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  1. Hello Nico, Just wanted to express my appreciation for the improved exception handling in recursive iterating through folders in scans for liveries and airports. In previous versions I used to have incomplete scans which I resolved by repeated scans and building up the thirdparty_airports manually. But with this new version it works perfectly in a single pass! Thank you so much for your continued enhancements to the awesome PSXT.
  2. Hello Vidar, I have checked on my system and they match the "(TEMP)" as in your post. But I cannot find any entries for the following 3. They are missing in my AI_liveries.xml AIGAIM_Aegean Airlines Airbus A320-200 - White opb VAW (TEMP) AIGAIM_AirBaltic Airbus A320-200 - White opb CYP (TEMP) AIGAIM_Link PNG Bombardier Dash 8-200 - Black Belly (TEMP)
  3. Tested your new Balanced (beta) and find it works great! This is such a treat. The Learner function is now much more balanced. RJTT (232 parking bays) was reduced by 50% and I still collected lots of updates. RJFF (49 parking bays) was allocated an increase of 35.5%. Thank you so much. I just LOVE this application and the awesome support and development.
  4. Thank you so much for this added balancing feature. Will test it out and feedback.
  5. Yes, I had added the MPTO airport add-on and generated the airport file like you said above. The add-on is MPTO Tocumen International Airport by V Pilot Designs.
  6. Hi Nico, I'm unsure if it was a glitch on my side but I couldn't find the entry for MPTO in the airports_msfs.XML and have added the following entry to enable PSXT Learner. <airport code="MPTO" iata="PTY" lat="9.0705" lon=" -79.3836" alt="134" /> Athena
  7. Hi Nico, What do you think of an additional criteria for Update Count in addition to the curent Duration? Example I could set Count:50 and once it's reached Learner moves to the next airport in the list. In this way some of the low traffic airports will be given additional time, whilst the busy airports completed in shorter time ensuring a more balanced coverage.
  8. In the PSXT Learner, I enterer "LTFM" for the Airport codes(s): After typing LTFM and pressing ENTER the entry dissappears. And nothing happens. RT map turns to blank as no airport is specified. This is the entry from LearnerLog
  9. Hello Nico, When I try to enter LTFM in the airport code field, the entry dissappears and does take effect. I do see the LTFM in the airports_msfs.xml. Is there anything I need to do? <airport code="LTFK" iata="" lat="40.2000" lon="25.8817" alt="60" /> <airport code="LTFL" iata="" lat="40.7872" lon="26.6067" alt="154" /> <airport code="LTFM" iata="IST" lat="41.2696" lon="28.7299" alt="325" /> <airport code="LTGE" iata="" lat="40.3984" lon="29.0908" alt="15" /> <airport code="LTIC" iata="" lat="40.8226" lon="29.3358" alt="138" />
  10. Quote from Dave from Fenix Discord: "there was an issue introduced in the last couple builds that limited the TCAS horizontal range to between 2.5 and 5.0nm - this has been fixed. What types of traffic displayed (e.g. PSX/VATSIM/Multiplayer etc) hasn't changed."
  11. Thank you very much for your explaination. Athena
  12. Hello Nico, On two occasions when I ran Real Traffic with PSXT Learner exceeding 6 hours, the green indicators for Traffic Stream and METAR Stream turns to yellow. Real Traffic was still active and shows aircraft movement. And when I close both applications and restart Real Traffic just flashes and doesn't do anything. I did check the FAQ and followed #9 : 9. I can’t start RealTraffic, nothing happens… There could be something wrong with the RealTraffic installation. Exit RealTraffic, delete the file C:\Users\\AppData\Roaming\InsideSystems\RealTraffic.ini and re-start RealTraffic. However the ini file deletion didn't help and the only solution was to uninstall and reinstall Real Traffic again. This resolved the issue on both occasions. I am using the default installation location for Real Traffic. But PSXT is installed in another drive. Is there anything I am doing wrong that leads to this issue? Thank you. Athena
  13. RJAA (Narita, Japan) has consistently good approach and radar frequencies coupled with high airliner traffic on approach. I have been flying simulating an actual flight on approach with Live ATC (with Japanese accents) and find it an awesome and rewarding experience.
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