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  1. Just curious if you're using the "experimental" flight model or default? Ground friction seems to be much improved with both. Have only spent a few minutes with the experimental flight dynamics in the C172; but didn't notice any huge differences (is the impact of propwash better in experimental?). Either way, very happy with the changes!
  2. MadDog

    What is this piece of ground equipment?

    Chipper/shredders for the luggage ??? Actually, I'm pretty sure they are Preconditioned Air Units (PCAs). There's probably dozens of different manufacturers; but you may want to try looking up Jetaire (JBT), Adelte, or TLD for a match.
  3. That's great news! Thanks for the heads up.
  4. That's not necessarily true. SASL3 also supports global plugins and they most certainly would go in the resources\plugins folder. With that said, the folder would most likely reflect the name of the project and would not be named "SASL". Three "SASL" folders should definitely raise one's suspicion.
  5. I really enjoy all of MisterX6's airports... have all the freeware and payware (except the most recent KLAX) and love them all! The only nitpick I have is that the human objects are a bit "odd"; they kind of remind me of scarecrows. Does anyone know of a way to substitute them with more life-like models?
  6. MadDog

    Atc problem

    What aircraft are you using? Are you sure you're not looking at your radar altimeter (instead of the barometric altimeter)?
  7. MadDog

    xpuipc website down plz help

    That version doesn't appear to include the XPWideclient module.
  8. MadDog

    Wind Tamer...

    Redraws will not occur on approach... only on departure when climbing.
  9. MadDog

    Wind Tamer...

    I'm with you, I hate just about everything related to "shear" in X-Plane. While it is possible to take control of the variability and gust parameters to calm them down (which I do in the script), real-time weather in X-plane is coded in such a way that if you take control of one weather parameter, you take control of all of them. In other words, when the script makes a change to the wind, X-plane will not change anything else (clouds, temperature, pressure, etc.) until it regains complete control. Unfortunately, this means the only way to manipulate the wind full-time with real weather requires that all of the other parameters be manipulated full-time as well. Creating a global weather engine (like ActiveSky or xEnviro) was never my intention... I just want to keep my planes on the runway until Austin decides that this is an issue worthy of his attention 😉. Just for clarity, I want to emphasize that Wind Tamer does not "kill" the real-time weather function. As soon as an aircraft climbs above the trigger altitude, weather control is returned to X-Plane (that's why it forces a single refresh).
  10. MadDog

    Wind Tamer...

    The only time the WindTamer script forces a redraw is when the aircraft climbs through the "trigger altitude" with real-time weather in use. The only way multiple re-draws can occur is if you continuously fly at or close to the trigger altitude (500' by default)... which is pretty low in most situations. If long-term low-altitude flights are your preference, lowering the trigger altitude (try 100 - 200') should eliminate any issues.
  11. MadDog

    Wind Tamer...

    I agree... and I try to make that point in the "readme" (I wrote the script). But until LR decides to address the issue, in my very biased opinion, I think it's a pretty good workaround for X-Plane's ground (mis)behavior. Give it a try... you might really like it . WaarEagle (I use different 'handles' on different sites to keep myself confused)
  12. MadDog

    Farewell FSW

    DTG = some pretty good folks working for a really bad company. It comes as no surprise that the executives are a product of Electronic Arts (the apple doesn't fall far from the tree). I'm genuinely sad to see FSW fail since competition is always a good thing. I think DTG put all of their eggs in the "TrueSky" basket; but it wasn't implemented well enough to gain the user base needed to continue development. If it makes anybody feel any better, DTG's poor strategy in this venture probably cost them a mint.
  13. MadDog

    Farewell FSW

    ...except that FSW officially graduated from "early access" at the beginning of the year.
  14. MadDog

    Farewell FSW

    I agree that there is more to the story. Not sure about losing the rights though... there has been no mention of removing FSX-SE from Steam.
  15. MadDog


    No... the FSX version is not upgraded (despite an earlier poster's suggestion to the contrary). I installed with the new installer and compared the file structure to a back-up of the previous "version". Not a single file has been changed. This upgrade is definitely exclusive to Prepar3d.