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  1. Ah gotcha! No problem! Thank you a ton for all the info!
  2. Hello! If you happen to know, (I am guessing by your username you might work for Gulfstream?), does that technically mean that Gulfstream Aircraft that have been made for Flight Simulator's that are free or payware are a patent/trademark/etc., infringement and violation under Gulfstream's policies and are illegal to create and or possess? Thanks!
  3. Quick question I don’t know if I have asked on here, I have asked on several other forums but to keep from bothering the same forum about it again I figured I would ask here. I have read a varsity of stories that Gulfstream hasn’t allowed any of their aircraft in any at home flight simulators. Does anyone have a source for this information? Because it seems they let up considering there is a number of Gulfstream’s out there, a few of which are even payware and have been up for what I would guess is a couple of years now. I’m just really confused, have they let up? Cause I’m also in a discord server where they are developing one for MSFS, and they said that the company has eased up. Curious to know! Thanks. Alexandre Trahan.
  4. Hello all, quick question. I know that Cirrus has produced the SF50 Vision Jet, the SF50 G2, and the SF50 G2+. But what is the Special Edition SF50 G2 Arivée? Is it just a regular G2 with a special edition paint and interior? Or does that specific airplane have performance upgrades that the regular non-Arrivée G2 doesnt? I’m curious to know! Thanks, Alexandre Trahan.
  5. Hello all, I have a question about the MD-80 warning systems. The stall sound at least on the test I have noticed from videos, includes 4 jolts of the yoke shaking, followed a high pitched “STALL!,” quickly followed by a slightly more quiet low pitched “stall!,” which sounds like it may come from another area of the cockpit. Why is this? Why not just a singular “STALL!,” warning? I have been a big fan of this old jet since I was a little kid, having flown many flights on it. By the way, is there more technical websites for this aircraft? Thanks and safe flights, Alexandre Trahan.
  6. Edit: In other words is there a way someone could tell me what files need to go where? I am a little confused on texture files and panel files, and the aircraft cfg. Thanks, Alexandre Trahan.
  7. Hello, I am trying to merge the virtual cockpit from https://simviation.com/1/search?submit=1&keywords=737+MAX +Southwest &x=0&y=0, to the aircraft from https://www.fs2000.org/2021/02/21/fsx-fs2004-p3d-tds-boeing-737-max8-v3-base-package/ . You may be scratching you head wondering why. The newer model in the bottom link has the correct engine design, and the wingtip strobes and nav lights are now on the bottom of the AT Winglet. I just want to port the vc from the model in the first link to the model in the second link. Thanks, Alexandre Trahan.
  8. Looking back on it you're right. That was a dumb question! 😂
  9. Hello everyone! So I would like to know how to take the fsx default kneeboard, and turn it into an ipad using the image in the link below. Basically I want to take that image, make it a 2d panel, and have it display what the default FSX kneeboard displays. Is this possible? I would then like to have the ability to add charts to it. Thanks, Alexandre Trahan. Image link: https://37wz5x2r8vbh3om46wmfhy71-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/iPad-Air-2-Space-Grey.png
  10. True! However I do like the look of the smaller windows. Makes the cockpit look and feel more closed in which I love!
  11. Funny you mention that cause I just remembered that the Challenger Jets do not have the side sliding windows for escape!? Then again, that jet is only what 3-4 feet off the ground? Whereas a 767 is like what a good 15-20?
  12. Oh ok! That makes sense! For drag and structure would make sense! Yeah those side windows on the challenger are tiny little guys! It looks cool though! Thanks for the detailed answer!
  13. Hey everyone! So quick question, I have been flying a lot lately on some of the big boys like 737-700, -800, and had an opportunity to sit in one of the smaller boys, a Challenger 350! But something always struck me about these cockpits, it's the windows. They are so slim! They have a lot less viewing area than I have expected! (Then again the seat wasn't adjusted to my height of 5'7) I fly Cessna 150, and 172, and those windshields are very large! But my instructors old 1965 Mooney M20C, also had some tiny little front cockpit windows. Any chance someone can give me the reason as to why they seem so much smaller? Thanks, Alec.
  14. Hello all. I am thinking of making a 2D panel of the iPad to use in your flight sims. Not a very advanced one. In fact the most it would include is the default FSX GPS Screen. But let me know what you think, and if this is a stupid idea, or if I should go through with it just for fun. Thanks, Alexandre Trahan.
  15. I like what you did there! XD. I get it now! All makes perfect sense!
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