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  1. Although I think everbody is free to add to their whish list what they feel necessary. I wonder how far you want to carry that. Does that mean kissing the wife goodbye is "demanded" or having breakfast? I think the drivable boats or cars is already steering away to much from a flight sim. It makes a flight sim a sim city in the end and steeres away resources from what a flight sim should be: a box on hydraulic legs, often miles away from any airport.
  2. Well this probably not go for Milviz because they still cant find time to finish the Porter.
  3. You think that the most vocal have all the wisdom????
  4. New features is what a lot of people keep playing and comming back. As soon as they stop adding new things only the diehards remain and I dont think thats what MS needs/wants.
  5. Porter fusalage model no improvements, as far as I can see. Even the Asobo/MSFS model is far superior. Never ever again am I going to support any developer with an early release. Indeed good move to change names.
  6. although I normally dont do these things I tried it and it gave me 3 fps more inside view and 2 outside. (on the ground) Now see if it has effects in the long run
  7. It should say "Study Simulator starting, when using outside view over 50 ft altitude or use pause when wife has chores, game will be locked for 6 month"
  8. A big part of how "social" a media is about moderation. I'm part of a forum where there is zero tolerance if you go off topic or get toxic. Threads are closed quickly or users are being banned (happens seldom because of the zero tolerance, you get a warning and that suffices most of the times) I feel the Avsim mod team does a good job, but it is for a reason that some people call Avsim toxic.
  9. With the tail between your legs, instead of "hmmmm maybe, just maybe you have a point"
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