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  1. Do you use Navigraph Charts with Simlink? I remember that this used to cause stutters after a while, the fix was to close down both Charts and Simlink and then restart them. It may of been fixed by recent updates but it definitely was once an issue for me.
  2. The one thing I think many simmers find extremely difficult to comprehend is real aircraft also come with a number of problems and bugs which are deemed low enough risk to allow for safe flight. All aircraft are supplied with publications that run into many pages which document problems that pilots should be aware of. The greatest or perhaps worst example of this is what we saw with the 737MAX. If PMDG produced a 737MAX then several years ago they might of replicated code that results in the same catastrophic behaviour. People would complain about it and say why does my plane crash itself in this very specific scenario but bizarrely that would actually have to be deemed a good simulation. The only manufacturer that I've seen produce a very close to real world replication is FSLabs but then this should be expected as they go to a level of detail that is not even seen in real simulators. The FSLabs is that one aircraft that can be flown and enjoyed fully in 2D because it's really that good. It's for this same reason that countless Airbus pilots use the FSLabs as a dependable training platform and it has proved very useful in their downtime due to COVID. So really I think the whole community needs to relax and enjoy these platforms for what they are and not get so bogged down by what they aren't. Perfection is something that is never seen in the real world so we just can't demand that here.
  3. I tend to feel with this that we are slowly losing the thing that many of us signed up for which is a simulation. I've tried MSFS and I've only found that it isn't fit for purpose as anything other than a game. I can't believe that Aerosoft don't recognise this, a serious simulation company would not accept MSFS in its current state nor entertain discussion on dropping far superior platforms. I can understand scenery developers trying to bulk new sales but most good sceneries in MSFS are just ports from Prepar3D (which yes of course you have to buy again so yeah sales are going to be great...). There must surely still be a market for dual development given most Prepar3D users won't be going anywhere and the vast majority will own both simulators for a very long time. It's sad that Mathijs describes that Aerosoft can only follow the market rather than making it, that to me isn't the greatest ethos for a company that has the platform/resources to 'make' its market. A market can only buy what it's given and quality is determined by the developer and not the customers demands. Taking advantage of this fact is exactly what every disrupting company in the world does. It's why people will keep Prepar3D v4.5/v5 to fly PMDG and FSLabs aircraft before they will even consider MSFS. I just find it very sad that such a large and historic company has been reduced to a company run solely by a spreadsheet.
  4. I've played a few hours and it's really enjoyable as a game but it isn't a simulator (yet). The base that is there is incredible so let's hope it will get better. Back to Prepar3D for now... 😎
  5. An average simulation replicates the intended design but a true simulation replicates the consequences of that design which is the PMDG/FSL level. For example, what are the consequences of a failed hydraulic system on an A320? What happens on a 737 if we lose a generator? As you start to increase the complexity you start to increase the cost/effort required because you have to replicate the systems of the aircraft in code. To be honest the simulator becomes irrelevant in these aircraft and really it's more about the aircraft simulation rather than the simulator. The PSX 747 for example barely has visuals yet it is an excellent replication of the 747 systems hence why it costs $300+. Making things look pretty is extremely easy and non-time consuming in the FS world which is why you see so many new aircraft announcements start with the visuals but then later fail and disappear at the systems stage. So far the technical details of the aircraft in MFS2020 are absent so clearly it isn't where the money and effort has been spent. I'm therefore not expecting anything magical, they will probably be functional but I wouldn't expect much more.
  6. As you say an aircraft flying below the required regulatory minimum fuel is not in an emergency situation. Obviously it isn't allowed but it isn't a safety issue, if it was we would have aircraft falling out of the skies and the minimum would be raised. The point of it is to introduce a factor of error rather than an absolute safety related obligation. Ryanair has to comply with all safety regulation requirements as everyone else does and they do or they wouldn't have an AOC. The vast majoriy of incidents are not isolated to Ryanair. Their ill treatment of pilots and staff however certainly deserves its own discussion...!
  7. The suggested workarounds *may* cause performance issues but it is just a workaround and it is intended to immediately eliminate the security risk for a threat which does not exist for desktop users. I really would not worry about it, wait for a real fix.
  8. 3D rain/snow too, obviously 64bit will steal the show. Time to spec up a new computer with some more memory I think..
  9. Extremely impressive, well done guys. If only I had booked the day off work..
  10. Prepar3D was built for that system and is far superior to FSX, what are you waiting for? :wink:
  11. The 747 also has a stronger APU which can start two engines at a time. Little nuances will make this far more pleasurable to fly in my opinion. The famous architect Norman Foster after all called it his most favourite building..
  12. Would love to see a picture from this kind of angle, by the way if the sound comes close to this noise then my life as far as FS is concerned is complete. We in the UK certainly know how to make engines, sorry guys. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JebUgEM6VME
  13. Stunning, the 744 really has the most charm of any aircraft out there in my opinion.
  14. True like for like representation requires numerical simulation which is only ever as accurate as the numerical model used amongst other factors. In my days at university doing this kind of research you wouldn't believe how much we do not know. We still don't understand things like turbulence, not the bumps type of turbulence but the chaotic and turbulent nature of an airflow that occurs at tiny scales. With research projects like this being financed and achieving these 'acceptable error' type results, will a $60 simulator like X-Plane seriously simulate all of this accurately in real time? If it did we would be using it extensively in industry and saving a lot of money that is for sure! Level-D simulators do not use such methods because they are not required for that purpose - simulators are there to simulate and by simulate they aim to replicate the flight envelope that pertains to that particular aircraft through actual test data. Normally this test data is a complex exercise of doing something, seeing what happens and recording what happens. Following this you translate that data into a simulator model. So in a Level-D simulator you expect to turn the stick and get the same behaviour as the real thing, I would hazard a guess that this method and however it is achieved is far more accurate than trying to simulate reality itself which we currently still cannot do despite billions of dollars of investment and research time. In essence lets not forget that accuracy is perceived and validated by comparison to real results, therefore if it flies like the real thing who cares?
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