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  1. Ed, not to seem pedantic, but L-M "suggests", "recommends" and gently enjoins folks to use the new method(s). Nowhere in their documentation is it a "requirement...."
  2. "Until such time" as they do so is what I wrote. In the meantime trying to install anywhere other than the "traditional path" will be a never-ending futile task.
  3. Just to clairify some things, there are two entirely separate 'sound systems' being used by many third-party aircraft (both freeware and payware). One is the default sound system that every aircraft uses. Those sound files are contained in the aircraft's ..\sound folder. The second is a custom sound module that allows the developer to assign unique sound effects to switches, knobs, levers, et cetera via XML scripting compiled into the model itself. These custom sound modules are identifiable by the fact that a panel.cfg entry is present to load the sound module and specify some additional parameters such as the path to the actual .wav files, and possibly number of sounds. As an example, here is a typical entry using the custom sound module I created: gauge01=Milviz_Sound!FBGS_XMLSound, 0,0,1,1,SimObjects\\Airplanes\\Beech_Baron_B55 Milviz\\panel\\B55 XML SND#22 Notice that the above entry shows the folder path for the custom sound folder is "relative" to the default ..\SimObjects folder. Obviously then using the preferred P3D method will not work since the path does not exist! Until P3Dv3 this was never a problem for any developer. One of the methods my original sound module allows is for the use of a CFG file alongside of the sound module where the absolute path may be specified. However this requires that the installer know where the user actually installed the aircraft so the correct .CFG entry can be made. [Config] FilePath=C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\FSX\SimObjects\Airplanes\Beech_King_Air_350i Milviz\sound\B350 Sounds=19 Since I had to refactor the code to support 64bits anyway, Doug Dawson and I have now changed the method by which paths are determined such that the custom sound folder is relative to the sound module itself wherever it is installed. However, this will require all developers who licensed my sound module to update their aircraft and installers to use the new system. I don't know who's sound module Carenado/Alabeo uses, but they are without doubt faced with the same issue. By the way, this same "relative path" issue arises for any custom modules that a developer uses, so they will have to address this as well. Until such time as this happens though, I recommend to use the "traditional method" of installing in the root SimObjects folder.
  4. To make a reply, you must click on the "Quote" button, not the "Report Post" button...
  5. Those are most likely the default Arrow that comes in FSW.
  6. ALERT

    Welcome to the moderating team Marcel!
  7. I'll bet those intellectual lightweights who loudly crowed that "Irma is Fake News" are feeling a bit silly about now...
  8. This is very strange. No models I've ever built for FSX or P3D have needed anything "special" done to them to implement cockpit shadows. The feature just works... ...to be sure, early Alpha/Beta versions of FSX did at one time require objects to be 'watertight' but that was eliminated prior to RTM. Can it be that FSW does require some additional step(s) to enable this feature?
  9. When my 1995 Mercury Grand Marquis was caught in a multi-car, low speed crunch about 18 months ago, I had to get another car as the cost of repair was simply too great. I found a single-owner 1998 Toyota Camry with only 92k miles on the odometer. It had always been garage kept, and when the elderly husband died, the wife asked her cousin (who owns a used car lot) to sell it for her since she doesn't drive. I arrived at the car lot looking just the day after it was put on the lot. I sat in the driver's seat for about 15 minutes, and the lot owner was beginning to wonder what I was up to. He asked me, "Is there a problem?" and I simply smiled and told him, "No, I'm just thinking about how I can install my ham radio gear in this compact space!" Honestly, it's been the best car I've ever owned! I drove from Chicago area to the FlightSimCon in Windsor-Locks, Connecticut and back and averaged better than 32 mpg. The only expense other than gas and oil was a $500 tuneup on the engine before my long trip.
  10. I have moved your post to the P3D forum since it has nothing whatever to do with "Problems Logging On" where you mistakenly posted it.
  11. Thanks for the information, Simon. What a convoluted system! I was briefly tempted to fill out the no license needed form just for giggles. I would have put for a reason "I don't live in bloody Blighty you silly twits!... Fortunately, my better nature prevailed.
  12. My very first flight was on an Eastern Airlines Super Connie from Miami to San Francisco around 1954. I don't remember how many stops we made, but I do fondly remember that meals were served on china, with cloth napkins and real silverware. Oh yeah, real food too! I was in the port side window seat just forward of the engines, and very clearly remember seeing the long flames and tons of smoke as the engines started. My mother was pretty nervous when I called her attention to the flames!
  13. Out of curiosity, just how does the government enforce this rather rediculous "licensing" scam, er... I mean scheme.
  14. Classic British humour! I love it!
  15. Yes, we're working on it. There are a few issues that still need to be sorted out.