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  1. Sorry. I’m waaay behind. Does the Fenix have pause at top of decent feature?
  2. Oh. Thanks. I don't have FB. I checked out their forums after you posted this and didn't see a thing mentioned. Does this update include P3Dv5?
  3. Just curious how you found out? Thanks!
  4. I tried to purchase again (second time) - as @Fielder suggested. Still no go. When I install, at 99% I get an error. When I click the error a code comes up and I searched that code. That error code corresponds to gamepass expired and that's what the Reps. tell me too. So I think - only when on discount ($95.00)- they are requiring a game subscription. BUT the Reps can't confirm that...they don't even seem to know. I give up. Thanks all for the feedback.
  5. That's why I'm confused. You might not need to buy game pass to buy the sim but according to xbox customer service you need game pass to PLAY it.
  6. Well the reason I got to this point of asking the question here is because I did what you outlined. However, when you go to install/download, you get an error message. Doesn't say what the error is, just stops downloading at 99%. I "chatted" with support and they explained that it was giving me that error since I didn't have a subscription set-up in game pass. And, if buy from the xbox store, it appears you'll need to buy game pass regardless.
  7. What bothers me the most is the deception. They advertise it as being a discount. But you have to pay $15.00 a month to play it. If you don't pay, you can't play. So really, they land up making WAY more $. They make that initial discount back after only 2 months. AND they don't tell you that if you pay full price ($119) you won't have to use game pass subscription.
  8. Right. You can purchase MSFS at Steam but not discount. Thanks.
  9. Yes. That's what I'm seeing too. Thanks for confirming I'm not going crazy.
  10. OK thanks. But I can't find that option. Maybe because it's on sale I can't get the no game pass option.
  11. Hi: I see in the Microsoft Store, MSFS is on sale. I want to purchase the Premium Deluxe for PC version. I'm confused though about the "game pass" thing as I don't own and not interested in Xbox stuff nor do I want to pay a monthly subscription to game pass. I'm confused. Thanks for clarification.
  12. Ahhh...No wonder I can't look. Don't have it yet!
  13. Hate to say it but I told you. Aerosoft products stink. Never ever again will I buy. I didn't have anything productive to add but that's how much I dis-like them...and it's scary that MSFS is hooking up with them.
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