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  1. Free of cost after release does not mean within weeks or anything. AFAIK Prosim is still working on the A320 IAE so unless Aamir plans on custom coding the IAES himself it wont be quickly after release.
  2. Once again you are making assumptions about something nobody has any idea about. We have no idea how much FSLABS will charge in MSFS as well as any screenshots etc. For all we know some of the devs they hired are for modelling etc for MSFS specially. Also like I said above you are going to pay $60-65 USD based on exchange rates for 1 Variant- The A320 CFM. Thats all you get. So FSLABS giving you two for $149.99 isnt that much more as well as their expansions arent that much for what you get and end up cheaper than Fenix But who knows when/what the pricing etc for those will be in the future. You also have to remember the licensing for P3D is not the same as MSFS which is another reason its so pricy. I get everybody wants stuff for cheap and who knows. Maybe FSLABS will be $60-80 and everybody can make their choice. We just shouldnt make assumptions on info we have no idea about. Plus Fenix most likely wont bring the IAE A320 let alone the A319/321 any time soon as I bet most of the background work was already done by Prosim etc.
  3. No worries! I wish it was possible because at some point I want to do a home cockpit in the future. Ill stick to my 34" monitor for now.
  4. PMDG cannot without recoding their whole plane. C++ doesn’t allow pop outs at the moment.
  5. You and everybody else are assuming what FSLABS etc will be doing for MSFS. We have no idea what feature set, pricing etc they will end up bringing out, Will Fenix be first to market? Sure but FSlabs may come in just as cheap or do as PMDG and just sell individual variants. I hate when people compare to something on another Sim about quality/pricing etc. We have no idea what FSlabs plan to do besides them saying they are working thru MSFS I also have a feeling these bigger companies such as PMDG known for sure and FSLabs are still making money and can afford the development because they hired more support staff and more developers. Once fslabs decides to provide pricing and a feature set then we can come back and compare to see who offers a better deal, we just don’t know and won’t for some time. I mean 49 pounds for 1 variant seems awesome for now. I could see them giving the other A320 as an update but I’m sure future expansions would cost, also pretty sure pro sim is still working on the A320 IAE which fslabs have all 3 A319/320/321 modeled etc for both variants along with Sharklets. I am glad the Fenix is coming out as it will be another cool payware plane to use but I am curious how fast the others will come unless they hire a ton of devs etc to take on the other variants etc not produced by ProSim at the moment which I feel like is what people are forgetting, you may get an A320 CFM pretty quick but I have a serious doubt the rest will be fast by any means. anyways thanks for coming to my Ted talk today 🙂
  6. What Resolution do you run? I have a 10900k/3090 at 4k and get 60fps ish outside view and usually around 50-60 in cruise.
  7. Exactly what I was getting at! Thanks for finding a source!
  8. TBH you can find FCOMS for pretty much any Boeing aircraft out there besides the 787 maybe? I would rather PMDG spend time/money on their products that we use rather that on something we can go find for free on the internet somewhere. Also Boeing might not allow PMDG to make their own even if they had wanted to. No idea of the specifics of the agreement but I am sure it was talked about and either they can't or dont want to hire a technical writer who understands the 737 etc. to write one for them. Being a developer and a technical writer are two different things. You may be able to code but cant write a flowing manual to save your life etc.
  9. Hi Dark. The first load for the 737 can take 10-30mins depending on PC specs. It happens with all addon aircraft etc. Once you do the first any after are fast.
  10. I just bought and installed. Still no DL on the scenery...
  11. Found it thanks! Looks way better and dont need to worry about shaders. Wish there was an option in orbx to disable these files.
  12. It seems all my files are in scenery_off already. Are they supposed to be in the scenery folder instead for each ORBX sub folder?
  13. Because the whole fleet was there and people like flying IRL based flights with the right registration, Why did we want the 200ER when the 200LR has the range etc. Because people want things to be as close to real life ops as possible.
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