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  1. loop_n_roll

    Starting Jets

    Thanks for your help. I finally got the engines running. These planes seem to have a start sequence that takes longer than one would expect. I think part of my problem was I just wasn't waiting long enough for the sequence to complete.
  2. loop_n_roll

    Starting Jets

    For some reason this doesn't work on my setup and I had no keys assigned to the jet engine start. I tried to set Cntrl+E but the simulator says it's already assigned (as it is to engine start). It did accept Cntrl+Shift+E, however it still won't start the engines. Your help is appreciated. Thanks for your reply.
  3. loop_n_roll

    Starting Jets

    I have difficulty starting the engines on jets. Specifically can't find the start buttons on the Blue Angels planes. Also, what is the assignment for auto start of jet engines? Thanks.
  4. loop_n_roll

    Unstable in flight

    The auto trim setting certainly makes the plane stable when manually flying. However, I've found it sorta locks in the altitude for the auto pilot. Was very difficult to get the descent started after canceling AP and reducing power. Any additional tips? Thanks.
  5. loop_n_roll

    Unstable in flight

    The auto trim setting seems to have helped considerably. Thanks for the tip. James, I use the auto pilot for trips; however, I was looking for something to use when the auto pilot isn't usable like short flights or in the pattern, landing, takeoff, etc. Thanks to both of you for the replies.
  6. loop_n_roll

    Unstable in flight

    I posted this in the Carenado forum a few days ago without a response. Reposting here. I've had the Carenado C90B King Air for several months now. I can't keep it stable in flight. Once trimmed for reasonably level flight taking attention off the controls to tune a radio results in a climb or dive. Once stable, a turn will result in the same thing. I'm convinced if real flight were this difficult no one would ever attempt it. I have the CH Eclipse Yoke. I would welcome any suggestions.
  7. I've had this plane several months and find I just can't keep it stable in flight. Trimming for level flight, take my eyes off for a second only to find the plane in a climb or steep dive. I have the CH Eclipse yoke and CH pedals. What am I doing wrong here? Criticisms accepted without malice. I think if real flying were this difficult no one would do it.
  8. loop_n_roll

    Backup before update to Win 10

    Thanks for the reply.
  9. loop_n_roll

    Backup before update to Win 10

    I'm planning to update my Win 7 to Win 10. A little worried since this computer runs FSX very well, but it seems wise, maybe, to update before Microsoft cuts off the free update. I believe they'll support Win 10 after they cease support for Win 7. My question is what should I backup before updating? I have FSX + Acceleration and only a few additional aircraft and scenery add-ons. Any advice is appreciated.
  10. loop_n_roll

    Screen shot

    Thanks jetsmell.
  11. loop_n_roll

    Screen shot

    When you use the V key to take a screen shot, where is the picture stored?
  12. loop_n_roll

    Double sports stadiums - any fix?

    I just looked and you've had 59 views but no suggestions. For some reason you have conflicting scenery but I'm sure you know that. Unfortunately, I have no idea how to fix it.
  13. loop_n_roll

    Need flying help

    I recently purchased the Carenado King Air C90B and have great difficulty getting it in trim and holding it stable. No matter what I try the plane is all over the sky. I use the CH products Eclipse Yoke and Pro Pedals and have played with the axis settings to try to improve my flying to no avail. Are there any settings I might change, perhaps in the cfg file, that will improve the stability of the aircraft until I can learn to fly it better?
  14. My problem is just the opposite. I can't get the plane to start moving. Throttle up then the plane jumps forward and i have to maintain a in a lot of throttle to keep it moving. I know this isn't realistic, since this plane should taxi with no throttle. I use the CH Eclipse yoke and Pro pedals. Suggestions?
  15. loop_n_roll

    Looking for two programs

    Want to thank both of you for your time. Unfortunately I've been unable to get either program to function with my setup.