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  1. Bunchy

    Autogen disappearing... caused by unlimited frames?

    I use 0.2, as I've noticed a rhythmic stutter every second when using 0.15 down to 0.1. (I lock my FPS at 30, vsync and TB on) But everyone's experience will be different. Certainly for me, unlimited yields greater fps but ever decreasing autogen loading. With FFTF at 0.2, I lose maybe 7 fps on average in heavy areas, such as Heathrow but it quickly recovers to 30 fps when clearing London area. In the FSLabs A320 at UK2000 EGLL, runway 09R, UTLive at 50% airliners and 0% General aviation, I see FPS of 22-24 but it is pretty smooth. I have FTX Global, Vector, EU LC also. Stu Stu
  2. Bunchy

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I had Amnesia and De Ja Vu at the same time. Just a minute........ I think I've forgotten that before! Stu
  3. I'm using V3 mesh without issue on beta 3. I'm on Win 10, though Stu
  4. As the title says. List of fixes: The following is a list of additions/fixes included: What's New / Changed: Minor mesh fixes on front fuselage to patch up model holes Fixed high levels of gloss on ailerons Fixed texture artefacts on deice panel screws Artificial horizon light scatter fixed New datarefs on spill lights for glareshield Automatic switching from GPS to LOC guidance on a programmed approach wasn't engaging LOC mode properly Weight-on-wheels sensors should be on all gear legs OFV should begin modulating on the takeoff roll Switched state timer from microclock to unixtime due to potential problem with microsecond rollover on Windows vrconfig with hotspots for walkaround Fixed sudden pitch change when AP was engaged with the aircraft out of trim Retuned steering constants to make crosswind takeoffs easier Lowered minimum PAX weight to allow for children Lightened overhead panel textures to look better Implemented aircraft reset to Cold & Dark when selecting 'No' in flight recovery or when a new airframe is created Increased cloud cover sun radiation decrease factor to not overheat the cabin so easily on cold weather Increased cabin surface heat flow rate to cool the cabin a bit in colder weather Implemented hard crash detection Refactored panel overlay drawing code to avoid hard-coding panel viewport offsets to help with rendering on multi-monitor setups Made negative-G effect of fuel instability less pronounced FMS keyboard box joystick move UP should tilt radar down on radar page Fuel indicator should display proper inop indication instead of amber XXX Added code to detect left-most monitor and display drawer there Fixed UI scaling support issues - all windows should now rescale & behave properly with UI size > 100% Fixed windows not properly centering on multi-monitor setups Smartcopilot compatibility fixes - very early work Pushing CWS shouldn't emit the AP disconnection sound Flipped default CB light position to be off Very short runways could cause a div-by-zero in the runway segment number determination Added xEnviro integration to read rain rate. High-elevation VORs and ILSes could sometimes fail being received due to signal propagation computation errors Enjoy Stu
  5. Bunchy

    Jetways not animating in P3dV4

    It used to be ctrl J to get the jetways moving but since GSX v2, I have to use the GSX menu itself. Stu
  6. Bunchy

    Help for good looking sim

    My experience with a 1080 GTX, which is obviously more powerful than a 1060 is this: If you use DL, then 8 x MSAA at night but only a max of 4xSSAA in the day. You will rid yourself of shimmering ONLY at the SSAA settings. Stu
  7. Bunchy

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    That sounds interesting. Thanks for the heads up Stu
  8. Bunchy

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    Thanks for your advice, guys. Second monitor not an option. Just need to get laptop talking to desktop. Will try as you suggest pete. Away from home at present, so can't try now 😢 Stu
  9. Bunchy

    Aivlasoft EFB v2 - Released

    I like the look of this software. I downloaded the free trial and ran the client and server on my desktop, very nice indeed. However, I want to run the client on my laptop and there lies the problem for me. I cannot get the the win 7 laptop to see my win 10 1803 desktop. So, without network connection, I would have to run an extra monitor with client/server on same PC. I am not IT savvy and having read many forums on how to connect my laptop and desktop together, I have to say that before I read the forums I knew nothing, after reading the forums, I know slightly less than that! If anyone knows how I can get my 2 computers configured, I would buy this in a flash. What I need is clear instruction on the network configuring and the install instructions lack that information. Happy to persevere, if someone could help? Thanks and regards Stu
  10. As far as autogen not loading, have any of you tried removing any and all nvidia control panel or inspector settings, locking you frames to 30 internally and maybe setting a FFTF of 0.1? I find this works for me. Running unlimited frames, I see the same as everyone else, slow autogen load. The only reason I set FFTF to 0.1 is that I find at its default setting of 0.33, results in too low a frame rate whilst on, or close to the ground. I can provide my settings but can't seem to easily upload images at present. No harm in trying Stu
  11. Do you use Navigraph charts and simlink, by any chance? If so, download and install the very latest simlink. I had this issue myself but only after flying for a few hours. Otherwise, make sure your sim is excluded from antivirus scans, or disable antivirus all together for test purposes. Stu
  12. Bunchy

    Clearview does P3Dv4

    All the best for your treatment, Gary. I work in the radiotherapy field as an engineer, so I know you'll be well looked after. Get well soon Regards Stu
  13. I had blurries back in 4.2, so I don't think it is a 4.3 issue per se. I'm not sure the exact run of events I used to fix the blurries but I do remember that I deleted the FTX-AA ORBX lib.txt file in C:\Program Files\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D v4\ORBX\User Documents\Versions folder and let FTX central reinstall libraries. I also forced a migration of the lclookup via the settings menu of FTX central. I also followed advice about rebuilding scenery cfg and terrain cfg, too. Though I don't suffer from blurries anymore, I do suffer from slow loading autogen, especially with the fslabs a320. (Not surprised, as all 4 cores are at 98-100%) To remedy that, I find that adding an FFTF of 0.15 to the p3d.cfg and locking my frame rate to 30 internally overcomes slow autogen loading. The sacrifice is low 20'sFPS at busy addon airports but reducing FFTF to lower values improves FPS but re introduces slow autogen loading. I hope this has been at least a partly useful post. Regards Stu
  14. Have you guys/girls seen this? https://orbxsystems.com/forum/topic/152274-orbx-england-trueearth-and-egcb-barton-for-x-plane-11-teaser-trailer-video/ It looks pretty amazing...... really, it does! Stu
  15. Bunchy

    Problem with Version 4.22

    Have you deleted your config.txt and shaders folder? They will renew themselves when you open the sim again. It's quite normal that the first time you load a scenario after a shader delete, it will take a few seconds to draw the scene. This should only happen the first time however.