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  1. I'm seeing this also with a 3090 on the new studio drivers. Back on DX11 for now
  2. My experience is thus: With the Studio driver, my 3090 is using 13.4 GB VRAM in the Fenix with 4K textures, graphics at max apart from clouds on High, DX12 and TAA. Frames locked at 30 (50% refresh rate) and very smooth, both on the ground and in the air. (This was a flight from Canberra to Adelaide). Not sure if this similar to what others see with a 3090 in 4K? Anyway, glad I have the VRAM overhead!
  3. update to WT 0.12.14 version. It's the old panel config that causes this
  4. On the previous beta to this, I was getting an FPS drop, limited by main thread during a flight from EGBB to KORD. Started dropping FPS to mid twenties over Quebec area and never recovered. I have my FPS locked at 30. Only way I could find to recover FPS was to disable photogrammetry, FPS recovered to normal and all was smooth for my arrival into KORD. This is with DX9, PMDG BBJ and ultra settings. I also see this FPS drop on relatively short European flights if I go anywhere near the Swedish coast, south east abeam Stockholm. I will need to recheck this new bata. Stu
  5. I can vouch for that. Reinstalled Op system and sim........ still CTD's. Should have just waited. Hindsight is so lovely.
  6. Spoke too soon, CTD again. Over a thousand posts about it on official MS forum. Lot's of different set ups, SU9, SU10, Steam or MS. All seem to suffer CTD's caused by ntdll.dll or memory can't be found. In my case, fresh Win 10 install after experiencing these CTD's in Win11. Vanilla sim install (SU10) with just Fenix addon. (Had these CTD's in SU9 on Win 11 prior to going back to Win 10) Stu
  7. I initially tried that as a first step but Win 11 said it could not find the file or some such message, other people saw the same issue. As an update to where I am now: Win10 re-installed, sim re-installed and just trying a 4 hour flight from OMSJ to VGEG in the Fenix A320. 1 hour in so far, looking good so far. No idea why this ntdll.dll error cropped up. My new system has been running perfectly since I built it, maybe a win update did something but strange quite a few people suddenly getting the same error. Stu
  8. Me too, ntdll.dll errors out of the blue pretty much every flight. Clean install on Win 11. Just reinstalling Win 10 and starting over. Unable to repair ntdll.dll file with sfc /scannow and the Dism.exe route. Good to hear it's not just me. Stu
  9. I thought he said Meteoblue only had horizontal wind data and the sim calculates vertical winds, such as updrafts and turbulence based on sun wattage/land type and topology
  10. Thanks all for your help. I revisited the dashboard license reset later last night. It reset ok at the second attempt. Might have been a temporary issue with their site? Thanks again Stu
  11. Thanks. I'm clicking the license reactivation but nothing is happening? Stu
  12. As stated, I can't get into discord. Not sure you read my post in its entirety Stu
  13. Hi, I'm unable to re-install Fenix A320 on my new system. Fenix don't appear to have any support apart from Discord. I can't log login into Discord because I'm stuck in a loop saying account is already in use. It sends me on a verification loop that says an account with those details already exists. I hate Discord, always have. This does nothing to change my mind. Anyone know how to get Fenix to reset things so I can re-install? Cheers Stu
  14. I agree. Best way to stave off a recession... keep the money moving!
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