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  1. Happy Pi day

    My favorite pi is naturally Key Lime.
  2. Happy Pi day

    Wish everyone a happy pi day. We all like pie don't we?😁
  3. Time Change Fun...

    And now my home state is trying to get Congress to modify the law so we can stay on DST forever. Doesn't matter to me as I don't like the change twice a year anyway. Sure gonna open up a whole new set of problems though.
  4. Just a note - Please do not attempt to discuss the DRM as that will result in this post being locked. Avsim has determined that it prefers to remain neutral in this controversy. Thank you.
  5. Check the pinned topics at the top of the forum. There are a couple that deal with the toolkit. Perhaps one can help you get it squared away. I haven't used the toolkit since its' earliest versions so I can't help with your problem. Hopefully one of the more experienced members will be along to get it right for you.
  6. I am really surprised at DTG. They had an opportunity to pick up the Flight franchise and instead took the FSX package and are now basing their FSW on it. I don't know what internal coding made them so dramatically different, but it seems to me that Flight would have been the best platform to build upon. I guess we will just have to wait and see what magic they perform on FSW but I wish it had been the Flight engine used.
  7. Still sad that Microsoft made the decision to abandon Flight. It had so much potential. My hope is that FSW will replace it with all the great things we enjoyed. We shall see.
  8. PMGD 737 Bugs.

    This has nothing to do with how to use the forums. Please take your topic to the PMDG forum and you should receive the proper help. One note about their forum ---- Always sign your post with your full name, not just your screen name. Good luck.
  9. You have every right to believe whatever you wish as do I. I'm not buying her story about the "flushing" or releasing comments. It seems that no one else heard these comments either. Whether she told the media this hoping to reap a monetary benefit or to get her 15 minutes of fame has not yet been established. As for the media, I have little trust in them either. Unfortunately it is unlikely that any of us will ever know the absolute truth about this matter.
  10. Just a note, Spirit says the passenger was never told to "take the hamster outside and let it go, or to flush it". And there are no witnesses that have come forth to verify she was told this. This is just another case of the media using too much color in a story. That's how trouble starts. It is much easier than telling the truth.
  11. I was just nosing around Amazon and saw 1080's in many versions from roughly 1000 to 1500 US. Ridiculous. I wouldn't mind having one but I certainly won't be spending that much for it. My trusty old 980ti will just continue to work for me. Sad times in the market.
  12. Glad you got Flight back and are still enjoying it. And, again, many thanks to Stonelance for making this possible.
  13. If you still want to use FSX, then the Steam version will be fine. There have been some inconsistencies with the use of some add-ons but you could read the topics in the Microsoft FSX forums to clear up any questions. The Steam version is simply FSX with some tweaks by DTG. Also, welcome back to the forums.
  14. A380 Production to cease?

    https://www.nytimes.com/2018/01/15/business/airbus-a380-emirates.html Interesting article about the A380. What does the future hold?
  15. Newbie questions

    You can't beat it for $8.69. It is proving to be a very good general aviation sim even though it is still in development. As far as updates, I would assume that when you purchase and register with DTG, you will be notified of any sales or updates.