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  1. "Salty" That's the problem. I had the same problem with the addons (Salty 747 & Heavy Mod 787) the default is fine. Salty already came out with a fix V0.5.1 (I think) that you can download from their server. It's in the "Stable" version. I already downloaded it and now the FMS is working fine again. Not sure if the Heavy Mod has come out with something for the 787, I need to check. Cheers. Forshaw.
  2. I do have sound, but the Salty FMC stopped working with the latest SU9 MSFS. However, Salty did put out a quick fix in the stable version a day ago to address any SU9 related issue. Try downloading the new version which is V0.5.1 if you haven't done so already and see if it addresses your issue. Cheers. Forshaw.
  3. Thanks for sharing. This fix actually worked for me and solved my problem. But I just want to be clear to all I didn't have shutter and or poor performance issues at all, in fact my performance was very good locked at 30FPS never drops even at places like KJFK NY, which I fly in and out of all the time. My issue was I could never get Photogrammetry to work after an update in late Nov or early Dec last year 2021. Every time I hit "FLY" it will just hang doing nothing, never had any addons and or had anything in Community Folder nor did I try loading Google Maps like some individuals did. I finally just gave up after trying everything (from MSFS support and different forums) and just set Photogrammetry Off in order to fly. With this change everything works fine with Photogrammetry On and most importantly my performance is still the same, it didn't drop. Just did a flight from KJFK to KORD with no issues using the 747-8 with the Salty mod. Will continue to do some more flights. Not sure why those files caused the issue. So, for anyone out there experiencing the same issue I had with Photogrammetry do give this a try and see. Thanks again. Forshaw.
  4. And that's a big negative for me if that's really the case. One of the reasons I like PRO ATC/X is that it will assign the Rwy/SID and STAR based on actual weather at time of flight. Since I don't see PRO ATC/x having a product for MSFS soon, I am leaning towards Pilot2Atc based on what I read on this topic thus far. Cheers.
  5. Try turning "Photogrammetry" off in the DATA section if you have it on. This is a known problem and has affected a lot of users including myself; a ticket has been logged with the support team. Try the Photogrammetry only first before turning off all online functions. Cheers. Forshaw.
  6. Not really ready for online atc as yet hence why I am sticking to an ATC addon for now. Cheers. Forshaw.
  7. Like you I also love Pro ATC X very much (baring the support 😊). Knowing that we probably wouldn't be seeing the MSFS 2020 supported product in the near future I am trying to figure out which ATC/Flight planner product to get. I am seriously thinking of getting Pilot2ATC and since you have had both, is there any specific significant function(s) "big ticket item" that you miss that doesn't exist in P2ATC? I am not looking for little detail items. One of the features that I liked with Pro ATC X is that it provides the departure rwy and SID (at the time of flight itself not at the time the flight plan was generated) based on the weather at the time; and the same for arrival which is fantastic. The good thing is I can use the same flight plan over and over (never having to touch the plan again unless I really need to) but then get departure and arrivals from ATC which I then put into the FMC during my FMC setup. You get the idea. Thanks. Forshaw.
  8. Hello Folks; So I was finally able to figure out the problem as least on my end. I turned Photogrammetry Off and everything loaded and ran like a charm, at lease in my short test flight. A friend of mine who I fly with (PPL) and a fellow simmer told me to try that since he had the same issue and it worked for him. For the folks who are having this problem like mine, do try this if you haven’t already. I decided to search more on this specific topic on various forums (including this one) and found that there were and still a number of issues associated with this feature being “on” one of which is this particular issue. Based on what I read including on the MS2020 forum this was (and is) a known issue by MS and was supposedly fixed around October I think; but resurfaced at least for others. It seems to be a Server (Xbox Game) location related issue which still has to be addressed. I reside in New York City and I tried about 15 different airports all across the US and all had the same issue. I then decided to try (VIE Airport) Vienna Austria and it did load after about 5 mins but it was very choppy and not really flyable and decided not to continue. So for me it’s not only the US. Honestly, for me this is not a real deal breaker since I mostly fly the heavies (IFR) at FL 350 so I really don’t benefit from the photogrammetry scenery except; on final to KJFK over NYC😄. I think that was the selling point for this sim. I am going to continue to dig deeper into this to find out exactly what has to be done to get it fixed. It’s good to know that you have the feature if and when you do need it. Based on what I have seen on the forum some individuals can’t fly without it, which is good. If I find and or uncover (via flying) new information about a permanent resolution I will post it. Thanks again. Happy Holidays to all.
  9. Just checking to see if anyone else was able to resolve their issue? Unfortunately, I am still at a dead end. Cheers. Forshaw.
  10. Same driver I am using that came with my PC with the Nvidia display driver 3 weeks ago, which was working before. In my experience in simming since 1981 I never upgrade graphic drivers unless I have to especially if I am not experiencing nay issues. Thanks for the input. Forshaw.
  11. Thanks for all of your help and input folks I really appreciate it. Nothing I tried worked thus far. I think that Microsoft got a little ahead of themselves with the premature (IMHO) release of the product labeled to the market as a "GAME.(online)" They leveraged their existing infrastructure used for their games but not enough thought into the potential issues associated with logins ID (Game Pass; Purchase ID, PC ID); client (PC) to cloud interaction, and the potential of things being out of sync. I think things will get better (one can only hope) as they learn more of the issues that customers are experiencing. They currently have "boiler plate" procedures, which is somewhat of a hit and miss for the most part, to address what seems to be a common issue (hanging before you get to launch a flight). There are lots of individuals experiencing this issue (like myself) and the procedures aren't working🙂. To be honest I actually like the actual Flight Sim product when I had it flying, and will be the best as mods to improve the product are released and the add-on begin to pour in (PMDG, QW, other scenery etc). I am head of a technology dept of a fairly big company so I know a little about IT😀 and was one of the big initial users of MS Azure. Anyway, enough of my background which is meaningless since I can't even get my MSFS 2020 to work again🤣. Last night I tired the "Reset" option (via Apps & Features) from Windows Settings which obviously didn't work. Just as a note, that option reloads all of the packages so the length of the process is exactly the same as a new install. 6 1/2 hours for me. If I knew that, I would have done an uninstall and then a fresh install. That would be my next step which will have to be next weekend since due to work schedule I can't do it during the week. Before I do that I am going to try and get MS Help to assist by taking a look at my files in the cloud to determine if there is anything wrong that can be corrected. Will try. Lots of individuals have tried a clean install and it still hasn't addressed the issue. Will keep all posted and will share any information I hear and or end up trying that can help resolve the issue. Thanks again. Regards. Forshaw.
  12. Thanks for the suggestion Dom; unfortunately, it didn't work. It didn't allow me to work offline, tried a few ways to get around it but to no avail. Yes, I think the Could-Server systems files are corrupted and or out of sync. Will end up having to start for scratch. Cheers. Forshaw.
  13. Hi Steve; No, haven't heard of it before, but will take a closer look. Thanks. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  14. I tried it with multiple aircrafts all part of the package and it's the same problem. All my aircrafts are up to date. I made sure I went through all of the outstanding "pending updates" scenery and aircrafts in the "Content Manager" and update them about a week ago. If the FBW A320 is an addon then I don't have that. Thanks for helping. Forshaw.
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