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  1. Very interested to see how Volanta goes dev wise in the future!
  2. Wish some of the building textures were of a higher resolution but for $10.99, happy with this scenery! https://verticalsims.com/shop/mfs/kgsp/ Has anyone else tried out this airport-thoughts? Have bought their KORF and KPCM before and was happy with those too.
  3. Bought it. I spotted where the ABC is on Harris St using the drone camera-even though the building is more of a generic model and not a custom modelled one and the Harbour Bridge modelling is so stunning-unreal! Impressed by the improvements to night lighting-especially to the Opera House
  4. VerticalSim has released their second airport for MSFS-Norfolk (KORF) for $11.99. https://verticalsims.com/shop/mfs/mfs-korf/ I enjoyed their KPCM-Plant City airport which was $5.49. Would love to know your impressions of this one.
  5. Bought it on ORBX for $24.50-am impressed with what FSim has done.
  6. Some nice Canadian airports are now available for MSFS: Sim pad dons-CYHZ,CYWG, etc : http://www.simaddons.com/pages/simaddons_addons_msfs.htm http://www.simaddons.com/pages/simaddons_pictures_msfs.htm http://www.simaddons.com/pages/simaddons_purchase1.htm Prices are in Swiss Francs (CHF)-so CHF 19.99 is about AU$32.50 for example. FSimstudios has brought their Kelowna to the sim: https://www.fsimstudios.com/cylwmsfs https://orbxdirect.com/product/fsimstudios-cylw-msfs if you get the chance to try these airports share your opinions. Me, I’ll be checking out Kelowna and Halifax.
  7. Not bad for $9-the parallax mapping for interiors not too taxing FPS wise, on high/ultra settings on my i7-9700K and RTX2080 getting around 45-55FPS.
  8. Got it for $10.50 as I owned the P3D version and used the discount code on the Flightbeam store.
  9. Fantastic airport-love all the little details and for $18.99 am extremely impressed! The dynamic rain on the control tower is nice!
  10. Bought and downloaded it-$10.50 as I used the discount code (own the P3D version btw). Very smooth FPS!
  11. Still no sign of the Aviators Club pack despite MSFS support telling me it will be added to the marketplace shortly.
  12. Indeed! Such a charming airport to fly in/out of! Some photos of Darrington town over at the ORBX Forum
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