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  1. Agreed-am looking forward to getting the Fenix A320!
  2. Already bought EGGD-a lot better than the one from UK2000. I love everything Pilot Plus brings out.
  3. Agreed-and the lighting at night is nice. Getting around 50FPS with Reno.
  4. No CTD with VHHH for me. WF has done a great job with VHHH!
  5. Flew the CS 777 from Sydney to Gold Coast-on autopilot most of the flight but landed the plane manually. Luckily I don’t use any 747 mods.
  6. Looks like some of the doors don't open on the exterior model (apart from the cockpit door in the cockpit), so the 777 won't properly connect to a jetway or for baggage/catering services. I find the CS 777 easier to taxi without rudder pedals than the default 747 or 787.
  7. Just bought it at the marketplace too-love flying the BN-2 in and out of Kavik!
  8. The Top Rudder is so much fun to fly, spent about 30 minutes flying around the Gold Coast from YBCG to YSPT in it.
  9. Bought the airport on the weekend-stunning as always, Roman!
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