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  1. What's the best aftermarket scenery for sightseeing low and slow around Pearl Harbour? The default I've just tried wasn't all that great - seemed to be missing some rather.. large.. items from the area, and another one seemed oddly misplaced.
  2. Also, does the Fenix have more fuel in it than you want to load? Not sure if this is still the case, but the plane used to default to more fuel loaded than my short hops needed, and GSX wouldn't unload fuel, so it would sit there like you say. My cure was to start off by removing most all of the fuel via the MCDU at the start of the flight.
  3. Sorry to divert slightly, but how does one remove any of these programs? I recently updated my PC and would like to see how it performs without this. I actually have the original version by Fragtality still installed, though may well update if I still find a need on the new system once the pace of development slows down a little.. Is it as simple as deleting the folder? It doesn't seem to appear in the list of programs in windows so I can't uninstall it that way. As it launches automatically I assume it must have updated a file in MSFS?
  4. Thanks for all the replies guys, sounds like just about exactly what I'm looking for. Will pick it up.
  5. I'm looking at buying APL v2, but just wanted some feedback on if it'll do what I want. Basically, I like the idea of it being a more pilot (rather than company) based addon, but I only want to fly the Fenix A320, and only on shorter routes - nothing much more than an hour or hour and a half flight time. I tend to get bored in the cruise phase if its any longer! Would A Pilots Life allow me to pick an airline that would suit those parameters?
  6. Thanks Matt, but I use axis and ohs. Might have a look at fs.to see if theres anything,
  7. Does this only work with the MiniFCU, or does it make the variables for those readouts generally available? I have a VRInsight Combo II panel and could never get the readouts to show accurately.
  8. Aren't they having some pretty big financial issues at the moment? The updates say they've had to raise additional funds just to send out orders to kickstarter backers, and they still haven't got the product. Does look like a great product, but I'd be feeling a little wary personally.
  9. Not a great deal of help, but I downloaded the most recent installer from their page about 20 minutes ago - FenixSimA320- So not a problem with their page unless it's intermittent.
  10. Think I'm just about to. Looks like a lot of fun, and can only get better with the better physics for helicopters coming in SU11.
  11. Thank you! It turned out I'd caught the pinky switch on my warthog throttle and it was sending an AP disconnect every second - unplugging it fixed the beeping, which gave me enough info to find the problem.
  12. Shows as 61.62 AUD, which is just under £35. Bit more than I was expecting given it was indicated at 20-30 dollars I thought? https://orbxdirect.com/partner/miltech-simulations Not available yet - think it was stated as due tomorrow - but at least we have a price to work with.
  13. Yes, downloaded that earlier, along with the updated WT G1000NXi from the store. Still beeps unfortunately.
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