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  1. I find the odour of my 4090 to be quite pleasing.......🙂
  2. Yep. Wildlife and sports photography! Have you seen the prices of those 400mm and 600mm lenses?...... oh, and you need a camera to stick em on as well! There's a 15 to 20K investment, right there!
  3. I've used 30 FPS for years in FSX and then P3d, also Xplane and was more than happy. However. now I'm using frame generation and my FPS is locked to 60Hz, my monitor refresh rate, I can no longer tolerate how laggy 30 FPS is. I went back to 30 FPS the other day in MSFS just to try it and it was really bad (to me) when panning, fine looking forwards out of cockpit but panning/head movement was too laggy.
  4. Yep. I tried the PrimaryScaling 0.670000 SecondaryScaling 2.000000 setting in user config along with ultra settings, DX12 DLSS Quality with the new 3.6 dll and drivers 551.86. I had no idea a 4090's fans could get that loud! Performance was poor too. Put the scaling factors back to 1 for primary and secondary and kept the other graphics settings as was. The displays still suffer the ghosting effect and fruit machine spin blur but it is more tolerable to me than previous iterations. It does seem sharper to my eye in 4K at least. Stu
  5. Hey, a time travelling motobility scooter... I've been after one of those for years! Stu
  6. I have a 4090 and their version 2 EIDW performs pretty well for me on max settings with the Fenix B2. I'm actually at Dublin airport in real life at present..... quite coincidental. I'm finding the real world EIDW has no FPS issues at all....... I'll certainly be looking at getting their LEBL offering, as my experience is good with MK Studios so far. Stu
  7. In the world map, there's a little icon in the top right of the screen, click that and you can choose night/day mode Stu Sorry. Ignore. Just read the other responses to your question.
  8. On the INIT page on MCDU click LSK R2, that should import simbrief plan.
  9. You need to delete your old liveries from the community folder and install the new ones via the new livery manager. The new liveries default to 8K, if you want to install the 4k, click the settings icon in the livery manager and select 4k from there.
  10. Spoke too soon, second flight from Alicante to Cologne CTD'd. I may try the new beta and see how that goes but I want to make sure the reverse thrust issue doesn't affect PMDG and Fenix first. Stu
  11. I've just completed a flight in the Fenix from Manchester to Alicante successfully after the SDK update. Looks good so far
  12. No overclocking here. How do you update the SDK?
  13. Excellent. It appears it is as easy to opt out as just choosing 'none' in the beta drop down then. I was getting the dreaded CTD's 0xc0000005 error. Cheers Stu
  14. Does anyone know how to properly revert back to SU14 from SU15 beat on Steam? I selected 'None' in the beta drop down list in the properties section of the flightsim. When I rebooted the sim, I see the version is back to 1.36.20 but I still have the Dune splash screen which is part of SU15 I believe? Is there something else that needs to be done? Stu
  15. I went from a 3090 to a 4090. Worth every penny for frame generation alone. I can run max settings with the Fenix A320 and only get occasional stutters at big hubs like Heathrow, LA etc. These are not significant stutters to me, at least. My monitor is freesync/gsync compatible but is only a 60HZ (4K) With FG on, I maintain 60 FPS everywhere. It's such a difference to locking FPS to 30. Night and day. I say go for it if you can! Stu
  16. Me too, I find DLSS DLAA setting much sharper than TAA and better 'smoothness' as well when panning. Just the ghosting in glass cockpits is a bummer. Everything's a trade off.....
  17. Looks like I need to fill my time with things other than flightsim, then 😒
  18. Hi all. I'm not getting any bing maps satellite imagery today. I'm on SU13 non beta. Seeing a report of it on MS 2020 forums from 9 hours ago. Anyone else have the same issue? Stu
  19. Hi Jim. Yes I updated the op's centre but it made no difference. Just got back from walking my Lab. Tried it again and it's now downloading 3.0.80. Exciting times!
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