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  1. eurowing

    KSEA - Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki?

    thanks for all your responses!
  2. hi all, with the sales going on at the moment i am considering to buy KSEA. should i go with the Taxi2Gate or Drzewiecki version? i have a hard time finding comparisons on the net (i am aware that you get more than one airport with the latter, however i will only be using KSEA either way). maybe one of you has used both versions and can share some experience? thanks you! Denis
  3. i totally missed that one, although i have been looking through all menus. or so i thought ;) thanks! Denis
  4. hi, i installed version 3.3.4 and the instalation finished without error message. i started P3D (4.1) and allowed the use of the add on as prompted by the sim. with a flight loaded, i am trying to find the add on under the Add-ons menu but do not see it there. i think the lights on AI traffic look different, but i could just as well be imagining things... i did the installation with the antivirus turned off, as administrator. should i not be able to see the menu item 7under Add-ons in order to change the settings? thanks! Denis
  5. eurowing

    Copy routes from FSX to P3D?

    thanks guys, i will give it a go!
  6. hello, i just got the P3D version of the queen and am wondering if i can use the same route files that i created with the FSX version? or are they in a different format? thanks, Denis
  7. eurowing

    Updates - reinstall?

  8. eurowing

    Updates - reinstall?

    hi, i am new to P3D. how does LM handle incremental program updates? is it usually a full reinstall of P3D or just a patch on top? thanks, Denis
  9. eurowing

    Level-D announces 757 for Prepar3d

    she is in beta, but further down it says she is 80% complete??? this whole post looks a bit fishy to me.
  10. eurowing


    "Ich bin ein Rührei" hahaha tschüss
  11. eurowing


    VW is named Wolfsburg? who knew! ;) and it should be "Ruhr", not "Rühr" . unless you like scrambled eggs hahaha (don't know what's on the repaint, though. just going by this post here)
  12. is that actually per airframe (registration) or per engine variant, or all across the board?
  13. eurowing

    APU Question

    that is exactly what i am saying. it only started after i went to OFF again first.
  14. eurowing

    APU Question

    i tried it in the air, too. when on the ground i noticed the APU was not running, so i went to START again. would not work. if you turn it back to OFF, and then to START, it will actually start.
  15. eurowing

    OAT anywhere?

    thanks Dan!