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  1. So do you have Hotfix 1 or Hotfix 3 for 4.5?
  2. He said he is running 4.5HF1 which isnt compatible with ASP3D beta and never will be once the final product releases.
  3. You cannot read the system requirements then where it says that ASP3D only works with 4.5HF3 and not anything below that. Windows v7 SP1 or later, 64-bit version Prepar3D v4 (with HF3 or later) or Prepar3D v5 (with HF1 or later) 2GB RAM or greater 1GHZ x64 processor or greater 500MB available hard drive space or greater 1024×768 minimum available screen resolution to display all user interface features Stable internet connection (broadband recommended) So Please do not blame active sky for this issue. Its a new product that is in beta and is going to have issues. They are working on it every day to improve and get things fixed.
  4. Wonder if this will ever happen. I would happily buy a license myself if it meant I could edit the files that LM use for true sky but I know it’s not that simple. I am sure it’s in the works to have devs be able to edit the shaders etc so we can change how it looks, otherwise people will just go back to the old addons for Non EA mode.
  5. I honestly wish they would redo the 777 and give it the internal PBR/External PBR, New Flight Model, Ground Handling,FMC update etc. I know they probably wont do this however I cant imagine just external PBR on the 777 going forward. At some point it will need a full cosmetic update and hopefully before FS2020.
  6. The refresh rate/smoothness of the gauges seem better and not as stutters
  7. They seemed to be better to me for the refresh rate, not super smooth but better than before the gauges
  8. So it looks like it’s been updated as of yesterday. Will we possibly see it this week?
  9. Yes works with EA mode, flying right now VHHH-WSSS and have returns on the wxr, they may not be as accurate due to how EA is but I flew thru some red area and regretted it lol
  10. 8 hours from EGLL-KIAD in the 747 from PMDG and then another long haul from VHHH-PANC then PANC to ELLX no issues at all!
  11. I imagine this only works in the old weather version and not the new EA version of weather correct?
  12. As far as the cloud popping that is a limitation of the beta of True Sky at the moment. With ASP3D it even says in the features that cloud smoothing/reloading doesnt exist quite yet. I am sure once the EA gets updated more by LM and a proper SDK comes out we shall see improvements.
  13. Just beware, Hifi didn’t let PMDG know until 2 days ago the API was changing for the WXR so that does not work in V5 with the new ASP3D
  14. Looks like we arent getting AS today. Guess we hope for the weekend.
  15. From what it sounded like from a beta tester. https://forums.hifisimtech.com/threads/news-p3d-v5.11833/page-4#post-53125 Seems they arent having wind issues with REX or Active Sky. I am not sure if Active Sky has fixed the issue but sounds like it.
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