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  1. Thanks guys, So far CJ4 is good, now to catch up to where i left off with the CJ4...over to Discord forums i go
  2. "have you tried it with nothing in the community folder?" That's it Brandon, I took out what was in the community folder and it worked. This is what was in the filder, ....A32NX, Tooltips-See through,navigraph-navdata,Tree Distance draw fix, and workingtitle-aircraft-cj4
  3. No pushback app installed. I left it sit all night and it never moved.
  4. i've been away from FS 2020 for a8 months or so. I have installed all the updates and hot fixes. I choose a flight, everthing goes good till the blue line starts moving along the bottom, it gets all the way to the end, like its done loading and nothing happens. I still get the tips across the bottom of the screen, Is it still loading my upgrades/updates?
  5. Yes Doc, please.... I would like to know
  6. Many times when starting at a gate, especially with A320, my aircraft is not lined up in the gate straight. Is there some type of config i'm missing?
  7. FB, wow what a cool app. I'm just watching a tutorial on it on youtube.will this app track your flight in MS2020?
  8. I have 3 monitors, and 2 PC's, main monitor to the MSFS pc, and everthing else goes on the other pc with 2 monitors. 🙂 All are on the same network. I use 1 mouse and keyboard with the free program " Mouse without borders " works great.
  9. ummm, don't suppose you can share the file, probably not, they will send you to MS2020 jail...
  10. OK, got it figured out, thanks to some guys on Discord. "try deleting your rolling cache" and this worked for me
  11. Yep, nothing in the Community folder and still no buildings....whats going on?
  12. I don't have any scenery mods, i only have the A32X, Navigraph, and a tooltip. I'm sitting at KFLL no buildings, just jetways
  13. I did not know this about the extra update..downloading now
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