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  1. Don't know if I'd want to watch United 93 while flying, even if it is backwards. Top Gun is ok. Other than that, great set of pics.
  2. Will this real time be independent of MSFS real time traffic for aircraft? Can you still use this real time marine traffic with MSFS offline flightplans?
  3. In the first shot, is that other planes tail transparent or just that reflective?
  4. One last thing. Each time there's a Sim Update, MSFS will probably change the layout.json (putting the default traffic back in). This means after each update, you'll probably have to change the layout.json again.
  5. Correct me if I'm wrong, but if a plane uses the stock G1000, then enabling the WT NXi from the marketplace automatically changes that plane to use it instead of just the G1000.
  6. 1st (and 2nd ) post in this thread still apply. The second step I could have made a little clearer. It read It should have said something like: Open the downloaded mod and copy the "offline_ai_traffic_ga_fixed" traffic folder, including it's files, into your community folder (Do not install the "offline_ai_traffic_airliner_fixed"). Another words, open the GA mod you download. There will be an Official Folder and a Community Folder inside. Open the Community Folder. There will be two Folders in there. Copy only the offline_ai_traffic_ga_fixed folder (including it's files) to your MSFS community folder. The rest of post 1 and 2 from this thread still hold true.
  7. This is not meant to work with MSFS live traffic at all. MSFS live traffic provides all the traffic, GA and Airliner and AIG just model matches. If you're using MSFS live traffic then you do not need the GA mod.
  8. When I first did this, I would have random CTDs (sometimes 20 mins into a flight, sometimes 1hr.). I reinstalled the default traffic file and just disabled it with the .json file as described. CTDs went away. If you're not using the GA mod with AIG offline traffic then it doesn't matter because with only AIG offline (TC injected traffic) you turn MSFS traffic off altogether and MSFS never looks for it. With the GA mod you have to leave MSFS traffic turned on (offline traffic) and this is where the problems with AIG renaming that file cropped up. It seems some had the problem and other didn't. Either way, it's bad practice to rename a file if the .json file still points to it. When MSFS comes across that .json file it will look for those files and bad things can happen if they're not there. This is why the instructions said to change the .json file to remove the part that points to the default aircraft traffic file. If you do that, then MSFS never looks for that file (whether you've renamed it or not).
  9. Using AIG with offline flight plans and the GA mod with offline fight plans, you don't need any static aircraft on the ground.
  10. Marc, I've noticed that a little lately too. I don't know if something changed in one of the updates or it's always been there, but a few of the flights don't show the aircraft (just the lights from a distance). If it's always been there, It could be the author of the mod used a plane that's named incorrectly. I never bothered to trace it any further.
  11. I just bind it to a button (To toggle ATC window). Then you can press the button to open the window, make appropriate responses and press the button to close the window. It's not the same as auto opening when ATC calls you, but if you always use the same Reg then you learn to listen out for it.
  12. ignore the CVT folder. It's created by MSFS when a mod uses any FSX assests. you can delete it and MSFS will recreate it on next launch. Just ignore it.
  13. Man I so wish we had a good C-130 in MSFS. Beautiful set of shots.
  14. I use it and would hate to be without it. I used it in FSX and FSW before MSFS. Mine is updated. What BadT mentions is worth noting, though I bought it straight from their website. There's one other thing to consider and I don't know if this has changed since I last paid (it may have because I think it use to be 2yr. license). If you let your license expire and then try to renew a couple months later, the new license is shortened by the time you didn't have the license current. EXAMPLE: If you bought on Jan.1,2020 and then come Jan.1, 2021 you didn't renew your subscription, but instead just continue to use the product you are stuck at the version when your subscription ran out and it continues to work at that version. If you then decided June 1, 2021 to renew, your renewed license would still end Jan.1, 2022 (not June 2022 as you'd expect). Again, all that may have changed since I last renewed and extending the license use to run for 2yrs. You would have to email them to get the exact details.
  15. Photogrammetry, or in this case photogrammetry cities See
  16. We have the EMB-110. Some people don't like it but I fly it a lot and love it. Both Asobo and Milviz are working on the ATR 42-600/72-600 and I'm really looking forward to the 42 which would fit in perfectly along the lines of regional commuter/freight.
  17. OK, I thought you meant the approach was part of your flight plan from the flight planner. I've found that if I select the approach in the flight planner beforehand, then I have to activate it in the GNS530 mod for it to work, else it will fly to the airport first.
  18. @mikeklimek Are you not finding that if you don't activate it flies over the airport first before going to the first leg of the approach? When making my flightplan, I always pick a spot along it where I plan on Activating the approach just so I don't have to fly to the airport first.
  19. Add a comment to that mod. The Author is adding airports requested in the comments pretty fast.
  20. Not the best screenshot as MSFS doesn't even have buildings/scenery in this part of the airport. But I landed my EMB-110 FedEx at KSHV and was directed to GA parking to wind up in this area surrounded by good company (except one imposter).
  21. I suspect when the G1000 NXi does land stock in the sim, there will be many confused pilots that are use to the current G1000 not using the NXi mod.
  22. I bet that's a sight to see in Real Life (as it is in sim). Lovely shots.
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