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  1. Is there an outage or something? Im having issues connecting too
  2. Incase anyone is curious, here is how the 7950x3d 4090 build turned out with the lian li 011 air mini. I really love this case. https://photos.app.goo.gl/YyfDcpeUMQcVEXYW9
  3. Wow those shots really make me want to hop into the dc6 right now
  4. in the $400 range the best still is the g2. Any headset without a DisplayPort connection will have you sacrificing image quality
  5. This is true. The only thing that makes it "faster" is the 3d vcache. If an application does not make use of this the cpu may be slower since the 3d cores run at slower clock speeds than non 3d vcache cores. It would not surprise me if the p3d was unable to make use of the 3d cache since the esp engine has always been limited by raw click speed even back in the fsx days
  6. I would go amd in that case, 7800x3d or 7950x3d if you have the budget.
  7. It fits, but just barely. The way I plan to set it up im sure it will cool fine. 2 140mm fans under it pulling air in, two more on the front, three 120's on top, one in the back, and a 240mm rad for the cpu pushing air out from the side.
  8. Call me crazy, but im building a new 4090 7950x3d system with the liani li 011 mini air
  9. My Reverb g2 died the other day so i decided to try out the aero, now that Ive dialed it in its amazing for msfs but the one thing I have noticed is there is "color banding" with clouds and mist at night. it happens mostly when clouds are illuminated by either city lights or aircraft landing lights. Its a pretty distracting and ugly effect that I didn't notice at all with the g2. Is there a setting or tweak to get rid of this?
  10. I get a few more fps with smt off
  11. My Reverb G2 died the other day so i went ahead a bought the quest pro to try it out. It does have a huge sweet spot and the oculus software seems to work much better than windows mixed reality, however I just cant get good image quality from the quest pro. Has anyone else tried this headset? The clouds and night in general look awful, major banding in the night sky, and it seems to have this weird sharpening filter at all times. Daytime is ok, but its still a downgrade in sharpness and image quality compared to the g2. Ive tried cranking the resolution up too the max, playing with tray tools and settings super sampling, it helps but its still doesnt fix the banding and poor image quality. Oh and the sound keeps popping in and out. Is there something I'm missing or is this thing really just that bad? I'm about to return it and just order another g2 honestly. Is there anything else that is a better buy than the g2 these days?
  12. I think the biggest problem with the turbulence is cloud based convective turbulence is completely absent. It should never be smooth when flying into any cumuliform cloud. Even cirrus clouds often have some light chop especially if they are associated with frontal systems. Its like the devs have never been on a real airplane before.
  13. I like them both but the 737 feels more complete to me on the systems and avionics side, despite missing the efb. Now when fenix release their custom engine model my opinion on that may change.
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