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  1. I think the term “project” is an interesting choice. Leads me to believe it is not an airplane.
  2. Hi: I need some help please with my flight sim set-up. I have 3 monitors arranged in an upside down tri angle configuration. I use the two upper monitors for navigraph, browsing the net, etc., while the main lower monitor is for the sim. I'm running into an issue though when using the keyboard and mouse Sometimes, when I type in the browser or mouse click on something on the upper monitors, the sim will take it as a command. For example, sometimes I'll move my mouse to open a new tab on my browser but the sun visor in the cockpit will come down. Or sometimes when I'm typing on my key board, the key command associated with number or letter will do something in cockpit. How do I stop this from happening? Thanks!
  3. LNAV worked for me but VNAV or “profile” was doing some odd things.
  4. Interesting for sure. So many people say they love this airplane but to me it sounds like it's a flop. It had bugs from the start and every time they fix those bugs, they really don't - the fix just breaks other things. Don't think I'll be purchasing from ini.
  5. Wow. I asked on their discord about the fuel issue you mention. Steve responded and said that you cannot load W&B with engines running. But you were able to do that with the previous version? Thanks!
  6. Yea. I'm also familiar with A310 so I know there's an issue. For what it's worth, I inserted the flight plan via simbrief shortcut in FMS.
  7. Sup all. Can't get the airplane to follow the route in the FMS. Anyone else?
  8. Why can’t they first finish what they started? Let’s get the Max, 777, & 747 out the door and well refined before moving on.
  9. I've been suspect of Honeycomb for a long time - I knew something was off. I ordered (and received) my products a few years ago but even then, things were never smooth. Always out of stock or running late - and not just by a few weeks but months! If you've been browsing their webpage, you would have noticed replacement and add-on parts out of stock for a long time. That's why I didn't place an order for the rudder peddles. I knew things weren't right with the company and how Nicki didn't notice is beyond me. I too really like my yoke and throttle but I'm worried over time with wear and tear how I'm going to replace my pieces.
  10. I'm stumped about whether or not to buy this airplane. I know people are enjoying it but it sounds like it still has some annoying bugs that prevent a flight from being smooth - little bugs seem to creep in. I don't have time for that.
  11. I'm not sure it will help you but I found this (I know it's for a twin too but maybe?) https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/atr-cannot-cut-off-engines-with-honeycomb-bravo/608618 It's the image posted Sept. of 2023 by "WombiiActual"
  12. Oh, that's right. I forgot. Well I hope they enjoy their time-off.
  13. Hi: Things have gone quiet. I see the last update was on 12-22. How's the airplane now? There were some bugs at release. Thanks.
  14. I was just at their discord channel, this is being discussed with a work around. I'm not savvy enough to provide a link but there is a picture associated.
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