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  1. I haven't tested it but I've seen videos of Prealsoft Istanbul with the previous freeware one, they don't interfere, due to the distance of the airport to the city, as Nassim stated. ... I now saw you already bought them, enjoy 🙂
  2. Istanbul city is available from Prealsoft independently, it you want to combine all. https://secure.simmarket.com/prealsoft-hd-cities-istanbul-fsx-p3d.phtml
  3. Thank you very much for the analysis and videos Rob. Just a note, there are ground poly (and 1 object, the hill south of RWY35) seasonal texture change and daytime low visibility ground lights activation scripts. And the rain puddle is one combined object, all around the terminal zone. Cheers, Sunay KILIC
  4. Hi everybody, For who is having the dynamic lights situation, there is a cfg setting fix explained in the Manual.
  5. Justsim LTBS is P3D v4.4+ only. You are not using V4.0-4.3, are you?
  6. I am not happy with Orbx LC EU also, too much green all year round, but replacing Orbx landclass beats me. The maestros in Fsdeveloper may be of help.
  7. It is all related to Orbx Open LC and Global, they are normally installed at top of scenery list and take priority so they mask your specific landclass and vector poly scenery, plus I think they change landclass definitions and textures, so it is more complicated to implement your landclass and vector poly, but still possible.
  8. Prepar3D has 60days refund policy, so actually you can buy the normal one and try it for 59days and decide to keep it or not.
  9. Visual advances like cloud shadows, dynamic reflections, dynamic lighting, PBR definitely take the immersion to a higher level, and off course no OOM.
  10. Default FSX/FSX SE of P3Dv2/3 library objects are compatible in P3Dv4 (they maintain the same GUIDs), any placement bgl file created using default objects in FSX/P3Dv2/3 still functions in P3Dv4. For custom object libraries if you have the custom object library and placement bgl in an active scenery folder together with the object libraries textures, everything works: /scenery (custom objects library bgl and placement bgl) /textures (all related textures of the custom objects library) Old FS2004 objects don't work anymore in P3Dv4, otherwise objects created with FSX SDK still function OK in P3Dv4. I still extensively use IS3 (do the placement in P3Dv3 and then fly in P3Dv4...), is a very practical and fun tool for object placements. I fear that with further P3Dv4 changes this method may cease to function, and still hope that IS3 is updated for P3Dv4 compatiblity.
  11. Thank you, great work! Wish you success with the rest of the Aegean islands.
  12. I don't have the XP Lear25 (my hesitation is still the incompatibility with P3Dv4 dynamic lighting, and I am not sure if I will get accustomed to the old style gauges after the Phenom300) but I love my Phenom300 with Mr.Piekes GTN mod which is great! I don’t have any problems with the Phenom300 and another plus for me is that in IVAO Phenom300 is categorized as “Medium” so I can fly the IFR tours with it :)
  13. Another interesting usage (sales?) statistic, shared in Aerosoft forum last week, as justification of AN-2 being P3DV4 only;
  14. I believe you have this problem with V4. This may help: Link Briefly, you have to run "IvAp v2 – External", in case of Prepar3d V4.
  15. I applied the previous GTN mod in P3DV4 and it seems to work :) . But I didn't make an extensive test flight so I am interested if a new mod is needed in V4.
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