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  1. It is clear they are reading these forums and reddit etc, because they are changing the way they do things based on the general reactions of the community, the eula, more updates and transparency etc. Im sure it wont be long before they drop that full name rule on their forums as well. I remember being berated several times on their forums over the years by RSR and other word not allowed anytime I pointed out inaccuracies with their product. If you think their attitude is bad now you should have seen them years ago, especially when they had one particular moderator who was particularly skilled at being a jerk. Anyway they seem to be going in the right direction, my interactions with RSR and the rest of the team since the MSFS launch have been better and it is clear they are making changes to how they do things little by little.
  2. Sometimes you just need a break
  3. well a lot of what he said has been confirmed by the developers themselves as something that needs work, and is being worked on.
  4. I just dont get it, simbrief integration works great on my end, and both on my 4k display and in vr the textures all look fantastic. There is nothing low res that i have noticed in normal use of the plane
  5. In many respects i find the 737 to be more complete than the fenix. Yeah its missing the efb and other quality of life features, but the aircraft itself feels more complete. The fenix has rather large inaccuracies with its flight model in terms of drag, fuel burn etc. In fact something as simple as the engine anti ice and its effect on the engine n1 is not even simulated yet but im told is planned. That and very limited customer support, no forum, and 3 weeks now with no update or announcements. Pmdg isnt perfect but neither is fenix or anyone else.
  6. I mean, even if you were right I wouldnt really care. I was happy with the p3d version of the plane but im sorry p3d just sucked in so many ways. Msfs is just awsome, and im happy to have that same plane from p3d in the msfs environment and I think having that is worth every penny. Do you all expect pmdg to have worked for 2 years to bring the aircraft over for free?
  7. the 3090ti is worth it if you use VR, the extra vram will come in handy, otherwise the 3080ti is a good choice. The rtx4000 series is upcoming however there are rumors it maybe delayed until the fall, and who knows if you will even be able to get one when they come out.
  8. Thats a good point, even as of right now there are a few things the fbw simulates accurately that the fenix does not. Overall however the fenix is obviously a more comprehensive simulation at this point. The fenix will continue to improve as will the fbw, but after a while being a for profit company fenix will need to focus effort towards a new product while the fbw a320 can be improved indefinitely since there is no financial requirement. It may take years, but i think the fbw will eventually surpass the fenix.
  9. Anyone who wants to simulate a united flight maybe?
  10. If thats all you care about why bother with a high fidelity addon like the fenix? Wouldnt the default aircraft suffice?
  11. If you are sure about these things and have some verifiable data i would submit a ticket, ive never gotten a response from the dev team on discord. Im still waiting on a ticket response for a few days now but i think you have a better chance there. Give it a few more flights too maybe your weather or something was off thst day. The more i fly it the better I actually think they did with it as far as performance and handling. I can say todays two flights the pitch and climb were spot on, and flare law definately seemed to be simulated accurately, my hard landing can prove that. It still feels like it has quite a bit of drag with flaps 2 but im only comparing against the fs labs. I think the sounds are quite good as well, they dont seem to quiet at all its just the out of sync noise at cruise thst needs fixing.
  12. You know what, perhaps my comment was a bit harsh and uncalled for. So I apologize. Im flying the fenix right now in cruise and so far she seems to be dead on in terms of pitch, power, and climb performance. Lets see how se does during descent and landing. My last flight definitely felt like it was a bit too easy to slow down compared to what I was used to from the fslabs, but that doesnt mean the fs labs was 100% correct necessarily either.
  13. The biggest one i noticed yesterday that really stuck out was the excessive drag. It slows down waaay to easy in descent, and add flaps 2 on approach and it becomes a brick. The real a320 with flaps 2 at idle power gear up on glideslope should be barely slowing down.
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