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  1. It's still in the works! I am hopeful.🤞 One of the Orbx developers responded to a post I made regarding YMML status back in May. Basically he said the X-Plane version is being developed first and from there the P3D scenery will then leverage it. More info here: YMML Orbx post
  2. I see the logon screen when using the URL Login screen using Firefox browser and a Desktop PC.
  3. Hi folks, I am looking for some ideas of how to solve this issue. I recently tried a flight using the PMDG 777 in P3Dv5.3 HF2 and wanted to start my flight in Dublin in combination with trying out the latest version of FSHUD that performs simulated ATC. When I tried to tune into the Dublin Clearance Delivery frequency 122.985, I got the "run around" from FSHUD because it was trying to send/set a frequency the 777 didn't understand as I believe the 777 does not have the radio capabilities in the sim of using 8.33kHz frequencies (just the 25kHz spacing is available in the P3D version). It is also not possible to use the radio panel to manually set a 8.33kHz frequency in the T7. I contacted FSHUD Support and they confirmed that FSHUD works off of 8.33kHz frequencies now and clearly the issue is with PMDG not having updated the aircraft which is perfectly reasonable. I am told that FSHUD uses the Navigraph package as its source to display the required COM frequencies in its app. Based on some PMDG forum posts I have read, this update won't come soon until PMDG have released their MSFS product portfolio and we know how long that is taking 😉 However I am looking for some workarounds in which I would still like to use FSHUD: Q: For the purposes of the sim, would it be possible to modify the Navigraph Airac file so that the COM frequencies for Dublin Clearance Delivery were set to an "alternate" frequency that is compatible with the PMDG 777? If so, which file would that be in the Navigraph airac package (I have a Navigraph subscription) as I could not spot where the COM frequencies for each airport are stored? If this is possible I could then also update the EIDW scenery I am using using Herve's AIE tool to set the corresponding frequency in the scenery itself. Q: Alternatively, is there a way to write/send the PMDG T7 an internal command for a 8.33kHz frequency (even though it may not be properly displayed on the radio panel) as I understood that the underlying sim does (v5) support the new frequency spacing. Any thoughts on how to get round this issue/dilemma? Anyone else encounter a similar issue and how did you solve it? Thanks in advance Mark
  4. No problem Ray. I did not take offence. I just posted the link once more should anyone want to try it out. 😉
  5. Actually I did the modifications to Terminal E at LSZH. It should be available from my Googledrive via this link: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1Dryhwp0lUEUSo1bOgQ3jQkOTFogWL5g_?usp=sharing Note: I only got around to Terminal E with replacing FSDT's default fixed gates with the GSX ones but it already looks a whole lot better. It is possible I believe to update the Domestic terminal gates as well but I need to look into this further when I have a few minutes spare. cheers Mark
  6. Thanks for reporting back Glenn. Sounds promising! Haven't had a chance to test it myself. First flight will be on Saturday where I plan to compare the PMDG 77W performance numbers and compare that with Simbriefs PT numbers.
  7. Hi Ray, Glad you fixed it. 👍 FWIW my LPPT also shows 03/21 in ActiveSky both on the Briefing tab and also in the Conditions tab. I did find out like you that APX45180.BGL shows the old runway designators for LPPT but I used the MakeRunways files to figure out that its pulling the stock airport data. I will use AIE to correct this small issue. Thanks for posting this nugget of information and well spotted on the discrepancy!
  8. Ray, I can quick go and check. I am running v5.3HF2 the same as you. Let me see if I see the same problem as you.
  9. 787flyer


    The SFO screenshots don't look too bad for a default airport. Runways, aprons and gates are in the right place, textures are OK but the buildings I find are a bit anaemic. I thought SFO had those green apron surrounds in the lead in to the International terminal but they are not modelled. Are the gates number correctly in v6?
  10. Me too! I used it regularly for the first few years primarily for the B747. After a while though I stopped using it I think because of the introduction of onboard EFBs that could also perform the performance calcs. I still have it installed for P3Dv5.3 but cant remember when I last used it.
  11. Thank you for the updates. This looks very promising and would be interested to install this when you are ready. 👍
  12. I guess my bigger conclusion to this is, it appears a number of developers that are essentially considered "one-man bands" are struggling to make a living in the flightsim community even though the overall market place has become much bigger. It appears dominated by some key players. Also, while technology has played a part in being able to reach a larger audience/market, it appears the upkeep/maintenance costs to keep servers and forums running is now becoming prohibitively more expensive for some small developer outfits that its not worth their while to continue. When I refer to "one man bands", I am thinking of FSS, Aivlasoft, UK2000, Godzone VF etc. In the latter case a community member (TOGA projects), was kind enough to offer a site to make the download available still in this forum. 👏 Sorry for the tangent in this thread but @VHOJT sparked some other thoughts I had about the bigger picture.
  13. Yes, I am surprised Topcat is still selling because its well out of date. It hasn't been updated in years since all development ceased with that product. I think PFPX is going the same way since I took a look at their list of supported aircraft (from their web site) and it appears a number of the latest aircraft are missing such as A32X NEO family, no B737 Max, no Airbus A220, no Embraer E2 family, no Boeing Dreamliner, no Airbus A350 etc.
  14. I think that will be the advantage of the Simbrief tool , is it will hopefully support more than one or two aircraft profiles. Again, how realistic it will be, time will tell.
  15. FYI... TFDI posted a small YT update on Feature Complete status and what's already included. This is as of yesterday which is a few months more progress than the original YT video I posted above..
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