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  1. As a fire and forget solution for P3D I've found it to be a perfectly reasonable solution for filling airfields and skies.
  2. Sorry - confused KLAS with KLAX! KLAS has the fsdt specific fix... And they've just updated live update to stop it over writing!
  3. Hi Daedalus, Orbx provide a specific file in their compatability forum that overwrites an FSDT file (to address some image/terrain blending I think), this is in addition to disabling other bgls. This extra file goes in the FSDT KLAX directory and it's that, that is being overwritten by the live updater I think.... MJ
  4. Hi there - give this topic a look, solved it for me in P3D v3 - imagine it's the same in 4! http://www.prepar3d.com/forum/viewtopic.php?t=117592
  5. Have you tried adjusting the descent rate settings in the aircraft database?
  6. The only struggle I'm having is maintaining solid FPS with 5 layers and volumetric fog enabled - that, even with no AA is bringing my 980GTX to its knees! Disable volumetric, GPU usage cuts back off 100% and the FPS is restored!
  7. And just to back up Rob's earlier point - I get significantly better performance using "Enhance" and 4 times SGSS as opposed to "Override".... That's running a 980GTX.
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