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  1. Think I'm just about to. Looks like a lot of fun, and can only get better with the better physics for helicopters coming in SU11.
  2. Thank you! It turned out I'd caught the pinky switch on my warthog throttle and it was sending an AP disconnect every second - unplugging it fixed the beeping, which gave me enough info to find the problem.
  3. Shows as 61.62 AUD, which is just under 拢35. Bit more than I was expecting given it was indicated at 20-30 dollars I thought? https://orbxdirect.com/partner/miltech-simulations Not available yet - think it was stated as due tomorrow - but at least we have a price to work with.
  4. Yes, downloaded that earlier, along with the updated WT G1000NXi from the store. Still beeps unfortunately.
  5. I've emptied my community folder, no change. Doesn't seem to happen with other aircraft, stock or 3rd party. I've reset in game settings to default, no change. Give up. Guess I won't fly the C208.
  6. Had a look through all of that, none effective unfortunately. Restarted my PC, logged out of my Xbox account etc. I'm currently going to try emptying my community folder - if I can convince it to let me - and then I'll try again. I had a friend of mine do exactly the same test - same aircraft, same state - and he got no beeping, so it must be something specific to my setup.
  7. Hey, Started trying to fly the standard C208 that comes with MSFS last night. Whenever I start on the runway ready to fly, or whenever I start it up at the point where I turn the avionics switches on, it starts to beep, and does it continuously until I turn the avionics switches off. Not a morse code beep, more like I left the door open or I'm reversing in a car. Anyone encountered that before? I tried loads of stuff to fix it but no joy.
  8. I think I've done as much with it as I can now - most of the buttons work as I want them to, and I have all the data displays showing the correct data bar the VS one - that works but it just doesn't accommodate MSFS timing out and resetting it to zero on occasion - so I'm going to do a few more flights with it to ensure I've not missed anything (I found my options for starting the APU were only lighting the buttons up rather than actually actuating them last night, so I've fixed that now) then I'll send it over to Guenseli to see if he'd like to update his download on flightsim.to to include it. It's based entirely on his and your work Oliver, so I'm not bothered to publish it and take the credit. There are some scripts that run every 50ms so I'll have to work out how to include those. Thank you very much for all your help, and for making AAO in the first place. Graham
  9. Sorry wasn't trying to be cheeky, just can't get my head around this stuff. I'll stop asking.
  10. Yeah, creating the script was the bit I was struggling with! 馃檪
  11. Me again! 馃檪 OK, I've got 90% of this panel sorted the way I want it. What I can't make work the way I want them to is the landing lights. I want one button to first extend both, then next press turns them on, then next retracts them, then fully off. Variables are: S_OH_EXT_LT_LANDING_R S_OH_EXT_LT_LANDING_L Value of 0 is Off and retracted, 1 is extended but off, 2 is extended and on. So I want each button press to go through the sequence of 0 - 1 - 2 - 1 - 0?
  12. OK, so I've bought AAO, and grabbed Guenseli's Streamdeck scripts off of flightsim.to. That's got 90% of the buttons and all the rotaries working I think. - now I've assigned everything to the right event for the right buttons and rotaries etc anyway. However, it has a single BARO_MODE_TOGGLE, and that just swaps the baro from InHG to HPa and back again: (L:S_FCU_EFIS1_BARO_MODE,路number)路!路(>L:S_FCU_EFIS1_BARO_MODE,路number) However the airbus version of the VRI Combo has a switch with one side explicitly InHG and the other HPa. Tracking the variable S_FCU_EFIS1_BARO_MODE above as I change the switch in the sim shows that InHg has a value of 0, and HPa has a value of 1. So I'm trying to amend the script from just toggling between the setting to assigning an absolute value. I'll then have 2 scripts - one for InHg and one for HPA and assign one to each event in AAO. However I'm not getting anywhere with something as simple sounding as assigning a value to that variable. My latest attempt is: (L:S_FCU_EFIS1_BARO_MODE,路number)路0路(L:S_FCU_EFIS1_BARO_MODE,路number) to assign it to InHg, but that doesn't seem to work?
  13. Thanks for the reply Oliver. Any idea how LINDA gets those variables for speed, altitude, heading or VS? Is that via a method you don't have access to?
  14. I've just taken delivery of a VRI FCU Combo II and I'm looking at how to interface it to the Fenix A320 in MSFS. I've tried FSUIPC and LINDA and am currently struggling to get anything other than the LCD screens working - no buttons work - so I'm looking at Axis and Ohs as an alternative while I chat with the LINDA developer. I can see the buttons and rotaries being read in the demo using the VRIBridge, so I know the unit is working. I also saw a profile on flightsim.to that purported to be for the FBW320, but that people said in the comments worked with the Fenix as well - though that was a few months ago. I've loaded that profile and linked it to the Fenix, but I'm not seeing the controls on the VRI unit changing anything in the sim apart from the radio panel. Before I spend too long trying to work out why, does anyone have a better option for a profile, or even know if there's a reason it doesn't work and save me digging? And is there another option that makes the screens work already? They just show zero for speed altitude etc. Many Thanks
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