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  1. In my experience, the only time that changes made to the usercfg.opt file have been reverted was during a simulator update. My understanding is that in-gameuser settings are stored in the "cloud". However, many of the manual edits to the Usercfg.opt file are necessary because there is no in-game setting. Given that in-game settings are the ones that are saved in the cloud, it is highly unlikely that manual edits would be affected by the saved in-game settings being reapplied.
  2. MSFS Microsoft Store version: C:\Users\username\AppData\Local\Packages\Microsoft .FlightSimulator_8wekyb3d8bbwe\LocalCache\UserCfg. opt MSFS Steam version: C:\Users\username\AppData\Roaming\Microsoft Flight Simulator\UserCfg.opt
  3. This is exactly my point, "PDT" is something that takes place only in a small part of the world and is not suited to a worldwide internet based sale. The published time needed to be a time that is recognised everywhere and that occurs at exactly the same moment, regardless of the local time.
  4. Their mistake was not to specify a date and a time. Extraordinarily, they seem to have appointed someone to administer their sales who has no experience of doing such a thing. If they had, the sale would have been announced as ending at say 2359 UTC/GMT/Zulu on July 31st. That happens at exactly the same moment regardless of where the prospective customer is in the world. 2359 on July 31st on the other hand, takes place at different times, depending on where in the world one is and inevitably leads to the prospective last-minute customer missing the sale. "Last-minute" must be inbuilt into human nature, very rarely does a train leave our local station without there being someone racing up the platform only to see that the train did leave on time after all and without waiting for them.
  5. This site is a good source of the original manufacturer's list prices. UserBenchmark: Nvidia RTX 3080 vs 3080-Ti I imagine that the prices will be in the currency that applies to your IP address.
  6. If a degree is vital to obtaining and using theoretical knowledge, then its value is obvious. Even then, experience is a magnificent teacher and more experience generally means more expertise, unless the person is a complete buffoon. Even in the medical profession, sometimes complete buffoons can somehow survive and there are plenty of cases where someone who should have been exquisitely skilled turns out to be a charlatan.
  7. If the question was indeed utterly useless, it would not have been asked and debated at such lengths for years. In general, an unlimited frame rate will use up valuable system resources chasing a frame rate that might be much better used to enhance the overall performance. As posted above, chasing frame rates also makes all systems work harder than is necessary. My own preference is to use RTSS, set at 30 fps. Performance is unaffected and the CPU runs around 10 degrees C cooler.
  8. It flew there. C-FASQ Flight Tracking and History - FlightAware
  9. The wisest teacher I ever had said that the main purpose of education was to learn how to learn. It's something that has proved to be true throughout both my working life and my life in general. I suspect that the possession of a degree is often used by prospective employers only as a filtering device for job applicants. I have never had a job that used my degree level qualification, nor do I think that it ever made an application successful that might otherwise have failed. That is most likely because all of the jobs that I have had required practical ability, rather than a high educational standard. It is an unwise employer who would rely solely on such a qualification, without also assessing the candidate's ability to actually do the job. As mentioned already, in the UK, there are tens of thousands of graduates to choose from, who have graduated in all kinds of fields, many of which have little or no direct relevance to the job in question. At the very least though, possession of a degree does indicate that a candidate has the ability to absorb and then apply knowledge, even if only to pass an exam. On the other hand, as I am sure most of us have, during my working life, I have been managed by some "educated idiots", who, while having all of the necessary paper qualifications, did not possess an ounce of common sense.
  10. The topic title does indeed state so both your recommendation of a freeware in XPlane 11 and mine in Microsoft Flight Simulator 2004 are equally out of place in this topic. Selective reading is rarely better than full comprehension. See that your fellow XPlane 11 users have now been attracted to this MSFS topic to bang their drums.
  11. Your choice but you missed some remarkably good aircraft simulations. which has absolutely nothing whatsoever to do with either a payware addon or Microsoft Flight Simulator. The Project Tupolev Tu 154 for FS9 was "study level" before the term study level was invented and was and is entirely free of charge. It is, however, also utterly irrelevant to this discussion.
  12. Yesterday evening, KMYL, 98 knot winds on the approach, 58 knots on the ground. Real world weather reported a 4 knot breeze. Not the beta version.
  13. As far as I can tell from the most valuable and interesting contributions to this fascinating topic, just as in many other places in the world, mankind has manipulated nature in order to facilitate what mankind wants to do instead of what nature intended. Now, nature is pushing back against the wanton destruction that inevitably follows such actions and yet, some of us are surprised and wondering what can be done and even fretting about probably the least of nature's concerns, how much the financial cost might be. The far more significant cost may well be to both the quality and even the existence of life in these areas. Attempts to mitigate the problems instead of mitigating the causes of the problems are most likely to simply result in deepening the existing crisis and adding further crises to be solved by future generations, if indeed nature is prepared to offer them the chance. It is by no means a problem confined to the USA, here are three more of many man-made disasters, engineered for much the same reasons: Aral Sea - Wikipedia Lake Urmia - Wikipedia Deforestation of the Amazon rainforest - Wikipedia Utah's Great Salt Lake is running out of water - BBC News In the interests of balance, over here in Northern Europe, we are also well down the same path. We may not suffer the same water shortages yet but there is drought in many countries and water shortages are not so far away. We have emptied the seas of fish, decimated our wildlife populations by both taking over their habitats and poisoning the remaining ones and poured unspeakably damaging chemicals over pretty much everywhere. These things are only the tip of the iceberg that could well sink us all in due course.
  14. I'll write a contribution to this in the expectation that the topic will be summarily removed or deleted once spotted by the moderators. My contribution is that while the human race insists on living in places that mother nature never intended us to live in, we will continue to engineer our own self-destruction, as evidenced by the subject matter of this topic. Whether this choice is the result of there being too many of us, or simply the result of our arrogant assumption that we can manipulate nature to suit ourselves is not really relevant, as the end result is the same, catastrophe.
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