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  1. True! But some airports have controllers and might also need an IFR clearance now and again.
  2. I am curious to which ATC Addon everyone is using? I am currently using ProAtc and I am struggling to get it to do what I was hoping for in GA aircraft. Guess it’s more geared for Airlines.
  3. Could be something running in the background,
  4. Air Hauler 2 is good. You can load your A2A aircraft into the list of aircraft to purchase or lease. Then start a small company either flying pax or cargo to random airports.
  5. Or print the charts that you want.
  6. I have KBNA and KBHM and are good quality. Not Flightbeam or FS Dreamteam or Fly Tampa but right there close!
  7. Am I out of luck purchasing the Scout? I know they went out of business.
  8. Just downloaded latest version of Chaseplane and in changelog it said support for v4.4.
  9. Have a 4790k also with a Evga Gtx 1080 SC and while in the Pmdg 737 taxi2gate Ksea Orbx PNW and OLC also running Active Sky Envtex Skyforce ASCA combination with UTLive with 50% airliner traffic and can get high 20’s to mid 30’s in VC and little higher FPS outside. That’s at 4k with no AA.
  10. I guess I am asking does L3 Cache matter in P3D?
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