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  1. 1. Engine sounds that change with altitude, like in the new 744 and fsl a320. 2. A fix for the flight deck geometry 3. Custom engine spool model, again like in the new 744. (Engines should be slow to respond at low n1, then become much more responsive above around 40% n1 on the cfm 56) After all these years it is still the most complete and accurate short/medium range aircraft available for any sim platform, with these updates it really would be perfect.
  2. Im thinking about buying the dc6 but want to be able to use it with xp11. I know that austin made some significant changes to the xp11 flight model and engine model to fix some inaccuracies from xp10. I know ixeg is going to have to do some significant work to their 737 to get it to work properly with xp11 since they spent so much time getting around the default xp10 flight model. Im wondering how accurately the dc6 is working in xp11? Will it need a flight model/ engine model rework for xp11, and if so is anything in the works? The reason I want to buy it aside from the fact that Im so bored with automated aircraft lately is that it is the only thing available for xplane that simulates anything behind the scenes accurately, other addons may look and feel good but when you actually compare egt, n1, oil temp, etc readings to the real world they are far from accurate. I dont want to lose this by using the aircraft in xp11.
  3. No, again you are missing the point. Fbw holds altitude in the bank, less than 30 degrees is the spec. Say we are holding 20 degrees of bank, fbw is holding altitude fine. Now we dont change the bank angle, but we briefly tap the controls but not enough to change pitch or bank. The aircraft then starts to descend as if fbw was switched off.
  4. I dont think my point is getting across... It maintains altitude in the bank until the controls are moved again. then suddenly drops like the fbw has been switched off. Im just wondering if the 777 should behave this way.
  5. why do people have to be such trolls, if you dont want to read posts comparing xp to p3d then just dont read them. Its like some people live on these forums. Thanks to the op for offering usefull info that may help me decide to give xp a second try. I tried xp 10 with the ixeg 737 but didnt like that there was so much missing from their simulation, its no pmdg. However what they did include was very immersive and well done. Has anybody tried the rotate md80 v1.3? I wonder if its worth considering after the new patch.
  6. This is all being done with the autothrottle, speed is constant and has nothing to do with what I am describing, sorry should have specified that. What I am saying is the aircraft maintains level flight in the turn until the yoke is moved, even if I add slight backpressure with constant speed the aircraft will start to descend. Its like moving the yoke switches off the fbw system.
  7. When handflying the 777 it seems like the fbw function that hold altitude when banking within 30 degrees disconnects anytime you make a slight pitch movement with the yoke. For example, if properly trimmed and i bank left and center the yoke the aircraft will hold altitude, but if I try to add back pressure to initiate a shallow climb the aircraft will loose altitude as if the fbw system had been switched off, Returning the yoke to neutral pitch will then also increase the rate of descent. Just wondering if the real 777 behaves this way or if it is maybe a bug?
  8. Thanks for the info, hope these features make it to the 737 and 777 one day.
  9. I have a couple of questions about the 747 simulation regarding a few things that have been absent from most addon aircraft in general. 1. I notice with the 737 (777 doesnt count as fbw would prevent this) there is no noticeable pitch up from thrust increase or flap deployment, does the 747 simulate this? 2. I only know of one addon that simulates this, just released last year, but do the engines on the 747 get quieter as the air gets thinner at high altitude? You should not even be able to hear them at all above around FL200. Hearing the 737 and 777 engines roaring away at cruise kills the immersion and I usually turn down engine sound manually at cruise. 3. Very few addons simulate accurate engine spool time, I think they need to go outside fsx/p3d code for this. To use the cfm-56 as an example, if you bring the thrust levers up to command 45% n1, the engines should respond slowly at first but then jump to 45% rather quickly and stabilize. All jet engines exhibit this behavior but I have only seen one addon for p3d simulate this properly. Thanks!
  10. Their site has been having problems for months, I have been getting the same connection errors as tonight months ago when clicking on various links. Its no wonder it crashed during release time as it was broken from the start.
  11. Ive noticed this for a long time, no one ever talks about it, due to changing air density the sound should change. Would be a great feature to have.
  12. I tried xplane and it was great in many ways, but the weather is so poor compared to what im used to with rex and activesky that I just dont use it anymore.
  13. If everyone thought like you we would all be flying the pmdg 737 for fs9. Thinking bigger and constantly pushing the boundaries is what leads to progress. Some features are pointless in a simulation ( i.e. coffee makers) but systems depth, failure modeling, and other things that create a more in depth and accurate representation of the real thing should be encouraged and developed.
  14. I thought hot starts were already possible if you add fuel too early. Personally I just want to see the VC geometry fixed.
  15. 32gb is way overkill for anything except xplane, even then its still alot, but if you use alot of uhd mesh it comes in handy. 16gb I would consider the minimum for xplane with high settings and hd mesh.