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  1. Hello, I have only empirical advice. If you want the definitive answer, try the PMDG Support Forum
  2. Reader

    Ethiopia crash

    Hello, uninformed observer here again. Would it not be possible to add power assistance that is only activated when force is applied in the cockpit to the trim wheel and all other trim devices are disabled, just as in vehicle power steering? It would only need to help the turning of the wheel. Secondly, if it proves impossible to move the trim wheel manually because of the forces acting on it and the ground is rapidly approaching, does switching the trim power back on seem less of a mistake than a last ditch attempt in an impossible situation?
  3. That's what happens to me and I see those messages. Apparently it is my fault for not knowing how to slow the aircraft down and in the real world a gentle application of the brakes does not immediately set fire to the brakes and burst all the tyres. It might also be that using a simple joystick, the brakes are either full on or full off with no means to brake gently. Try a slow landing in an empty aircraft and use the reversers to slow down. You will use all of the runway but you should be able to taxi when the landing is over.
  4. Hello, I wonder if you have burst all the tyres? It saeems to be very easy to do, all you need to do is use the brakes to slow down.🙂
  5. Reader

    Just Flight VC10 Professional Released

    You should have received an e mail with a discount code. Mine arrived on 21st February.
  6. Reader


    Yes, I read that too but do not own GeP3D. Evidently it needs to be said that the solution for GeP3D owners may also be to reinstall it. Either way, those are FSX development textures that are not normally seen unless the landclass has been redefined but the new defined textures are missing.
  7. Reader


    Hello, The textures are unlocked FSX test textures. the solution for Orbx Global Base owners is to reinstall it.
  8. Reader

    Ethiopia crash

    Hello again. As a completely uninformed observation, in the modern parlance, there is a "duty of care" upon the aircraft designers to the subsequent users of that aircraft. We are no longer in the early days of aviation when there was a substantial and accepted risk of mechanical and/or pilot failure. The way in which an apparent inherent instability was introduced to a previously stable design and then concealed by a "fix" which was not properly thought through and not properly notified to those who would fly it suggests to this uninformed person that this duty of care was over-ridden by business concerns. While this kind of practice seems widespread where there are sums of money involved, this does not make it acceptable.
  9. Reader

    Grond Vehicles Speed - too high?

    Hello, I used an xml editor and "replace all" for TrafficSpeed="XX" (XX = my chosen speed.) 55 seems a good compromise, I chose 35 and that might be a bit slow. Less than a minute and it seems to do the job.
  10. Reader


    Good decision. I still have my copy and use it from time to time. Paying for P3D v4 can be just the tip of the iceberg.
  11. Reader


    Hello, assuming that you are referring to P3D version 4, some will and some will not. Put simply, .gau files and .dll gauges will not work, xml gauges will work. If any of your "FSX" airplanes are Fs9 models, they will not work at all
  12. Reader

    Assigning FSX Controller for Reversers in PMDG 737

    The command you are looking for is "Throttle (decrease quickly)", set as recommended above.
  13. Reader

    Ethiopia crash

    Speaking once again from a position of ignorance of how the world of aviation works, how do flight crew amass flight experience? If both crew members were inexperienced, I would understand the comment. Persumably at some point, all flight crew have 200 hours of experience. Should they not be placed with someone with 8000 hours, presumably now regarded as experienced? On the same subject, how do flight crew amass thousands of hours experience on an aircaft that they have only had access to for a few months? Or does the world of aviation turn in a different way?
  14. Reader

    Ethiopia crash

    No knowledge of aviation is required to understand that what caused these two dreadful incidents really is not as relevant now as is not knowing what caused them. Until the causes are determined it does seem sensible to minimise the risk by not using the aircraft that could possibly be the common denominator. There are those that think that one preventable death is one too many. It seems that those who continue to use the aircraft do not agree and instead choose to balance greed against human life. Nothing new there then.