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  1. Had this problem when I updated my 777. I right clicked on the final download link and chose "change download target" and it gave me my "save as" dialog.
  2. Which is exactly why I am sitting on a fence.
  3. This is exactly where I am at right now. The only change I made was from FSX to FSX SE to get away from the Microsoft reinstall hassle.
  4. I believe you have to do what I have just done for my 777: 1- uninstall as per your suggested method. 2- I did not loose my settings as specified in my FMC 3- I did not loose my downloaded liveries. The OC should offer you a livery repair if required.
  5. I'm on SE freshly installed on a freshly built W10, 7700k rig on June 18/17. Installed the 777 & NGX with installers downloaded before July 1st and everything running beautifully. I use FsiPanel to practice my different approach and landing scenarios with absolutely no problems. Everything once again running beautifully. Following the July installer updates I downloaded and installed the new 777 installers and everything went south on FsiPanel. After help from the dev, I have got the 777 kind of working but cannot do multiple scenario reloads, (which is what that software is for) without crashing FSX not to mention occational mid climb out screen freezes during my 777 flights that did not occur before updating. From what I can gather from my experience with this problem It looks like it's a problem loading the PMDG DLL when FSUIPC is running, which I understand was a problem with the release of the 747Q2 for p3d v4 which has since been fixed. Needless to say, I am sticking with my pre Jul/17 install of my NGX for now.
  6. Sorry Kyle, could you enlarge a bit, for dummies like me that is.
  7. Still having the overheat problem and also using CH Pro pedals. Would the "null zone" setting be the "slope" setting in fsuipc?
  8. Have you gone all the way through starting FSX and selecting your aircraft/ livery in free flight?
  9. Try running the installer again and see if it gives you a "repair" option, or do another uninstall/reinstall. Only two things I can think of.
  10. Thanks for your response and refreshing my problem. Just a bit of clarity, I am assuming that you are flying the T7 and have tried it in FsiPanel. If so and you have the time, I would appreciate it if you could do a STAR approach as this is where the problem arose for me immediately after updating my T7 and something I did not make clear in my OP. When I unpause the sim and am in the "freeze position" mode, I go to the "Altinate" page on my FMC, put in my alt destination, select "divert now", as soon as I hit the "EXEC" button, the sim freezes and crashes to desktop.
  11. I have experienced the landing characteristic you mention on my FSX SE T7 using the Jul. 1st update. I have not flown the latest build issued Jul. 12.
  12. Cannot get my 777 to work with FsiPanel after The Jul. 1st update to the 777 FSX SE. Have reloaded the new a/c into FsiPanel and deleted the old but no luck. Anybody else had this problem?
  13. If this is a new install of PMDG 777/737 which I think it is because you mention just getting SE, you need to download the complete installer from your previous purchases in your PMDG account. These installers contain all of the latest service packs and are fully compatible with Steam edition. There is no need to download any service packs and in fact for the 777 there is no service pack available for the latest version, you have to use the full downloader. Read the 5th paragraph here:
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