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  1. I can check flytampa toronto and see if my RAM numbers are any different. So far im only seeing this issue at o'hare
  2. memory in use seems stable. the only noticeable difference I see is the available memory which was above 6.5GB when the fps where high. when the fps were below 20, the available memory was 6 to 6.1GB.
  3. I removed it within the in sim settings and closing AIG traffic controller. The FPS does not drop at flytampa toronto like it does at o,hare. And I have not looked at ram but I have 32GB
  4. So I tested this at another airport known to be heavy on fps (toronto) and it never went below 25fps
  5. I have different configs in separate folders for specific airports. that way I can swap out the configs quickly
  6. the thing is, even with 100% AI I was having good fps. but then when I remove all AI after the fps goes down, the fps impact is negligible. not even moving all sliders to the left, AND removing all ai improves the fps. and as far as elsewhere, im not sure. it was very noticeable at O'Hare, which is why i took the screenshots there. and in my case, the gradual drop in fps was also happening with the default f-35.
  7. when I first boot up the sim at o'hare in the PMDG 737 with ai traffic (100%), the fps are in the low 30s, which is pretty good. after about 10 to 20 minutes, my fps drops to below 20, from the same viewpoint. removing all ai traffic at this point does not seem to have any effect (ai traffic is off in the second picture). if it helps, I have an RTX 3090 with an I9 10900k at 5.1ghz.
  8. So I have an I9 10900K, and I have gotten it to 5.1ghz. I did some research beforehand on overclocking, and my PC was already overclocked slightly from the PC builder. Im just looking for anyones input to see if what I am doing will be ok for the hardware
  9. I have gotten this twice so far while using p3d v5.1. Im quite suprised because my PC is not even a month old. I thought people got this error due to running out of vram
  10. There is an entire new terminal and additional runways (5 runways currently)
  11. they really should update shanghai. so many devs out there abandon there outdated airports to work on other projects. they could really learn from flightbeam for example.
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