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  1. I propose that we divide the "extra days" in half, and then add each half to new months named "Compensate North" and "Compensate South. Each of those to be inserted during the Summer in the north hemisphere and the other during the Summer in the southern hemisphere, thus making "summer vacation" longer for everyone! Win-win!
  2. A short video of the Yarlung Zangbo Canyon (aka:Tspango Canyon) in Tibet.
  3. SOOT: I'd dearly love to see some studio create a series based around Honor Harrington from the Star Kingdom of Manticore versus the People's Republic of Haven.
  4. Indeed! Even in the days when currency was limited to coins of bronze, silver and gold, their value was still somewhat arbitrary and varied with the 'purity' of the base metal content.
  5. n4gix

    Kilowatt Labs

    I read the article posted previously. This is indeed a potential game changer for EVs, as a five minute charge is less time than filling up with gas (petrol)!
  6. That's good to know. I bought my Camry as the "2nd owner" from a local car lot. It was the personal vehicle of the lot owner's Aunt and Uncle. When the Uncle died, he brought the car to his lot to sell since his Aunt doesn't drive. This Camry was garage kept and had only 24k miles on it. It was only driven to church on Sunday's and to the local grocery store once a week. I've had it now for not quite six years and it has accumulated 126k miles. It burns 23 mpg in town and 35 mpg on the highways. The only major expense was having a broken door handle on the driver's side replaced. The local Toyota dealer charged $328 to replace it! I could have bought the parts from Amazon for around $30, but lacked the tools and knowledge to do the work myself. As I used to tell my customers when they brought their 2-way radios for repair, "You are not paying me for what I do, but rather what I know how to do..."
  7. No calluses here! My fingertips are as smooth as a baby's tuccus!
  8. I'm surprised not to see Toyota listed. Are they not sold in he U.K.? My 1998 Toyota Camry is the best and most reliable car I've ever owned.
  9. n4gix

    Kilowatt Labs

    If true, this sounds very promising and may well be a game changer in power storage.
  10. Check the far bottom of the screen and see if there's left arrow <-. If there is, pressing that should take you back one level to your "Home Page."
  11. And, if he's still alive is feeling a proper neutered donkey now...
  12. My "carrier" is whomever SafeLink has a contract with. I believe it is T-Mobile, but I'm not certain. In any case it's totally free service thanks to a certain President who cared enough to make the free service available to all us poor folks. I was delighted that was something that wasn't screwed up by the former guy, and that our current President has kept the service available. I actually did buy my own 4G unlocked smart-phone since at that time 4G flip-phones were not available. Battery life is excellent. I can go four or five days between charges. Sweet! I'm growing happier with it the more I use it.
  13. Hold it up to your ear just like you would with a land-line phone. The 'speaker' is at the top and the 'microphone' is at the bottom.
  14. With some degree of difficulty to be perfectly honest... I had to stop using my flip-phone, which only made phone calls and SMS messaging, because it became "obsolete." My carrier planned to stop supporting this "old technology." I had to buy a 'smart phone' so I opted to buy a 'no famous name' UMIDIGI phone and a new SIM card. Switching service took only about 2 minutes so I was able to keep my existing phone number! Yay!!! Well, not so fast. For some reason touch screens don't work very well with my body chemistry, which makes "swiping the screen" to answer an incoming call pretty much 'hit and miss' with 'miss' being the most frequent result. Of course the phone did not come with any instruction manual, so I've had to puzzle out the most essential operations. While I can take pictures with the new phone, I've yet to discover how to transfer those pictures to my computer. So, after nearly six months of using this over-sized brick, which certainly won't fit into my shirt pocket (as my flip-phone did), I now can mostly use the same feature set as I've had for many years; make and (sometimes) receive phone calls, and SMS messages. Well, okay I can now get notification of new Yoo-hoo-Tube videos that I've subscribed to. EDIT: Oh yes, I can even watch those videos on my smart-phone, even in full HD if available. Being on WiFi here at my house I can even 'cast' the videos to any of my TV sets...
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