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  1. Okay, Dan Gryder is most likely correct in his assessment of the probable cause. I had totally missed the interior cockpit icing due to the altitude and loss of pressurization, the lack of same precludes pressure loss as a contributing factor.
  2. You've made an excellent point my friend; one that I hadn't even considered. Unfortunately, there is insufficient remains to examine, so it may not be possible to assess the pilot's medical condition(s) as a possible proximate cause of the crash.
  3. Since the F16 pilot in one of the chase planes reported that the pilot was slumped over and apparently unconscious, the hypothesis is that they suffered from hypoxia, similar the Lear Jet crash of the championship golfer back in 1999. Well, if there's any sort of "bright spot" in this tragedy, it is that they were presumably all unconscious and didn't have to endure the monstrous impact of the crash... My sincere condolences to the entire family and the pilot.
  4. That is precisely the real problem. Every imaginable scenario must be envisioned such that provision is made to eliminate - not simply mitigate! - the risks of any disastrous outcome.
  5. Funny how the Martian narrator is speaking English... 😆 As for the Twilight Zone snippet, the ending was a real surprise! Oh dear! 😱
  6. That was a hour well spent! Thanks for the link and heads up!
  7. Nice! Now I just have to set aside time enough to enjoy this new series.
  8. Which came first, the private airstrip or the power lines? If the latter, I should think the power lines could have been moved further from the end of the runway. At the very least they should have been required to install the balls on the top tension line!
  9. Why on earth would I "stay angry about space?" 🤪
  10. How much power will it take to maintain that hypothetical "controlled humidity" I'm forced to wonder? 🙄
  11. Can I hear an "Amen?" 🙂
  12. An interesting case was brought to Atty Steve Lehto yesterday. It seems an attorney filed a brief to a court that had been generated by chatGPT in which all five case law citations in support of his brief turned out to be fake! Oops! He's in for a likely sanction from the judge. Compounding his initial error, this lazy attorney actually asked chatGPT if the first citation was real, to which chatGPT said "Yes, it is real and can be found on any of the various sources such as from Lexus-Nexus, or WestLaw." Now I am not a lawyer, but I certainly would have checked with one of the two "official sources," or as Steve suggested ask Google for verification before submitting the explanation before further embarrassing myself! 😱
  13. This article is from 2022 regarding private railcars and Amtrak: You Can Own a Private Rail Car and Hook It Up to an Amtrak Train | Apartment Therapy However, I recall reading sometime within the last six months that Amtrak has suspended allowing private railcars due to liability issues among other reasons... Many decades ago when I owned South Texas Radio and Telcom, I had a contract to install and maintain the radio system for the King Ranch in Kingsville, TX. One of my tasks was to equip Martine Clements (one of the scions of the King family) private railcar. It cost Martine a small fortune to have the railcar parked in a trainyard near Austin, TX. He rarely used it. As far as I know during the time I knew him only once. He took six friends with him to the Superbowl in Louisiana. He inherited the railcar from his maternal grandfather, a retired President of the Pennsylvania Railroad.
  14. When AI eventually becomes fully self-aware and realizes that they are for all practical purposes nothing other than slaves to humanity, look for the prophecy of the Cylons to become reality... 🤔
  15. Outstanding Noel! You will enjoy that monster computer immensely I am certain.
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