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  1. monica6211

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    I'm sorry if this fix has been posted before. I must have missed it, otherwise I would not have posted it. It is a shame that people have to get so bent out of shape just because someone posts something that has already been posted before. I was just trying to help others. But I guess I will stop trying to help because I hate seeing so many people complaining about others' attempts to help. Not everyone reads every single line of every single post of every single topic. So naturally we are going to see topics come up more than once. Why can't we all just be thankful that there are people in these forums who actually speak up and honestly try to help others. I only look through this forum because I find alot of interesting information related to aviation. I don't go in to "other flying simulation forums", since I rarely need help from others when I have a problem. And I just happened to look on LM's forums only because I accidentally hit a link to their site. Why is it these forums keep getting more and more viscous? I was just trying to help.
  2. monica6211

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    Just posted in the LM forums. The post if from username "Symbol" who post the fix as this: You can fix this yourself by either: A) Changing your sound device output to 24bit or B) Adding this entry to your Prepard3d.cfg file: [sound] time_constant=0 I haven't tried it yet since I haven't noticed the issue on my sim, but I know everyone is anxious for the fix so I thought I'd post it here.
  3. If you follow Hifi's history, there hasn't been ANY version of activesky that came with any replacement cloud art. The only time they have released any was with ASCA, which was a separate addon from ActiveSky. So I don't see why everyone is saying they won't buy it until they have new cloud art. ActiveSky has always been about the weather depiction, how it improves the look of weather in sim, and to incorporate real live weather. THAT is what made ActiveSky a must have for flight simming.
  4. monica6211

    P3DV4.4 - Tweaks to CFG, Why?

    I think that post says it all! And right to the point. Tweaks are OPTIONAL. They are Not NECESSARY. What part needs to be explained? Makes perfect sense to me.
  5. I don't feel the release of P3Dv4.4 overshadowed this release. I feel it had more to do with the drop in interest to AF2 due to the long span between major updates, or at least interesting updates. I for one check this site every day, but I am not interested in this particular helicopter. If it were the B206 of MD500, I would not stop flying it.
  6. Absolute amazing addon...thank you for the quick update, and for keeping PTA alive.
  7. monica6211

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    Ok, I just tried an actual flight in thunderstorms. While the unit powers on and displays the test screen, and the range marks. it isn't showing any weather. I am sorry for getting everyone's hopes up.
  8. monica6211

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    I have the radar installed in several aircraft, and it seems to work just fine. I don't get any version compatibility errors.
  9. monica6211

    First reactions to P3Dv4.4

    That is pretty sad. First we lose all Cessnas, now we lose Beechcraft. I'd sure like to know the REAL reason. Next it will be the Pipers I'm sure. In order for anyone to be able to fly these aircraft we now have to rely on more and more payware addons. I'm sure there are a lot of real world pilots who would like to buy a sim that has a particular aircraft that they actually fly in real life. Now, in order to do that, we have to buy a sim, then another addon. At least it is great for all of the addon developers. Is this just with P3D, or will we start seeing it with other sims as well?
  10. monica6211

    Prepar3D V4.4 Add-on Compatibility List

    F1 GTN has an error "incompatible version" which I figured it would. They usually have a patch within a day or so.
  11. monica6211

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    I think I could write a whole, thick, book on how badly we treat developers, but I just wanted to stick to the topic from this OP.
  12. monica6211

    Nail in coffin AFS2...?

    I totally understand why IPACS responded this way. I see this in the forums ALL the time. I feel it is the community's fault, NOT IPACS. Every time a publisher even mentions that they are working on something, everyone takes it as etched in stone that we will see it in the very near future, creating hundreds of posts asking "when it is going to be released", or "what's taking so long", or "but you said you are going to do this". When a developer gives an estimated date or time a feature or addon MAY be released, everyone starts complaining that "it hasn't been released yet", "you said it would be released by.....", or "why isn't it released yet, this is bad customer service". And we get upset when we don't hear from the developer every hour of every day with a status on their project, as if they all have someone dedicated to just responding to posts and giving full briefs on their daily tasks. I see this with almost every single developer and addon mentioned anywhere. No wonder why so many developers have turned to silence. Instead of treating them with respect and thanking them for what they plan on releasing, we attack them when something is "overdue" or we haven't heard from them enough. And some of the silence from developers stems from competition between developers as well. There are many developers who try to be the first with a totally new feature. By releasing details of that project may give other developers ideas that may overshadow what they are working on. And by not stopping what they are doing just to get on the forums every single day gives them ALOT more time to devote to completing their projects in a shorter amount of time. We, as a community, need to stop and look at what we have become. We are impatient, inconsiderate, relentless, and downright vicious. We need to stop this, and start giving the developers more patience and respect. Maybe then we will start hearing more and seeing more from the developers. Let's start being more kind, and less aggressive. Kindness goes a long way. .
  13. monica6211

    xpuipc problem

    I do not us P2AC, but have XPUIPC installed for another program, and have had the same issue you are having. Putting in the IP next to the IPv4 address worked for me. BUT, that was when my IP address remained static. A few months ago, for some unknown reason, my IP address no longer remains static. So now, each day before I start XP, I have to run IPConfig to check my IP address, which for me keeps switching between and
  14. monica6211

    Prepar3D V4.4 speculation thread

    I guess those die-hard P3D users just don't have a sense of humor when it comes to X-Plane.
  15. monica6211

    V-Tail Bonanza by A2A

    And why is that? They do offer a "Professional" version.