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  1. I have got a 27" BenQ 144hz monitor and I would like something a bit bigger, I have an 8086 with a GTX1080, Would I lose much performance by going to a 4K 32" monitor, and would it be noticeable going from a 144hz monitor to a say 60Hz setup. I have a really smooth stutter free experience in P3d v4, Would my GPU be capable of maintaining that by moving to 4K. Bill
  2. I can thoroughly recommend FS-GS, amazing performance after the consultation, you would not think FS9 could look so good, and with high frame rates. Well worth trying.Bill
  3. Hi, Yes you sure can, I use them both together, and they work perfectly.Bill
  4. Same problem here, I have managed to get the FS9 version, but the FSX version is another story, I have now used up my three downloads, managed to get to 48% twice and earlier on it failed at 30%!!.This is not a very good situation, they need to get things sorted out.Bill
  5. Hi,I had a similar problem with the demo and the release version, I re-calibrated the pedals in CH Manager and it cured the problem.Bill
  6. Damian,Many thanks for the prompt reply, that did the trick, looking forward to the FSX version.Many ThanksBill
  7. Hi, I tried ASv6 with FSX and as you say it works ok. One question, the visibility remains the same at altitude as it is on the ground eg. EGSS was giving 4500mtrs in haze, when I climbed up to eventually FL310, the viz was the same, occasionally, things cleared for a millisecond but generally stayed in haze. Is this an issue that will have to be dealt with when you bring out the patch for FSX or is there a setting somwhere to overcome this.I have tried various settings ie, changing viz max range etc but nothing seems to make any difference.Bill
  8. tripo

    FSx prices

    Dean,Next day normally:)Bill
  9. Bryan,You have done it again, what a wondefull piece of work. It compliments the 744 beautifully, it is so easy to use.This is a must get for anyone who flies the 744.Well done..Bill
  10. Hornit,If you are talking about the bumpy taxiways, and the lack of parking here.AFIK the problem at NZCH is not in the AFCAD, I read somewhere that it is an issue with the secenery, apparently a fix is being worked on.I have tried different AFCAD's and no joy with any of them.Bill
  11. >They probably took it down due to the endless stream of>complaints n the 737. it is beyond hope at this point.>JSWhat 737 are you referring to !! I've had it since day one, and it has been no worse than any other payware aircraft, if not better than some, all in all a very good package.Tripo
  12. Great piece of software, works a treat here, the only problem is I cannot use the DF727 with the DLL installed, FS crashes after a few mins, it gives the fault as SIM1.dll, this only seems to happen with the DF727, but I have not tested every A/C in my FS installation.Bill
  13. Hi,Earlier this week, I had an hour in a Full Motion 727-200 sim, and it is amazing how close the DF72 is to the sim, what a wonderful aircraft,It made life so much easier in the sim having done a few hours with the DF72.Well done Paul and the team, keep up the good work.Bill
  14. My CH Yoke LE is showing signs of age, It has done a fair few hours, and is about four years old so I am thinking of replacing it.I like the look of the PFC Yoke (jet style) I was wondering if anyone has recently changed to one of these from a CH yoke, and what their views are on the PFC Yoke.Bearing in mind it is almost four times the cost, does it improve the feel and 'flyabilty' factor by much.Bill
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