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  1. I will pay you $ 50.00 for the trim wheel only.     wdavis.wa@comcast.net

  2. To add to the speculation, there have been no posts by Lockheed employees on the Lockheed forums for a few months. Today there were several; Beau, Chris, and Rob I believe.
  3. I have the following Saitek/Logitech hardware for sale and currently located in Michigan. Everything works. I don't have the packing material, nor the clamp for the yoke. I've also modified the yoke throttle by extending the first two levers, used as the engine throttles. As a bonus I also have another working yoke throttle that came from another yoke that no longer works. The entire bundle is $180 and includes: - pro-yoke and throttle - 2nd USB throttle - Trim wheel - Throttle for the yoke(PS2 connection.
  4. Most because I have a separate PC that I run Air Manager on for the instruments and would like to keep them all in one place. Air Manager doesn't have a GPS at this time and not sure they will make one. And my sim PC is displaying on 3 tvs and for some reason doesn't like my small usb touch screen where I would put the GPS.
  5. I know that there are several excellent stand alone GPS products that work with P3d. However, based on what information I could find, it doesn't seem like any of them can operated on a PC separate from the sim pc over the network. I'm aware of several moving map apps but I'm really looking for GPS functionality. Is there such a thing? Thanks!
  6. Here's what made me think to say Wow! Twelve pages of comments, some civil disagreements, and it hasn't required a lock. Well done ladies and gents!
  7. I'm assuming this is about the flight model. However, can you be more specific?
  8. I like TrueSky by since ASP5 doesn't work properly with it I usually don't use it. I prefer to have a better real world weather conditions depiction than not. If ASP gets adjusted then TrueSky will get turned back on.
  9. I don't like the way either P3D or MSFS set their directory structures. I also understand that Lockheed probably won't convince MS to change the standard. So my 2 cents is if there was a 1-2 page cheat sheet that showed the structure and where everything goes that would help out quite a bit when trying to find a cfg or xml file.
  10. The turbine duke can be a finicky beast. But when treated kindly with slow deliberate engine control management it really is a fun beast.
  11. Interesting as P3D crashes for me during startup whenever MSI afterburner is running. It doesn't matter what aircraft or scenario as I never get to that point. Once I exit out of afterburner the sim runs fine. The error that I receive is a DX access denied.
  12. I tried your original fix, earlier in this thread, using my local account to login to Windows and I was able to download the sim and re-install. Are you still logging in using your local account and then trying to start the sim? You will still need to login to MS/gamepass to get the sim to load.
  13. I'm adding a gen4 m.2 ssd to my system. I already have mfs2020 and the OS on a separate SATA SSDs. What would be the better option; use the m.2 for the OS or for the simulator? I'm not concerned about initial load times. Would mfs2020 performance increase due to faster loading of scenery during flight if it was on the m.2?
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