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  1. Did you solve the installation of the RealAir Legacy to P3D V5? And how?

    1. Bunchy


      Hi Rene. 

      Unfortunately, I couldn't get it installed, gave up and moved on.




    2. Rene Scharlach

      Rene Scharlach

      I could install it. You got to fake a V4 installation. I used "mklink /d from to" and some registry tricks. There was a hint in the net that this is possible.

  2. My first experience is good with beta 6. Flew from EGNT to EGMC in the 172 with G1000. ORBX TE North,South and Central. No other addons active. FPS is up in the 60's to 80's in partial cloud. When the cloud became overcast, (using XP's own real world weather) the FPS dropped to 48 ish. No crashes. A very pleasurable experience. I deleted preferences and the vulkan shader cache as a starting point. Scenery max, texture max. No shadows or reflections, 4xMSAA/FXAA (one notch down from max) HDR one notch down from max. I need to try a higher altitude flight in the IXEG 737 to see if the scenery tear issue has gone from earlier beta's Stu
  3. Beta 6 is out. Bug fixes Beta 6 Fixed reflection slider labels. Made aftermath opt in from the CLI only. XPD-10693 Fixed crash when re-opening VR. XPD-10760 Fixed typo in –allow_reshade CLI flag. XPD-10761 Crash in ATC if no suitable destination found for aircraft. XPD-10762 Fix crash in AI spawner when user’s plan is bad. Beta 5 Updated Gateway airports. Support for new Control Pad. Fixed default key bindings for trim. XPD-10617 Generate preview icon works on Vulkan/Metal. XPD-10623 Fixed panel screenshots with OpenGL. XPD-10633 Crash when returning to sim after enabling VR mode. XPD-10637, XPD-10644 Vulkan Error Device Lost. XPD-10646 Took art fix to facades to fight log spam. XPD-10649 Too many inflight command buffers. XPD-10693 Vulkan device lost SECOND time VR is started. XPD-10707 Fixed issues with multiple monitors that have different resolutions. XPD-10714 Vulkan disabled when auto-update runs. XPD-10719 Stars reflected in the water. XPD-10722 Fixed detection of 1Gb cards. XPD-10723 Nvidia device STILL screwed up with Metal and MSAA. XPD-10727 XPLMSetAircraftModel leads to crash under OpenGL. XPD-10728 Fixed wireframe rendering in Plane Maker. XPD-10729 Fixed crashes in ATC system (null segment & waypoint). XPD-10731 Zero size window blows up OpenGL. XPD-10732 Fixed minimizing OpenGL windows. XPD-10742 Fixed MSAA being reset to 2x on restart. XPD-10744 Update error message to only request auto crash report. XPD-10749 Plane maker problem with OpenGL. XPD-10751 Wrong callback dispatched for panels.
  4. There is a new version available. I was alerted to it this morning when booting P3Dv4.5 Stu
  5. Me too. CH Pro pedals. No problem with P3Dv4.5 HF3. The calibration screen in V5 takes you to the windows calibration. This wasn't the case in v4.5. You cannot calibrate the pedals properly. The cal asks you to press a button on the controller, which you cannot. The pedals don't have buttons. You have to press 'next' in the cal window, to get throught the calibration. The upshot of this is when you test your brakes, the crosshair suddenly jumps to half way across the calibration test screen before operatiing smoothly. This manifests in the sim as a braking glitch, almost like the brakes begin at half power. I tried using the CH manager, this lets you calibrate the pedals properly but it screws up the calibration in xPlane, so I had to uninstall it. If you haven't got Xplane, try the ch manager to calibrate your pedals, it may just work for you. Stu
  6. I think all you can do for now is turn the saturation slider down I have mine at 0.8 but it will obviously go much lower Stu
  7. Lock the frame rate to 30FPS in the sim. You'll find the textures keep up and load. If you fly low and very fast. though, you may still get blurring. Stu
  8. Bunchy

    Real Air

    I think you already have a registry entry for it, then. That's basically why my install is complaining....... Stu
  9. Bunchy

    Real Air

    Yep, me too. Install appears to be ok. The sim doesn't detect it in the addons. I don't get the 'Enable addon' option when I boot the sim. So, at least I'm installing it the same way as you. Do you have a previous install of the aircraft in P3dv4? I didn't and it complains about not being able to find the FSX reg entry. Hopefully someone can advise of a work around. Thanks very much for your help so far. Stu
  10. Bunchy

    Real Air

    Yes, that's what I'm using. But all the sim install options are greyed out. So where do I install it too when I choose a folder location? Installing it into p3dv5 addons doesn't work. It is not present in the aircraft list in p3dv5? Stu
  11. Bunchy

    Real Air

    I tried to install this to P3Dv5 and the installer versions fsx through p3dv4 are greyed out. I have totally uninstalled v4, so do you know how I install it direct to v5? If I press next through the installer to choose a folder location, then choose p3dv5 addons, it appears to install but I get lots of errors when I try to save the config panel settings. It's moaning about not finding the FSX registry and various other files. Any help would be greatly welcomed Stu
  12. I think it was virtual address space rather than the RAM itself. Either way, it is not good if we now have a different flavour of OOM's with a new sim! Stu
  13. Stephen released an update to 6.07.01 to Opus for P3Dv5 After install he recommends running the PDK setup.exe. Good to know it already worked, though Stu
  14. Your 1080 GTX has 8GB of VRAM Stu
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