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  1. I have flown on VATSIM text only for the last ~ 10 years and never had any issues. ATC will not ignore/forget you when you are on approach/departure however during taxi/startup you should be prepared to nudge ATC if they are late in replying to your requests. Like with anything hard in life it's easier if you take it one step at a time. Use text only and once you get confident you can try and do voice receive which is where you reply in text and receive over voice then you can progress to being voice both ways.
  2. I imagine you get 0.05fps more because you can hide the EFB in the cockpit... Otherwise nothing really changes because I suspect the cockpit EFB is just rendering the same site hosted on the webserver as well.
  3. They can all be learned in a matter of hours by just watching Youtube videos. Better question for you will be which one will you enjoy the most? Typically people buy the ones they see flying in their local airports or aircraft they have frequently flown on before.
  4. The tablet is hosted on a webserver so you just open the address: on your device and you have it!
  5. The EFB experience is just something else when you use it on an iPad/Talbet or even your phone browser. I think because the rendering is a lot quicker outside of the sim. But I think also because it just feels more "seamless" and cool to be able to start boarding from your tablet while you program the FMC..
  6. I would really recommend you sit down and just watch video of someone going through the cold + dark setup and then takeoff.
  7. As much as I like discord I kind of agree we need a dedicated forum here or hell even a Subreddit on Reddit would be good if you can't get a Forum up and running in time.
  8. You need to click the "home" button the EFB and it will unlock! Passcode is 0000.
  9. I don't get time to play MSFS or games for that matter...so I can just watch someone streaming it and it's honestly like 90% of the enjoyment I would get if I was playing it myself without having to actually play it lol
  10. It makes the sim 100% more enjoyable having a variety of detailed aircraft to fly. Once you learn one it's muscle memory at that point it's very difficult to forget and to be honest you can learn to fly both at a high level if you don't worry too much about learning how every system works in detial.
  11. The appeal of streaming is you can get almost 90% of the enjoying of playing a game without actually having to play it yourself.
  12. Pretty sure you can just ALT and click and they will pop out like normal gauges do? I could be wrong though as I don't have it!
  13. Yeah I agree its still going to have bug when it's released and I don't mind...but I can understand why they want to delay by a week if they can sort this one out! As I can imagine it would be a PR disaster if they get a bunch of Youtube videos where people just keep hitting this bug.
  14. The bug in question though is pretty bad...I mean can you imagine the bad rep PMDG would get if they released it and this happened to you on landing?
  15. Seems quite simple to me that the landing bug is going to be a show stopper for them releasing it more than anything else. I do wonder if FlyingFabio had anything to do with the sudden optimism because it's really not like PMDG to give any sort of date to anything.... For those who can't watch the below the bug seems to be related with the deployment of spoilers during landing.
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