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  1. How do you fix a livery? I know I have several I really like, but can't use, because they will cause the sim to crash.
  2. I learned about this with SU5. Before then, I'd never experienced any crashes due to incompatible liveries. Then with SU5, I started experiencing the same thing. I soon discovered, through a lot of troubleshooting, that liveries can cause crashes with not just an aircraft you select to fly, but also with AI traffic that uses the bad liveries. So, sometimes you will have a livery in your community folder for some time without any issues, but once that livery is loaded with an aircraft in the area you are flying, that crash can happen at any time. If the sim is loading when it gets to a faulty livery, it can stop the loading completely, usually with a CTD, but not always.
  3. I have to agree with David. I would have concluded that I would have to have that 1Gb data connection to get stunning visuals just by reading that post, but I feel that it is not the case. I have a 300mb connection, I have every graphics setting maxed, and I still get all of the stunning visuals with great performance as described in the OP, AS LONG AS I am flying at the slower speed he described. But, if I'm flying a complex aircraft with lots of weather and AI turned on, then my performance does go down a bit. For me, it is perfectly fine, since 99% of my flying is in GA aircraft, so my view is always stunning.
  4. I used to have the same problem. For me, I found that it had to do with some repaints that I had installed. Maybe that might help you.
  5. I had the same thing happen to me after the second world update. For me it turned out to be something simple. When I right-click on the Microsoft Flight Simulator's icon and select "Properties" I made sure that "Run as Administrator" was checked. Even with this done, if I would left-click on the icon to run the sim, the sim for start, but after a few seconds would exit out of the program. If I right-click on the icon and select "Run as Administrator" (not in the "Properties this time") then the sim would start as normal. Not sure why it needs to be done this way, but I found this tip in the Microsoft help pages.
  6. Carenado C182 CTD, even with no other addons installed. Never mind, I disabled AI traffic, now the 182 works.
  7. Actually, there is, for both. And there isn't any post that I could find in the "Hanger Chat" about the Sim event (or the real world event).
  8. I'm surprised I haven't seen anything in any of the forums about this event. Did I miss it somewhere? PilotEdge is hosting this event , which runs July 14-18th. I will be flying it Sunday (the only time I have off from work during the event hours. I flew it last year several times with different sims and had a blast. I can't wait to try it with this sim. I have flown a few test flights these past few days and am comfortable with it, so I think I'm ready. Their website has all the details about it and addon scenery for each sim for the event. See ya there!!!
  9. In your OpenXR, try turning down the Custom Render Scaling, and turn off Motion Reprojection, see if that helps.
  10. Absolutely. I have the Taburet addons, but Puffin's adds way more towers and other objects than Taburet. They are more accurately placed and more detailed as well. Taburet seems to have only included taller towers, not the smaller ones. Puffin has them all, and if you see something out of place or need something added or changed, his support is fantastic and very quick.
  11. Donated. Well worth it too. Better and more accurate than Taburet payware.
  12. I was getting lightning, thunder, and scattered showers during my flight in southwestern Ohio. And in real life, that area was indeed experiencing thunderstorms.
  13. I flew in a thunderstorm today and got lightning.
  14. I suddenly had the exact same issue about a month ago. I tried everything I could think of or find here in the forums, including a re-install of the sim, but couldn't figure it out. I finally tried right-clicking on the sim's desktop icon, selected "Run As Administrator", even though I had it saved that way, and low and behold, it worked.
  15. I think I may cause a little confusion with this post. RSG does work with just about any aircraft that has a 430 or 530, whether it is default or RXP. I don't know it it will work with the Flight1 GNS's since I don't have them(yet). And this is true to X-Plane and P3D. But it will not drive other avionics like the G1000 or G3000, or other nav/coms (talking about the RSG 430/530 here). And something else I figured I should post here regarding RSG 430/530 combo with MSFS. With a normal install of the RSG 430/530 software, it will drive both the default GNS430 and the GNS530, and on aircraft like the C172 classic that has them both. With the default gauges, both work independent of each other. However, I found out that when you install the GNS530 mod, the nav/coms no longer work independently. When you change the frequency on on, it changes it on the other as well. The other screens and functions still work independent of each other, only the frequencies change together. I was going to post this earlier, but wanted to verify it on my setup first to make sure, which I have done now. I hope the group that is modding the 530 also puts out a modded 430. That would be really awesome. The 530 mod, if you haven't tried it, really adds alot of extra functionality to the GNS530.
  16. I have noticed every time the sim is updated, I usually have to run the RealSimGear Installer to get everything working again. It only takes a few seconds, but works every time for me. @Phantoms you asked if, for those that used RSG with RealityXP in previous sims, did it work with all planes (even those that didn't have the 530)? In other sims like X-Plane11 and P3D, the RealSimGear will drive the radios on some aircraft, and not others. I'm not sure why. But it doesn't work with many aircraft, and it won't affect any of the G1000 aircraft.
  17. The thumbnail is definitely a 14, look at the wings and intakes
  18. https://www.scenerydesign.org/autogen-configuration-merger/
  19. I've been having a similar experience. If I have FSUIPC running, I can't get the engines started. But, if I start the plane without FSUIPC running, I can get both engines running, and then I can start FSUIPC.
  20. It's funny how so many people think that all the issues with any addon can be fixed by clicking their heels together and everything will fix themselves, it is so easy, just takes a few seconds. In real life, it isn't so easy. Some issues can take weeks or months to track down the exact cause, especially when the core sim keeps changing with each update. I'm sure the developers are working hard every day to try to fix all the issues with all of their products. And it is logical sometimes to put the blame on MS. After all, the plane was working just fine during one build, then MS releases an updated build, and now the plane has issues. So how can WE say who is to blame? Just because it is a Carenado plane, and it has issues after a new FS build, why would we necessarily blame Carenado? And how can we, as customers, know how long it should take to fix every problem, when most of the people who complain have no idea how to write code to make these products come alive? One little issue can take lines and lines of code to look through or change just to find the issue, and fixing the code to fix the issue can easily break something else. We also have to take into account their workload and staffing. No company has unlimited resources to release bug free products, and when an issue arises, not everyone drops everything they are doing to fix that issue. Their are other products in the works, there is research being done, there is planning being done, and a host of other things going on, not just one aircraft, with one issue, for everyone to work on. I'm sure they are very concerned about their reputation and commitment to their customers. Who wouldn't be. Just because an issue isn't fixed overnight doesn't mean that they are not aware of it and actively doing something about it. And I'm sure they aren't being lazy about it. They just require time to figure out what is causing the issue, and need to figure out what the fix for it will be, and to implement the fix without it breaking anything else. If it were so easy to fix every issue with every product, all of our addons would be bug free. If one product didn't interact with any other product, it would be easy to fix any issue. Everyone really needs to take the time to look at the whole picture before criticizing any developer for not caring, for taking too long, for not prioritizing each issue in the same order as we want, and for releasing products with any kind of issue. All of these products we have are very complex, takes tons of planning and development, and lots of teamwork to get what we are offered. Be thankful that we have such detailed and complex addons. If we keep being so hard and impatient to these developers, we could end up seeing a decline in what is available. If I was a developer, I wouldn't put up with so much of this complaining. If the customer is not going to be thankful for what I am providing, then I will just move on to another interest. But if the customer is considerate, I would do everything I know how to try to fix any issue that arises. I see how violent these forums get sometimes and it just makes me wonder how these developers have the heart and desire to continue on producing these amazing addons, only to be yelled at and cursed at by this community.
  21. I just got my notification that my order has shipped three days ago. I'm to expect to receive mine in the next two days. I ordered mine in august.
  22. I'm sorry, I meant KORF, by verticalsim, but I'd love to see a KERW
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