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  1. I have a question about small companies, like NetJets. Right now I am flying the Longitude a lot. Is something like this included?
  2. Try using MSFS Pop Out Manager. That might help. https://flightsim.to/file/35759/msfs-pop-out-panel-manager
  3. Is the Inibuilds a320 V2 Only in the Beta 15? or can i use it without beta 15?
  4. Where can I find a list of updated Asobo Handcrafted Airports, including last world update?....thanks so much
  5. I have searched for that name Goldernred49, and come up with nothing...spelling?
  6. I use Add on linker for my scenery. With this new update, MSFS added some airports. Where do these add airport/Scenery go when they install. In Add on Linker, I can turn my pay airports on and off. How do I do that with MSFS airports, like the 7 new ones from the Caribbean world update. Thanks
  7. Yes, you are correct, but I was at first searching for speed brake, and could find nothing in the settings, when I should of been searching for spoilers. Never would of gotten this, if it wasn't for your post..thanks again!!!
  8. Thanks for the find. I to had L axis in the throttle quadrant was set to flaps. So I deleted it, but still have the problem of the speed brake, in the longitude, deploying. I'll have to do some investigating. Good find!!!
  9. I have the same problem, but not only full flaps deploy, do does my speed brake...at least it does in the Longitude.
  10. That looks really nice. Any chance you'll share that,maybe a snippit, when your done.
  11. "Yes, but I would recommend a SD XL and a PLUS additional. It has too less knobs, but is very good for rotating" I didn't think SD XL has any knobs.
  12. Thanks for the suggestions, I'm going to try them all. I just finished a flight from KTEB to Martha's vineyard KMVY...Very nice MSFS photo scenery in between the 2 airports.
  13. I have been flying the HJET a lot lately. I’m looking for some exciting short flights to fly. Flights that are around 1-1:15 long.
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