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  1. The one thing I wanted gone in P3D... drat.
  2. Nor would I, but still it’s nice to see an old pal like that 🙂
  3. I hope so. Especially since after COVID, airline schedules are a joke compared to what it used to be.
  4. Saw a bunch of classic P3D auto gen pop ins in his video. “Hello old friend!”
  5. Why not? Older and weaker jets could back in the day at TWA.
  6. Lol he requests for the pushback but ATC tells him it’s unavailable. There’s still a need for a ground services program. (See 02:00 time mark in the video)
  7. My nitpick is they could make the city lights turn on earlier or when there is a dark storm overhead. Sometimes the city looks like it’s in a blackout.
  8. Meh it could be better if they added some kind of effect when passing through the clouds.
  9. Reality sets in! Finally. It’s an piece of software not the second coming! Love the human psyche.
  10. This guy starts in fog... https://youtu.be/GC51KpOP5nQ
  11. Just to emphasize what everyone is saying going from tubeliners to GA. To chose my next destination, I used to use the random world city generator and then fly to nearest major intl airport, now I can actually fly to the nearest air field and preserve a good scenic experience so I am really excited.
  12. They really nailed the -8’s engine whine! Feels so authentic comparing it to my flights on LH’s 747-8i fleet.
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