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  1. 188AHC

    Flight tweaks?

    I don't have Flight installed anymore so I can't tell ;you exactly what I did. I did set my graphics option in the settings as high as it would go, however. That's the most I can remember since I've dealt with other sims since. There are some good hints above. but there is no need to "tweak" Flight like we've had to do with FSX. It runs very well out of the box.
  2. 188AHC

    Flight tweaks?

    All I can add to the previous comments is to play with the settings as has been suggested. I don't think I ever made any changes except to density which I increased since my system handled it very well. Good luck and enjoy.
  3. 188AHC

    PayPal Payment Reversed??

    How about leaving political comments out of this topic, please.
  4. I agree with Mathew. the 757 was one of the most comfortable airliners I've ever flown in and handled chop very well I for one was sad to see Boeing discontinue the production.,
  5. 188AHC

    Joystick doesn't work any more

    Depending on the age of your joystick, it might not be supported by the new Logitech drivers. For some reason they choose to abandon support for older controllers with their driver updates. Don't use their driver. Use instead, the default Microsoft drivers which are built in. This might work for you. If not, go on Logitech's site and see which drivers to use with your particular joystick. This will work normally if you don't have any other Logitech devices that are using the latest drivers. Download and install the drivers for your device. Your joystick should work after you assign button functions. I have seen where some suggest running both old and new drivers but I haven't had any success doing this. Good luck.
  6. 188AHC

    Help a new member

    Read the comment above by Charliearon. Mytraffic is strictly for adding AI traffic to FSX. You cannot fly the planes it contains.
  7. 188AHC

    Wall Street Journal & flight sim

    Sarah, why don't you ask some questions and see what responses you get?
  8. 188AHC

    who stole the plane

    Come on guys. No more personal attacks or retorts. This topic has been fairly civil and it is a sensitive issue. Please don't get it locked.
  9. I purchased X-Plane from Steam during one of their sales and have no problems with it at all. As for limited HD space, I have an SSD for my system, and both 1TB and 4TB drives. The majority of my Steam purchases are on the 1TB but due to size, I put X-Plane on the 4TB. Painless. A major benefit to me is that if I have a problem with any program I can verify the files and am good to go again. You can opt in or out of beta's also. They are not mandatory. This whole discussion, in my opinion, is the old "Tomato/Tomato" situation. Do what makes you happy and don't worry about what the other guy does. Each method has its' benefits and faults.
  10. Very nice. I fixed your link also.
  11. I am aware that XPUIPC is used for X-Plane. My question had to do with FSUPIC being an autostart on your system. If so I'm sure you know that on autostart it would embed itself in memory and might possibly create a conflict if you then load XPUIPC.. This is based on your original error. This is not saying that this is the case, just asking.
  12. You wouldn't have just plain FSUPIC installed and it's a startup app would you? Perhaps you used it with P3D or FSX and it's still loading? If so, you need to prevent it from loading. Just a wild guess and trying to help.
  13. 188AHC

    Simaddons - ........

    The OP has openly stated that he has resolved the problem and admitted that he made an error. There is nothing else to be said. Scianoir - Thank you for posting your resolution.
  14. 188AHC

    four XP11.25 shots

    This is (in my opinion) the most realistic sky I have yet seen in X-Plane. Thanks for the screenies.
  15. It l looks like my question disappeared. Will this be free or will you sell it to the community?