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  1. Last Friday morning I witnessed the most striking beautiful launch I ever seen and I've seen almost all of them. I was about 10 miles south of the launch in a 6th floor condo. Absolutely breathtaking at about 5:45 am. The halo at separation was unbelievable also. If you have never been that close to a launch its something to put on your bucket list.
  2. 188AHC


    I absolutely love the Maori song.
  3. 18 pages of opinions with many argumentative comments. It's clear some have suffered problems and some not. This has been reported to MS and action will most likely be taken.
  4. This is a rambling novella of a way to pay for FS2020. Enough.
  5. I gotta get one of those.😂
  6. I have Train sim and can't use it. 15 mph through 50 miles of terrain drives me nuts. I love trains and would enjoy this but it isn't my cuppa tea.
  7. Welcome to AVSIM. I have serious doubts that the mentioned PC will run PMDG aircraft. They put a substantial load on the CPU and GPU. You should probably consider a much stronger system.
  8. I use Microsofts own Defend and never had an intrusion.
  9. I love watching the launches. I can see them from my back yard and have watched launches since the 60's. Go Elon. You are doing a great job.\
  10. 188AHC

    At it again...

    Cool. An old broomhandled mauser repurposed. I like it.
  11. Gee whizz. I can hardly get to mine at reasonable hours thanks to my wife working from home. It's a rare time that I can get in here and do my job. Wish the world would reboot.
  12. Has anyone seen any troglodytes with bone weapons yet?
  13. I started reading this thread and ran Into a wall of don't let the door hit you in the butt comments. Come on guys. We're better than this.
  14. Lengthy posts in some instances can be Interesting, informative, educational, and sometimes humorous. However QUOTING lengthy posts is u necessary and increases our workload. Please don't.
  15. As a lifelong musician I watch these videos frequently.
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