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  1. I actually have an i5 10700K now but same GPU. I've had the most success with making MSFS GPU limited by cranking the appropriate settings up. I'm running everything ON and ULTRA with render scaling over 100 (can't recall the exact level)and I achieve zero stutters and wonderful experience. Prior to SU10, the GPU was at the levels you mention above. But now? The GPU is running at 99% and fairly hot. I'm not having a stroke over it BUT I was content pre-SU10. It is what it is.......
  2. Thanks. I'll try to figure this out. She's running hot for sure.
  3. My GPU sounds like it's about to explode!! I was very happy before the update.
  4. There are some XP developers who choose to only sell their product through one conduit. I'll never understand that.....
  5. Someone let me know when it's time to PANIC. In the meantime, I'll patiently await for more iterations of XP 12. It's a marathon, not a sprint.
  6. It's happened to me too. Beyond annoying.
  7. Of all my hobbies, flight simulation is a drop in the bucket compared to the others.
  8. Well, It appears this post didn’t age well. “Patience is a virtue”
  9. Yep. You ARE missing something and it's obviously not for you and thank you for your thoughtful input.
  10. This is why I love Active Sky. The surface winds can be a PITA and inaccurate. Active Sky allows an edit to surface winds using live weather.
  11. What CPU did you upgrade from? For me the upgrade to 12th gen (as well as a fresh install of windows11) has been awesome.
  12. Here's a link to a thread regarding performance. I followed this guys advice and it appears to have worked. Basically crank your graphics setting up until you become GPU limited. I upgraded to a $260.00 i5 12600K and the difference is staggering. No voodoo bios tricks, NVCP or anything else. I left everything alone except power management in NVCP, clean install of windows, all settings to ULTRA and things were smooth as butter.
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