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  1. Default FSX/FSX SE of P3Dv2/3 library objects are compatible in P3Dv4 (they maintain the same GUIDs), any placement bgl file created using default objects in FSX/P3Dv2/3 still functions in P3Dv4. For custom object libraries if you have the custom object library and placement bgl in an active scenery folder together with the object libraries textures, everything works: /scenery (custom objects library bgl and placement bgl) /textures (all related textures of the custom objects library) Old FS2004 objects don't work anymore in P3Dv4, otherwise objects created with FSX SDK still function OK in P3Dv4. I still extensively use IS3 (do the placement in P3Dv3 and then fly in P3Dv4...), is a very practical and fun tool for object placements. I fear that with further P3Dv4 changes this method may cease to function, and still hope that IS3 is updated for P3Dv4 compatiblity.
  2. Sunay

    Rhodos for Free

    Thank you, great work! Wish you success with the rest of the Aegean islands.
  3. Sunay

    Business Jet for P3D v3.4 - help needed please

    I don't have the XP Lear25 (my hesitation is still the incompatibility with P3Dv4 dynamic lighting, and I am not sure if I will get accustomed to the old style gauges after the Phenom300) but I love my Phenom300 with Mr.Piekes GTN mod which is great! I don’t have any problems with the Phenom300 and another plus for me is that in IVAO Phenom300 is categorized as “Medium” so I can fly the IFR tours with it :)
  4. Sunay

    65% of ORBX Customers use P3D

    Another interesting usage (sales?) statistic, shared in Aerosoft forum last week, as justification of AN-2 being P3DV4 only;
  5. Sunay

    Ivap doens't appear in the menu selection

    I believe you have this problem with V4. This may help: Link Briefly, you have to run "IvAp v2 – External", in case of Prepar3d V4.
  6. I applied the previous GTN mod in P3DV4 and it seems to work :) . But I didn't make an extensive test flight so I am interested if a new mod is needed in V4.
  7. Sunay

    what are you waiting for in V4

    -Updated IVAO MTL -F1 GTN, Accusim, Phenom 300, Rex, Vector
  8. Sunay

    737-500 Classic P3d v3.5

    I don't have it installed, but being interested in 737 Classic I just noted that it says "Virtual cockpit, sounds, panel aliased from the default Boeing 737-800" ; so you will need to port the default FSX 737-800 to Prepar3D first.
  9. Sunay

    Fuel planning & IVAO MTL

    I have the same difficulty in selecting the IVAO MTL to represent the Phenom 300. Actually the IVAO MTL Catalog is dated in choices. There is nothing similar to 300, we have other generic types, like Citation X, C550, CL604, Learjet 45, Gulstream GIII, CRJ200, E135...
  10. Sunay

    Excessive shaking

    Thank you Elaine :smile: Yes, it was from Accu-Feel. Changing the Vne setting it was resolved :smile:. Somehow I thought it was an incompatibility issue with v3.1 and forgot about Accu-Feel settings. Thanks again.
  11. I love this bird, although it has some shortcomings. I had been using it in FSX and recently I installed it in P3D V3.1 but I have a shaking & shaking noise problem I can't solve. In P3D V3.1 when I pass around 220knots an excessive shaking begins, so I have to throttle back. (In FSX I can accelerate up to beyond 240knots, till I hear the overspeed warning without shaking) I think this shaking over 220knots is not normal (or ist it?). Did any of you had this shaking behaviour? Do you have any suggestions, am I missing something? Thanks everybody, Sunay
  12. Sunay

    Joining the Prepar3d Bandwagon

    I have a similar system: -i7 930 @2.8 O/C to 3.4 -Asus P6X58D-E mobo -16GB DDR3 1333 But I changed the GPU from 560 to 970 after P3D V3 install. As a tweak I only did the "FIBER_FRAME_TIME_FRACTION=0.01" addition, I feel it helped with lessenign the slightly perceptible stutters. Also did the usual NVidia Inspector configuration. I have limited the FPS to 32 and can mostly get a fluid stable 30-32 FPS flight with high settings. I have FSX, FSX-SE, P3D v1.4, 2.5 and V3 on different SSD drives and V3 is now my overall favorite.