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  1. >How many of those people work on just Flightsim and Trainsim.>Or does ACES studio also develop for XBox?Hi Matthew,From Phil's post ... ACES team members are a part of one of 4 groups: Core, FS, TS, and ESP. ACES does not develop for the XBox platform. As the technology basis is the same, certainly there could be some overlap of people on each of these groups.Regards,Owen
  2. Haha ... no chance. I've never seen anything of the sort IRL! :DOwen
  3. >Well.. I see the trade off. But I would like to disagree or>do not like that choice too much. I am not sure if its such a>good idea to accommodate very slow systems at the cost of>making the Cirrus look less eye candy.>>The Cirrus SR22 in FSX is not too bad as far as performance>go. It does good in my system. A core 2 Duo E6600 OC to 3.3G>>I like the Cirrus eye candy. If it can be done without>lessening the resolution of the textures or without making>round objects less round, then sure. >>I like a good VC.>>Just a difference of opinion here!>>:)>>MannyHi Manny,No one said we were going to reduce any "eye candy" for the Cirrus. Sure, there are textures that will be able to be consolidated onto others, but at no reduction of resolution or quality. Believe me, there is quite a bit of open space on some of these textures to accomodate that. I just wanted to point out and set the record straight that, aside from completely re-mapping the Cirrus from a blank slate, there isn't going to be quite the performance boost due to efficiency of the model and texture counts as is the case in the TC. I'm a simmer just like the rest of you - I like things to run as smoothly as possible. If I can find a way to make things run better, I do it. Hope this helps!Owen
  4. >>this is really a great airplane! Most astonishing for me is>>the fact, that it virtually has ZERO impact on framerates,>>very smooth and stutter-free flying! In terms of performance i>>can easily compare it with the RealAir planes.>>>>I own the Eaglesoft Cirrus and the Liberty for FSX as well,>>and although the planes are very, very nice, i never was too>>happy with the framerates of these aircrafts, but this has>>changed dramatically with the Comanche!>> >>Maybe there is hope, that the same techniques will be used in>>a future update for the Cirrus and the Liberty, to make them>>perform as nice as the Twinkie.....!!?? >>>>Congratulations for this airplane!>>>>Thanks a lot and cheers from germany,>>Michael>>>>>Actually those same techniques will be used in our upcoming Cirrus>SR22 G2/G3 Turbo Package for FSX. :)Thanks Michael for your comments! In all honesty, to get a model to perform as well as the Twin Comanche, efficiency of texture count and poly counts must be part of the project from the very start. Both the Cirrus and Liberty were designed by less experienced modelers who did not take into account how the number of textures impacts performance. We will do our best to improve performance with the SR22 G2/G3 Turbo for FSX, but due to the sheer number of textures in that particular project, it will not perform like the TC. It will certainly be a case of comparing apples and bananas. HTH!Best,Owen
  5. >Let me "re-iterate". This new airplane, the Twin Comanche>from Eaglesoft is phenomenal for realism and frame rate. I>just hope and pray that other developers realize what really>can be done if a serious effort is made and the "simmer" is>considered a priority.>BRAVO on the the Comanche. >I'm now going off to fly this baby for the 20th time.>>StanThanks again Stan! How about sharing some of your flights in the screenshot forum? I'd love to see where you are exploring the FS skies with her! :DBest,Owen
  6. >>All of our current feedback shows no problem with sim>>performance whether running Acceleration or not. >>Read this entire thread along with those at Sim Outhouse and>>Flightsim.com FSX forums for sense of user satisfaction:-)>>I have read all the posts, and this sounds like a great add>on, but I'm still wondering if I should expect better>performance over the Liberty XL2?>I would hate to have to apply for another refund.>>Thanks again,>Patrick Patrick,It should perform better from a model's stance. There is a much lower polygon count versus the XL2, and the texture count is lower, even with the additional specular maps. Hope this helps!Owen
  7. > I dont know Owen Hewitt however I feel this guy makes the>most accurate aircraft in all of Flight Simulator. I thought>the Columbia 400 was terrific but this light twin is just>super. With the reduced price you cannot go wrong. >>FrankHi Frank,I greatly appreciate that comment!To set the record straight, Bob Hayes did the model for the C400 - I merely refined it a bit for the FSX version! But the Twin Comanche's physical model is all mine! I also did base textures and Bob kindly tweaked them! :DBest,Owen
  8. >Aha, I found the web info on Roy Wilbanks PA-30. It looks>like he won this in 2004 in some sort of AOPA contest.;)>And you're right, this is no ORDINARY PA-30! What a Ferrari!Not only is it a Ferrari, but has the economy of a single. When you get her leaned out at altitude, you can get 6.5 gph on each engine!! :D>What would happen (for grins) if: I added a turbocharger to>it (adjusting critical_altitude, etc. in the cfg)?Knock yourself out!Owen
  9. It is a 1965 baseline PA-30 with Lycoming IO-320. But ... it has been heavily modified by an organization I cannot mention, but is very famous for giving away an aircraft each year. ;)The engine cowlings are aftermarket from LoPresti. Other speed enhancements are from Knots 2U. The engines are fuel injected, and have been overhauled by Penn Yan Aero.Trust me ... this is a one-of-a-kind PA-30!! :DOwen
  10. >Owen,>You are to be congratulated. I see ZERO frame hits and>unbelievable cockpit and spot realism. I don't know how you>did it, but other developers need to take a lesson here.>There's nothing worse than spending money on an aircraft only>to have it "hiccup" its way through a sim.>This Cherokee is seamless on my system, and gives 100%>enjoyment. Thanks again.>> StanThanks much! ... and you meant Comanche, right? :DOwen
  11. >This is my new DEFAULT aircraft! I just cannot believe how>FSX, SP1, SP2, and Acceleration MIXED with UTX, FEX, Cloud 9,>FS Genesis, and FURTHER MIXED with this wonderful Comanche>make for one of the most pleasureable experiences I've ever>had in this hobby.>>Stan>>ps. Sorry for that excruiatingly long sentence!Hi Stan,It is extremely pleasing to hear that you are experiencing such great performance with the TC in FSX with all that you have running there. It was a goal of mine from the start to make the aircraft as efficient as possible (minimal draw calls) so that anyone can enjoy her in any situation within FSX. I'm glad that has proven to be the case!Thank you so much for your kind words ... you have made my day!Owen
  12. The Flight1 Avidyne system replicates the landscape format of the Entegra system. The Columbia 400 utilizes the portrait format and doesn't exactly fit. HTH!Owen
  13. >Where do you see that?http://www.carenado.com/ecommerce/incomings.php3Best,Owen
  14. Mike "tdragger" Gilbert has announced his last day with ACES was today...http://blogs.msdn.com/tdragger/archive/200...l-the-fish.aspxBest of luck to him on his future endeavors!Regards,Owen
  15. >That was you guys?>>I owe you a drink.Just a drink? I'll get 'em a whole case. ;)Owen
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