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  1. Maybe this can be used in FBW A320 to get online traffic on the TCAS? @Iceman
  2. I'd be really interested to know from RW pilots if the METAR reports are 100% accurate with what is encountered in the air. If they are not then I don't see why they are better to use than the default weather engine..
  3. I don't follow where you are going with this...but to answer that q I used to use Active Sky for FSX .
  4. It's not always 100% accurate but I never got the deal with wanted it to be 100% matching with METAR reports for the local airport. METAR is a snapshot and often just a localized picture of what the weather is whereas MS is using a weather engine to predict the weather at a very granular level. The prediction is always going to be different & METAR is not exactly true to life anyway so not sure how one is better than the other.
  5. Pretty sure it just syncs with the sim flight planner at that point, if you import from Simbrief you then see it plotted on the in game map.
  6. Is this available yet on the experimental branch or not yet?
  7. Implemented traffic awareness and alert systems for both the TBM930 and Longitude. Wow looks like a first working TCAS...I wonder if it works online too?
  8. This branch is meant to have the long awaited custom flight plan manager that solves a lot of the navigation issues we see and later on will add proper LNVAV/VNAV support. https://github.com/flybywiresim/a32nx/tree/autopilot-custom-fpm Does anyone know how to download it and try it out? I can't post on their Discord because I don't have a phone number linked to my discord account :(.
  9. 60fps really makes a difference on making it feel real!
  10. No it's still very very far away from what I can see in their discord channel.
  11. So WT developed a flight plan module that is completely separate to the default FS navigation system. This allows the aircraft to fly highly accurate LNAV/VNAV paths without the limitations/bugs of the default planner. An example being, early on there was a bug in every aircraft where if you did a DCT/DIR to a waypoint it would basically go back to your first waypoint or fly in a circle. The WT flight plan manager does not have this bug. Another example being the default FMCs often miss a lot of SID/STARs but the WT one almost always has all of them & with the correct waypoints because they are able to directly read the nav data in a better way.
  12. Like many of you I have been a die hard Working Title fan for the last 6-9 months, ever since they implemented their own flight plan manager I have not flown anything else. I tried the FBW early on but the the default A320 it was built on was so horrible to fly, it would just sky rocket on take-off and and you had no idea if it would actually follow the flight plan. Also the performance was horrible, I could only get 15-25FPS and it would s stutter frequently. So I recently decided to try it out again and wow it's so much more solid to fly than it was before. I suspect a combination of Asobo fixing a lot of the underlying flight plan glitches and a ton of hard work from everyone at FBW with the autopilot and programming the other systems in place. It's a joy to fly like it feels really really solid I can comfortably fly it on VATSIM , I don't worry about rocketing of course anymore & I can even accept flight plan changes without worrying it's going to do something stupid. I can't wait for proper lateral and vertical guidance that will just bring it to another level, but until then the current FBW A320 is amazing and you really get a feeling of flying a proper airliner. I wrote this because I saw a few people post in another thread they were not going to fly it because of no custom LNAV/VNAV and I too was one of those people but now that I've tried it I realised I was missing out and there's a lot more to flying this machine than just having a TOD/TOC appear correctly!
  13. Once FBW have modelled reliable LNAV/VNAV modes for the A320 there is going to be very little need for someone like me to buy a payware A320. The market that Aerosoft have so proudly filled all these years is that of the casual simmer who just wants to program the FMC and hit go on the autopilot, the FBW should do all of that this year. As for FSLabs..they have served the community well over the last 5 years and I wish them well but I can't see them bringing their Airbus to FS2020 for quite some time and who knows what state the FBW will be in 5 years from now. I would love to buy an A320 from FSLabs on MSFS but I fear it will be a very long time away.
  14. VNAV is not modelled yet...from their discord it's still a long time away before we will get to use it but they are hard at work on it from what i can see.
  15. The lights from the city are going to bounce of the clouds like they do in real life it might be overdone for some people but for me it's spot on.
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