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  1. FLYBOYSWA2900

    737 Aircraft Lighting

    So on some NG 737 aircraft there are the ones with standard blinking strobes and a standard blinking beacon. Some NG aircraft also may have LED strobes and a standard blinking beacon, this light combo is also the same on the MAX. Is there any reason though that airlines aren't converting the beacon lights on the NG to LED beacons? Also why aren't the MAX aircraft equipped with LED beacons? Thanks, Alec.
  2. FLYBOYSWA2900


    LOL! Didn't see that guy! Thanks man!
  3. FLYBOYSWA2900


    Hello, I have plans on getting the AI 737 MAX 8 by FSXPAI. I have intentions to modify this aircraft to be flyable for my use only, but would like to see if anyone would be able to make some repaints for it. I would like to have this aircraft repainted in a Southwest Airlines paint scheme. The registration can be any of the ones listed below: N8701Q N8702L N8703J N8704Q N8705Q N8706W N8707P N8708Q N8709Q N8710M N8711Q N8712L N8713M N8714Q N8715Q N8716B N8717M N8718Q N8719Q N8720L N8721J N8722L N8723Q N8724J N8725L N8726H N8727M N8728Q N8729H N8730Q N8731J N8732S N8733M N8734Q N8735L N8736J N8737L I will purchase the aircraft when I return to Texas from Arizona. But message me if you would be up to do this. Alec Trahan.
  4. FLYBOYSWA2900

    Can I make this jet flyable!?

    I understand that there are many P3D fans and XPlane fans out there that are probably very confused as to why I am not switching and going to the modern sims that have the fancy new MAX airplanes coming out from PMDG, IFLY, and ULTIMATE 737 MAX 8, but hey, it's my money, my sim, my decisions. Just put so much time, effort, and money into this sim that I cannot see myself not continuing to use it.
  5. FLYBOYSWA2900

    Can I make this jet flyable!?

    Considering I won't be moving from FSX anytime soon, I will probably buy it and mod it to use as a UI airplane. Won't release it to the public though.
  6. FLYBOYSWA2900

    Can I make this jet flyable!?

    No I see what you are saying perfectly! It is just that no developers are making MAX models for the 32 bit FSX platform anymore. They have moved up to 64 bit P3D and up. Got to find alternatives to fly this brid! I will admit though, I would hate to fuel the overpricing, greedy, sellers of such awesome software. It's AI too, not all that special for the price. I could find a better payware plane for that price than a crappy AI model. Thanks for your input though!
  7. FLYBOYSWA2900

    What happened!?

    Eh well for an avgeek it's sad to see another old canyon blue SWA plane go away. Someone else told me it may have offended some people.
  8. FLYBOYSWA2900

    What happened!?

    Guys N8301J Warrior One from Southwest Airlines apparently has been repainted and had her titles removed from her nose! Why dd they do this!? Can we expect to see her titles on the nose again!? Very sad to see this! Photo of her then: Photo of her now 😞: Thanks Alec Trahan.
  9. FLYBOYSWA2900

    Can I make this jet flyable!?

    Well I am bad with choosing which forum to use. But TDS has a couple of design mistakes that my OCD cannot handle. I value realism that much in FSX. This aircraft has everything perfectly modeled.
  10. It says that the aircraft contains nothing to make it a UI aircraft that is flyable! Does this mean that even if I tweak the physics and add panels, sound, etc., it still will not be flyable? Or if I do add these things can it be a flyable aircraft? Thanks all! Alexandre Trahan.
  11. FLYBOYSWA2900

    Flight Scheduler v1 released

    Didn't think to look at the age of the post! I am so dumb my bad thanks for letting me know! :D
  12. FLYBOYSWA2900

    Flight Scheduler v1 released

    Your link is taking me to, not sure what that is, but it is definitely not Flight Scheduler v1.
  13. FLYBOYSWA2900

    When preflighting an airliner...

    Wow everyone! Thanks for the awesome replies! They were a true help in me learning more about my future job! Thanks again guys! :D
  14. FLYBOYSWA2900

    When preflighting an airliner...

    So I wanted to know, you know how like if a pilot ever approaches a small GA prop plane, the aircraft is always cold and dark? Like with no power on, no lights on, no avionics on, etc. With every Boeing I have ever seen or any airliner I have been in, I have never seen one cold and dark when at the ramp. Pilots of those aircraft never really seem to have to do cold and dark startups. The airplane is always on. Why is this? Do some pilots ever get to the aircraft on it's first flight of the day with it being cold and dark, and have to do everything themselves? Or is it like a mechanic who does all the work, and these pilots just set up the autopilot, start the engines, and fly the plane? Or do pilots sometimes switch the airplane fully off, and let the next crew do everything? My main question is do these airliners ever see a cold and dark state when they are not being used, but still in active service and not in maintenance, or are they always powered on? Thanks!
  15. FLYBOYSWA2900

    Giving the Phenom a coat.

    I have a repaint request. I have the design ready, and will provide the texture folder, and all info regarding the paint job. Anyone up to take it? It is a very simple paint job. Aircraft is the Embraer Phenom by Camsim. Like I said, I already have the paintkit, so don't even go through the trouble of installing it, I will give it to you. If it won't be to much trouble can you pm me for the details, or should I just provide the details on here? Thanks guys, and looking forward to getting this bird in the air! Regards, Alexandre Jude Trahan.