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  1. You are absolutely correct if I am using the AI engine and the in game ATC which I wasn't. I am using FSLTL and their live Injection process so it's actual traffic in the area at that time (well within 5 mins I think😅) Cheers. Forshaw.
  2. Interesting, I did a flight yesterday Tuesday 15th from KJFK to KORD using FSLTL and their injector. KJFK had very bad weather less then 0.25-mile visibility (way below minimums) and I could hardly see the taxiway in front of me as I taxied to the runway, Now, I didn't see any planes landing and thought the injector was working fine (real-time) since no aircrafts would be cleared to land with such low visibility condition. Now when I landed at KORD (which had fair conditions) I actually saw 2 aircrafts landing shortly after I did and quite a few in the air. To me that was suggest it was actually working or maybe it a fluke😄 it happens. Now, I haven't tired FSLTL with the MSFS default Live traffic since SU11 update, I will give it a try a few times (less the FSLTL injector of course) to see if I notice any issues. Cheers. Forshaw.
  3. Yes, I did experience the same problem and PMDG did acknowledge it on their MSFS PMDG 737 forum. They stated that they will be addressing it with a fix which I think will be deployed in their next update; not quite sure when. Cheers. Forshaw.
  4. Fantastic, thanks for the correction. That's good to know. I guess I misinterpreted what I read which was that the EFB will be introduced as part of the -800 released but was then delayed. My bad.
  5. I purchased the 700 a few weeks after it was released and still working my way up to utilization the full potential of the product. So, I am in no hurry to invest in the 800 until PMDG implement their EFB which I am assuming will only be for the 800, I was disappointed that PMDG didn't introduce the EFB with the new 737 line since there are Freeware Aircrafts out there with very good EFB. Let's see what it's like when they do come out with on. The ones they had on the 747-8 in P3D was ok. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  6. Try double clicking with the mouse on the entire field, and when it changes color then enter the entire flight level. I experienced the same issue and found that to do the trick; even then sometimes I have to play with the field to find that sweet spot to edit. Cheers. Forshaw.
  7. No, I don't think you can for the 787, you have to engage it via the TOGA switch on the throttle quadrant with your mouse or use the keyboard. I couldn't get it to work. Cheers
  8. The interesting thing (which doesn't really help you now) is the FSX and P3D QW 787 had a built in Payload and Fuel burn profile based on real life airline flights. For example, if I was flying American Airline livery (which I did) from NYC to Paris, QW will load the payload and fuel based on what was most commonly used by that airline for those routes from real flights. This was also for other routes and liveries, which is cool since it was actually real world, you could have also tweaked it if you wanted to. So, because of that I never used Simbrief until I started using MSFS 2020, and I have only done up to 4 hour flights so I really don't know how it will do on long haul flights. I think there may be sites out there that provide real life flight plans with fuel information. Cheers. Forshaw.
  9. The default Simbrief base profile seems to do a pretty good job, but I would definitely add another 15 mins for fuel if you are doing a long haul at lease in my case. I always add a little more since more often than not my SID and STARS (mostly Trans and STARS) change from the time my plan is filed to the time I actually fly for the long-haul flights. Which is what I want since it happens in the real world. Cheers.
  10. My humble apologies if I wasn't clear; it's the Salty 747 that doesn't have the airport map not the 787. The Heavy Mod 787 definitely has it. Thanks. Cheers.
  11. Yes, absolutely love it. This and the 787 Heavy Mod are the only 2 aircrafts I fly in MSFS 2020. And that is saying something coming from some who used PMDG 747-8 and QW 787 in FSX. The only thing I don't like with the Salty mod is that the airport map in not modeled in the Nav window. The default has it but somehow the Slaty Mod eliminated it. The 787 Heavy Mod kept it. Cheers.
  12. I actually purchased FSHud a few weeks ago as a stop gap until the new ProATC for MSFS 2020 is released. I used it for about 10 flights to make sure I was utilizing it to it's full potential, and it really doesn't do anything for me; it's really very primitive at this stage at lease for me in terms of features. Sorry to say that I actually reverted back to using the default MSFS 2020 ATC. I really want to wait for the new ProATC but not sure when it's expected so, I am probably going to purchase Pilot2ATC and when the new ProATC is released I'll see how things shape up. Cheers. Forshaw.
  13. HI Folks; Does the FSHud ATC provide vectors to a runway if the last waypoint has a disconn? I have been using the product for a few weeks now and what I have noticed is if I have to land in the opposite direction of the airport I am flying to and there is a disconn following the last waypoint which is normal; I don't get vector instructions from ATC to turn xxx degree and then xxx degree to intercept the glide scope. For example (to keep it simple) I am flying from KSFO to KSEA (a common Flt Sim test route) heading North via the HAWKZ7 and the assigned nway is 16L opposite direction. I fly parallel to the runway to the disconnn (VEC) and then I need to make a series of small turns (not really small since I am flying a 747-8😃) to intercept the glide scope for 16L. I was expecting ATC to provide instructions, but it didn't it just said contact ___ when on final. Is that by design or am I missing a setting somewhere. I thought I would follow the directional arrow in the product but that wasn't really accurate.so not really sure if that's what the directional arrow was trying to do. Please let me know if I am missing a setting somewhere or if that's the way it works. Thanks. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
  14. ahhhh, got it. Thanks for the explanation and clarification Dave, I appreciate it. I will give the product a go. Kindest Regards. Forshaw.
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