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  1. Remove all MSI, EVGA, etc. programs such as Afterburner, Precision X1, etc. Not just unable them, but uninstall them. Then open nVidia Control panel’s 3D settings and reset them all to default. See if that fixes the problem.
  2. See this thread at the official forums and make sure to vote. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/mixed-textures-in-ground-at-default-airport-dx12-beta/534963
  3. Switch to com2 and then you can get ATC audio back. I'm on a long flight now that ATC quit (can still here my pilot) and had to do just that.
  4. With the 7950X3d out has anyone dropped nearly a grand on one yet?
  5. Many on official forums reporting crashes with this latest driver. https://forums.flightsimulator.com/t/nvidia-geforce-game-ready-driver-531-41-discussion/583053/28
  6. I ran AIG manager this morning and let it update and then load up. Once it loaded up I went to flightplans and it shows none as installed (I have basically all installed). Go to online under flightplans and it shows all with none installed. Next, skipped down to OCI tab and it says OCI-Status: Not Installed. Next, I went to Settings tab/AIGAIM-OCI and noticed the path was pointed to the MSFS community folder (that's not where I had it installed for uses with AddonLinker). Clicked setup and changed that path to point back to my install location. Had to restart AIG Manager and then OCI Status changed to installed, but the flightplans tab still shows none installed. So back to the Settings tab/AIGAIM-OCI and notice the path includes aig-aitraffic-oci-beta twice (guess when I point to my install location I have to leave that part off). Clicked remove. Had to restart AIGAIM once again. Back to Settings tab/AIGAIM-OCI and clicked setup to set path once again to my install, leaving off the aig-aitraffic-oci-beta portion because AIG adds it itself. Have to restart AIG Manager once again. Nearly 10 minutes later and it's loaded and running. Flightplans still show none and now OCI shows not installed and under Settings/AIGAIM-OCI the GD installer has once again set the path back to the msfs community folder. I go look in my previous installed folders and somewhere during all this AIG has removed all the flightplans and simobjects. At this point, I give up and go back to FSLTL. There's no freaking way I'm going through a fresh AIG install again and redownloading all the aircraft and flightplans. That's over a days worth of trouble and there's no reason in the world in this day and age AIG should be so. My gripe is that when aig manager updated, it didn't keep all my old settings and paths. Also note that each launch of AIG Manager takes at least 5 minutes, usually closer to 10 minutes. This doesn't include updating any of the flightplans which take forever themselves or even getting around to AIG-TC. You can see how frustrating AIG is and why most people jump ship to FSLTL which is simple and much quicker to accomplish realistic AI Traffic. This also has me a little scared that AIG is doing the upcoming live version of GAIST. I am grateful for AIG and all that they do, I just no longer think the frustration, time wasted and complexity is worth it.
  7. ChatGPT exposed to the public is not allowed to access or use any information newer than Sept. 2021 in it's decision process or to make it's conclusions. It is limited this way on purpose.
  8. No, that explains what the general public is allowed access to. The true AI that these companies keep hidden from the public for their own use and profit is jumping leaps and bounds.
  9. Looks like it's coming along nicely. Very nice video.
  10. fs.to was never the one stop shop for all mods. Many of the biggest and most downloaded were somewhere else (think AIG, FSLTL, PMS50, WT, FBW, etc., etc., etc.) long before all this blew up and people seemed to get them just fine. fsto has changed their TOS because of this and that's good for everybody involved. Some creators this will satisfy and some it will not or is to little to late, but MSFS modding will go on.
  11. Not to mention the support role MSFS plays for Microsoft in many other products (Bing, AI, datasets, etc., etc.). It's a cash cow for them in more ways than just direct sales. Research and development tied to other MS projects alone is probably worth the money put into it. Then add continuing sales and the marketplace and you can see the value in it. Anyway, this discussion is way off track for a thread on SU12. So back on topic: Did they not address the hold short node problems at KATL that cause the departing planes to stack up on top of each other and not take off?
  12. That argument goes both ways. The host has no problems hosting files that creators labored and made for free. The creators put their efforts into creating those mods (the same as the host put the effort into hosting those files). Both parties put the effort in and if you only have one side (creator or host) then you have nothing. Yes, there is a lot of cost and programming effort on the host, but without freeware modders/creators that put in their own money, time and effort then it means absolutely nothing. As for TOS, a creator/modder can add one to their own work as they wish (usually a license included in the text of the mods files). In fact, mods commonly have licensing in them. Creators can in fact make the TOS/license to read that it rules over any other licenses granted and that the ability to host such file is contingent upon acceptance of the terms of such license. While a host may say you agreed to their terms of service, don't forget that they also agreed to yours in accepting the file in the first place.
  13. How does the above stating they do not intend to make profit from any user content jive with their new TOS? (4.4) You grant to the Platform the right to monetize your User Content on the Service, which may include displaying ads on or within User Content. For the sake of clarity, this Agreement does not entitle you to any payments.
  14. Corsten, I wish you all the best with this mod. I made the GA stock traffic mod that's on flightsim.to . Unfortunately, I have been plagued with CTDs (not related to the mod) and haven't been flying much lately. As such, I haven't keep up with that mod (though others tell me it's still working fine). If you're going the injection route (like FSLTL and AIG), then that's even better.
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