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  1. The biggest problem I had with the crj is the flight dynamics. I have a thread on their forum regarding climb performance. The sim aircraft is way overpowered, it climbs much faster than the real aircraft. They say they are hoping to fix it with the release of the -900.
  2. Yeah something is not right, the dc6 feels spot on to me, it feels like the most refined feeling aircraft in MSFS so far. Must be an control axis or fsuipc issue.
  3. sure is! I think a lot of people will be pleasantly surprised
  4. Go grab it! https://pmdg.com/ Downloading now, cant wait to lock myself in the office for the next month and fly it around the world (I wish!)
  5. I know right! What a bunch of crusty old cranky folks
  6. Does EA with volumetric off fix the issue with weather transitions?
  7. Does anyone know if envshade works with 5.2?
  8. Are the EA weather transitions improved or is it still only able to render the same weather conditions everywhere still? That for me was the major showstopper for v5.
  9. I would love to see this for MSFS, but I hope that version is better than the xplane version. They were never able to get the fuel flow, and power settings quite right in xplane and they just gave up on it after that. Hope the MSFS version will be more up to their current standards.
  10. The flight dynamics are much improved after this update. I would say this aircraft is the ONLY payware aircraft available right now that is worth buying for the sim. Not just ga, but in general, its the only payware that is complete and behaves like the real thing systems and performance wise, aside from the engine start (but its close).
  11. 5-6 fps. When you are only talking only 30-35 fps that is a significant difference. Whether its worth the extra money is another story.
  12. Is there any shader tweaking, or complex lesser known stuff in the new guide? I had one before and it was pretty basic common knowledge stuff that you can find all over avsim.
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