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  1. n4gix

    Student pilot boarded plane at Orlando Melbourne

    There was already two maintenance personnel aboard when he entered the aircraft.
  2. n4gix

    Student pilot boarded plane at Orlando Melbourne

    Some airports do allow reverse thrust when there aren't any pushback vehicles available. It's increasingly rare however due to possible FOD being blasted into the terminal's windows among other things.
  3. No, the drive motor(s) failed so the platters wouldn't spin up. I replaced the now empty NAS box with a 4TB WD Personal Cloud device, which has been reliably running for over 5 years now. I also set up a Dropbox account at the same time so every critical file is instantly mirrored to my WD Cloud drive and the DB account.
  4. That is true unless like me you are cursed with mega bad luck. I had a 2TB drive fail in my NAS and installed a new 2TB drive to replace the failed drive. During the cloning of the new drive, the so-called good drive failed. Both were Seagate HDs. They were also the last Seagate drives I'll ever purchase...
  5. n4gix

    How much space will I need...

    Yes Rob, I remember it well. I used QEMM and LANtastic to network 24 386 boxes for a 24 node PCBoard BBS system back in the day. What I find amazing is that LANtastic is still being used by organizations who need to network computers with wildly different operating systems!
  6. n4gix

    A2A Bonanza in the A2A Store

    Scott, that is the reason why the V-Tail Bonanza earned the sobriquet "The Doctor Killer"... https://aviatorcollege.wordpress.com/2010/06/25/why-is-the-“doctor-killer”-airplane-so-dangerous/ https://generalaviationnews.com/2017/03/29/the-doctor-killer/ http://atomictoasters.com/2014/02/forked-tail-doctor-killer-the-beechcraft-bonanza/
  7. n4gix

    Who's going to Cosford in 2018?

    Erich, if you could make a slight detour and pick me up in Chicago, I'd deeply appreciate it! Have fun folks!
  8. n4gix

    Things I don't understand.................

    I'll hold out for Nutella as an alternative to Marmite or Vegemite! Made from hazlenuts for a delicious, tasty treat...
  9. n4gix


    Oh my! All that on her "solo cross-country flight" too! The poor girl sounded terrified and ready to cry for the first few minutes, but seemed to gain confidence fairly quickly. She performed spectacularly! Thanks for posting this! EDIT: My favorite comment was:
  10. n4gix

    Things I don't understand.................

    Ah don't be dissing mayonnaise mate! My favorite handwich* is peanut butter, butter, mayonnaise and banana! * Note: I call it a handwich 'cause I hold it in my bloody hand! 'Sides, there ain't no sand in my handwich!
  11. n4gix

    How much space will I need...

    I remember when such a "big HDD" cost almost as much as my used car at that time was worth! Man, those things were expensive... Okay, they were only about $500 each, but then I drove a junker for a car too!
  12. n4gix

    A plea to developers

    Try double-clicking on the number, then press Ctrl-C to copy it. That way you don't have to actually "see" the numbers.
  13. n4gix

    Flagship Erie Crash (American Airlines)

    Thanks, Matthew. That was one tragedy of which I was totally unaware.
  14. n4gix

    737 200 very long takeoff roll.

    Try using more up trim.
  15. Registered FSUIPC will do that if you have "Previous Flight" enabled.