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  1. Well Randy, I've been at this for closing on 30 years now, and as one of the "early pioneers" I am largely self-taught. I've learned a lot via the old 'trial and error," with MAJOR emphasis on the "error" part. It was without a doubt a very trying experience. This was done without the benefit of AVSIM, Flightsim.com or FS Developer, as none of them existed when I began this journey of learning. I long ago made it a practice to learn at least one new thing everyday... Unfortunately, I'm of an age now where I frequently find that I've manage to forget two or more things every day. If this keeps up, I'll find myself completely ignorant again... Putting it another way, I find myself thinking frequently about the "hereafter," as in walking into the kitchen and then standing there, looking around, and thinking to myself "What did I come in here after?" When I finally find myself in the bathroom and wondering why I'm there, I know that I've completely lost it!
  2. Those guys are nuts!
  3. Since you have the model in GMax now, you will want to convert all of the Materials used for the gauge polygons to FSX Materials, and when setting up the options be certain to flag the FSX Material as being for a virtual cockpit. This should solve the black corner issue. I'm glad you enjoyed reading my article. I did try hard to make it more "fun" to read...
  4. Here is an example of an altimeter gauge. The corners are 0,0,0, but the little areas inside (where the drum numbers will be displayed is 1,1,1. Both look black, but the corners are transparent and the little boxes inside at 1,1,1 allow other bitmaps to be displayed in that area (like a window), as the rest of the altimeter background will mask everything that isn't within the 1,1,1 boxes! The digital "tape's" black is 0,0,0 and the numbers are of course not quite pure white (some thing like 200,200,200 if I recall correctly).
  5. Check to make certain that the 'black corners' are actually 'pure black', meaning RGB:0,0,0. In FSX and beyond, 0,0,0 is required for full transparency. RGB:1,1,1 or greater is opaque and will allow the gauge texture to appear. The Alpha Channel is rarely used at all.
  6. Randy, I would highly recommend that you explore Blender as a free alternative to either GMax or FSDS. GMax as you know is no longer supported in any way by sim developers. Fortunately, at this time even P3Dv4.x will support models compiled for FSX, but it's unknown how much longer that support will remain viable. Louis Sinclair's FSDS was at one time the only alternative to GMax or Max, but it is extremely convoluted and overly complex IMHO. Very robust tools have been developed to achive Blender to .MDL file export and compilation, and it has been actively improved over the past few years. In any event, continue to have fun! This is a thoroughly addictive "hobby", which for me developed into a source of much needed additional retirement income.
  7. Randy, I am glad to hear of your success. I was following the thread at FS Developer...
  8. Actually, the official and polite form is "Big Falcon Rocket..."
  9. It's not a "glitch" so much as someone forgot to tag the frame with the script from the modeldef.xml file: F1GTN_750U1_POP
  10. Actually, that's not Latin at all...
  11. If one already owned XP11, that might very well be true. However, XP11 ain't free, so claiming one might "spend as little as possible" seems a non-sequitur...
  12. Since no files are installed that weren't previously installed from another Lionheart product, it would seem safe to overwrite any such files.
  13. I've taken the liberty of correcting the Title of your thread to prevent further confusion...
  14. In retrospect, that was a definite PLUS! As it was, debris from the destruction knocked out two of the barge's engines...
  15. Having been busy the past week working on another project, I have found that a lot of the supposed non-responsive button clicks in the VC are the result of the heavy load that the F1 GTN software places on one's system. At times multiple successive 'clicks' are required before the desired response is obtained. In short, if a "hand" appears when hovering over a 3d button or knob, then the sim is detecting it properly.