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    Airport user or collector?

    I have airports I haven’t even flown to so I’ve started to only buy airports when I fly to them. I use the to pick a place to fly to from my last arrival city. Then go to to book flights and sort by cheapest which usually gives me 8 options on various airlines and sometimes crazy routes. I use a virtual dice website app to roll a dice (you can choose how many dice and sides) and which ever number it lands on is the option I use Earth roulette sometimes just gives you the country but Kayak gives the most popular cities(airports) within that country to which I use the dice app again to chose which airport within the country. Right now I’ve been ending up flying a lot in Africa— While you do hit up a large amount of default airports, I’ve been finding most of my airports as either freeware upgrades or even payware! GSX level 2 helps with older freeware and default airports, I only wish they would add Light poles with dynamic lights to the parking spots to give an easy way to light up the tarmac without the use of ADE.
  2. Better than nothing and I enjoy their 757. Cost is crazy but this is the only “fun” I have these days so I’ll grit my teeth and chaulk it up to supporting a developer extra for giving me planes no one else will.
  3. UAL4life

    Captainsim 777 P3D v4 beta released

    Would have loved to have the 767 but a proper 777-200er for authenticity sake when flying UA is welcome.
  4. UAL4life

    LatinVFR KMSY (New Orleans) Released!

    Hell yes, the first route I test aircraft on is VPS-MSY. Insta buy.
  5. UAL4life

    Carenado ATR42-500 Announced

    And there’s nothing wrong with that imho.
  6. UAL4life

    P3dv4.5 - Upgrade or Not

    Any word on what they are hotfixing?
  7. UAL4life

    P3dv4.5 - Upgrade or Not

    I’m too afraid lol. It took so much effort to get where I’m at and I don’t have much free time to start over. Could you make a few points about what I am missing out to entice me perhaps? After going over the now two change logs other than pbr not much has changed where it comes to long to medium haul flying...
  8. UAL4life

    PBR Night Reflections

    No not yet though the creator has hinted at being possible in the future I think.
  9. UAL4life

    PBR Night Reflections

    Yeah tomatoshade even with the FPS hit is more superior imho.
  10. UAL4life

    P3dv4.5 - Upgrade or Not

    I’m still on 4.3. Tomatoshade is good enough pbr and if it ain’t broke don’t fix it. 🙂
  11. UAL4life

    ATC addon

    I’m a PF3 guy after months of trying to understand its quirks but maybe I’ll try radar contact again.
  12. UAL4life

    Sound Rendering ver. 4.4

    Glad I never updated to 4.4 as I don’t have Ezdok.
  13. UAL4life

    No Dynamic Landing upon arrival

    Hmm I wonder if that will fix flightbeam’s kden dynamic lighting issues.
  14. UAL4life

    PBR update available for PMDG 747/8

    I’m really bummed the 777 won’t get the rainmaker either. Oh well.
  15. UAL4life

    When Will the QW 757 be updated?

    I’m pretty sure I read that they would be updating it now. But just so it would work in v4 no new features or improvements.
  16. UAL4life

    Tomatoshade for maddog x

    This. There is not middle ground any more. Wish we could design pbr profiles for aircraft like you can with TS. But seeing how long it takes for developers to release pbr updates it’s obviously not simple. Shame.
  17. Thank you Chock! I’ve had AH2 for a while now but I learned some things from your post thank you.
  18. Sorry mate I’m pretty sure there isn’t any, I’ve spent countless days looking myself. The folks that know how, learned by trial and error from what I gathered. I’m 99.9% sure of it.
  19. I was just thinking about this driving home! Thank you.
  20. UAL4life

    P3D v4: AI Traffic Seperation

    I will pay big money, BIG MONEY for this.
  21. UAL4life

    Flightbeam KPDX is out!

    Would the FlightBeam Manager work after that?
  22. Could just be the unfixed cloud shadow bug where you pan around and the shadows disappear making it brighter because now the sun is out vs when you pan another direction and the shadows reappear. I just landed in KDEN and this was happening constantly. Edit: just read you fixed it, so never mind! 😛
  23. UAL4life

    Loud warning sound ... clicking sound

    oh my god what have I bought! 😱
  24. UAL4life

    CaptainSim 757 P3D v4

    Any chance to implement the now “free for all developers” windshield effects from A2A?
  25. Thank you KL can concour completely.