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  1. Is there a way to revert to an older AIRAC cycle after updating to the newer?
  2. Thank you for your reply. I had no sooner posted when I went back to LNM and immediately found the problem. I had failed to put in a cruise altitude above the restriction. Previous flight plan was a VFR flight and I forgot to change the cruise altitude.
  3. Planning flight to KATL via CHPPR to runway 9L. I get the above message and when pressing the red banner I get the explanation that the flight plan elevation at 11,000 feet violates the restriction of 13,000feet. However, the flight plan window shows an elevation of 13,000 feet. Have I something mixed up?
  4. I reset everything and all is well. Don't know why but all is working well now. Thanks.
  5. I'm pretty new to LNM and I need to see and read the icon descriptions as I put the mouse pointer over each. However, the descriptions just flash on and disappear. Is there a way to make them stay on longer?
  6. Some time ago there was a video of the ASOBO team discussing the development of MSFS. As I recall, they did not have a goal of creating "study level" aircraft. They did not wish to take over the business of independent developers. Instead, they gave us flyable craft but without a lot of bells and whistles. When I get good enough with these, maybe I'll invest in some others. For now, I'm having lots of fun. I'm not a hard core simmer but I do enjoy what I have.
  7. There is a good explanation of Metroblue weather and how it's used in MSFS in the flightsimulator forum. Basically, don't expect the online weather to be spot on everywhere you fly. Here's the link; hope this works. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/using-meteoblue-to-understand-in-game-weather-an-expose/373999
  8. I'm probably not explaining this very well but I'll try. LNM offers the option of ignoring Navigraph entries and (since i've selected MSFS as the scenery source I expected LNM to reflect only the terminal procedures in MSFS. It seems my expectations were wrong. Also, I admit I may not have enough knowledge to understand your knowledgeable reply. Thanks for trying.
  9. Thank you for taking time to reply. Since I'm using only MSFS scenery and have instructed LNM to ignore Navigraph I expected LNM to use the procedures from MSFS. Did I miss something?
  10. After creating an ILS approach to KBKL Rwy 24R the approach changes when loaded to MSFS. I've chosen the direct approach in LNM; however, when loaded to MSFS a STAR gets loaded into the flight plan and the routing changes to accommodate the inserted transition and approach. What's happening; have I something configured wrong?
  11. You didn't tell us how old you really are but from your description I'm guessing we are about the same age. I started flight sims with the original Sublogic program on an Apple IIc. I can't recall all the following sims but I'm looking at the boxes for FSX and I know there's a box with 2004 in it around here somewhere. I think your experience will depend on your expectations. Even though I've been at this a long time, I never got really good at flying with autopilot and long haul tube liners. So, when I got MSFS I was extremely happy with flying low and slow to enjoy the pretty scenery. Out of the box (so to speak) it is pretty stunning and the add-on scenery is making it even better. So far, though, I've resisted the add-ons and have stuck with stock. If you want to go into airliners and autopilot, etc. it's a little more challenging. Also, there are some glitches that can drive you crazy. Example: yesterday was perfect without CTDs, This morning I couldn't even get off the ground before I had a CTD, about 3 in a row. I was trying some autopilot programming I'd never done before and quit. Came back later and the sim was perfect. I was able to program the FMS and had a perfect flight. The programming glitches are maddening but I'm confident they will be resolved. After all, ASOBO told us it is a work in process. My favorite airplane for just flying around and enjoying the scenery is the ICON A5. Easy to fly and fun to land on land or water. Second is the Cessna Skyhawk with the G1000 autopilot. That's the one I'm trying to program and learn now. Also, I have several GoFlight modules that I'm learning to program in the GoFlight Interface Tool (not a GoGFlight program) since GoFlight seems to have abandoned the market. All in all, this and a crossword puzzle every day) is keeping my aging gray matter occupied and alive. I am a frustrated pilot who never took time or had the money to get a real license. However, our son is a commercial pilot (works for company that works with the FAA) and his wife is a pilot for Delta. So at least I can discuss some rudimentary flying with them. My final thought is if you just want to have fun "flying" this is the sim for you. If you want serious airplanes with serious procedures and a perfect experience you could be disappointed. It will get better and is now being updated once a month. Problems are being attacked over time and I believe it will soon be a perfect simulation for most of us. PS, You may need a new computer. My specs should be in the signature. These run pretty well with no overclocking. I just passed my 80th birthday and am glad I have this to really exercise my brain. Best wishes.
  12. This isn't unique to this area of the country. All the bridges created by photogrammetry suffer the same problem. Perhaps an algorithm off some sort can be developed to "hollow out" the area under the bridges. Hand crafted bridges seem to be ok. Take a look at the Chesapeake Bay Bridge and you'll notice the bridge looks great however, the cars are driving on the water under the bridge instead of on the bridge. When you consider the complexity of creating the entire world from computer data, I think some of these early scenery problems are forgivable and will eventually be corrected as technology improves. For now, let's get the flying problems fixed.
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