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  1. This is the single most needed thing in MSFS at the moment (that and SODE)
  2. Anyone else notice there aren’t any thunderstorms in live weather anymore? I get rain and that’s it. 😞 miss the days of escaping the Bahamas just as a large thunderstorm passes over the field.
  3. Every other month we get a different game. Pretty frustrating. 0 consistency.
  4. #doubt. Definitely not on my set up it’s not 99%
  5. That’s they key isn’t it. “When it works.”
  6. Classic Asobo, they should let the big boys of weather simulation take a swing at it, but they won’t. SAD.
  7. Classic Asobo 1 step forward 3 steps back.
  8. Exactly! Though, what they need to do is revert back to pre SU7 or let 3rd party developers take a whack at it. But they won’t do either and I’ll always miss the atmosphere I had on release.
  9. I’ve done this in P3D. Made “gates” at the de-ice spot—run GSX de-icing from those spots. Easy workaround if you have some basic scenery editing skills.
  10. Why can Active Sky do it with less resources than MS/Asobo? Please. The weather in this sim gets worse and worse. And it’s the number one thing that ruins it for me 😞
  11. … … I come here every so often to see if there is any progress on what’s important to me in a sim, ( and sometimes there are some) but usually not. Which is in effect in my opinion classic Asobo. and I will state as such! Whether you view that as bait is for you to decide!
  12. And that’s why MSFS weather is dead on arrival. What a joke, quitting right before the finish line. Amateurs.
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