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  1. HI; I have been using Pro ATC X for a while now and never had any SimConnect related issues. Also, I haven't seen any complaints from anyone on the forum either. I am using FSX with Win 7 Pro. BTW: I have no regrets purchasing Pro ATC X. Cheers. Forshaw.
  2. Yeah, unfortunately they don't have the specific regions I fly to so I just ended up getting the base. Interesting I got it a few days ago just before they went on "Stay at home sale", just my luck. Regardless I think I was expecting more from the product since it didn't seem to make that much of a difference. Probably because I only fly into airports where I have payware (add-ons) and they all have surrounding sceneries, and since my flights are mostly at 350-370 feet cursing altitude (PMDG 747) I rarely see any scenery below. There is also big blotches that looks like craters in some areas of the default trees sceneries. I will be posting it on their forum. The night lighting however, does look good. Thanks again. Forshaw.
  3. Thank you very much all for the very informative information, I appreciate it. I am now definitely going to get it. I will start with the Global and If I am contented (which I think I would since I have been using the default since it came out😄) I will stop there. If I want to get the upgrade, at least I have your feedback on it and don't have to come back to the forum for advice the North America Landclass. Thanks again Folks. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  4. HI All; Thanks for your input and suggestions I appreciate it. Yeah I am leaning towards Orbx. So I do my flying mostly in the US, NE to Midwest and a few on the West Coast. I am thinking to just get the Base Pack (Global) and stick with that since I really can't see much of the mountains since I'll be at 370 Feet. Also I have a lot of add-ons airport (all the airports I fly into) so I wouldn't be looking for any add-on airports. Most add-ons now give surrounding sceneries Hopefully the Base will look good without the other additional add-ons they offer Thanks again. Cheers. Forshaw.
  5. Hi Folks; How is it on resources (Frame Rates). i have heard mixed reviews. I am actually thinking of getting Ground Environment X since it seems to be easier on FPS. not sure. I am sticking with FSX until MS 2020 is fully out so I intend to keep spicing up my FSX until such time. Cheers. Forshaw.
  6. Hi Steve; Thanks for your response. I found the original email so I did download it from the link. However, since I wasn't sure if it was the updated version I didn't install it but since I got you confirmation I did install and I am now going to do some testing. Thanks again. Cheers. Forshaw.
  7. Thanks for your response. I sent you my Order ID. Also quick question. Once I get the updates do I have to re-apply my setting? Cheers. Forshaw
  8. Hi; I can't seem to find the link for v5.3? I went to the site and there are lots of information on all of the various updates and release dates but there is no link anywhere to obtain the download or updates. I looked everywhere and couldn't find it. I am currently on V4.0 and running "FSX" so I really rely on the Fixer Any help would be greatly appreciated. Cheers. Forshaw.
  9. Hi Bryan; Thanks for your response and clarification, I appreciate it. I don't currently have the product and wasn't going to purchase it if it didn't support it. However, since there is a way around it I will go ahead and purchase it and give it a try with the config changes. Thanks again. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  10. Hello All; Just so that I fully understand. The latest version of FS2Crew will not support PMDG 747-8i for FSX just P3D period Or will it support other features but just not ECL (Electronic Check List)? Also Stratos mentioned editing the Panel Config file. I know it's not advertised (and maybe not officially supported) but what exactly was the changed that is being referenced. The -8i is my default aircraft for flying and it would be a big disappointment if I can't use FS2Crew with it. Thanks very much. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  11. I updated to the 8i with no issues with FSX. I am assuming you're using FSX since you posted on the FSX forum. As Luis stated contacting the iFly Support site would be best. Good luck Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  12. Thanks for your response and clarification, I appreciate it. So basically it's not integrated and I would have to use SODE Jetways, which is ok. The only issue is I can't seem to get SODE working 100%.I don't think anyone can😄. The ones that don't work I end up buying AES Credits for the docking integration. So in summary here is what I will need to do. Purchase UGCX for great pushback features; and the Follow Me Car for directions to the runway and to the gate both directions. AES only has to the gate but not not to the assigned runway. Continue to use AES for the the Jetways Yes you are correct I really don't need the extras that GSX offers. Flightbeam recently updated their KSFOHD scenery to accommodate the new VDGS. I will get it a try. Thanks again for the clarification. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  13. Hello there; I just have a question or need clarity on Jetways. Did UGCX incorporated Jetways operations into the process or do i have to depend on another 3rd. party product such as AES or GSX for such operations. I don't use GSX (I haven't purchased it pending the introduction of UGCX). The only airport it's installed at is Flightbeam KSFOHD since it came as a default when I purchased the scenery (FSX). I only use Add-on airports (8 total) so knowing the answer will help me plan and purchase additional 3rd. add-on for support wisely. I looked at all of the videos out there (including UGCX) and the manuals but didn't see anything on docking of the aircraft. I prefer not to purchase 3 Ground Crew products if 2 can do the job and ultimately 1 (UGCX). Thanks again. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  14. Hi there; I just have a few basic ground questions before I decide to purchase. The demo videos doesn't really go into much. I am using FSX, and all of the airports i use are add-ons Does the product handles docking of the Jetways to the aircraft or will i need something like SODE or GSX installed to operate them? I don't have GSX installed it's only for the airport they offer as a demo which is FlightBeam KSFOHD in my case & SODE works at some airports only,. Does the Follow Me also work from the runway to the assigned Gate. I see it works from the gate to the runway but wasn't sure of the other way. Thanks very much. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  15. Fantastic. Thanks very much for the clarification, I appreciate it. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
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