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  1. Next time I see the stuttering, I'll check which core is being hammered. This is something I doubt I can fix, it's a sim thing. Stu
  2. I'm on a world tour in the WT CJ4. Just passing through Indonesia, I had bad stuttering on approach into WAJJ and WAMM, yet my GPU was only running at 68% and CPU at 28%. FPS didn't drop below 30 where I have it locked. Onwards to the Phillipines, no stutters landing at RPMD. Off to Manilla, now. Hopefully no stutters there either. On the whole, my performance is very good but there are still areas where stutters prevail. Stu
  3. I went fly fishing once and caught a 7.5lb Blue Bottle.
  4. You are much more experienced in real world flying than me. I have about 112 hours combined on a 152 and PA28. My PPL expired way back in the early 2000's but I much preffered the PA28 to the 152, it just felt a nicer experience, to me. I'm a sucker for a low wing. I remember doing my IFR training in the PA28 with my instructor. On a few lessons, we flew in some pretty marginal weather with some tasty crosswind landings and take-offs. I managed to keep it on the runway without too much drama....... Hence why I'm able to post comments today 😉 Stu
  5. Yes, overall the aircraft is great. Completed a flight from Wolverhampton to Shoreham and the experience was good. It hand flies really well.
  6. Yes, there was a crosswind but the take off roll was controllable with right rudder, (really nice, actually), until about 60kts, then a swerve to the left is how I would describe it. If I set a custom weather theme, it seems to be ok, so maybe it's a real weather issue, rather than the Arrow?
  7. With real weather, this aircraft is very twitchy. The plane instantly pitches up and down and doesn't seem to 'bounce' naturally. The changes are instant. Also, on take off roll, just before rotation, I have sudden yaw to the left which is really hard to control. Something isn't right. I use CH Pro pedals and yoke and have set them according to JF recommendations. I have my sim set to Modern flight model. Same settings work well with the WT CJ4 and Rob Youngs G36. I think there is an issue with version 0.3 flight model. I have only just bought it, so I can't compare to earlier versions pre and post sim patch to 1.4.16. Anyone else seeing this behaviour?
  8. Yes, I see the manipulators spiking and the 'limited by main thread' is the near constant state. Main thread going into the 30 somethings ms. and turning red. My FPS is locked at 30 internally with V-Sync on but it makes no odds if I set the frames higher or turn off v-sync, still struggling in the low 20's FPS. Stu
  9. Unfortunately, the virtual memory tweak does not do anything for me ☹️ Still a stutterfest at SAEZ. Oh well......Bring on the hotfix, Asobo
  10. Open windows explorer. Right click on PC folder and select properties This brings up the system window Click on advanced settings, choose performance tab. Click on advanced settings and select virtual memory 'change' button. From there you can deselect managed by system and input initial and total memory values. You have to restart your PC for it to take effect Hope this helps Stu
  11. I had a look at setting virtual ram (paging file) and the advice I found was to set the initial size to 1.5 x your ram amount and the total size to three x ram amount. So for 32GB of RAM that would be 49152MB for initial and 98304MB for total. (Based on 1024MB per GB) That is how I've set mine and I will report back if it helps. It was a complete stutterfest at SAEZ in the WT CJ4 last night. Even after rebooting the sim. Bad stutters and 15 to 20 FPS. I know that Asobo will fix this but if it works, it is a good temp solution. Stu
  12. Didn't have this problem before 1.14.5, now I do! Oh boy, so very tiresome. St
  13. Hi Ray, Are you referring to Sandwell Town FC or the WBA NDB at at EGBO?.......🙂 Stu
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