Thanks Okupton for telling me, I'm not checking avsim regularly indeed, but this jumped to my eyes thanks to your post 🙂 No I have not "gone to ground again". We're just a small development team with 2 guys that are preparing a new update in the background, allowing less time for support. Everything is explained in the user manual 😉 Also don't forget that Envshade and Envplus comes with a good base already, no need to tweak further if you're satisfied witht the base settings. If you need to tweak further then have a look at the user manual, it should explain everything you need
  3. There is no such limit when using Envplus, did you enable the Envplus mode? When using this mode the slider bars are replaced by unlimited editable values. For the VC lighting, you should play with the aircraft shadows depth setting, normally it has quite a big impact so even with just Envshade you should be able to get it right for your sim. That's weird, were you using RDshade before using Envplus (could be some conflicting files remaining)? I did not see such a problem during testing, I will crosscheck and let you know. Is it with EA ON or OFF? EDIT: just tested the 777 from PMDG with immersion package, EA ON and OFF, the lights are working as it should.
  4. Thank you very much for your comments guys ! Glad you like it 😃
  5. Hi there, After an entire week of work with one of our team member, I am really happy to showcase our Gold Desert "The Herbert D. Kelleher" Southwest livery for the MAX8 Hope you will enjoy the attention to small details in the paintjob 😃
  6. Hi Peter, v5.3 is required indeed, I'm sorry that it's not properly indicated on SimMarket, I've just contacted them so they will make the change. I would highly recommend v5.3 instead of 5.1 though as EA is much better in the latest version. The sim is also much more stable. You are not forced to install the scenery and content, the client is enough.
  7. Glad you're liking it @newtie 😃 Enjoy ! @Grzegorz, no Envplus is not yet compatible with v4. @Juliet Alpha, your screenshots really look nice 😎
  8. Here is a new one, coming soon on TOGA projects and the iFly livery tool, with a very special attention to details 😃
  9. Oh that's a good catch, that is indeed needing an updade since Envplus is released, thanks for pointing this out 🙂
  10. Wow, great shots @lownslo 🙂 thanks for the kind words !
  11. Looking beautiful Manuel, great shots ! Hi Dan, Yes it's been made with default Envshade/Envplus shaders already tweaked, the customization settings are there only if you want to touch them. You'll probably want to touch at the sky tint/saturation for EA for more variations but it's not complicated at all, no worries 😉 Yes, all the possibilities of P3D options were taken into account, you'll see improvements as well if you don't use Volumetric Clouds 🙂 Well, yes, as nobody in the team runs Windows 11, we all prefer windows 10 for its stability. That being said, we have developped Envdir with Windows 11 in mind, so it has all the prerequisites, and actually several if not many of our customers use Windows 11 without any issue. This warning on the website is iust about being honest, but it works also on 11 😉
  12. Thank you very much 🙂 Yes the sun not bleeding through clouds and fog is definitely a game changer. At first when reading it you don't realize you needed it for so long 😄
  13. Hi there, Thank you very much for your purchase 🙂 Normally the difference is pretty visible, especially with EA and volumetric clouds ON. I was about to ask if you clicked on "Apply to sim" in Envdir but as you're already a user of Envshade, you already know that 🙂 What you can do to quickly check it works properly is to change the values and compare the results with screenshots, or you can even put an unrealistic high value in "HDR tint", if your sim becomes all blue then it works as expected. (This feature allows to add a blue filter to EA, or a sepia effect to legacy mode) Don't forget you don't need to restart your sim, you can reload the shaders on the fly by just assigning a hotkey in P3D as explained here : https://www.togaprojects.com/faq If you want to try the settings of the official video, here they are:
  14. Exactly, Noctural is right. For now, it's highly advised to have Envshade alongside Envplus as most of its features are focused on enhancing Envshade.
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