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  1. BlueString

    Dark Plane Textures

    >Yes it has to be a hardware problemHow is it a hardware problem?This is happening to everyone with a Vista Os with everyone having different video cards from an 8800 to an integrated intel 945.
  2. BlueString

    Dark Plane Textures

    So all 3 of us have Vista as their OS that is getting us these dark planes? Interesting..
  3. BlueString

    Dark Plane Textures

    I have the same thing. Except I think it is my graphic card since it is an integrated one. I don't know why that would happen to you with an 8600.
  4. BlueString

    Scenery Problem

    As you see, the statue of liberty should be an island surrounded by water.I'm sorry my integrated graphics sucks.What could be the conflict?I'm using FSGlobal2008, Frf's KJFK, Imagine Sim's KLGA, and Aerosoft Manhattan.