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  1. Sorry - confused KLAS with KLAX! KLAS has the fsdt specific fix... And they've just updated live update to stop it over writing!
  2. Hi Daedalus, Orbx provide a specific file in their compatability forum that overwrites an FSDT file (to address some image/terrain blending I think), this is in addition to disabling other bgls. This extra file goes in the FSDT KLAX directory and it's that, that is being overwritten by the live updater I think.... MJ
  3. mcjohns

    My traffic P3D V4 causing crash

    Hi there - give this topic a look, solved it for me in P3D v3 - imagine it's the same in 4!
  4. Have you tried adjusting the descent rate settings in the aircraft database?
  5. And you've run the VFX configuration to install it to the aircraft?
  6. mcjohns

    AS 16 and ASCA settings

    The only struggle I'm having is maintaining solid FPS with 5 layers and volumetric fog enabled - that, even with no AA is bringing my 980GTX to its knees! Disable volumetric, GPU usage cuts back off 100% and the FPS is restored!
  7. mcjohns

    ASN fps drop in dense clouds.

    Hi guys, I'm definitely seeing a major FPS hit with the latest ASN beta. Running the latest Nvidia drivers on a 980GTX without SGSS (in fact without any AA at all on a 4k panel) and cloudy conditions are resulting in maxed out GPU usage (in a way I was only able to achieve with bonkers high AA settings in the past). I've tried both REX and P3D default cloud textures and the result is the same... MJ
  8. mcjohns

    FSLabs Concorde Released

    Just a thought on the 2d panel VAS issue - is there a way of specifying the default sizes in the panel.cfg? Mike J
  9. mcjohns

    Awful AA in P3D v3

    And just to back up Rob's earlier point - I get significantly better performance using "Enhance" and 4 times SGSS as opposed to "Override".... That's running a 980GTX.
  10. mcjohns

    My Traffic 6

    Hi all, Is anyone noticing a change in AI behavior in V3? It may have been this way in V2.5 but I just didn't notice... I'm getting huge amounts of AI at the gate but very little airborne, en route or landing.... If I accelerate time to 4X for a while, a few taxi and take off, but very few come in for landing at places like EGLL... Any and all comments, thoughts and advice gratefully received! Mike J.
  11. mcjohns

    PROATC-X v1.7 Released isn't too bad!