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  1. 188AHC

    Lucky Pilot!

    I had one similar flying into General Mitchell field in Milwaukee back in the 70's. I was in a 722 (passenger) and we were on short final. All of a sudden the Capt. firewalled the throttles and started cleaning the aircraft up. I looked down and a light twin couldn't have been more than 50 ft below us. We flew out over the lake and made another approach. This on without incident. You have to wonder what people are thinking and not paying attention.
  2. This has been known almost from the beginning by Asobo and I have no doubt it will be fixed. Our problem is fixation by one Individual and that has been fixed also.
  3. I suggest you avail yourself of Google. It will answer your questions?
  4. These educated comments are the very reason I'm against opening things up prematurely. I suspect at least until August before we attempt another shot at what we know as normal.
  5. Question answered. Thanks.
  6. You're probably not going to find that info released. Microsoft is keeping the reins pretty tight on this one.
  7. 188AHC

    TDS 707?

    Ask them.
  8. I'm 70, which is a concerning group. I still go to the stores I have to go to but I practice social distancing and proper hygiene. My county has 780k population and 342 Infected with 15 deaths. I've been through much different odds but I don't practice stupid. Use common sense.
  9. I'm hoping they will port it to MFS2020
  10. This essential s mistake and has been verified. Done.
  11. You missed your email. Send email to zendesk site, explain the problem and they will help you.
  12. This has been addressed in the latest release, 5mb dl.
  13. I'm sure this will be revealed.
  14. Enough. Don't we have enough problems in the world now without these needless, petty, senseless, arguments. Keep it up and some will get a vacation or this topic will be locked.
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