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  1. I didn't say that it was "easy" to write code to emulate ATC (coding is not easy), I was indicating that the skills to do so are not nearly as inaccessible as you indicated. As to why Asobo hasn't done it? As I said its a matter of will, not a matter of skills for them. Top Gun Maverick and scenery have priority over flight dynamics, ATC, accurate weather depiction, or AI traffic. But then again there are plenty of things in MSFS / P3D / FSX that could or should have been done over 40 years that still haven't and not for a lack of ability - they just haven't been done because either Microsoft, Lockheed Martin, or 3rd parties have chosen not to.
  2. He's absolutely right. Yes, it SHOULD be expected now since this is 2022 not 1982. Just like I expect my Tesla to be more technologically progressed than the Oldsmobile I drove in college, or my iPhone to be more progressed than my Blackberry I had in 2003. Also, I'm not sure I buy the elite trigonometry / ATC expert argument. Trigonometry, while, very challenging is NOT advanced math and its taught to every 15 - 16 year old high school student as a progression from Algebra in sophomore and junior years. Heck, I know a few teenagers in my subdivision who are in AP Math in high school who would be HAPPY to help for $20 an hour. And as far as ATC skills, are we saying that there is no one with advanced ATC knowledge right here at Avsim alone? (raises hand). So no, trig and ATC skills are not hard to find at all. Logic dictates that if AsoboSoft can figure out the math behind the fluid dynamics required to portray the flight surfaces of a Cessna 172 in 3-dimensional space (fluid dynamics - will reduce a grown man to a quivering, crying, child) surely they can figure out the math behind ATC to not think that FL330 is an appropriate approach altitude to an airport 20 miles away? Heck, that's not even math, it's logic (a simple IF, THEN, AND, OR Boolean operator!) Two years since release and you must contact ground control to connect a jetway? Does Asobosoft need a trig-ATC expert to tell them that's incorrect? To me it's not a matter of lack of skills, it's a matter of lack of will. Flight Simulator is FORTY (40) years old and at this rate my grandchildren will still be told to climb and maintain 12,000 by MSFS approach control for Newark Airport! Oh well, thank goodness for PF3. It's not perfect but delivers the best overall experience I've seen / heard thus far. Regards, Mike T.
  3. Windows executable. https://mouse-jiggler.en.uptodown.com/windows/download.
  4. 20 years later and still laughing out loud. But made me sad at the same time - many of my dearest Avsim friends have long faded away since then.
  5. I don't post here at Avsim anymore but I've been here a looooong time. Long enough that I unofficially created the Avsim logo when Avsim adopted a graphic I had in one of my aircraft reviews - I don't remember how long ago. Back then the forums were much more light hearted and people like Ferd Berful would keep us laughing for days (see if you can find the infamous "my hovercraft is full of eels post"). With that said, I decided to post because of all this shade being cast on RJR. It appears that RJR has become the new Peter Tishma - and quite frankly if you DON'T know who Peter Tishma is then you really haven't earned your stripes to truly understand who RJR is just yet either. But those of you who have been around know that RJR's reputation started a turn to the south when he announced that PMDG (an American company) would charge for its products in British Pounds in an attempt to extract more money from its customers. Thankfully that's not allowed. You want to talk about uproar? Now some are angry because they've paid PMDG for essentially the same base code since FS 2004. Heck if ya know where to look you can see elements from that same model now in FS 2020. Some are angry because RJR's arrogance is often on full display on his forums, and yes, he is very much just a keyboard bully. Definitely not something I would recommend for a company's CEO, but PMDG is not my company to run. Okay now that I've pointed out some of RJR faults, please feel free to raise your hand if YOU are without fault. God knows I've got tons of my own but I find that I've extracted much more enjoyment than anger because PMDG exists. Have I paid PMDG hundreds of dollars for the same frikking aircraft over, and over, and over? Yep. Do I enjoy the same frikking aicraft, over and over and over? Yep! Am I surprised that PMDG has been reduced to releasing an unfinished beta aircraft? Absolutely - I never thought I'd see the day. I didn't think RJR's ego would allow that to ever happen, but I guess when you have a business to keep afloat then you do what you gotta do. The plan to address the XBox audience to maximize profits backfired. This is why FBW and Fenix have more functional and polished aircraft - to the exclusion of the XBOX profits - even though the PMDG 737 has been in development since before MSFS 2020 was released. But again, PMDG is a business ,and a business exists for ONE reason alone: to provide profits for its stake holders. So... At the end of the day RJR knows what Asobo knows, and what Microsoft knows. Flight Simmers will pay for a product and accept it in any state of functionality to get it now. Asobo released an Alpha product and have spent 2 years getting it to a state that it should have been all along. Heck, FSX was never fixed and Microsoft abandoned it. THANK YOU LOCKHEED MARTIN for all of the work they've done to bring it from a sad, broken 32-bit program to a 64-bit program with literally hundreds of bugs fixed and new features introduced. I've enjoyed thousands of hours in Prepar3d thanks to them and I WON'T FORGET IT. But I digress - thanks to PF3, AIG, FBW, Fenix and PMDG, I am a MSFS 2020 hard core user. Yes there is LOTS of work still to be done all around but I'm not going to hold PMDG or RJR to a higher standard than anyone else because they talk nice to me. Yeah, RJR is abrasive, and he's made some ridiculous decisions while running his company but so has the head of every company I know - large and small. And the irony is that almost everyone complaining about RJR probably tripped over their dog running to get their wallet to purchase the unfinished MSFS 737-700 on day one. I'm not sure where all this "hatred" for RJR is coming from but man, it's way overdone. And I think much of it is just people piling on with no idea why. In the end, is the MSFS 737-700 "ground breaking"? Absolutely not. It has less functionality than the P3D version right now. Is it the best 737-700 for MSFS? Sure is! If nothing else PMDG is lucky in one respect. If FBW had released a 737 instead of a A320, they'd be in REAL trouble right now. Stay safe and healthy everyone! Mike T.
  6. I'm not the smartest guy in the room so maybe I'm totally missing the point but - how is AXIS different than providing access to serial keys, a forum, and a searchable ticket system on your website? It's like saying that you've invented a new product called a FLAM that allows you to travel while seated, at high speed, while also enjoying your choice of music, with the add capability to share the experience with multiple other occupants. Yep, that's called a car.
  7. Well I guess that's that....will the last person out please turn out the lights?
  8. See. This is a perfect example of deflection. EVERYTHING you wrote had NOTHING to do with what I wrote. So let me help. The main idea in my post was that Microsoft has released another unfinished flight simulator. The last 2 titles before it were also released unfinished - but they were NEVER finished. And now we have the exact same scenario and the exact same promises. The other points in your post are things that you injected. I mentioned none of them. And the fact that the brilliant people in this community are fixing things is irrelevant. Nor the fact that MSFS can be totally beautiful or enjoyable. For the record I enjoy MSFS's VFR aspects, but I'm also not willing to stand there grinning like everything is just fine because I've been here before. Look a little deeper. My point was that there is no track record of Microsoft keeping its word on its simulator releases. And this time the risk is HUGE. Now we are reliant on the cloud to stream everything to us, if Microsoft does what they did to FSX or Flight you will have a pretty useless paperweight because it's no longer self contained. Another point that you make is strange. The amount you spend on a product is totally irrelevant. If I spend $3 on a cheeseburger and it's missing the cheese, I'm going to complain. If you were behind the counter are you going to tell me "hey it's not like we spend $10,000 on this thing" and I should keep quiet and be happy with what you gave me because YOU are enjoying it the way it is? And to YOUR point, yes it's the cost of a NICE dinner. A NICE DINNER. Not a dinner that is presented beautifully but it's missing core parts of the meal - with a promise that it will be delivered to my home over the next 10 years.
  9. I think that the saying: "those who forget the past are condemned to repeat it" applies here. And Microsoft knows it. 14 years ago FSX was ambitious for its time and had a lot of promises and screenshots as it was billed as the crown jewel for Microsoft's DX10 platform under Windows Vista. Well, the rest is history. It got two minor patches and it was subsequently abandoned. Eventually it wasn't Microsoft, it was Lockheed Martin who delivered DX10, a 64-bit architecture, and completed the game to give us what we have today in the form of P3D THEN, 8 Years go we had MS Flight this time with a lot of promises of expanding the appeal of flight simulation to the masses and a commitment for the long term. The screenshots were spectacular - and Flight never made it a whole year before it was abandoned. It seems that everyone has forgotten that the LAST TWO RELEASES of a flight simulator from Microsoft were released unfinished - and then subsequently abandoned. All facts here folks - whether it upsets you or not. And now we have Flight Simulator 2020 which was just a spectacular - yet incomplete alpha only 6 short weeks ago. It then went into an incomplete beta 4 short weeks ago. The beta was SO incomplete that it was rumored that the beta version being tested couldn't POSSIBLY be the version that would be released and there was a magical unicorn hidden beta version that was being held back especially to be released in all its glory on August 18th. Then, 2 Weeks ago, those in the know, know that there was indeed no magical unicorn version and you'd better believe the testers are still under NDA for a good reason. Here's the rub. I keep seeing that "FSX wasn't released fully working, what are you complaining about?" Well - FSX was released 14 years ago. That's like the car dealer telling me that it's okay that my new Telsa doesn't work properly because neither did the Ford Pinto when it was released in 1978. Who in their right mind thinks that way??? At the end of the day, I do agree that complaining won't change anything. You might as well enjoy what you have - or get your money back. You see, Microsoft knows this community better than it knows itself. Microsoft knows that no matter in what state of mess it is releases Flight Simulator there will be plenty who will declare that their broken precious simulator is the best thing ever and will shout down anyone who rightly declares that the emperor has no clothes. And that's smart on behalf of Microsoft. Why spend another year with no income paying for Asobo to finish Flight Simulator when they can release it now, get millions in income, and simmers will clog the forums declaring that they would have paid twice as much to get it now! If I were the CEO of Microsoft that's exactly what I would do. There are no consequences, so why not do it? I saw a post on the Flight Simulator forums recently that said, and I quote "we don't deserve this flight simulator." Actually, I submit that the poster was wrong - this is EXACTLY Flight Simulator we deserve. Until we demand better we won't get better. Not from Microsoft, or Blizzard, or Epic, or EA, or anyone else. As for me. I'm not complaining, just stating facts. But since we're living in a time of alternate facts, feel free to shout me down or make up your own - it's the time in which we live I guess. I'm actually only upset with myself for deleting P3D and all my addons. Now I've got to spend the next week reinstalling everything LOL! Flight Simulator or not, I hope everyone is safe and healthy. At the end of the day, it's not that big of a deal in the grand scheme of things 🙂 Mike T.
  10. Hi Simbol: Not to call you out, but there is a lot wrong with your post and I wanted to clarify a few things: 1. MSFS will be using a streaming protocol to send data to our PCs in real time. Real time streaming protocols use UDP/IP and not TCP/IP. UDP is a connectionless protocol which removes the overhead for connection oriented protocol like TCP. Why? TCP wants the dataflow to be reliable so it verifies that each packet in a flow is received and sequenced which adds latency. TCP is used for common protocols like HTTP(S) (web) and SMTP (email) because it doesn't matter if your website loads in 50ms or 100ms. On the other hand real time protocols (RTP) like VoIP, Video Over IP, and streaming applications like MSFS would lag badly if TCP were used because unlike your web browser which sends a few large packets and then it's done, RTP uses lots of small packets which makes TCP impractical. With UDP, packets are sent and not checked by the protocol. Rather, the magic is done in the application layer to verify packets are received properly. There are other techniques that will also help conceal latency and jitter and can make use of your much faster CPU on the PC and not be limited by the capabilities of the NIC. This is why you can have YouTube and Hulu stream all day and despite variable latency on the internet the quality is great even at 4k or 1080p, and 5.1 sound. MSFS will be able to do the same. Also, MS will use packet deduplication to minimize the stream as much as possible, in addition to minimizing what must actually be sent to you vs what's already loaded from local gigs of data on your HD. 2. You refer to WIFI as its a homogeneous entity and it is not. Wifi performance will depend on the type of Wi-Fi being used - 802.11g (gasp), 802.11n, 802.11ac, 802.11ax - AND it will also depend on how many spatial streams the WIFI access point supports as well as the chipset in the client, interference, how far you are from the AP, etc. Most new consumer APs running 802.11ac have a max theoretical connection speed of 1.3Gbps or 1.8Gbps at 5Ghz. But that is under the best conditions with 2 or 3 spatial streams respectively. Most clients will likely get between 300 and 800Mbps - which is fine. But remember, an AP acts like a hub. The more devices connected to it, the higher the latency since each device gets a time slice to transmit. BUT, to be clear Wi-Fi is ABSOLUTELY not as reliable as a wired connection. Why? As I said, an AP is a hub. The more devices connected, the lower the bandwidth available per each device, and the higher the latency. ALSO, the further you move away the lower your bandwidth. With 5Ghz, you have much shorter range than 2.4Ghz, and you have less ability to penetrate obstacles like walls. Finally, while not so much of an issue at 5Ghz due to the wider range of channels, Wi-Fi is subject to interference especially at 2.4ghz. In highly dense Wi-Fi environments such as large apartment buildings and complexes, getting optimal bandwidth is nearly impossible unless you have enterprise grade equipment. 3. SONET is a protocol but it is very 2001 and not really used :-). Modern networks are built using fiber but use IP not SONET (or ATM :-). Also, WAN protocols are layer 2 so your TCP/IP analogy doesn't apply since you're mixing layers. TCP is layer 4 and IP is layer 3. That's why TCP/IP has to be encapsulated over a layer 2 network, but its okay, modern MPLS networks (also layer 2) handle this stuff at very low latencies. The underlying network is not concerned with your TCP/IP or UDP/IP traffic. So you've badly mixed up TCP and SONET since they are totally separate protocols. 4. Finally, MPLS has absolutely nothing to do with Windows scaling - that's something that's restricted to the LAN. If you're referring to being able to support jumbo frames which are above any packets above 1500 MTU (Jumbo Frames), you don't do that over your WAN and neither do you have a reason to. Why? If you increase your frame size above the standard, the egress router will simply break it down into 1500 byte fragments. And since jumbo frames have to be implicitly turned on - and the Internet does not have them turned on, you'd actually make your network slower. MPLS actually acts like a VPN. MPLS packets are encapsulated and encrypted but again, it doesn't care what the payload is: TCP, UDP, RTP, or something else. 5. You're greatly overestimating the impact of layer 4 protocols like TCP on latency and WiFi doesn't add anywhere near 50ms to the network. I can ping a resource across the country or across the Atlantic in less than 100ms. Azure is built so that sessions connect to the closest datacenter. Azure has 54 regions and they're in 140 countries. I can promise you that unless you're in Antartica, Greenland, certain parts of Africa or Central Russia you can get to an Azure DC in well under 100ms. Depending on the quality of your connection of course. Anyhoo, TCP/IP is the global standard on which the Internet runs. It's not problematic at all. Modern networks are now a simple IP handoff whether it's your cable modem, DSL, Ethernet. In other words, if you want to best, and most reliable connection for MSFS 2020 do this: 1. The more bandwidth you give IP the more bandwidth it will take - get the most bandwidth available - or that you can afford 2. Wired is more reliable than wireless. If don't have wireless capable of 5Ghz and multiple spatial streams, simply plug directly into your router. Unless you have a bad cable, you'll always connect at the highest speed and don't have to worry about interference. 3. Upgrade your wireless router to 802.11ac or 802.11ax. If your router say 802.11b,g, or n...that means you!!! 4. Don't take that job in Greenland 🙂 Hope this helps, and sorry for calling you out, and the long post but this applies directly to MSFS performance and should be correct. Regards Mike T.
  11. Nelson - uninstall P3D completely. Reinstall 4.3 but during the reinstall rename the install directory something slightly different than the default and let the installation complete. Boot up P3D - it should work now. HTH, Mike T.
  12. I'm going to assume that its just me having this issue since I don't see anyone else having this problem. P3D v4.1 with Windows 10 (all patches). I re-installed all PMDG products recently and this is the first time I was going to use them. The registration screen popped up as usual when trying to load the 737-700, I put in the code and then P3D gets locked up at a black screen. No error, just P3D at at black screen. I checked the event viewer and don't see an error. However, I have to go manually close P3D because it is locked up at black screen. I reloaded P3D but same error. I can select the PMDG aircraft - they are there in the menu but they don't load. Rebooted, and uninstalled, and reinstalled. Same issue except that there is not even a registration screen that pops up when trying to load the 737-800 for the first time. I have FSL A320 and Q400 and both load - as well as all default aircraft, but no PMDG products load. Is this part of the Creator's update issue? Anything else I can try? Any logs I can pull? Thanks, Michael P. Toussaint
  13. EXactly! EXtreme eXaserbation of X is eXtraordinarily eXhausting and taXing! X products eXude paradoXical eXamples of teXtures for any subteXt. Hopefully they will all become eXtinct when FSX eXpires or my head will eXplode from the eXploitation of the letter X. The letter X has become eXceedingly toXic and requires no further eXamination. Let's simply have no more products with an X affiXed because I wish that FSX never eXisted!Today I purchased a new Xylophone, a seXtant, a tuXedo and a new pet foX named ReX.Regards,Malcolm X.
  14. How many times do we like to fly that hairy approach with nasty crosswinds and driving rain? Well, the question is can YOU do it in real life? http://www.cnn.com/2008/WORLD/europe/03/03...lane/index.htmlHe couldn't! :-lolEDIT: Late breaking news: Lufthansa maintenance teams report that both pilot's seat cushions were mysteriously missing. Later, both pilots complained of pain in their lower bodies and both seat cushions were found and removed from the pilot's lower intestine via emergency surgery. Both pilots are recovering and resting comfortably (on their stomachs) :-lolRegards,Mike T.
  15. Absolutely not sir! FS9 is totally incapable of simulating the yearly migration of the Himalayan Long Haired Yak...you must upgrade to FSX for that type of realism! :-lolBest regards,Mike T.EDIT: Where is Ferd Berful when you need him??? :-xxrotflmao
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