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  1. Assuming that you monitor(s) can support it, try to set them to 30Hz refresh rate and don't limit FPS in either Nvida or the Sim settings.
  2. Nope, no upscaling. 4k in sim. In the air I get an average of 25 fps
  3. adaniel, I don't have any additional suggestions. What I can do is post my system information in the hope that something in it can help you. With this exact setup, I'm sitting on the tarmac at Y65 on a cloudy day. This is a pretty rural area and I'm getting an FPS averaging around 30. Hardware Setup CPU: I9-9900, hyper threading off RAM: 32GB GPU: RTX 3090 driver 516.94 no changes C drive 1TB NvMe - OS install D drive 5GB SSD - P3D install Display 3 55” 4K TVs @ 4K resolution @ 30Hz refresh rate Sim Setup - Version 5.3 Display Options Fxaa off AA 2xssaa Filter 16x Text 4096x4096 Vsync on Triple checked Fps unlocked World Options LOD ultra Tessellation ultra Mesh 10m Text res 30cm Scenery complexity Ext dense autogen dist high vegetation very dense buildings very dense EA off Water reflections clouds only Lighting Options Shadow quality medium Shadow dist. Medium Shadow cast clouds only Shadow rec external vehicle, objects, vegetation, buildings Weather Options Cloud distance 80 miles Cloud coverage maximum Manual config changes Affinity mask 255 Core affinity 255 Mainthread 1 Render thread 2 Framework 3 Addons Track IR Active Sky Orbx LC Spad.next
  4. At any point during your changes have you let the sim rebuild your prepar3d.cfg file? Sometimes, doing that can help. Save any manual changes that you've made, delete the file, and then start the sim. No guarantees but it's a simple thing to try.
  5. So I don't see anything wrong with your viewgroup so something else is causing that big of a performance drop. While Jason is absolutely correct about an FPS hit between 1 and 3 monitors it shouldn't be that big. What made the biggest difference for me was the following 2 items: - The resolution of the monitors in your sim should match the resolution in windows - My 55" TVs are set at 30hz refresh rate. P3d is set with Vsync on, triple buffering on and FPS set to unlimited. Beyond that the biggest frame reducers for me are weather and the scenery environment complexity based on my location I've also found that any anti-aliasing settings above 2ssaa, especially when running at 4k resolutions, doesn't add anything visually and creates a higher load on the GPU. After that you need to play with all of the other settings that impact the sims performance. Good luck and let us know how it goes.
  6. Please post your viewgroup.xml file. You should be getting a lot more performance from your setup. I'm running 3 4k screens on a 3090 and getting around 25-30 frames.
  7. If you can post your viewgroup.xml I can take a look at it. Maybe I can spot something.
  8. Does the sound get entirely muted or just lowered?
  9. I'm currently running a 3090 on an I9 driving 3 4k monitors at 30hz 4k resolution. I'm averaging 25 FPS with medium settings in medium complex environments. 25 FPS isn't great but works for me. I'm sure if I lowered the resolution I'd get more. Not sure how the 4070ti compares.
  10. Whew. Too much drama for my tastes. I certainly hope we get a version 6. Even if we don't, I'm okay with 5.3. I've recently been using P3d's voice recognition functionality and you can almost eliminate having to punch in numbers for ATC. It really adds to the immersion. As far as I can tell you can't setup context related input and you can't have nested or multiple inputs with the same phrase. But when you say "tower, requesting takeoff" and the sim responds with "cleared for takeoff" it's pretty awesome. I know that there are other addons like voice attack and pilot2atc that can work as well. So far, the native voice recognition is working well for me. I for one hope that this functionality is kept and improved upon for V6.
  11. This could also be a temperature issue. PCs need to have the dust blown out of them on a regular basis. How regular varies depending on the environment it's in. I would suggest that, in general, you follow these steps: 1. Check the power cable for a solid connection(Like Bob said) 2. Clean out the dust from the case. Blow it out, do not vacuum. 3 While the case is open, reseat your GPU and Memory cards. Also check to make sure that any other power cables are seated properly, like Bob said 🙂. 4. Boot the PC and make sure that all the fans are working properly; GPU, CPU, Power supply, and case fans. 5. Get a temp monitoring program like MSI Afterburner and when running the sim ensure that you aren't going over any limits, mainly the GPU and CPU temps 6. If you do all of this and you still have crashes and shutdowns, IMHO, is when you consider looking directly at the Hardware.
  12. Green roads are a pet peeve of mine. Since I'm a cockpit builder I would like to see 2d panels On a personal note, my home airport still doesn't have a terminal.
  13. The sim assumes that you are sitting at the center point of the center monitor. If you sit to the left of that the view will be skewed and not look correct. The frustrum settings, which MSFS does not have at the moment, can be used to correct that. Basically, it means you can, for example, set the center monitor view angle at 30 degrees on the left and 50 degrees on the right. This will shift a corrected view to where you are sitting. I've had to play with the angles in the "other" simulator to get it to look right. Everything depends on exactly where you are sitting in relationship to your monitors. My understanding is that Asobo is looking into doing something along these lines.
  14. I really hope that we can get a Slim Pickets mod where we can ride the bomb.
  15. Taking bets on how long it is before the thread is locked.
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