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  1. Hi: Does the King Air have an optional "Pause At Top of Decent"? Thank you
  2. Could you please summarize what it says? Can't access.
  3. LNAV and autopilot ILS tracking have been on going issues for the CRJ which the DEV can either not fix or is simply ignoring. I may have said it here already, but I'll underscore again: No Aerosoft airplane will EVER be installed on my computer again - needless to say this means I'll never purchase any Aerosoft airplanes again.
  4. Hi: Is there an official honeycomb support forum? When I follow a link on their facebook page and in the manual, the page comes up with an error. Thanks.
  5. They do that today...fix in next update.
  6. Hello: P3Dv5.1 w/ HF. Windows 10 64. I notice that when I load the sim, even though I save my settings to slider full right, the "Rate at which weather changes" somehow always changes back to full left (off). As such, if I don't change it back to slider right, the WX from AS and cloud art do not load. Anyone know why the slider resets itself back to off when I load the sim? Thanks!
  7. That happens to me all the time! Today as a matter of fact.
  8. Few months back when I installed v5, I did a complete, fresh windows install. No Aerosoft airplane will ever be installed on my computer again.
  9. I should clarify: I'm grateful there is a well replicated 777 for us. Pricing aside because I am in no position to decide that for them and will purchase the ER after ensuring all the major bugs are out, I really do love having it (LR/-300) in my sim hangar and appreciate the energy and effort. I just wish they did a simple release for V5 first. Get that nice and stable than introduced the new stuff. PMDG got this popular for a reason they deserve (747). But, like any product/operation, sometimes when you get to a certain size quality starts to slip a little and a time-out, lets re-group and focus is in order. I stand-by comment though about the enjoyment and first place price of the MD-80 and more personal interaction with the developer.
  10. I wish they had first simply made the 777 v5 compatible and worried about the "upgrades" later. Having said that folks, go and fly the MaddogX MD-80. Loads of fun, the support is solid, and I've made at least two requests both of which they implemented. As a customer, I fee appreciated, valued, and heard. Not sure I would have received that acknowledgment elsewhere.
  11. Get your money back if you can!
  12. I just want the darn DXGI ERROR DEVICE HUNG to be fixed. Let's start with that and fix other things with .3
  13. Can someone please explain how to roll back a windows 10 update? Thanks.
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