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  1. I’ve also always wanted to give VR a try and have been eyeballing it a lot recently. I can understand why it would be a huge immersive experience! But my biggest turn off is the amount of software required, the time spent tweaking, and the loss in visuals it takes to get it running “ok”. Seems like a big pill to swallow to spend $500 to have to then go through all the things I mentioned and end up with lower quality image. But again, I do understand it’s a compromise to get the immersive experience. Just not sure if it’s for me..
  2. I’m running native 2K and do have grainy clouds. Sometimes volcanic looking too…
  3. I’ve tried many but only two have me coming back. PMDG 737 & Leonardo MD-82
  4. It’s more so their sceneries along with their A310 which also doesn’t perform well for me and others I know.
  5. Agreed. Until they can improve their performance, I’ll be holding off on buying anything from them.
  6. IniBuilds is exactly the reason we need Flightbeam… I’ve stopped buying ini products, but Flightbeam is still a day one purchase if it’s an airport I have an interest to fly to. And my PC is pretty hefty.
  7. FlyTampa KLAS will be your best optimized and also most unique airport of those. ini airports are horrendous.
  8. FG is awesome! Highly recommend. I went from a 3080 to a 4080 and like others have said, best hardware upgrade ever. 2K resolution and every setting on ultra and maxed and it’s as smooth as can be!
  9. Tried this the other day and what I don’t like is it also shows all the Asobo airports. Maybe some people like that, I was hoping for more of a map of just the airports I have added to the sim.
  10. Sooo their (ini) aircraft and scenery perform poorly which also seems to reflect their ethics & business practices… nice.
  11. That’s no surprise, it’s iniBuilds… everything they touch has poor performance
  12. I had this debate with myself recently when I wiped my windows and do a fresh reinstall. After seeing several articles and tests show that windows 11 performs slightly worse in games and photo/video editing apps than 10, I decided to just stick with windows 10.
  13. This has been the #1 plane I've been waiting for! Was by far my favorite back in the FSX days! Didn’t pre order though, so will have to wait with the rest of us, whenever that will be…
  14. I thought it worked well enough and is enjoyable. May not be perfect but I rarely ran into issues!
  15. inibuilds LAX does it for my 4080 at 2K. Because of that bad of performance, I haven’t bought another addon from them. It’s the only scenery that causes my 4080 to max out.
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