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  1. Thank you very much! Appreciate your time and effort in recording this for us.
  2. Hello Nico, Here's the Log.txt for the parking positions PSXT found found for that day and hour and real=true for both the 2 scenarios; 35% and 20% filled. Thank you. Athena For 35% Parking Positions For 20% Parking Positions
  3. Hello Nico, EGLL by INIBuilds has 195 parkingpos. When I set parking percentage at 25, I noticed that the parking positions 541 - 548 (BA terminals) are sometimes empty. The other parking positions 200's and 300's seems to get filled more. Only when I set the parking percentage at 35, then the parking positions 541 - 548 gets filled. Is there any weightage in the static algorithm that could give a more balanced filling of the parking positions, especially at EGLL? Thank you. Athena
  4. I have mixed results using RT with VPN. Most of the time it works fine but there are instances where it just doesn't function. I have resolved this by stopping VPN, restarting RT and once it's connected start VPN again. Athena
  5. I have downloaded and using PSXT 34.3.0 and have no issues. This is a case of false positive. I have encountered such cases by other add-on applications for MSFS also, and have never encourtered any issues. PSXT has been around so many years (since 2015 I believe) and as far as I and many others are concerned a trusted developer. You could read this article from Windows: "In endpoint protection solutions, a false positive is an entity, such as a file or a process that was detected and identified as malicious even though the entity isn't actually a threat. A false negative is an entity that wasn't detected as a threat, even though it actually is malicious. False positives/negatives can occur with any threat protection solution, including Defender for Endpoint." Address false positives/negatives in Microsoft Defender for Endpoint | Microsoft Learn Athena
  6. Hello Nico, I have just downloaded from your website EDDB Aerosoft Berlin Brandenburg (with missing gates and ramps added) It contains, as mentioned the missing gates and ramps, but doesn't have the live traffic information added like you had provided before. Is this intentional? Thank you. Athena
  7. Just for information for those interested. Using Just Flight, FSLTL (without STUB) and then AIG results in the following numbers for the selected liveries by PXT: Just Flight : 773 FSLTL : 1464 AIG : 2574
  8. I believe there’s an option to delete a selected flight plan and to also save your own flight plan.
  9. Hello Nico, For Liveries I am using FST, FSLTL and AIG in that order. <parameter name="lfolder0" value="D:\FS Traffic v1.0.1 Just Flight\justflight-aircraft-traffic-fleet" /> <parameter name="lfolder1" value="D:\fsltl\fsltl-traffic-base" /> <parameter name="lfolder2" value="D:\AIG AddOn\aig-aitraffic-oci-beta" /> Using a PSX scan with priority on, FSLTL white liveries, which all have the text "STUB" in the Title are inserted in AI-liveries.xml. Example: <liv airl="AAL" type="A332" cargo="false" title="FSLTL_A332_AAL-American-STUB" atcid="" /> Would it be technically possibly to skip these STUB liveries in the scan? Consider them as unavailable in FSLTL and continue the search in the last entry lfoldert2 (AIG), where they are available? Thank you. Athena
  10. Have you tried the solution provided by Bill Davis earlier today? It solved the problem for the MarketPlace airport for me.
  11. Hello Davis, Thank you so much for providing this awesome solution. My FST issues with missing traffic at WIII and missing arrivals at other airports are now resolved. Athena
  12. There are 3 Ground Services options available. Set No Ground Services, Set For Fast Gate Turnarounds and Set Standard Configuration. Select the first option if using GSX.
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