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  1. You have the exact same system as me. Are you using the bios to turn off the cores or can you accomplish this via software?
  2. I've never had a crash to desktop, thankfully. The only issue I've run into is the sim freezing after a period of time. I take off and about 2-3 hours into the flight, the sim freezes,hard.
  3. Or….70 bucks is the price point at which JF makes money on their investment. I just don’t understand. Many in the flight sim community need a cheaper hobby.
  4. How much are tablets nowadays? Less than 100 bucks?
  5. Some of you need to pick up a different hobby. One where you'll always be satisfied and another that costs less money.
  6. I ordered some new handles for the bravo throttle. A week goes by and no shipping date. I emailed CS and they said, "we don't know when they'll ship".
  7. Same here. Stutters on departure of small, custom caribbean airports.
  8. One thing you could do to help, maybe?: Place a piece of low diameter fishing line down the middle of your monitor. Use that to help gauge lineup.
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