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  1. 188AHC

    Mestia's Eight

    That's what we used to refer to as a "Graveyard" approach. If you weren't on it properly, that's where you would end up. Great video. Thanks.
  2. 188AHC


    I haven't flown Flight in a couple of years but I don't recall that happening to me so obviously I'm not going to be much help. Sorry.
  3. 188AHC

    Locked threads

    I hid the topic as it has nothing to do with aviation as per the clearly stated purpose of the hangar chat forum. I also remember that at one time trains were discussed in the forums but that is no longer the case. I ask you to realize and understand that we have rules to follow as moderators and you are not being singled out.
  4. Scott, you need to understand that we moderators do not moderate the PMDG forums except to enforce the Avsim TOS. So it is a bit unfair of you to make the claim that every post concerning them outside of their forum is deleted. Posts concerning them or their products are normally moved to their forum for them to deal with. The only time we would hide a post concerning PMDG or any other "official" support forum is if it gets out of hand or violates Avsim's rules of conduct. I personally believe that considerate and professional discussions of any vendor is acceptable as long as it doesn't cross the line. If so, then the topic will either be hidden or locked.
  5. 188AHC


    I don't think you can bypass this screen.
  6. 188AHC

    Locked threads

    As you said, Christopher, someone made a disparaging remark about one of our Moderators. Generally that triggers at the minimum a suspension from the site and at most a ban. This is unacceptable. Anyone can disagree with a moderator, but not post abusive remarks about them. If someone has a problem with a moderator's decision we can be reached through PM and we will discuss it with you but court is not held in the forums. Also, about the time this happened, the topic you are referring to had descended into who's right and who's wrong state and the lock was appropriate.
  7. Skills without a doubt. However, that is not a "gator". It's a caiman. Gators only exist in the U.S. and China.
  8. 188AHC

    settings menu

    If you are using Windows, hold the CTRL key down and scroll your mouse key. This will increase the size of the window and text. To revert back to normal (100%), press CTRL and 0.
  9. 188AHC

    Atlantic City Airport Scenery

    I don't understand what you mean by adding the files to the various folders. If this is an addon scenery, all the files should be placed in the addon scenery folder and then they should automatically load into FSX SE. Do you have the Addon Scenery folder in your scenery library and it's activated?
  10. 188AHC

    Atlantic City Airport Scenery

    Have you activated the scenery in FSX-SE?
  11. 188AHC

    Unread Content not working

    Now it's working. Must have been a gremlin.
  12. 188AHC

    Unread Content not working

    For some reason the "unread content" function isn't working again. Tried from my PC.
  13. The helicopter landed on a tiny pontoon? That is so ridiculous it's a shame. The skid floats were deployed. Normally helicopters that operate regularly over water have these installed for this very reason. Unbelievable the number of errors in this video.
  14. This has nothing to do with aviation and has degraded to a political debate. Done.