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  1. You need to register for the official support forum at http://milviz.com for direct developer assistance.
  2. Um, the Lilium does use 'thrust vectoring'. Did you not notice the fans rotate from downwards for take off, and rotate aft for cruise?
  3. Of course one can manually 'crop' out and isolate the image, but that isn't what was being asked about. Dynamic cropping would require something like this (which doesn't exist!) <Image> Name="3D_Altimeter_bgnd.bmp" X="320" Y="213" W="23" H="18"</Image>
  4. As far as I can determine, there's no mechanism in XML to allow 'cropping' of a small section of a large bitmap. Only two integer values are allowed for image objects, those being limited to the height and width of the bitmap.
  5. n4gix

    Star Citizen Charges $27,000 to Unlock ships

    It won't be released as long as they can milk that cash cow from the sheeple!
  6. n4gix

    Korea (Not flight sim related)

    I'm not surprised they look familiar. Of course, all hills look pretty much alike in my experience. After hiking for several dozen miles though, they all feel like they're all going uphill, even when going down! Those Quonset Huts were miserable quarters; they were hotter than the hinges of Hades in the summer, and freezing cold in the winter! Ah well, it beat the dickens out of canvas tents at least. I've seen pictures of the housing these days and they are really nice with air-conditioning and modern amenities.
  7. n4gix

    Korea (Not flight sim related)

    Thank you Stephen. I quite deliberately chose to let that part of the commentary slide, with the perhaps futile hope that it would not generate more friction and that it wouldn't derail an otherwise enjoyable thread.
  8. n4gix

    Korea (Not flight sim related)

    Well Sam, I can easily picture how you chose your screen name... I spent 13 months in Camp Casey, Korea as a 31E20 (Field Radio Repair). Well actually the first four months were in Camp Hovey, which was (is still?) immediately adjacent to Camp Casey, as near as makes no difference! Aside from the misery of winter when the Hawk was out in full force, I thoroughly enjoyed my assignment there. I actually 'begged' to be allowed to stay!
  9. n4gix

    B737 now available for P3Dv4

    More to the point, as a 32bit gauge it would not work in P3Dv4 anyway...
  10. Aside from replacing my FS Computer every few years, my only major expenses have been limited to yoke replacement. I've completely worn out two CH Pro Yokes, and have this time bought the Saitek Cessna Yoke hoping it will outlast me this time around! I wonder how long it will take me to get used to having the hat on the left instead of the right...
  11. That should stand as the final post in this thread.
  12. n4gix

    FSL Website hacked ??

    No, and I have no plans to do so either... I have better ways to spend my precious time than to watch a motor mouth pontificate with a constant flow of verbal diarrhea...
  13. I will simply point out that the owner of Milviz attended the sim con in Vegas this past weekend, and is on vacation until later this month. That likely explains the lack of an immediate response.
  14. n4gix

    New Third Runway at Heathrow?

    Well, as it turned out the entire project wound up keeping Scott AFB operational (it was scheduled to be shut down), so it wasn't a complete waste of money after all.
  15. n4gix

    FSL Website hacked ??

    Are you referring to the 'hacker(s)' or FSL themselves? If the company, they only captured one individual's data: the pirate who released the cracked version to various pirate websites.