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  1. Sorry for the thread necromancy.. I've given up waiting for GF. They were preparing an invoice over a month ago and I've heard nothing since. Given the convo in the other thread on here I'm looking at alternatives, and saw someone mention this: http://www.vrinsightshop.com/shop/step1.php?number=14 That appears to cover all the functions of two of GF's radio modules, plus another 2 for nav plus add ADF and transponder, plus display DME and have some A/P controls for €310 plus shipping and import duties, which is a lot less than I'd of been paying GF (though admittedly I was looking at a couple more switch panels from them so not quite comparing apples with apples!). Does anyone have any experience of them? Do you need addon software like spad.next to get it to work? Compatability etc? Basically any feedback appreciated... Graham
  2. VFRHawk

    Lorby Scratchpad released (P3D V4 only)

    Ed, You need to hold down Ctrl, Shift, L and then press either O or C, that works for me... On a related note, I can't program that via FSUIPC (it only allows 3 button combos). Could that either be made a 3 button combo or configurable (even if it means editing an .ini file)? Graham
  3. In case anyone doesn't look at the Lorby-SI forum here on Avsim, the owner Oliver has put together a new addon for P3DV4 (only) that allows you to have a simconnect window in sim that you can either add/remove/edit text to through an external program (so you can add things during flight prep then display them in sim), or do the same in sim, so you can use it as a scratch pad. The same app also allows you to edit the kneeboard, for instance, to add images of things like approach plates or airport diagrams. App is called Lorby Scratchpad, and there are multiple threads with demo videos here: https://www.avsim.com/forums/forum/795-lorby-si-freeware/ Hope people find it useful! Graham PS It's free. Think I might have to buy something else to say thanks to Oliver!
  4. I've been in touch with them via facebook - there's a separate thread on here about my interest in radio and switch panels. It's been a pretty painful experience given the state of their website, but my last comms were on 3rd Dec when they said they were preparing a paypal invoice for what I wanted, but that the radio panels were out of stock until this week. Not heard since, but I'm not really expecting to until they've got the items in stock. Takes a day or two to get a reply, but my advice would be to try contacting them through facebook assuming you have an account. Graham
  5. VFRHawk

    Monitor shopping. Help me out friends!

    I have an Acer Predator X34 that I sit a few feet away from (3440 x 1440) and I find no problems at all with guages or the curve of the screen in general. It fills my peripheral vision well which helps with immersion I find. I drive it from a Asus 980Ti Strix without any problems. Graham
  6. Thanks Ray - had forgotten about Thanksgiving. I'll speak to RC Simulations. Graham
  7. Actually I'm having a rethink Ray, I have had no reply to any of the messages I've sent them (they publish a customer support email in their downloadable manual, but it's invalid - has a space in it - so I tried tech support!) and there's a review on FB that's pretty damning. If it's true, a guy spent over $2k on their gear inc an expensive yoke. Yoke went faulty and 3 months later they've not replied to him. Doesn't sound like a company I want to touch with a barge pole at this point tbh. Shame, as the kit looked excellent. Will give them a few more days to see if they reply to any of my enquiries, but if not will go back to the Logitech kit. Graham
  8. Thanks for the info Ray, I'm trying to get hold of them through Facebook currently. As luck would have it they have a really good sale on right now, so I'm going to treat myself to a pair of radios, a flat switch panel and one of their 3 wide containers for it all. Should sit on the corner of my desk quite nicely, and I have 3 spare ports in my existing powered USB hub that'll be right behind it. If I can just get an answer about shipping! Can't actually see any contact details for them on their website otherwise I'd email and/or ring them too. Graham
  9. Those of you with GoFlight modules: Did you encounter any issues with shipping? When I go to their site and add the radio panel to my basket, open the basket then fill in all the details under calculate shipping it tells me there's no shipping methods available? I've raised a support ticket with them, but thought I'd see if anyone else has encountered the same problem. I've tried multiple browsers. Also, how do these units fare when sat on a desk? I'm only going to have the one to start so can't see a point in getting the bracket to hold them yet. I assume they're just a flat bottomed metal box? Graham
  10. I tend to do a lot of night flying (I work nights so I'm usually awake at night) so I have to keep a torch handy to read the piece of paper! The kneeboard solves most of those issues for me, so definitely using that from now on. Though I must admit a free type area in the kneeboard would be nice for the bits that are missing - ADF freqs comes to mind. Graham
  11. Said it was probably a silly question... 🤣 Thanks, I'll look at that. Graham
  12. Hi, Possibly a silly question, but is there an easy way to see a VOR to VOR flight plan in cockpit in P3d V4? I plan my flights in PlanG and currently write the freqs and radials out on a notepad... Don't need a GPS type display, just a list of waypoints with pertinent info. Graham
  13. Thanks for that Ray, looks pretty decent and not bank breaking! Shame they don't do an instrument panel for the Nav indicator, but the one in the cockpit works pretty well. Graham EDIT. Does anyone know if the "standard" TQ6 uses hall sensors? Pretty sure I read that the TQ6+ did now, but not sure about the normal one.
  14. Thanks for all the replies - I'll definitely take a look at the ignition controls stuff too. Sounds like a lot of the issues are a little.. overstated.. so maybe I'll just buy the Logitech radio and instrument panels first. Will have to investigate spad.next Graham
  15. Hi all, I'm looking to move beyond the simple HOTAS setup I've been using for many years to control my flying in P3D, and wondered if people could point me in the right direction? I mostly fly Manfred Jahn's C47 VFR, though I'm looking for things that will work with most any aircraft. My primary desire is for a way to control the radios in the plane, as I like to fly VOR to VOR so tuning to each station, and then ideally being able to see the instrument so that I can see when I'm on the radial. Secondary is some sort of switch panel to save me having to look up to the overhead constantly during engine start etc. Now I've seen the Saitek/Logitech panels which at first glance look ideal. However, I've read a number of stories about problems with the controls on the radio panel in particular (hint: Don't search for Saitek gorilla knobs at work, it doesn't end well!) so I was wondering if that was still a problem or if they'd rectified the issue on newer panels? The other questions were around the gulf that seems to exist between those panels and anything else price wise - the next panel up I've seen is something like 5 times the price! Can anyone point me to a better quality panel that perhaps isn't that huge a leap in price? Last question: If I get a radio panel and instrument panel, can you mount them to one and other? This would be sat on the corner of my desk, so they'd need to not move around every time you touch them and ideally be able to stack them (I know you can stack the switch and radio panels, I'm just wondering about the instrument cluster as its narrower than the others). I lied, sorry, one more question. Does the instrument panel have something that functions as an OBS? There's something that looks like it might do the job but I can't find a video of anyone actually using one for VOR navigation to confirm. Thanks Graham