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  1. I went straight over the top and all seemed fine
  2. me and videos don't get on. I remember when we introduced them for the PC Pilot magazine coverdisk. Mine were consistently a disaster! 🙂
  3. A sigh of relief here, fixed the issues I had with yawing on the runway. Flaring is much better now too, just landed in a crosswind at Heathrow with -28 FPM on touchdown and no sudden loss of control. Happy with the improved drag on the flaps and gear too, which is very reminiscent of the actual 320. Oh and that incessant rattling has gone too 🙂 Really pleased with the patch. A pat on the back for the Fenix team.
  4. one of those airline preferences things Bob based on individual SOP's
  5. Many pilots think the auto approach phase is too late, and a number of airlines have it in their SOP that this is to be done manually. However, not much further back. Activate it within 10 miles or so of your final approach (will give you plenty of time - can be shorter, but you might find that easier to handle). Certainly don't activate many miles from the airport. It is an approach mode and shouldn't be used far from your turn to final approach.
  6. the data logging is very detailed, one of the advantages of having a live internet connection. Back in the day when I started this job people had to mail in crash reports. They have sophisticated event viewers and global tracking of client behaviours which should help narrow down. That said, I have seen bugs that can take quite a while (days) to fix even with tracking data... Let's hope this one is really apparent.
  7. I had rice krispies this morning. Hopefully when I boot the sim it won't be a case of snap, crackle and then pop!
  8. we share the same thought process. I am wondering if there is an intermittent corrupt data packet or even something as silly as a latency issue tripping something.
  9. Gang, When Asobo are asking for your location, just a reminder that this is NOT the location of your aircraft. This is your location, where you are sat at home as they are currently checking to see if regional servers are part of the issue and if those servers are having connection issues in certain countries.
  10. agreed, ran some tests today with my programmer hat on and it is not location specific or add-on specific.
  11. the best advice I can give now as a 40 year developer is for people to sit tight and not mess with their systems as it risks turning an issue in to something much worse. This is definitively not a user issue so tinkering can be a problem rather than a fix. (There are of course CTDs for lots of reasons which may be at the user end, but this seems very much not a user issue) ASOBO genuinely work very hard and want to fix everything they can as quickly as they can. I spent a long time with them as I was a BAFTA judge and got to know them when I had to judge one of their shortlisted titles for an award (I was BAFTA technical achievement judge). Really good bunch of people.
  12. no I mean in the asset management code on server side as much as anything 🙂 I have had crashes this weekend within the first 30 mins of flight too, to the point where I gave up in the end.
  13. With my developer hat on, a lot of this does seem server side. Although crashing out after long flights seems like the drip drip of a memory leak or cache overflow, where the bucket fills over time. From the game projects I have managed over the years, it is amazing how memory leaks can go unnoticed (it is easy to do, no fault on the devs) and that steady trickle sudden becomes a huge issue after a few hours of using the product. Its hard to spot by QA teams, due to the cumulative effect taking some hours. This incidentally, why in our hobby, flying the more complex airliners can bring this issue in to sharper relief. Its not the fault of the aircraft expansion, just the fact they fill the resource bucket quicker than simple aircraft, meaning that memory leaks take effect faster as resource use is already higher.
  14. Seen this too and also experiencing CTD for the first time. With most of my weekend flights crashing out. A couple of times the aircraft has spawned in to a green wilderness with no textures at all. No airport buildings in the default airports, except isolated jetways, sat all by themselves on untextured landscape.
  15. I spent countless hours in the cockpit of Icelandair 757s and on climbout they were a sight to see. The crews loved them for getting in and out of terrain and above weather quickly. They sometimes referred to themselves as shuttle pilots 🙂
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