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  1. Jack, it's pretty rude and sad that you would accuse Avsim of not caring about someone's health issue. That's just downright false and insulting. Have you ever mentioned this to the Admins? Several members have mentioned a solution that works with Apple products. Give them a try.
  2. This topic is locked due to a number of forays into the political arena which is a violation of our TOS.
  3. Are you certified in any version in ATRs in real life? If not I suggest you keep your "rubbish" comments to yourself.
  4. I spent the day honoring my WWII savior and father along my 6 Vietnam veteran brothers that came home in a box. Semper fi brothers. We love and honor you.
  5. At least you won't get lost during a late night forced march to the head.😁
  6. You know what guys. Isn't there enough unrest, sarcasm, rudeness, hate and any other negative adjectives being tossed around now? Here's the deal. Anymore of this disrespect for a friend's site (RIP, TOM) and the hammer will fall. If it appears that I'm a bit out of sorts, you're right. I come here every day as much as an old man can and if you can't play nice then go elsewhere. I'm old, tired, and have had enough of this. I love our members and Tom's legacy. Please be nice to each other and be respectful.
  7. Oh my gosh. You guys are killing me. I have to pay my taxes, tags, car times 4, insurances times 5 and you bring this up now. I'm so sad I'll never be able to upgrade.😇
  8. I'm looking forward to this. I can see them from my house.
  9. My father was an AA gunner in the army, Pacific theatre at this time. He was on Midway, Hawaii, Guam, and Okinawa. He was scheduled to be in a forced flank attack on Japan when the bombs were dropped that ended the war. Thank you Dad. Else I would not be here.
  10. Any more Moderator comments and you will get a vacation. If someone likes a comment whether Moderator or not the reason is not your concern.
  11. I've been to DC on Amtrak in the last few years and it was ontime and great. I'm very sorry to see these reviews.
  12. I did the same with some sweet tea. Attempted a lot of cleaning to no avail. A new keyboard solved the problem.
  13. For the record, we are omnivores as are chickens.
  14. They all need a dose of .357 to cure their larcenous nature.
  15. 188AHC

    Final words

    Noel, you have my deepest condolences and sympathy for your loss.
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