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  1. For anybody who wants to know the answer to this in the future, apparently the pixel farthest to the right of the five in the upper left controls reduced visibility color.
  2. Anyway, I'm trying to fix some issues with the HDE sky textures by editing them. But I can't find this online anywhere, so here goes: which of the five pixels at the top left controls what? My edit will basically consist of changing some of them for the night textures. Second question - is there any built in smoothing between sky textures as the time changes, or do you have to edit them so that the change isn't noticeable?
  3. Anybody got any ideas? I've eliminated all addons I have as being the cause, since without any of them, the same problem continues. And it only occurs while ASN is running. If it's a shader problem, any idea what settings/config files I could play with to try to solve it?
  4. Nvidia inspecter probably ins't what's wrong, resetting the settings to default had no effect on the problem. Any idea what's going on? I hope to have it fixed before the sun comes up on my flight in a couple of hours flying (could be much longer real-world time, of course, since I save and come back frequently).
  5. I actually checked by returning the OpusFSX, and the sky became black again. It only becomes blue while ASN is running. I'm using freeware High Definition Environment cloud and sky textures, but I didn't change them. I'm not using a shader program, but I am running Nvidia inspector, could that be where the problem is? The following screenshot was made to compare them, and the left side was taken after the problem first surfaced. OpusFSX on the left (weather had higher visibility), Active Sky Next on the right:
  6. Anyway, transitioning from Opus to Active Sky Next, one thing I don't like is that ASN renders any form of reduced visibility at night as a deep blue, rather then something like black. This leads to the insides of clouds being solid dark blue at 1AM, and in moderate visibility can tint both the sky and ground a deep blue. Coming from software where night has always been black, even if visibility was poor, and night time clouds were a very dark gray, is there any way to change it? I suspect it would be particularly bad ruining sunrises (hard to tell if dawn is coming if the sky is a pre-dawn blue in the middle of the night - and it is). Unchecking "disable default haze layer" does nothing.