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  1. Yes there is, it works perfectly for me. The 717 allows for complete panel state saves.
  2. There are still a few issues with it, the biggest for me is prof descent doesn't follow speed constraints. But they are making great progress fixing the bugs and the developers are very transparent.
  3. It seems p3d v4 is nicely optimized to take advantage of multiple cpu cores. I'm running an i5-6600k at 4.7ghz and p3d will max out all four cores. Are those of you with 6 or 8 core cpus seeing a similar result ? How many cores is p3d coded to fully utilize at this point?
  4. Yep that and the fslabs bus will make for some great delta flying.
  5. Can't wait. The only way to fly! If you havent tried VR yet be very careful, you will never want to fly in 2d again.
  6. Has anyone had this issue with oceans in p3d v4? At a distance the sim doesnt render the ocean but instead its just a grey block.
  7. Agreed, And those god awful huge cockpit windows! After flying the ixeg 737 which has the correct cockpit dimensions it becomes quite clear how wrong the ngx is in this regard. A shame for such a detailed addon to have something so wrong with the vc.
  8. Quite an undertaking. I wish they would just fix their current software.
  9. Fore some reason none of the tweaks are working for me, I also have urp v1.1 installed, do I need to remove this to use pta?
  10. My gosh people are so darn cheap. This product was such a godsend for p3d it should have been payware all along. For a few bucks just buy the product, support the fact that Matt has made it available again and will continue to improve it. A few days ago people were kicking and screaming because it wasn't going to be available for v4, now that it is people still are not happy.
  11. Lol, these are desperate times indeed. Come on PMDG!!
  12. Had to throw that in here didn't ya?
  13. I hope they learn something from their md88, it is still riddled with bugs and missing features.
  14. People who don't like critics - I detest them! How do you think we got pmdg, fslabs, ixeg, the new FFa320? By pushing the boundaries and asking for more features! If we never complained developers would have no reason to offer more features.