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  1. A Xbox Series S to enjoy MSFS on when I'm not flying it on my PC and a Motorola RAZR 40 Ultra foldable phone.
  2. Just bought EHAM-am gonna take some pics with the drone and do some KLM and other airline ops with the Fenix A320 and PMDG 737.
  3. The Comanche looks stunning-an instant buy upon release for me.
  4. I usually clear out my nVIDIA caches weekly with my Alienware laptop with RTX 3070 Ti mobile GPU.
  5. KIAH for $9 is a steal-gonna do some PMDG 737 and ATR ops from it later today. Nicest terminal in KIAH for me is terminal C that was modeled from scratch, with full interiors (nicely done btw).
  6. Since 1.25.7 Drone Collision Mesh active with Collision Material - MSFS DevSupport (flightsimulator.com) still affects exploration of many of the handcrafted airports in WUs with the drone camera. Still no word from MS/Asobo when this will be fixed, thought they'd fix this as part of fixes to 40th anniv and previous WUs content in SU12-would ruin use of the drone camera with NZA's NZRO in the upcoming WU12 for me, as currently the interior of NZA's NZRO on flightsim.to can be explored fine with the drone camera. Excited about the AN-225!
  7. That would be a nice and useful addition (for me) to the next AAUs-wished MS/Asobo would have done this for the CJ4 and Longitude.
  8. 2.54GB for me-and stayed out of the AAU1 beta the whole time. Impressed with the Longitude, TBM and CJ4 improvements!
  9. Would have liked iniBuilds do KBNA instead of Feelthere.
  10. I'd love to see iniBuilds do PHNL before FSDT does!
  11. I have no qualms with the FSS E175 so far-despite all the missing functionality like VNAV as part of Early Access. Finding the E175 very easy to taxi around Inibuilds KSAT with just my TCA Sidestick.
  12. Also am getting a CTD when entering YBCG/YMHB in the CDU's INIT page. Very much enjoying the A310 so far-currently doing a flight from YLRE to YBBN.
  13. Installed the 0.1.3 update and did a test flight from Brussels to London City, everything is A-OK for me.
  14. Just bought and installed Glasgow and about to check it out-loved all of Pyreegue airports so far.
  15. I bought this too-and it's worth the €16.99! Jetways look nice but seem to be static. FPS-I'm getting around 26.
  16. Agreed-am looking forward to getting the Fenix A320!
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