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  1. Looking back on it you're right. That was a dumb question! 😂
  2. Hello everyone! So I would like to know how to take the fsx default kneeboard, and turn it into an ipad using the image in the link below. Basically I want to take that image, make it a 2d panel, and have it display what the default FSX kneeboard displays. Is this possible? I would then like to have the ability to add charts to it. Thanks, Alexandre Trahan. Image link: https://37wz5x2r8vbh3om46wmfhy71-wpengine.netdna-ssl.com/wp-content/uploads/2016/06/iPad-Air-2-Space-Grey.png
  3. True! However I do like the look of the smaller windows. Makes the cockpit look and feel more closed in which I love!
  4. Funny you mention that cause I just remembered that the Challenger Jets do not have the side sliding windows for escape!? Then again, that jet is only what 3-4 feet off the ground? Whereas a 767 is like what a good 15-20?
  5. Oh ok! That makes sense! For drag and structure would make sense! Yeah those side windows on the challenger are tiny little guys! It looks cool though! Thanks for the detailed answer!
  6. Hey everyone! So quick question, I have been flying a lot lately on some of the big boys like 737-700, -800, and had an opportunity to sit in one of the smaller boys, a Challenger 350! But something always struck me about these cockpits, it's the windows. They are so slim! They have a lot less viewing area than I have expected! (Then again the seat wasn't adjusted to my height of 5'7) I fly Cessna 150, and 172, and those windshields are very large! But my instructors old 1965 Mooney M20C, also had some tiny little front cockpit windows. Any chance someone can give me the reason as to why they seem so much smaller? Thanks, Alec.
  7. Hello all. I am thinking of making a 2D panel of the iPad to use in your flight sims. Not a very advanced one. In fact the most it would include is the default FSX GPS Screen. But let me know what you think, and if this is a stupid idea, or if I should go through with it just for fun. Thanks, Alexandre Trahan.
  8. I like what you did there! XD. I get it now! All makes perfect sense!
  9. When watching videos of pilots or flight attendants speak about their lives on videos on youtube, they all have one thing in common, except for a select few if it is an advertisement, or a pilot life story, and the video is shot by the company. None say who they work for. For example, instead of saying, "I work for Southwest Airlines and fly 737 aircraft," they will say, I work for a major low cost carrier in the United States, and fly 737 aircraft," and never mention the name of the company they work for. Why is this? Any pilots or flight attendants on here who can tell me why crew members do this? Thanks, Alexandre Trahan.
  10. Yes. Like is there a program out there for flight simulator, that will allow me to bid for my schedule, or create a line for me to fly? Alexandre Trahan.
  11. Hey all! Quick question. Is there a freeware program that is like a preferential bidding system for airline pilots for FSX? Like for instance, I can select the lines I want to fly? I'd prefer the lines to be already created for me and I just choose the one to fly, just like Southwest does. Thanks and fly safe! Alexandre Trahan.
  12. Is there anyone out there that would be willing to make a panel for the 737 MAX? I would like to take this panel and put it in an AI MAX I have to make it flyable. If there happens to already be one out there, please send me the link to it! Fly high and fly safe! Alexandre Trahan.
  13. So on some NG 737 aircraft there are the ones with standard blinking strobes and a standard blinking beacon. Some NG aircraft also may have LED strobes and a standard blinking beacon, this light combo is also the same on the MAX. Is there any reason though that airlines aren't converting the beacon lights on the NG to LED beacons? Also why aren't the MAX aircraft equipped with LED beacons? Thanks, Alec.
  14. Hello, I have plans on getting the AI 737 MAX 8 by FSXPAI. I have intentions to modify this aircraft to be flyable for my use only, but would like to see if anyone would be able to make some repaints for it. I would like to have this aircraft repainted in a Southwest Airlines paint scheme. The registration can be any of the ones listed below: N8701Q N8702L N8703J N8704Q N8705Q N8706W N8707P N8708Q N8709Q N8710M N8711Q N8712L N8713M N8714Q N8715Q N8716B N8717M N8718Q N8719Q N8720L N8721J N8722L N8723Q N8724J N8725L N8726H N8727M N8728Q N8729H N8730Q N8731J N8732S N8733M N8734Q N8735L N8736J N8737L I will purchase the aircraft when I return to Texas from Arizona. But message me if you would be up to do this. Alec Trahan.
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