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  1. We don't need the dedicated forum. It's current flavor. AIG was when it released, PMDG, etc. all with quite a few different threads. It'll settle down into some main threads and things go back to normal like always. Then people can find the next thing to bicker about.
  2. Has anyone that wants to do that just tried copying the complete folder of the stock aircraft they want to do it with, Running MSFSLayoutGenerator on it to create the layout.json. Deleting the plane through the in game content manager and then installing the modded plane with it's layout.json into community? I'm not saying this works, just throwing it out there are as something to try for those that want.
  3. If you've never used Steam and don't have the Steam client installed, then either way is good. The only advantage to having the Microsoft store version that I can see is that if you have a Xbox then you can also use it there. Both Steam and MS Store versions are basically wrappers to get the game running. Both versions also require you to have a Xbox ID. If you do get the Steam version and ever have problems, do not run the File Integrity Check (something Steam users are use to doing with other titles) as it will cause a complete reinstall. Other than that Steam seems to have less problems. Which ever version you get, install it to a custom location not far off the root path (so that you never run into too long filepath/filename problems) Also, Microsoft versions that people let install to the default path are sometimes completely locked and people are then unable to modify anything or even move community mods out once put there. Either install will place files in a few different locations, but the main folder you install to is where the bulk of the files go (mine is currently 231GB). Addons can add to that. My addon folder is currently 34.22GB (some people's are much larger and some are much smaller). I recommend that you use MS Addon Linker to handle/control any mods you do get.
  4. That's the stock MSFS plane that the model's actually been modded to change into a freighter, correct? Looks very nice.
  5. Search for the profiles from c0nnex. He's the Spad creator and has the default profiles for all the Spad panels. On another note regarding this thread, I did eventually switch to using Spad to control my panels and deleting the logitech drivers. Even have a profile at https://flightsim.to/file/28952/nextgen-emb-110-bandeirante-spad-next-profile-for-logitech-saitek-switch-panel for the NextGen EMB-110.
  6. I tried using spacedesk with a android tablet and the PMS 750 touch didn't work even though touch works for most other windows programs. I can't speak to actually using a windows touchscreen.
  7. How simple or complex is it to simply open an airport with ADE and change or modify parking spots for type and icao code without messing up anything else with the airport (ILS, etc.)?
  8. At the moment you need an external program to do this, such as Spad, Axis and Ohs, etc. You have to do it through Simconnect as MSFS doesn't have a key command for it.
  9. Turn Terrain LOD down to 100 (leave everything else maxxed) and see if that fixes it.
  10. Looks like you had a close call during the flight.
  11. It was moved to Assitance options I believe.
  12. I don't think the 3090 was made for improving games. It was instead aimed at heavy duty graphics intensive work. In games you won't see much difference between it or a 3080ti. The only way I could see the 3090 being beneficial is if you buy for the long haul (like me, held on to my 980ti until finally replaced with 3080 12GB). Then the extra memory of it may come in handy in a few years.
  13. I have 32GB ram, i7-7700K and 3080 12GB and fly at 2k. I think the main factor is not more ram, but CPU now days. Everything is maxed in my graphics (including Renderscale at 200) except for TLOD. Moving TLOD up over 100 for me causes FPS to start falling. Ram is not the issue and has pretty of headroom, but CPU seems to be the limiting factor.
  14. Had to look for a while to find it.
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