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  1. Is there an option to do the same thing with a joystick button @Chock? I tend to need to avoid too much noise as I often game late at night.
  2. Hey, Do any of the available 3rd party ATC programs for MSFS work in VR? Ideally natively, or if not, using a simple hack to bring their window in to the sim and allow you to control it in sim? I usually map two of the hat switches on my warthog to control what I ask/answer. Using WMR on a Reverb G2 if it's platform specific.
  3. @Lorby_SI Did Lorby Time Machine ever get updated for MSFS? I seem to remember this was one of it's functions.
  4. Probably popping in for it's covid test.... 😆
  5. Don't know if this is related to the mod, but just did a flight with the latest version and when I disengaged the AP the plane had full nose up trim selected. Made landing a challenge! Not seen that before either without the mod or in the previous versions so thought I'd mention it.
  6. Is there a way to get the map displays to "North up" rather than aircraft heading up yet? Couldn't find it in the menu's.. Graham
  7. Hi, I recently had one of the switches on the base of my Warthog throttle go bad - switch 16, the top left one (FUEL) - does anyone know what the correct part number is for a like for like replacement to fit myself from a third party supplier? I've been in touch with TM and they don't stock this particular part. Many thanks Graham
  8. Didn't realise that was free HF? Pretty sure I bought it... VFRHawk
  9. Didn't he also say somewhere in the comments that the switches were more accessible than they looked? Sure I read that but there are hundreds of comments now so I'm not going through them all again! Graham
  10. Hey, I bought a leap motion when the current version became available and quickly stopped using it. Whilst it was excellent for experiences that were designed for it, I found it too fiddly for use in a cockpit - especially once I graduated away from the really simple default aircraft to more realistic models. I should probably give it another go some time as that was a while back now, but please be aware that it may not be quite as great as it appears. Personally I just keep my mouse next to my flight stick and move my hand from the stick to the mouse to click buttons in P3D, DCS or FlyInside Flight Sim.. I'm also keeping my eye on development of these: https://forums.eagle.ru/showthread.php?t=218861 They're designed for DCS but should work in any sim where a mouse cursor is used. To save everyone ploughing through that thread, they're a method of tracking your index fingers in 3D space. Whichever finger is higher takes precedent. There's a set of buttons on the side so basically what you do is point at the switch you want to change as you would in real life, then click the switch on the side like you would with a mouse. Even works with rotaries. Feed back from the small number of test users so far is very positive, so I'll likely order a set as soon as they're available. I'll report back to the hardware forum here once I've got them. Supposed to work outside of VR too. Graham
  11. Has been released on early access - available on Steam and Oculus stores. I've bought it but not tried it yet? Anyone else given it a go in VR?
  12. Sorry for the thread necromancy.. I've given up waiting for GF. They were preparing an invoice over a month ago and I've heard nothing since. Given the convo in the other thread on here I'm looking at alternatives, and saw someone mention this: http://www.vrinsightshop.com/shop/step1.php?number=14 That appears to cover all the functions of two of GF's radio modules, plus another 2 for nav plus add ADF and transponder, plus display DME and have some A/P controls for €310 plus shipping and import duties, which is a lot less than I'd of been paying GF (though admittedly I was looking at a couple more switch panels from them so not quite comparing apples with apples!). Does anyone have any experience of them? Do you need addon software like spad.next to get it to work? Compatability etc? Basically any feedback appreciated... Graham
  13. Ed, You need to hold down Ctrl, Shift, L and then press either O or C, that works for me... On a related note, I can't program that via FSUIPC (it only allows 3 button combos). Could that either be made a 3 button combo or configurable (even if it means editing an .ini file)? Graham
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