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  1. Anytime it’s not everyday that I can actually help someone in her!
  2. You will need to go to content manager inside sim and install around 25gb of the missing planes and such. Think this happens if you installed outside of C:Drive
  3. Let me just say that I am excited for the release of MSFS 2020. I have been out of Flight Simming for a couple of years and remember spending hours and hours trying to tweak this and that and realizing that I haven’t even completed a flight. I am hoping this runs as good as I have been seeing.
  4. Does the sim have micro stutters? Are the days of spending more time tweaking than flying over?
  5. True! But some airports have controllers and might also need an IFR clearance now and again.
  6. I am curious to which ATC Addon everyone is using? I am currently using ProAtc and I am struggling to get it to do what I was hoping for in GA aircraft. Guess it’s more geared for Airlines.
  7. Could be something running in the background,
  8. Air Hauler 2 is good. You can load your A2A aircraft into the list of aircraft to purchase or lease. Then start a small company either flying pax or cargo to random airports.
  9. Or print the charts that you want.
  10. I have KBNA and KBHM and are good quality. Not Flightbeam or FS Dreamteam or Fly Tampa but right there close!
  11. Am I out of luck purchasing the Scout? I know they went out of business.
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