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  1. I am having issues with my samsung odyssey. When the headset goes into sleep the sound cuts out in p3d. This happens even if im using desktop speakers, not just with the hmd audio. I have tried turing off the audio switching functions in steam vr and in windows. Any way to either stop this thing from sleeping, or stop the sound from switching?
  2. After reading the reviews about the odyssey I decided to give it a try. I was surprised that despite the higher resolution of the odyssey, the rift actually seemed to provide better instrument readability, maybe it has better lenses. I also thought the rift just fit better and liked the fact that I can still use the rift in a dark room. However one thing that stood out was the quality of the display seemed light years ahead of the rift. The rift always gave me very poor rendering at night, too bright, banding in the sky, bright clouds, it looked like an only 16 bit video game from the 90's. Is there something wrong with my rift, or does the odyssey just have that much better of a display? Using the odyssey black was black and it could display a much wider range of dark shades, really felt great for night flying.
  3. Using the odyssey with steam vr how do I disable the acceleration and deceleration effect changing my eyepoint?
  4. extra immersion needed what to consider ?

    VR . Its the best thing to happen to flight simulation since the virtual cockpit.
  5. Man I wish I could use this aircraft in vr..
  6. I'm just glad the maddog x developers chose to make the vc sounds realistic, that tss video sounds like you are in the last row of the plane! That always bugged me about that other md80 for xplane, engines way too loud. Simmers are always requesting louder engines because they expect to hear what they hear as a passenger. You cant hear the md80 sounds form the flightdeck at all, I'll stick with the stock sounds.
  7. Is VR sli (one gpu per eye) working with native p3d 4.2 vr?
  8. Please see this post: https://www.avsim.com/forums/topic/532016-engine-spool/ The engines on the md80 are notoriously slow to respond.
  9. Thanks for the update, hope you can fix the engine throttle response rate soon.
  10. Regarding the TFDi 717...

    The 717 has come a long way, but its still missing alot of the little things. The developers also don't seem to have anyone on their team that actually fly's the aircraft in real life, and I believe they have based their entire simulation on just reading the aom, so we have no way of knowing if the feel of the flight model even comes close to the real thing.
  11. Engine Spool

    Great, glad to hear your working on it. BTW here is a great video showing exactly how slow they are in the real md80. At around 1:50 you can see the thrust levers are moved up about halfway, you can see how long the engines take to respond. Once they reach 40% N1 they respond much quicker.
  12. I know the md80 is known for having slow to spool engines, but it seems like they spool very fast in the simulation. Is this correct?
  13. Would love to see a CLEAN current delta livery.
  14. NGX Crashing on Load

    Well its not just pmdg, I reinstalled the tfdi 717 and have the exact same issue. The sim works fine with default aircraft.
  15. NGX Crashing on Load

    Darn, was hoping that would do the trick. Ive removed all recent updates and still cant load the 737.