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  1. Found it thanks! Looks way better and dont need to worry about shaders. Wish there was an option in orbx to disable these files.
  2. It seems all my files are in scenery_off already. Are they supposed to be in the scenery folder instead for each ORBX sub folder?
  3. Because the whole fleet was there and people like flying IRL based flights with the right registration, Why did we want the 200ER when the 200LR has the range etc. Because people want things to be as close to real life ops as possible.
  4. I put in a ticket and I hope others will as well. Its crazy that this is now okay after spending that much.
  5. Is this just a glitch then? We are no unable to access 95% of AA,UAL,KLM etc. Did somebody turn this on by accident?
  6. It doesnt support that function of send output because the 777 does not do that in real life, The 787 and 777 EFB/FMC are setup differently IRL. They were not going to model something that doesnt exist in real life.
  7. My 1LSK button doesnt work on either FMC in the 747 now
  8. Same FPS I am seeing. More optimization is needed for sure.
  9. Its a good start in the right direction but alot of work is needed still to make this the best fight sim out there.
  10. Honestly whats with people flying in external view and getting high FPS and calling it fine. I am not spending 98% of my time in the external view. I have awesome FPS on the external but moving to internal boom it drops like a rock.
  11. Specs: 10900k at 5.0GHZ, 2080ti, 32GB 3600mhz, 3440x1440 34” ultra wide. Custom loop so temps don’t break 55c on cpu and 45c on gpu FPS, At KLAX in A320 I get 20-28FPS on Ultra and turning it down to High or Medium does nothing. All AI traffic turned off etc. Plus this sim only looks decent down at 5000ft or less. Once you get above that the LOD sucks big time even with 1GB internet so I should have no issues
  12. I am running a 10900k at 5.0ghz and a 2080ti in custom loop and they never get above 55c for cpu and 45c for gpu and I am struggling to get more than 35fps in an airliner and it still looks like word not allowed at altitude, the lod is terrible even with ultra settings at 3440x1440. when I lower the screen to 1920x1080 it not only looks worse but I only get a 2-4fps increase which doesn’t seem right. this is with the a320 at an airport like ksea, yssy, lowi etc. either something isn’t optimized for higher end hardware
  13. And alot of them purchase addon dlc, spend money on micro transactions etc. Ive dropped over $300 on cod this year
  14. To each their own. Those aircraft do not interest me in the slightest. I am glad people are buying their products.
  15. That is true. However flight sim is a hobby and not just a "game". I posted on another post the other day saying what you pay for is what you get out of it. If you only have a budget of $100, Dont go spend it on the pricy payware 747/A320/737 etc. You have to pick and chose.
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