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  1. Excellent. This is good news. Let us know what you find Chris.
  2. I dont believe so. Aerosoft have withdrawn the product from sale and looks like all development will cease. For more info see this announcement: https://forum.aerosoft.com/index.php?/topic/172168-flightsimulator-commander-removed-from-sale/#comment-1086372
  3. And please send me an email/PM for the AFCAD Chris. Thx!
  4. Also its holiday season so could also be a bit quieter for this reason.I was also doing some beta testing for a developer couple of weeks ago before going on holiday so this kept me personally occupied. On the development front it has definitely slowed but thankfully there are still some developers out there continuing to support P3D and more importantly bringing fresh products to the market.
  5. No. Those two things are independent from one another, so you don't need an HDR monitor to use the P3D HDR setting. Try altering the P3D setting without any monitor adjustments and you should see different lighting conditions take effect. P3D's HDR setting is a series of lighting effects/shaders displayed purely within the sim that provides different lighting conditions whereas HDR from a monitor perspective, is related to a monitor input signal that supports HDR industry standards such as DisplayHDR 400 or DisplayHDR 600 certification which ultimately changes the contrast ratio and luminance of the displayed signal. A combination of using both may help you, but it's the end users own choice what specific lighting conditions they prefer.
  6. Yes the A330 is good news and will definitely provide solid competition to the Aerosoft rendition.I am sure FSLabs will do a great job! 👍 Looking forward to this release, whenever it comes! I was in two minds about purchasing the Aerosoft version but I think I will wait it now.
  7. Stan, if you purchased it from Simshack, as Ray suggest its them you will need to deal with. FWIW - Simshack's web page indicates that if there are serial numbers of products (which is usually the case for Simwings -developed products) , you should be able to retrieve them from your Orders page - I assume each customer has their own Simshack account/profile. Did you look there in the Orders page within your Account to see if the license key was listed? Maybe this helps???
  8. +1 For Simwings version available from Aerosoft based on what is available today. In case you want to wait due to price of the Simwings version: I would also mention that there is apparently a P3D version of Iniscene's EGLL being developed, but no updates or information of when this scenery is likely to be released.This developer released a new version of EGLL for MSFS in Feb and has released 3 updates so far. Performance in MSFS was reportedly not spectacular and some textures reported being under par.
  9. Hi folks, Can some one tell me if the repaint/download for the iFly 737NG for FS9 would be compatible for the 737NG for P3Dv5? I was interested in installing the United 737-800 Star Wars livery (N36272) but could only find the FS9 version in the Flight 1 library. Thx! Mark
  10. The last I heard was this info posted on their FB site on March 18th. Since then no updates on the MSFS update they mentioned or the release of the P3D version.The initial version of Rome for MSFS went on sale on Feb 24. "Rome P3D General work on the scenery was put on hold as we wanted to fix things reported by you in the MSFS version first. All these changes will be included in the P3D version as well. We expect to release the MSFS fix next week and focus on the P3D version then. A confirmed release date will be published when we're close to beta. Have a good weekend everyone!" Cheers Mark
  11. Yes, that project is moving along. No news of a release date yet but I am just pleased they are continuing to work on a new product for P3D. Looking forward to flying the 3 -holer when the time comes!
  12. Hi Keith, I think this is the CRJ link you are looking for: Try this: https://secure.simmarket.com/fs2crew-aerosoft-crj-professional-p3d4-5.phtml OR directly from the Aerosoft shop: https://www.aerosoft.com/de/flugsimulation/prepar3d-v4/tools/3245/fs2crew-aerosoft-crj-edition-p3d Regards Mark
  13. Yes, would be interested in your feedback too. Looks like the best VABB so far!
  14. Update: apparently MK Studios faced some technical issues found in the MSFS version of LIRF I have been reading which requires fixing before they release the P3D version. So, it looks like the wait will continue a little while longer.😉
  15. Looks great Matt! 👍 I will try it out this weekend.
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