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  1. My route from KMKC to KCPS uses V12 from ANX Vor to COU Vor via Franc intersection. The correct magnetic heading from ANX to Franc is 88 (as reported on VFR sectional and IFR Low charts), but: for Littlenavmap the Heading is 93 (Navigraph 2309 DB) for Pilot2Atc tre Track is 95 (Navigraph 2309 DB) for Navigraph Charts is 94 (update at yesterday) Only Skyvector give me the correct heading (88). I think may be an issue of Navigraph database
  2. Thank you for the tip about Navigraph. I just update Navigraph and now it work well
  3. What I don't know is why the same flightplan I load yesterday was ok and today goes wrong
  4. Today all my flight plans are going to North Pole. I remember the same issue about one year ago and it was correct from MS/Asobo.
  5. I understand the problem From now MSFS doesn't recognize the VRP user point but only VP+number of jeppesen/navigraph. It's a pity because they change on every update.
  6. I'll try. My flight planes are old and before yesterday they work perfectly. They are saved in the PC and they work in LNM but when I load them in MSFS they don't work because there is every time a waypoint at the North Pole
  7. My flight planes have some userpoints, but they perfectly work till yesterday when I did the new zeland upgrade
  8. After the last WU update every flight plane import in MSFS from LNM goes to North Pole and then return to destination
  9. The solution is less detail in the map: at maximum the airspaces go down
  10. Since the last beta release i can't see any airspace in the map
  11. For VFR flights in France look at this: https://www.geoportail.gouv.fr/carte?c=-3.09814453125,48.24662559071382&z=9&l0=GEOGRAPHICALGRIDSYSTEMS.MAPS.SCAN-OACI::GEOPORTAIL:OGC:WMTS(1)&permalink=yes Nice if I can use it in Littlenavmap 😃
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