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  1. It would appear that we won't have to worry too much about the "live traffic" in MSFS2020 for the next few years "overloading the sim" and dragging framerates down... In fact, the skies are going to remain fairly lonely! :
  2. Well, drive-through testing has finally come to NW Indiana. I'm planning to get tested tomorrow morning since I'm over 65, obese, and am diabetic...
  3. Ah yes, I've seen several photos of Scotsmen in their kilts whilst sitting down. While the Queen's Crown Jewels were on full public display, some of these men were showing off their family jewels... 😎
  4. You allow your eyes to be naked in public? Shouldn't they at least be wearing a kilt or something? 😏
  5. Okay, Dave and Luke, climb down of the high donkeys and knock off the tit-for-tat bovine excrement...
  6. n4gix

    Man Up

    I've got to get me that 240hp riding vacuum cleaner!
  7. I do believe that's what is known colloquially as a "Dive and Drive" approach...
  8. Yes, I remember it and its 'brothers and sisters' quite well, I truly hated them personally. They were nearly always much more painful in the long run than needles, sometimes causing some ugly bruising at the injection site. Unfortunately, the blood blowback that frequently occurred posed the risk of cross-contamination if the blood from an earlier person's was infected with Hep-C, HIV, and other nasty diseases.
  9. Your comments may well prove to be far more critically prophetic than many will realize... ...unfortunately..
  10. Actually both drafted and volunteers to military service are required to receive a robust series of vaccines, even more of them if the troop is scheduled for foreign deployment. Even civilian government employees are not exempt from vaccination should they and their families be assigned to a foreign duty station. I remember well the seemingly endless trips with my mom and dad to receive our required vaccinations in the several months leading up to my dad's first four tour of duty to Tehran, Iran in the very early sixties... Then there were the annual boosters required which were provided to us through the U.S. Army Hospital in Tehran. Every four years we'd receive three months of "Home Leave" if dad was going to return for another four year tour of duty.
  11. Brilliant parody of the Bohemian Rhapsody! It actually reminds me of Randy Rainbows rather flamboyant parodies.
  12. ^^^ This! They shouldn't have missed hearing the nacelles dragging along the runway... :(
  13. Speaking of "muscle memory," all my driving life my car's gear shift lever was located on the right side of the steering wheel, being attached to the column... ...so now I find myself invariably reaching there for the gearshift lever, only to grab the wiper control lever instead. You'd think that having owned my current car for almost three years would have broken me of that habit by now! 🔤 NB: where are the color emoticons? who chose these stupid monochrome silly icons?
  14. This statement bothers me: They are going to spend $1.2 billion for an as yet unproven vaccine?
  15. I have been maintaining 40m distance for some weeks now. I'd readily settle for 80m or even 160m. Unfortunately my little G5RV-Junior won't resonate at all on them. :(
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