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  1. I had the same problem. Found out one of my other Blacksquare addons was conflicting with it. Not sure which one yet, haven't tried to narrow it down yet, but when I put them all back, the problem comes back. I might have time on friday to narrow it down. Maybe one of them needs an update.
  2. I'm on a 4K TV as well, and if I use the native resolution I get the graininess as well,but if I use some of the other resolutions available, I can get it nice and clear.
  3. oops, sorry, you already mentioned that.
  4. Try turning off turbo-boost for you CPU. When MSFS was first released I remember reading that the sim doesn't work well with overclocked CPUs.
  5. did you check your nav/gps switch, make sure it is set to nav
  6. At that resolution I can see why you run out of vram.
  7. Maybe you have the old "carenado" bug that causes crashes if a certain combination of their planes are installed?
  8. I'm on a 3060 with 12GB of vram and I fly in VR all the time for several hours at a time with no CTDs. And I run with fairly high settings, and make sure I use lots of AI traffic, all with only 12GB of vram. I'm using the HP Reverb G2. Does the Aero tax your card that much?
  9. For me, shortly after SU13 I started having a CTD with every flight. I removed all of my addons, tried the "repair" feature in the "apps and features" but I was still having the CTD with every flight. But for me it was right at 40 minutes into the flight, every time. I too wanted to blame it on SU13, since my CTDs started within days of updating. What ended up fixing my issue was using the "Reset" option in the "apps and features" for MSFS. Sadly I had to re-download all of my addons from the Marketplace, but I have not had a single CTD since. I figure my computer must have had a glitch which corrupted one or more files in the sim. I fly everyday now and have been completely free of any CTDs. Just a suggestion.
  10. I thought the same thing, but, at least for me, this wasn't the case. I have so many hours and logged flights that it just took a minute for it all to load in. I just had to be a little patient. The log book loaded up, and my sim wasn't locked up. I just finished a 2 1/2 hour flight, checked the logbook, and it was there.
  11. Ryan, your paints are truly amazing! I absolutely love them. Thank you for sharing.
  12. I don't have the white dots or the white borders, unless I don't know what exactly to look for.
  13. When buying from the Marketplace, when you start the sim, you must NOT select "run as administrator", otherwise, it will show "pending transaction"
  14. I've tried it several times and can't get it to work.
  15. I agree. It is very confusing. None of them seem to work on all aircraft. One will work with Carenado and blacksquare, but will not work in nav/gps mode with others such as the Milviz C310. But the one that works with the 310 will give blank screens with, for example, the Justflight Arrows and Archer. It would be nice to have one that works in all modes with all aircraft.
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