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  1. One thing i really dont understand is people saying they only see cumulous clouds in msfs real wx. I see cirrus and stratus all the time. Msfs live wx is really good, it just needs some fine tuning. Better higher thunderstorms, better atmospheric model, realistic turbulence in the correct cloud types and winds (more severe jetstream induced cat), retuned mountain wave effects, and more realistic icing.
  2. The strange thing is its only when looking at a specific part of the city, the allegiant stadium/mandalay bay resort area.
  3. Ive noticed a weird issue with Flytampa's vegas scenery, fps is fine in most areas of the airport, but when looking down runway 26L/R FPS tanks, even taxing around the airport, if I look in that direction (toward allegiant stadium specifically) the FPS drops off. Its the only spot that this happens, but is a pretty big issue as the 26's are the standard runways at KLAS. Is there anything in that area that could be killing performance? Any files that I can remove to disable whatever it is that is causing this? Its making an otherwise nice airport a drag to fly into or out of.
  4. Great shots! What cockpit textures are those?
  5. I have not noticed msfs simulating this correctly. Irl as soon as you climb above those low level cumulus the thermals smooth right out. Same thing happens when you cross the coastline, over the water it smooths right out irl.
  6. Not impressed, doesnt look any better than default. Those "thunderstorms" are still way too short in height. Thunderstorms dont top out at 10000ft in real life.
  7. Looks interesting, but one thing I dont get is this broken and overcast turbulence simulation? An overcast layer is typically stratiform and smooth. Turbulence in the real world is based on cloud type, not sky coverage. Turbulence in clouds needs to be related to thermals and wind changes within the cloud itself. Cumulus clouds are always turbulent in real life, with intensity increasing with the size and height of the cloud. Stratus clouds are smooth, and cirrus can be choppy in an area of jet stream shear, or they can be smooth. None of this has anything to do with whether the clouds form a broken or overcast layer.
  8. Something about the cockpit texturing doesnt look quite right, the texturing looks very high resolution so its not that. It just the coloring and texturing that looks a bit off to me, almost a bit cartoonish, like something is missing. The rest looks pretty good based on what I can see from that very short video.
  9. Its worth every penny and more! Imo it is the single best airliner addon ever released for a desktop sim all things considered now that their custom engine model has been developed and implemented. The fslabs was great too, but visually I always felt their texturing was sub par even back in the day. The fenix just has everything now.
  10. Brown eyes here, I found the old fenix displays far too bright in all phases, now they are just right. I really hope they dont change them again. The real a320 has somewhat dim displays too compared to other aircraft. Both a330 driver and v1simulations have said they look more realistic now.
  11. My guess is probably a random failure or bug also. -1 degree fuel temp is no problem. Was that your actual fuel temp as indicated on the fuel page?
  12. That's a reasonable response, he should have just said that last week instead.
  13. LOL, I could see the point with the last post about RSR's rude interactions with some very long time forum members, but this time its just ridiculous. For heavens sake why cant people just be happy they are providing these progress updates every weekend, its better than radio silence for months.
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