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  1. Evidently not all of us are "old enough", or these ludicrous events would not gather so much momentum. I agree completely that a more balanced opinion of the reviews would be possible if the motives behind the review in question were known.
  2. These forums are full of negative reviews, if that is what you want to see, you are in exactly the right place. The usual tactic is to find one small blemish and then amplify it into a life changing issue, viz seven default scenery objects in MSFS London.
  3. If you read "reviews" in these forums and used them to make your decisions, you would never buy any addon at all.🙂
  4. You would only need to do a verify files on Steam. It would replace anything else that might have disappeared at the same time.
  5. To avoid this, JoinFS works very well with MSFS, meaning that the MSFS multiplayer can be left disabled.
  6. Many thanks to you both, fitted and working.🙂
  7. How do you persuade MSFS to show the text at the top left please?
  8. Some of the confusion in this topic is because there are three different versions, each with its own file structure. In the case of the Microsoft Store version it is perfectly possible to have all but a few kb in a folder of your choice on a drive of your choice. The only folder that remains on the C drive is C:\Users\your name\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft.FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe which in fact contains links with a size of 0 kb and one folder with a size of 425 kb.
  9. FSX-SE cannot do that but it can and does reload the default flight when simulating an aircraft crash.
  10. Applause is due to you for your valiant efforts to start an argument.
  11. That does not seem to be what was written.
  12. The erroneous title that has been allowed to remain, despite requests to have it edited to reflect the actual original complaint, is no doubt attracting the adverse comments and comparisons that the other topic title, "5.2: No ATC and a freeze on view change" has not. I have read that the kind of title used in this topic is commonly known as clickbait.
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