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  1. Arguably, the greatest chance of suffering from a virus is to click on links in emails and on sites. Anti-virus software is principally there to protect the user from themselves and a healthy dose of common sense will do the same job. Add to that the likelihood of false positives, such as the one in question here, to try to justify the subscription cost by making the sometimes payware anti-virus appear to do something instead of nothing and all of a sudden the built-in Windows Defender becomes a "no brainer".
  2. That's nonsense. Possibly, those who suffer from the most CTDs have crammed their Community folders with addons and one or two of them either clash with each other, or cause CTDs all on their own. It only needs a small typo, or naive mistake to cause havoc and every man, woman and their dog is producing stuff. Unless the user is in the beta program, we are all using exactly the same files, so a CTD at one PC that does not occur at another one is not the result of the basic simulator, any of the SU series, or indeed the random and silent changes that are sneaked in with World Updates. Those issues are the ones that occur for everyone and they are much less common.
  3. Hello, one of the least tasteful results of posting on an old topic is that you are asking someone who died three years ago. AVSIM's Jim Young has passed away - Obituaries - The AVSIM Community You should see this immediately after you have posted your contribution:
  4. Yes, everyone is in the same boat. Also, those airport models that need Bing Imagery to be active are displaying unwanted trees. New topics - Microsoft Flight Simulator Forums
  5. For clarity, this topic has nothing to do with the quality of the aircraft model and everything to do with whether it is made compatible with a third party GPS Navigator?
  6. As ever, on a forum such as this, can be found people with apparently the same settings whose experience varies from diabolical to excellent. Equally, there are those for whom the frame rate is the most important feature. As you mention, there is always a trade off and my preference and apparently, that of the topic author, is visual quality over framerate.
  7. If you want the sharpest ground textures, you will need to try 4k and {Terrain LoDFactor 4.000000 } and {ObjectsLoD LoDFactor 2.000000 } I also prefer {Shadows MaxSliceCount 4 Size 8192 and {PostProcess Enabled 1 EyeAdaptation 0 ColorGrading 0 Sharpen 1 Fringe 0 LensDistortion 0 Dirt 1 LensFlare 0 FilmGrain 0 Vignette 0 LensBlurMultiplier 1.000000 FringeMultiplier 1.000000 } YMMV and also your device might struggle, depending on what it is.
  8. In short, no. As you have an m2 slot, not using it makes no sense at all. OFC apparently is internet slang. Read at your own risk and if you are easily upset, do not read it at all: ofc - Wiktionary, the free dictionary
  9. In this case, the only folder that I would recommend that it is entirely safe to delete, is the one that contains the P3D v6 backup. It appears to be given a very long containing folder name but it contains these files.
  10. To answer the question: Here are some facts. 1 The downloaded P3D v6 .zip file is 35.3 GB 2 The P3D v6 installation process adds a folder to the C:\ProgramData\Package Cache folder that is also 35.3GB and contains exactly the same files. 3 There is nothing wrong with having a smaller C drive, for most flight simulator users, 250GB is more than enough, less than that is needed if there is little unrelated add-on software The P3D v6 backup folder in the C:\ProgramData\Package Cache folder can be deleted without consequence and the initial downloaded .zip file can simply be moved off the C drive to the F drive, again, without consequence. There is absolutely no need to go through the trouble, expense and risks of replacing a C drive, given that there was apparently no pre-exisiting issue, when, with a few clicks of the mouse, 70.6 GB of free space can be recovered.
  11. It's not a "fact", it's just an assumption, based on one simple question. Your culture is really no different to any other culture. If you think that we were ever told the truth, then you may need to re-assess.
  12. That is a bit sharp, I think. To me, the whole purpose of asking for help is to gain "ideas" that you do not already have. Secondly, how you expect someone, whom you have rudely written off as having "no idea" how to find and delete a folder, to be able to fathom how to buy and install a new system disk and then transfer the previous system disk data onto it, is not immediately clear.
  13. It happened to me the other day, so I signed out and signed back in. That did the trick.
  14. That might be unwise, perhaps it would be better to look inside the folders first and just delete the P3D ones.
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