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  1. I use SimpleCam. Does exactly what you're asking, is simple and cheap. I have not used chaseplane so can't compare. https://www.aivlasoft.com/simplecam.html
  2. Nuvecta makes autogen addons for individual states. I use it for the few states I use MegaSceneryEarth (the four corner states). It adds trees and buildings. It's pretty good and fairly cheap. There may be addons that do a better job, I'm happy with Nuvecta.
  3. There are default key commands that will increase/decrease the zoom in smaller increments. I changed mine so I'm not sure what the default is. If you look in the controls tab I think it's labeled "Selection Increase (slightly)" or something to that affect. This will zoom at a consistent 1% step. Sorry, I'm not at my Sim. I can check later if you hadn't figured it out.
  4. I did check legacy and set insertion points the first time I ran it. I created the library but did not migrate anything. The insertion points worked, the Orbx scenery was where I expected. All my Addon.xml addons were scattered among the Orbx scenery instead of at the top. I just started using SimStarter in the last month. I used it to move my .xml sceneries back to the top (didn't realize it could do that). It appears to be working. Thanks for taking the time to respond. SimStarter is a great tool.
  5. Finally gave in to Orbx Central (wanted Hawaii) and followed the above process. Thanks for providing straight forward instructions. Didn't migrate anything, did set insertion points, and chose legacy install method. Everything appears to be working, although I have not tested all my addons. All of my non Orbx addons that use the Addon.xml method were at the top of my scenery library before Orbx Central. After Orbx Central they are now all randomly placed (mixed up) among the Orbx entries below the second insertion point. Is there an easy way to move these back to the top? I haven't used any addon organizers, would that be the only answer now? I am glad they are folks out there who don't have issues with Orbx. For me, I'm done with them. Thanks for the help.
  6. Would you mind sharing your AA settings? I played with this yesterday but couldn't get good results using NCP for AA. Thanks.
  7. I did not change the in sim setting, it is set to 16x. I added the setting in NCP.
  8. I have been very frustrated with the blurred centerline and have not been able to find a solution. I have a 1080ti and tried several different drivers. I had Anisotropic 16x set in the sim. I tried setting it in the NVidia control panel and the blurred centerline is gone! Seems to have cleaned up the view overall. Thanks so much for the tip. hank
  9. fsAerodata is the payware application. Using Navigraph data it will update approaches, and add stars, and sids to the P3D database. If you use LittleNavMap, it will read the updated P3D database and you will have updated approaches, stars, and sids to use with LittleNavMap. A great combination in my opinion.
  10. The free Windows 10 upgrade until Dec. 31 is technically for users who need assistive technologies. Windows 7 support, at least for security patches, doesn't end until January 2020. If this has changed please provide a link. re. P3D on LINUX, I too would love to see that.
  11. Aivlasoft SimpleCam works in P3D v4.1. It works in the VC window. You get 10 presets. The other camera utilities just did too much for my needs, SimpleCam works great. edit. One more thing, if you try the demo I had issues with it verifying the "demo" license. I have no such issues once I purchased the product.
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