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  1. I live about 1 mile from Schiphol and it has been under construction for as long as I can remember and that's a long time.
  2. reading posts like these I'm always triggered to go watch an episode of the "" Scammers caught red handed" channel.
  3. I have no problem with the idea. Self driving cars are pretty advanced, although not prefect yet. 25 years ago nobody needed a cell phone now we cant live without them,
  4. on my set up Papi lights are visible between 5 and 6 NM, daytime, as they should be. No idea what night time vis is.
  5. You can get an ad free subscription. But as I understand it you rather have them pay everything out of their own pockets. Maybe start downloading a bit more restrictive. I'll leave it at that, 17 pages is more than enough.
  6. I dont think so. Maybe I should have included the whole range of whines. Unhappy with FS.com?? move on!!
  7. 17 pages complaining about a free site. The complainers lost every last bit of credibility. You want them to pay for your game experience??? Absolutly ridiculous.
  8. Took me about 5 minutes to figure the new site out. It's their site, deal with it or dont use it.
  9. But did you ever fly in the Netherlands?? No?? then you FAI!!!! SILVER!!!!! BADGE!!!! is worth nothing
  10. But did you ever fly in the Netherlands?? No?? then you FAI!!!! SILVER!!!!! BADGE!!!! is worth nothing
  11. There is only one think that worries me and that's FPS. Maybe no problem because it has on X-box to but still.
  12. I will buy 2024 but expect MS will instruct WT to start working on the 3GX. The jet liners and business jets have had enough love. Not everybody wants to fly at 30.000 feet for 10 hours and complain about the length of the grass.
  13. You cant keep selling a game that after buying, you have to update with a trillion GB in WU's Bring on 2024, I'm going to buy it. If some of my stuff in the community folder doesnt work anymore I just pretend I moved to an other country and start having fun from there.
  14. As far as I know (WT info on their discord, some time ago) it's not in the planning. I dont know how MS decides what to work on but I pressume it might be based on what's people want or use the most. All the jet liner stuff is of no importance to me personaly because I dont fly them, but if the majority does, I cant understand that most of the work will be around that segment. So if we want to give the G3X a change a lot of people should use it more and complain (or start whining on a frequent basis, something you can learn at Avsim)
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