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  1. Many decades ago, I ran a 32 node BBS using PCBoard. Since at that time I was a member of a religious community, PCBoard was kind enough to donate the BBS software. U.S. Robotics generously donated 32 modems for the system. A local dealer kindly donated sixteen 486 computers. I ran two nodes on each computer. Until this generous donation of equipment and software, the original CandleNet Abbey ran on an ancient 286 donkey powered computer. Until I finally shut down the BBS after 12 years of operations, this old computer hosted the PCBoard software. For worldwide connectivity, I was a regular on RIME (RelayNet International Mail Exchange). I also added Don Barba's Intelec network to CandleNet Abbey BBS. Between the two networks, I hosted a total of 132 forums while acting as a moderator for 12 of the forums. Does this confirm I was a nerd? 😄
  2. Now that's just weird! 😂
  3. Thanks for the concern, Paul. There is one elderly couple whose house was rendered uninhabitable due to several trees having fallen across their roof. What is truly awful is that they had no homeowner's insurance. Thanks to generosity, a tree service removed the fallen trees pro bono, and one local contractor has pledged to perform all the needed structural repairs for free, the couple only having to pay for the materials. Several of the neighbors have set up a fund to help them with material costs as well, so hopefully their home will be repaired soon! Man, the folks around this area are very helpful in times of need. I'll have to scour my email to see if I can locate your email now. I've been deluged with what I consider "spam" messages. I just looked and note 189 unread emails currently!
  4. That was a very nice collection of cameras. But the Nikon is the only camera that's celebrated by name in a wildly popular song... The late Paul Simon's catchy tune "Kodachrome"
  5. n4gix

    Delta and Airbus

    Gosh, it's no wonder one of the Boeings had to return since they had "stuck rubber pedals!" Got to love those darn AI voices... 🥰
  6. Ah! Dave from Dave's Garage! One of my favorite YouTubers. He and his two sons are among the best mechanics I have ever known. Dave is an excellent technician and teacher. It's no wonder that their rebuilt engines are sold around the world! 😉
  7. Neither one, thank you. I did see a lovely 1928 Bugatti a few days ago, upfitted with a 40 Hp Volkswagen engine... lol!
  8. Hey there Charlie. When you get your winnings, could I bother you for a new(er) car? Mine is getting rather long in the tooth now at 26 years old! 😂
  9. That's a shame then. It is truly a memorable experience! 🤪
  10. So, you missed visiting the underground city?
  11. n4gix

    Nice video.

    It makes my cheeks pucker and I'm just watching a video! The nose gear is set so far back that the entire cockpit is left dangling in the breeze over the side of the ship. Even Pail commented about how he doesn't like it either. 😉
  12. I spent most of my day yesterday working as "Net Control" for our local club's "Eclipse Net." I did manage to step outside my cottage and view the total eclipse with my own eyes and enjoy the spectacle for the few minutes of totality. When it ended, I immediately stopped looking directly at the sun and returned to my desk and duties safely. It was an awesome experience! The forecast was for high, wispy clouds here and that is precisely what we got. Not too long after the eclipse however, cloud cover moved in, and it rained all night long.
  13. I feel your pain at the loss of a long-term companion. Fifteen years ago, my little mini-daschund had a stroke and had to be put to sleep according to the vet. To this day I still catch glimpses of him in my extreme peripheral vision. I decided that I'd not have another animal for a companion as I'm getting too old to guarantee his or her care.
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