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  1. I would also consider turning down the Dynamic Reflections and unchecking Dynamic Lighting given you have a GTX 1050Ti. I can imagine that may be a challenge for that type of graphics card. At least you can experiment and see what effect that has on FPS and smoothness. Also, it would be interesting to know what your performance is like with a default P3D aircraft and placed at a default P3D airport that has no add on scenery. You probably should be in the range of 50-70 FPS before making any setting changes.
  2. That's good news! Glad you like the updated version.
  3. Hi Rob, Take a look at their Facebook page. FACT V2.0 was released on April 22nd.😉 They also announced an MSFS version is planned to come. https://www.facebook.com/flightsimdevelopmentgroup/ Cheers,
  4. Simmarket, probably has the v2.0 version available, its just that they havent updated the text yet. You can always contact Simmarket to confirm before you purchase. Aerosoft definitely states v2.0. Visit the Version History tab from the Aerosoft shop. As already mentioned v2 does include some updates. One of the updates claimed is SODE compatiblity. Maybe someone can confirm if v1.0 had SODE implemented or not? If it did not have SODE in v1, then Simmarket's product description that it now includes SODE would infer this is also V2.0. If you are in any doubt, ask the vendor prior to purchasing.
  5. FYI, I have just seen that an updated version of FACT from FSDG has been released and is supported in both v4 and v5. It looks pretty decent based on the initial screenshots.I will probably get this since I dont own any African content sceneries. Available from at least Aerosoft and Simmarket. https://www.aerosoft.com/en/flight-simulation/flight-simulator-x-steam/sceneries/2535/fsdg-cape-town https://secure.simmarket.com/fsdg-cape-town-fsx-p3d.phtml Have fun.
  6. Re QW 787, is anyone using the payware TOPER tool for the 787 given the onboard OPT tool only is applicable to a Flaps 5 config? I believe QW have not added more performance data to this tool at this point. Are there other tools you are using that provide similar capabilities?
  7. That should be possible via the config to alter the paths for the AIGAIM-OCI folder I believe. See this thread that Kai had replied to: Hopefully this helps.
  8. I also wanted to mention a couple of more things here should people run across issues in the future: 1. I had a strange behavior with default terminal buildings also and discovered that Orbx GES region was also a cause. While I had disabled EDDMs bgl files to off in the Orbx GES scenery folder, obviously though some subsequent Orbx update that file had been re-added again and was active as a .BGL file. 2. I had some issues with the SODE gates that comes in the scenery by default (assuming SODE is enabled through the EDDM Configurator), the SODE jetway started its operation but it would clone the jetway as it began to move to the aircraft door e.g. it spawned a second version of the jetway that was movable, the first jetway at the gate being static. This issue was resolved by visiting the T2G website and looking for the update named SODE-EDDMV1.2rar for P3Dv4 & v5 that replaces the objects in the Simobjects folder of SODE and also the related XML file for EDDM in the XML folder of your SODE installation.
  9. Answer. It doesnt protect you. There may be evidence or stats that displaying your real name has a less likelihood of come-back on a forum, but I am sure that wont dissuade all bad actors or bullies. BTW: I really appreciate this post. I can see the different viewpoints everyone has on this and can certainly understand some of the concerns expressed here.
  10. I am in 2 minds about this update. While there are updates to the scenery, for me the v4 version in P3Dv5 is working quite nicely. I will probably wait for a Simmarket sale to come along.
  11. Sonny147, when you said you tried everything, was this with EDDM in v4.5 or v5? What problem were you seeing? FWIW, I have EDDM installed for v4.5 but thanks to Lorby Addon Manager, I have added the same entries for P3Dv5. Works fine. The only thing I had to do was locate my EDDM scenery folder outside of the main v4 sim folder for this to be shared.
  12. Yes had the same experience yesterday. I was a little premtaure on calling the Landing Checklist on the -9 and Flaps 30 had not been fully deployed. Repeated the call for the Landing Checklist a second time worked.
  13. Another question or two on the QW 787. What are people using as the Dispatching tool? Is it the QW 787 stand-alone utility that you use for fuel and payload setting before launching the sim or the Dispatcher app within the EFB? I started using the former but I ran into a problems where the CG It had calculated resulted in a trim setting of about 2.5 ANU which was at the extreme end of the scale but still in the green band. But on take off the config warnings sounded for improper trim setting. Note I had clicked and updated the CG FMC to confirm the CG and trim value after GSX had loaded all passengers and fuel was already on board. Is it better to use the Dispatcher app from within the EFB for this? What process do you use based on a Simbrief OFP (I love that app!) and what weights do you enter in which of the Dispatching tools? Another question when using QW 787 with GSX. Is there any "real time" synch between the passengers boarding from GSX and setting the # of passengers in the Dispatcher tool? There doesnt appear to a progressive boarding option that GSX can work with on this aircraft as opposed to the Aerosoft A3xx where there is a synch between the increasing # of passengers GSX boards while in the MCDU the progressive count of boarding passengers is shown. Thanks in advance for any insights.
  14. Gary, Have a look in Avsim Library for G-TTNH. Its an Aerosoft Prof BA A320 model with sharklets. Should work in P3Dv4 and v5. https://library.avsim.net/login.php?Location=%2Fdownload.php%3FDLID%3D219867
  15. Thanks Federico, 👍 Will try the new version out at the weekend. Wishing you the best in continuing your real life business ventures. Keep safe and well. Cheers Mark
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