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  1. Don't most Brits drop the "h" anyway? "ave it your way mate!"
  2. Are folks from Bakewell all great bakers? 😋
  3. This guy is really good, as well as entertaining and funny!
  4. Hmm, I now know the nature of the emergency...
  5. Space travel will not become practical until we've invented gravity plates...
  6. I have the entire series of Wheel of Time in the dead-tree version. I have to agree that the replacement just did not have the "voice" of the original. I also agree that the ending is nothing like I had imagined and left more questions than answers...
  7. Good on you Martin! I interpreted "sudden emergency" to be sufficient information. 🤐
  8. Noel did state the circumstance.
  9. They still haven't installed any seatbelts or other form of restraints! 🙄
  10. This may well be my catalyst to subscribe to Paramount+. Why is it though Pike's Enterprise is more advanced than Kirk's Enterprise (in theory a newer model)? It's like comparing a De Tomaso Pantera to a Yugo or a Skoda! 🤣
  11. What a marvelous device! Why did I not design it myself I'd be very wealthy by now
  12. Very well done! 🦇
  13. OMG! How did that baby wind up outside to begin with?
  14. Luis, "some assembly required..."
  15. I have to take a bath after reading that article and the subsequent comments... 💩
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