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  1. Yeah one of my most favorite memories of MSFS before it was downgraded to oblivion was when I was sitting on the ramp in the Bahamas blue sky day and a thunderstorm roles in an hour late turning the sky dark with light night but you could watch the storm approach from the ocean and the rain shafts. Ever since one of the earlier updates that has never happened again. Sad.
  2. Not to mention Asobo hasn’t had Thunderstorms with lightning in the game’s Live weather for many updates now.
  3. Lol let’s keep getting A320 derivatives till the end of time! 😝
  4. Feature creep will be the death of this project.
  5. Exactly with no FRA in sight either! Dinosaurs I guess gotta go extinct!
  6. only issue I see: >The push backs and engine starts are too fast my wishes: >a way to customize specific airline parking areas >hopefully the ATC are more regionalized than the airlines to an extent.
  7. They also said in their discord that they wouldn’t do a Dubai either…. Just sayin.
  8. With Asobo so far up MeteoBlue and others you know what, there’s very little chance we will see the weather engine we dream about.
  9. Downgrades are us, MSFS will never be as good as it was on release.
  10. Then they shouldn’t even license the aircraft out like Gulfstream. (Because that’s exactly what’s gonna happen whether or not they include the MCAS failure simulation)
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