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  1. Would love to see a CLEAN current delta livery.
  2. Well its not just pmdg, I reinstalled the tfdi 717 and have the exact same issue. The sim works fine with default aircraft.
  3. Darn, was hoping that would do the trick. Ive removed all recent updates and still cant load the 737.
  4. After installing the latest ngx update I have been unable to load the ngx. The sim crashes with no error message as soon as the flight starts to load. I can load a default aircraft but as soon as I switch to the ngx the sim will crash. I have tried removing the p3d cfg, dll.xml, exe.xml, and reinstalling the ngx countless times. All the time uninstalling and then manually deleting each folder in every directory. Anyone else having this problem?
  5. Ive tried even with stock xplane, and comparing to videos of others on youtube they are experience the same behavior, but I dont think they realize it because very few seem to actually fly it by the book. Fuel flow is too low during climb and takeoff, and manifold pressure is always too high and bmep doesnt match the books at all. If you compare the xplane and p3d versions side by side you will see that the engine readings for identical regimes of flight are quite different between the two versions, but the p3d version matches the books much more closely.
  6. BMEP, MP and Fuel Flow are not just broken in xp11, but in xp10 also. None of the number even come close to the tables provided, or make any sense at all, while in the p3d version the actual values match the tables much better and make much more sense. Im hoping they will update xp11, but even the xp10 version is still incomplete in my mind.
  7. Really doesnt look like they changed much, I was hoping for thunderstorms, better turbulence, visual bug fixes, high altitude weather etc.
  8. WOW! I absolutely loved flying this aircraft back in the day, It was the last plane I ever flew using 2d panels. The systems depth was great and flying the MD80 was so much fun, such a unique quirky and fun airplane to fly.
  9. Very cool. This is the most exciting news I have heard regarding FSW so far. Truesky has the capability to eclipse any weather addon out for fsx p3d or xplane in terms of realism and graphics, and what is flight simulation wqithout good weather simulation? FSW you have my attention.
  10. Does the dc6 actually have the capability to provide cooler than ambient air?
  11. Looks great, I am excited about the fixes and improvements that will be carried over to the xplane version.
  12. Im sure you are right, that beach is my reason for wanting to visit st maarten vs some of the other islands. And personally I dont see anything wrong with that, its fun, its a one of a kind attraction. If you use common sense theres nothing wrong with it.
  13. There are clear signs illustrating the dangers of jet blast, if you choose to ignore common sense or the warning signs you are taking your life into your own hands, if you are injured or killed it is nobody's responsibility but your own, and its certainly not the governments job to think for you. Still, I give my condolences to the woman and her family.
  14. XP11

    Its just amazing, xp11 hit a home run with their new lighting and pbr effects. Its getting difficult to tell if these are real photos or not. Having the IXEG fully compatible is just pure bliss.
  15. What a day for the 737! First pmdg release the ngx for v4, and now IXEG have made their 737 fully xp11 compatible!