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  1. Mike T

    P3D VER 4.3 wont start

    Nelson - uninstall P3D completely. Reinstall 4.3 but during the reinstall rename the install directory something slightly different than the default and let the installation complete. Boot up P3D - it should work now. HTH, Mike T.
  2. I'm going to assume that its just me having this issue since I don't see anyone else having this problem. P3D v4.1 with Windows 10 (all patches). I re-installed all PMDG products recently and this is the first time I was going to use them. The registration screen popped up as usual when trying to load the 737-700, I put in the code and then P3D gets locked up at a black screen. No error, just P3D at at black screen. I checked the event viewer and don't see an error. However, I have to go manually close P3D because it is locked up at black screen. I reloaded P3D but same error. I can select the PMDG aircraft - they are there in the menu but they don't load. Rebooted, and uninstalled, and reinstalled. Same issue except that there is not even a registration screen that pops up when trying to load the 737-800 for the first time. I have FSL A320 and Q400 and both load - as well as all default aircraft, but no PMDG products load. Is this part of the Creator's update issue? Anything else I can try? Any logs I can pull? Thanks, Michael P. Toussaint
  3. I've got a strange problem I was hoping someone else has seen. I'm using WoIA and other freeware traffic and schedules along with Flightbeam KSFO and Imaginesim KSJC. All of a sudden I have absolutely no AI traffic at either KSFO or KSJC. I've verified the AFCADS and even reinstalled the airports but still no AI traffic. The only thing I can think of is that I uninstalled ORBX Northern Cal, but that shouldn't affect the AFCADS right? Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks, Mike T.
  4. I gotta say that since the release of the A320 Extended it has become my favorite airplane and this is coming from a Boeing guy who also pegs himself as a "hardcore simmer"! Even having the PMDG NGX and the LDS 767, I'm simply loving the A320! I love the fact the the Aerosoft's rendition of the Bus is totally foreign to us Boeing guys. The depth of the simulation is enough that it must be flown like an Airbus and not a Boeing. Also the depth of the FBW system makes the A320 a joy to fly with a joystick (gasp - my poor yoke is feeling pretty neglected). I'm amazed how the A320 is "managed" and "programmed" rather than it is "flown" as opposed to the Boeings which must be managed AND flown. The A320 is almost like a software program, as long as the programming is correct, you'll be fine, but make a mistake in the inputs and it will start doing things that the "pilot" doesn't want because it is simply following instructions, so garbage in - garbage out. I actually found it easy to transition to the A320 from the NGX or the 767 and it didn't take long to get the hang of the Bus - but it will be interesting to see how going back to non-FBW airplanes will affect my flying skills after a few months of flying the bus. Anyway. As one who complains when a product is poor, I think that I'd like to offer some well deserved kudos to the Aerosoft team for the Bus. And no...its is not perfect, and I'm sure if you're simply looking for an exact emulation of the Airbus FCOM you'll find something to ding them on. The Aerosoft bus is undoubtedly the best A320 ever released for MSFS to date and I'm really enjoying it. That is to say that flying the bus is "fun"! :-D
  5. Mike T

    What is Prepar3D?

    Off Topic @ohsirus - LOVE your Avatar of the Phoenix from G-Force! It was my favorite cartoon as a kid! I built one out of Lego and "transmuted" it into the fiery Phoenix by setting it on fire - got a spanking and grounded for two weeks for burning a hole in the living room rug!
  6. Mike T

    What is Prepar3D?

    Hi John: Even though Konrad is arguing a point that is a slippery slope - let me play devil's advocate none-the-less. Prior to clicking purchase of Prepar3D I see the following warning / disclaimer / notification. "the Prepar3D application is not to be used, offered, sold or distributed through markets or channels for use as a personal/consumer entertainment product." Now, I have no intention of developing anything for Prepar3D but I do have the intention of utilizing your product as an FSX replacement to take advantage of SLI, improved performance, higher res scenery, etc. I am more than willing to pay $9 per month for the use of the product (I pay more than that for a Venti Starbucks coffee and two scones every morning) but like the majority of the people purchasing your product, fully intend to use it "as a personal/consumer entertainment product." Can I still purchase the product? If the answer is yes then to Konrad's point what is the critical mass consumer purchase load that MS would tolerate before MS believes that your version of their product is competing with their version of their product? 100-1000-10000? Personally as the days progress and the Hawaii screenshots pile up I am less and less excited about "Flight" and as the list of enhancements and dedication to Prepar3D pile up I am more and more excited about your product. All things being equal if "Flight" means like FS9 that I have to reinvest $1000's to repurchase my existing add-ons again then Prepar3D is an immensely more attractive alternative. As Word Not Allowed pointed out above, as a hardcore simmer I have no intention of being stuck doing lazy 8's around the Keck Telescope array, so I would forgo purchasing Flight and invest heavily in Prepar3D. Wouldn't that upset Redmond just a tad if it caused lost revenue to them? Again. Just playing devils advocate here and all things being equal I intend to purchase a subscription to Prepar3D BUT, again so there is no misunderstanding, as a platform to enjoy the entertainment of my "hobby". Best Regards, Mike
  7. Mike T

    What is Prepar3D?

    Mad Dog - Now THAT'S the information I was looking for thanks so much. Looks like the potential for Prepar3D would be crippled by merely using it as an FSX substitute. Very interesting...
  8. Mike T

    What is Prepar3D?

    Eh? I'm not sure what you're talking about. FSX is being used in a full motion simulator at a flight school in my area. What EXACTLY has LM done to change ESX? Is there a new SDK that allows functionality outside of the FSX SDK? If so what are they? FSX can be a zoo too since it came with swimming whales and migrating wilderbeasts. As a matter of fact Train Sim 2 was going to be based on the FSX engine so it can be a trainsimulator too. You make a large claim comparing FSX to a network with 4 computers and ESX to the Internet (you hit home there since I work for Cisco and am a CCIE :-). Details please.
  9. Mike T

    What is Prepar3D?

    Hi Konrad: I am still unclear what removes the "game" moniker from Prepar3D. Prepar3D is simply FSX with commercial licensing attributed to it. I'm sure that you have attached your talents to fixing a multitude of ills in ways that MS couldn't and wouldn't. I also understand that Lockheed Martin markets it as a "training tool" but there are dozens of users here at Avsim that use it to replace FSX which, is a game - and it is perfectly interchangeable. If I take your Level D simulator analogy as a marker then the only differentiator is "price". Lockheed Martin cannot sell Prepar3D in the entertainment isle at Best Buy only because MS doesn't want the product competing with itself at a consumer level. But if allowed, Prepar3D would fit perfectly in the Games isle at Best Buy, could be marketed as FS 10.5 and sell briskly at $40. Am I missing the boat here or has Lockheed Martin transformed FSX into something unrecognizable as a game title?
  10. How many AI aircraft folders do you have under simobjects? My rig takes about 10 minutes to load, not because of scenery but because I have a huge amount of custom AI. I take out the AI and it loads in under a minute.
  11. Mike T

    Sound Environment X

    "Perfect Flight" - that's all you need to now. Kinda like saying "hey I just bought this Rolex from this guy on the corner and it doesn't seem to keep proper time."
  12. I think "refuse" is the wrong word. I absolutely love the immersion factor of VATSIM, there is simply no equal when it comes to ATC operations whether you are flying IFR in a 747-400 or a Cessna 172 cross country with flight following. However, VATSIM has some glaring holes which have been pointed out here that don't jibe with my flying style.1 - I emulate COA (UAL) flights out of hub airports: KEWR, KORD, KIAH, KSFO, KLAX, KIAD. If I'm lucky there is a tower controller up but then the tower controller is also ground, tower and maybe departure. Once I've cleared the Class B or fall off the departure radar I get: "United 906 heavy, you are leaving my airspace, squawk 1-2-0-0, g'day." That falls below the level of realism even provided by the default FSX ATC no matter how great it was up until that point.]2 - With a wife, son and twin two year old girls, in addition to a lot of business travel, I highly value my time when I can use FSX. I'm not going to wait until VATSIM has some type of fly-in to get realistic ATC from point A to point B. And if I'm at a smaller airport such as KSJC or KFLL, there is probably going to be no ATC at all unless I happen to wander into a ARTCC that is actually staffed. Radar Contact gives me the flexibility to get real ATC within reason the entire route whenever I want it.3 - Having only a handful of flights in the VATSIM ARTCC area, if they are online is unrealistic. Unless you are lucky to wander into a heavily flown area at the right time, the world is deserted. And then landing at an airport is like landing in a ghost town unless there is a fly-in.4 - You will never get end-to-end enroute ATC coverage unless you restrict your flights to an active area and keep flights relatively short.And on...and on...and on.I think VATSIM is a great idea, its simply not ready for prime time for me. What VATSIM needs is a hybrid model that integrates live controllers with Radar Contact artificial controllers. Live controllers control traffic within their sector when they are online but when you are leaving their airspace they seamlessly hand you off to an artificial controller than takes over. This needs to be seamless and transparant and not done with a bunch of windows and boxes filling up the screen. I'm surprised that they haven't come up with something like this yet.All things being equal I'd use VATSIM if these drawbacks could be overcome.
  13. Mike T

    Project Airbus/Wilco Merge

    Just uninstalled Aerosoft Airbus X. How does this merge behave as far as flight dynamics, etc? This may be something that I can use until a better Airbus comes alone (or I die of old age...which ever comes first).
  14. Mike T

    Tornadoes in FS9?

    Tornados and hurricanes are not modeled in FS. Even with Activesky (the absolute best weather engine for FS9) unless the tornado is sitting right on top of a weather reporting station at the exact time that it reports the weather, you won't get tornadic winds since tornados are highly localized. There is no funnel cloud depiction but you will get regionilized CB and TS depictions and other severe weather phenomena associated with the hook echo.In the case of a hurricane you will get widespread winds and low barometer readings within the area of the hurricane, but you will not get an eyewall depiction or circulation or true representation of the hurricane.HTH,Mike T.
  15. Mike T

    Turbine Sounds Studio

    Get them. Those and the CFM 7B are as spot on as they come. I fly the 737 as my bread-n-butter aircraft in FS and I have to say that they are the best I've heard, even considering the great freeware sounds available.For what its worth, I give them my thumbs up.HTH,Mike T.