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  1. Hi, This morning I tried to download a file from the Avsim Library but the automatic download script appears not to be workinf and clicking the link for the manual download from the FTP server also does not respond. After a minute I receive a Error 504. Can someone check into this please and let me know if the server is OK or not?
  2. I am of the same opinion Ray. Not sure why they lock CP down to a specific version/build of P3D.Should be a simple change and I thought CP even had the experimental versions that users could try out if they wanted to release an early proto. Adding to that, on their main product web page for CP, they do continue to advertise all versions of P3D (excluding P3D v1) at the higher major version e.g. P3D v2 - P3D v5. I continue to hope that after their deliberations, they will decide to support/make compatible P3D v5.4.
  3. There's been no update from Justsim on Oslo since April 26 according to latest info on their FB page, so a whole month has gone by now! I would have also thought that if they were nearing completion and release was imminent, as they indicated, we would have seen some screenshots by now, but as far as I know, those are only available for the already-released MSFS version. I think we will have to continue to wait and see if anything does appear for P3D.
  4. Did that too! The more people open the tickets , the more P42 will see there is still a user demand for having CP updated.
  5. Just a quick update that I heard back from Parallel 42 regarding Chase Plane compatibility with v5.4 and they are considering it. The Managing Director (Edson) stated there was no timeline or commitment at this time. So I guess we will have to wait for this as I really like Chase Plane and its capabilities. On the other hand, if there's a suitable alternative in the marketplace (?), I may consider switching if the folks at P42 continue to "dilly dally".
  6. Agree Dan. For some users v5.4 might give them more stability, but my rig was running fine with v5.3 until Windows 11 burped on me. I will make the update to v5.4 once Chase plane is compatible and will be quite happy running this version until the direction of P3D becomes clearer which hopefully will happen in the next 2-3 weeks.
  7. The other good news I think is really only a client install is needed unless you are using the P3D GPS gauge which would need the content component updating as well. I have to say I mixed emotions in that I was expecting "v6" but at the same time, I know my V5.x scenery and below will should still work with v5.4, so overall I am glad. As a side note, I do hope now Justsim and MK Studios will finally find the gumption to release their long-awaited sceneries as they have been sitting on the fence for sometime now aka LIRF and ENGM! One can but hope! 🤞
  8. Hi, I spotted this news item on Flight Mode Twitter stream that happened this week at Luxembourg with a 747-400F. All ended well fortunately. https://twitter.com/FlightModeblog/status/1658008502235811841/photo/1 This must have taken some force to have the bogie shear off like that. Cheers Mark
  9. So far so good with the WSSS upgrade. I am flying the iFly 737 Max8 out of WSSS and everything seemed to be super smooth at 35FPS locked (Nvdia CP). Just one test flight completed. I have another flight lined up from WSSS to YPPH soon. The only thing I have noticed which is not related to the scenery itself is, there doesn't seem to be many SIDs for R20L, just CHA 1D which appears to be a simple radar departure.
  10. Hi, Do you have AI arrivals but no departures, or no activity at all based on your flight plan? If AI planes arrive but none depart, likely is there is no connected taxiway from your parking position to the runway. I would try another parking position. Also, have your followed the troubleshooting guide at the back of the AIFP manual? There's some good tips about what to look for when FPs dont work as expected. Regards, Mark
  11. It will be interesting to see how Justsim's new version measures up to the Aerosoft's version of old. As far as I can tell there are no major changes to Oslo since the 2017 expansion which Aerosoft's version includes so I will be curious to see the new scenery and if anyone here decides to purchase it.
  12. Eddie, the AFCAD file is available. I suspect you are not logged into the Aerosoft forum which will give you the unavailable message for the file. I just logged in and downland the file. If you get stuck, PM me via this forum and I can send you the KSMF .bgl file.
  13. Hi, Just an FYI that I have just read Majestic are planning to release another P3D update which broke some stuff in the latest update. No specific ETA but there is a forum post about the forthcoming patch dated April 15. Majestic Q400 patch announcement
  14. Hi Steve, I have an Acer Predator G-sync monitor and the way I operate it is with Variable sync set in P3D and I assume you can set the same setting in FS2020. I would not set v-sync. Leave that off. Also unlocked frames. What you want to make sure is, under heavy load in the sim, your frames do not reduce below your monitor refresh rate (e.g. 30Hz). This will ensure you will have fluid motion in the sim at all times. Regards,
  15. Hello Ian, If the specific gates are missing at KEWR when you select your departure airport in P3D menu, then this means the airport scenery file (AFCAD) has not defined the parking spaces in these particular locations. Why those are missing, you would have to ask the developer over at their forum. There are at least 3 options for you that I can think of: First you want to ensure you have the correct scenery order in the Scenery Library, if you havent done so, check that your DD KEWR scenery needs to be above any Orbx or other add-on third party sceneries that may include KEWR airport files. Then if that is not the problem, you could have a look over at iniBuilds for their GSX profiles. There is one available for download for KEWR and this potentially could fix your gate issues. You will likely have to disable the SODE jetways that come in the default scenery as this may give rise to double jetways. The alternative is to fix them yourself by adding in any missing gates so they are available for selection from the P3D menu. This would involve using Airport Design Editor freeware tool to add the relevant parking spaces available.I would then use GSX to add in GSX jetways to those newly added parking spots. Hope that helps.
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