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  1. Pilot53

    xEnviro 1.10 in Beta

    If anyone is complaining about the wait, I don't think they fully grasp the magnitude of what XE is trying to achieve here, especially given the enormous limitations xplane has put on them. I'm disappointed its taken so long too, and i am even more disappointed that 1.1 wont support VR as I won't fly without VR. But I am most disappointed in LR's unwillingness to give us even basic weather improvements like snow for goodness sake, it's ridiculous. How can you have a flight simulator without weather. I hope XE is a massive success and that they release the VR compatible version soon after, I can't stomach XP without it.
  2. The display quality of the samsung odyssey is actually much better than the rift. Much better contrast, true blacks, and better resolution. Its just a shame that is needs to be used with WMR.
  3. I sort of agree, I hated the display quality of the rift so I switched to the odyssey. But the microsoft interface is typical microsoft, inefficient, clunky, and downright annoying to deal with. I really miss the comfort, better sound, and no nonsense interface of the rift. Its a shame they haven't put anything new out yet.
  4. Pilot53

    Is it worth buy FSLabs a320

    FS Labs is in a league of its own, no other developer for xplane or p3d can match their level of simulation in my opinion. They simulate things that most simmers do not even know exist. Here is a short list of a few things that stick out to me compared to the other top end addons: 1. The Sounds - The engine sounds will change based on the density of the air as you climb, they dont just get quieter they actually change in pitch and harmonics like they should. This is something I have wanted for years and There is not one other addon out there that simulates this. Apart from the engines the rest of the sounds are amazing as well. 2. The flight dynamics - Again something I have been wishing for for years, correct simulation of jet engine behavior and parameters. Bring the throttles up to 50% and watch them crawl up to around 35%-40% n1 and then jump to 50. Every other addon has this backwards, they simulate the correct spool time but the engines respond fast then slow down upon reaching commanded n1, they should do the opposite which they do with the fs labs bus. Try bringing the engines to idle at high altitude, the engines will take much longer to respond potentially causing an underspeed situation. The only other addon that I know of that simulates this correctly is the IXEG 737 for xplane. In addition they are working on fine tuning their flight model to improve simulation of edge of the envelope stuff like coffin corner etc. Nobody else simulates this except maybe the majestic dash 8 but I have not flown it. 3. Icing - The accurate icing simulation is amazing and really adds another layer of realism that quite frankly I am surprised we don't see built in with p3d by now, I mean it IS a flight simulator. 4. Systems - The systems and MCDU are what you would expect if you are used to flying pmdg addons, simply superb. Personally I dont really even care for flying airbus aircraft that much, I much prefer flying non fly by wire aircraft, but fslabs have done such an incredible job with their a320/a319 I simply dont fly anything else anymore, nothing else measures up with the above points.
  5. Unfortunately the only way to get rid of it is to ditch the rift... Which is precisely why i switched, like you say it was a total buzzkill at night, it looks like fs98. The OLED's on the rift are very poor quality and dont have the contrast ratio to display the shades of darkness present during twilight or sunrise, and because the contrast is so off it wont look dark at night either although part of this is p3d's issue since xplane was dark, still had banding though. With the Odyssey I am able to get true darkness at night in p3d. The AMOLEDs in the vive pro/Odyssey are able to display a much finer contrast compared the the first gen OLED's. This is what concerns me about the pimax headsets, they use LCD's which would theoretically be far worse than OLEDS or AMOLEDS for this sort of thing.
  6. I switched to the Odyssey from the rift, it is only marginally clearer but the displays themselves are much much better. Night was always too bright with the rift and it had a very poor contrast ratio so I got horrible banding in the sky. That being said, I HATE the interface of the Odyssey, its just nowhere near as intuitive, you cant use it in a dark room, and the sound cuts out when the headset goes to sleep, the only way to gt sound back is to restart p3d. I actually mount it on top of an oscillating fan when on longer flights just to avoid it going to sleep. i put up with all of this nonsense because of how much better the displays are than the rift so i could not recommend a rift for that reason. Personally I would get a 5k+ or the 8k+ when it comes out, you are going to need to crank the super sampling way up anyway if you want to be able to read your instruments with the rift or Odyssey so the hardware requirements are a moot point imo. If you absolutely cant wait I would suggest the vive pro, same screens but no goofy microsoft interface.
  7. Cool, the 5K+ is looking good. Although I worry about the LCD screens and being able to get dark nights. I could never get night to look right on the rift with its oleds but the amoleds on the samsung Odyssey are great for dark nights. May be worth a try though.
  8. Pilot53

    PMDG 777-200ER for 2018?

    I have been waiting for the -200ER or -200 since pmdg released the LR. UAL does several domestic short/medium haul flights and it just feels silly using the LR for these flights, even with a huge derate.
  9. Pilot53


    I would like to get the benefits of the PBR like effect of tomato shade for my addon aircraft, but have a really good pta preset that i have spent hours tweaking. Is it possible to use the reflection tool and my pta preset together? From what I understand, the reflection tool just tweaks the aircraft model, not the shaders correct?
  10. I am having issues with my samsung odyssey. When the headset goes into sleep the sound cuts out in p3d. This happens even if im using desktop speakers, not just with the hmd audio. I have tried turing off the audio switching functions in steam vr and in windows. Any way to either stop this thing from sleeping, or stop the sound from switching?
  11. After reading the reviews about the odyssey I decided to give it a try. I was surprised that despite the higher resolution of the odyssey, the rift actually seemed to provide better instrument readability, maybe it has better lenses. I also thought the rift just fit better and liked the fact that I can still use the rift in a dark room. However one thing that stood out was the quality of the display seemed light years ahead of the rift. The rift always gave me very poor rendering at night, too bright, banding in the sky, bright clouds, it looked like an only 16 bit video game from the 90's. Is there something wrong with my rift, or does the odyssey just have that much better of a display? Using the odyssey black was black and it could display a much wider range of dark shades, really felt great for night flying.
  12. Using the odyssey with steam vr how do I disable the acceleration and deceleration effect changing my eyepoint?
  13. Pilot53

    extra immersion needed what to consider ?

    VR . Its the best thing to happen to flight simulation since the virtual cockpit.
  14. Man I wish I could use this aircraft in vr..
  15. Pilot53

    TSS - MD-8X JT8D is out

    I'm just glad the maddog x developers chose to make the vc sounds realistic, that tss video sounds like you are in the last row of the plane! That always bugged me about that other md80 for xplane, engines way too loud. Simmers are always requesting louder engines because they expect to hear what they hear as a passenger. You cant hear the md80 sounds form the flightdeck at all, I'll stick with the stock sounds.