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  1. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/15/business/airbus-a380-emirates.html Interesting article about the A380. What does the future hold?
  2. You can't beat it for $8.69. It is proving to be a very good general aviation sim even though it is still in development. As far as updates, I would assume that when you purchase and register with DTG, you will be notified of any sales or updates.
  3. First off, these are not "stupid questions". I'm happy to see you pursue building your own cockpit and admire you for wanting to learn all you can to accomplish this. While I'm not an expert in cockpit building I think letting your post stand might result in someone with the knowledge to help you offering some assistance. Hang in there and be patient. Good things can happen.
  4. Prayers sent for Roy's speedy and successful recovery. I remember his contributions and always considered his work excellent. Thanks for this update.
  5. I agree on the CH Eclipse. I recently replaced my original CH Yoke USB that was at least 10, probably more like 12, years old with the Eclipse and I'm very happy with it.
  6. Thank you, Conner for the kind words. I've been on this site for many years, and find it to be the absolute best all around flight sim site. On another note, to some of the responders on this topic, please don't make this thread a debate about "free speech". That is not the subject.
  7. When you went to Windows 10 did you do the online upgrade from Windows 7 or did you purchase and reinstall a complete package? The reason I ask this is I did the online update from W7 Pro and all was well until one of the updates earlier this year created a huge number of problems. Apparently my system configuration and the update didn't agree with a number of programs. It took me a good amount of time to establish what was causing the problem by isolation programs. I never did find the root cause other than the update and an incompatibility somewhere in my system. I finally did a complete system rebuild and installed W10 Pro from a purchased disk. Absolutely no problems since. This may not be your problem, however. But in any case I wish you luck.
  8. Very glad someone noticed you and that medical help was able to stabilize you. Hard way to learn or be reminded of a valuable lesson but fortunately It ended well. Wish you the best with your recovery.
  9. Thumbs up for this one. I haven't seen a runway surface as true to life as the above screenshot in any sim. Excellent. Thanks DTG for sticking with it and continuing to improve the sim and the DLC.
  10. I'm glad you still like Flight. I wish it hadn't met it's market demise before it was fully fleshed out but even though it did, it still offers some of the best visuals and dynamics of any sim today. Any time I just want to putter around and practice some touch and goes, short field procedures, or some tough weather, I fire Flight up and enjoy myself.
  11. I'm go to bet that your question has been answered many times in multi-monitor forum. Try a search using the search block in the upper right of the screen and see if it helps. If that is not successful, then when you open the monitor forum, look in the upper right and you will see a block that says "Start new topic". Click on this and you should be able to start a topic and ask your questions. Hope this helps. If not, we can continue to try to help you. By the way, welcome to Avsim.
  12. It sounds like this person has a lot of enthusiasm and I think it is incumbent upon us as the premier flightsim community to assist him when we can. We welcome new members and questions and requests for help are one of the basic reasons we have forums such as the one you are reading. I'm sure that if you scroll through any of the forums here you will see that the majority of the discussions concern a problem someone is having. I would tend to believe that very, very few of us members old and new have never sought help here. And, granted, there those whose first response is "Google", or "talk to DTG", or something similar. This happens and we try to keep it from causing flame wars.
  13. I'm patiently waiting and looking forward to when DTG includes rotorwings and turbines. I enjoy business class jets and one of my old favorites, the twotter, as well as all helicopters. I think we have a lot to look forward to with this sim.
  14. I replaced my original CH USB yoke earlier this year with the Eclipse and am pleased with it. It has more of a true feel than the USB yoke and still has all the functions. Also it can be programmed with even more functions through the switches on the hub. For the current price, I don't think you can ;go wrong.
  15. I have just received the email concerning the survey. I'll try to look at it this weekend and see if I can complete it. Should be pretty easy since none of my progress has been recorded after an earlier update. Just too stubborn to mess with it. I filed a bug report with DTG and sent screenshots showing the missing accomplishments, but haven't heard anything. However, I'm not too worried about it as I can always start over when I get time.