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  1. Noel, I cannot thank you enough for sharing this truly lovely story. Your story voice is so evocative that I felt as though I was there at the campfire with you and your dad, even though in real life I was likely still drooling pablum (I was born January 21, 1949).
  2. As we sang in the U.S. Army during Basic Training: "My Colonel drives a Cadillac, my Captain drives a Ford, I drive a donkey and beat him with a board..." In a like manner, I drive a 1998 Toyota Camry but can pretend it's a Roll Royce Phantom...
  3. That 'rule' only applies to the PMDG forum, which is moderated by PMDG themselves. In all other forums it is entirely optional.
  4. Thanks for the additional limerick, Alan!
  5. Thanks, Barry. I've replaced #2's equation with a quicklatex version. While there are a lot of mathematical limericks, few of them are given in the form of an equation, which is why I find them so challenging to solve.
  6. AVSIM needs a "snark" tag or icon...
  7. Here is another math limerick, expressed by an equation:
  8. Here is something that piqued my interest. Just read the superscript one as being directly above the subscript square-root three, marking the range of the integral, and the superscript three near the end as making the root after it a cube root. Note: the _ represents a superscript. ∫ 1√3 z2dz • cos 3π/9 = ln 3√e The reason I like this equation is that it can be read as a limerick. No, seriously. I’ll set it off a bit for those that might like to try to work it out themselves…
  9. I've been a ham for nearly fifty years. I can generally tell from the "fist" with whom I'm in contact after the first twenty or so characters. Each operator has a unique sending style... ...unless they are using a computer of course. Even a Vibroplex key that will produce evenly spaced dit's and dah's isn't as "perfect" as a computer. I can still detect the distinctive sending style.
  10. All I see is Hoss Cartwright's massive ten-gallon hat!
  11. How about this schematic of the four hydraulic systems? See: http://www.b747classic.co.uk/_/rsrc/1301149812417/hydraulic-power
  12. Um, no. A mod (me) has been trying to merge the two topics into a single thread. Unfortunately, ca_metal's post keeps showing up above your OP!
  13. MS never cared much about XML gauge 'copyrights'. They wouldn't have released an SDK otherwise...
  14. Fundermotz Airlines! North Carolina's premier commuter service, with non-stop service from Bunn Level to Lizard Lick. As our jingle says "Fundermotz Airlines, you won't even know you've left the ground, 'cause you're not. Fundermotz! Pat Patterson was a DJ at WKIX in Raleigh, North Carolina from 1969 to 1974 and was one of the funniest DJ's ever to grace AM radio! http://www.city-data.com/forum/raleigh-durham-chapel-hill-cary/1341774-wkix-am-850-radio-off-air-2.html More here: http://www.therealpatpatterson.com/?page_id=17