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  1. I need a youTube video to follow along....😁
  2. I don't get it. My sound keeps going out when I'm in the aircraft. If I back out of MSFS, to main menu, all sounds are back. Sometimes no sounds when I push fly now. Sometimes I have sound inside, but them it goes out.
  3. connected-disconnected...over and over !!!!! what the heck is going on
  4. I just started using MSFS Pop Out Manager, along with Spacedesk. I use a iPad for my pop out gauges and have no problem, I was pleasantly surprised. No FPS loss at all, no stuttering. I have to tell you though, this is on a brand new PC build.
  5. Since SU10 installed, my screen seems to be like the light bloom option is on. It's not....just seems very fuzzy
  6. No, It's under the "custom toolbar" as a option, but no able to turn it on.
  7. How come it won't let me add weather option in the in game menu?
  8. It sucks, been studying the HJet tutorial all weekend, finally got into the sim to fly it, and this happens
  9. Anyone else having this problem? Started up MSFS today and had a update, ever since the message keeps appearing!!! Online services are unreachable . Please check your internet connection. My connection is fine, Up and working
  10. DJJose, if you don't mind , what is the simple tweak for the sensitive pitch?
  11. As far as I know, not released yet. I believe the developer is working on a tutorial.
  12. Since this last update , when inside my cockpit view, I'm getting the compass, the engine, airspeed fuel, flaps also, like I was in the external view!! ..Thank you
  13. OK thecanarian, how about you make the idiots guide now, cause I have no clue ;). Would love to run a few apps on a client computer!
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