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  1. n4gix

    Pizza for US ATC

    What will happen when all of the ATC, tower staff, TSA, CPB and Coast Guard start having to quit en masse to seek other employment?
  2. n4gix

    Aerial Refueling

    Strange. This is what I see just using IE11 and no ad-blocker at all:
  3. n4gix

    Aerial Refueling

    I do know what you mean. <giggle!>
  4. n4gix

    Aerial Refueling

    What advertising garbage? All I see are some suggested videos one might wish to also watch on the right side...
  5. n4gix

    Desktop Speakers

    The speaker cabinets are made from solid wood and between the two of 'em are nearly as big as my car. No, I have them under the very long desk in my sim/library/music room.
  6. n4gix

    Desktop Speakers

    I use an 800 watt per channel amp and two 15" speakers from a recycled Conn Artiste organ console. It's kind of L O U D!
  7. n4gix

    Aerial Refueling

    Interesting video of aerial refuling. https://www.businessinsider.com/us-air-force-combat-jets-refuel-navy-military-aerial-fighter-2018-12
  8. n4gix

    Need help - KAP 140

    Oh I see the your yoke is slightly different than mine. I have a clock in the center, and only an 8-way hat and a single horizontal rocker switch below it. The right side of mine is identical to yours.
  9. n4gix


    Please direct your support questions to the official Milviz product forum where the staff can assist you. Install the WX, then set the option in MVAMS.
  10. n4gix

    Need help - KAP 140

    Frank, I have the same Saitek yoke, but I use the hat switch strictly for panning up/down, left/right. I've assigned the vertical rocker switch just below the hat for the elevator trim. Yes the KAP140 doesn't seem to tolerate quick changes and will disconnect even in mild turbulence. The programmer for the KAP140 provides support in the official product forum on the Milviz website.
  11. n4gix

    Drones back but now at Heathrow!

    I use one to examine antennas and cables on towers on which I have equipment installed. It's a darn sight less expensive than hiring a professional tower climber! If there's a problem, I can at least tell the climber where the problem is located, and be fairly sure he's got the part(s) he'll need once he gets there!
  12. Now that was fascinating! I love the 360º tower simulator.
  13. n4gix

    How to avoid chaos when landing?

    The above is a very good reason why future pilots begin with small and slow, single-engine aircraft. What kind of hardware are you using? Not the keyboard I hope!
  14. n4gix

    Very Pricy Addons

    amoral/ immoral. Both have to do with right and wrong, but amoral means having no sense of either, like a fish, but the evil immoral describes someone who knows the difference, doesn't care, and says "mwah ha ha" while twirling a mustache. If you call someone immoral, you are saying that person knows better.
  15. I honestly hadn't noticed the date, but since I'd never seen or read it before I thought it worth sharing... ...especially since real world sites such as Avionics International probably aren't on too many simmer's reading list!