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  1. I got a CTD last night flying the PMDG 738 from KDEN to KCVG. The CTD happened three miles from KCVG on the ILS. But it sure was a nice flight, very smooth and great performance.
  2. 1. Carenado C182 2. Blackbird C310 3. Flysimware C414 Would LOVE to see a B-52G/H or B-1
  3. The versions I have on my extra drives are,, and I do have a couple of old drives that I might have different version. I'll look later this evening.
  4. I have to agree. I have their F-35 and still learning it, but it is a really nice one as well. I do have the F-14, F-15, F-16, and the Hawk T1. They are fun to fly, and each has a lot of detail, but I still love the M-346 the best. It looks sweet, it is a simple aircraft to fly, and it sounds great.
  5. The only loadout for this aircraft at the moment is external fuel tanks and wingtip smokers, no missiles or bombs.
  6. I purchased this as well, and I love it. Well worth the price. Everything is very well done, from the textures, the 3d modeling, the sounds, and the flight model. A real joy to fly for sure.
  7. I do both. Though I don't fly that often with the flat screens, I will when I want to get some really nice screenshots. The rest of the time I do this: I start the sim and let it load up to the airport I am departing out of. Then, while in screen mode, I do all my setup (fuel, pax, check and/or setup weather, check my flight plan, and a host of other things I do before I fly. Once I'm satisfied with my flight setup, I switch to VR, start her up, and fly. After landing, I'll dwitch back to screen mode, check my log book, and tidy things up before exiting the sim. Works well.
  8. I decided to exit out of the beta last night since SU10 release is just around the corner. I now I wouldn't have much time to check out any newer beta updates before the official release since I'm going to be busy with other things this weekend. Looks like that was a good thing. I hope it all works out okay for everyone.
  9. I bought it and don't like it at all. The planes will appear, flying one direction, then it will make a funny looking 180, using no bank at all, just skidding around, then fly the opposite direction, all within your view. It looks ridiculous! (Taburet's traffic addon) The other addon posted above is much better. It does provide lots of air traffic as well as some traffic on the ground.
  10. I hope this is a proper place to post this. Just thought I'd bring attention to SimVenture 2022 hosted by PilotEdge, https://www.pilotedge.net/pages/simventure, Thursday through sunday. I've flown in it the past few years in different sims, and the experience is amazing and so true to life. I plan to fly it this year as often as I can. Hope to see you there!
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