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    Flightsimming started on Spectrum 48K (Psion Flight simulator). First MSFS version 3 on IBM PC XT. I liked subLOGIC ATP a lot on a AMD386/DX40. Long time FS9, FSX became primary Sim in 2013

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  1. SLKVP

    LevelD 757 at FSC 2017

    Always I had a hope that one day out of The blue LEVELD Team would announce the B757
  2. SLKVP

    Drive space required

    Bill, thanks for the reply. I assume with default PMDG liveries I need 2-3 GB of storage. Sam
  3. SLKVP

    Drive space required

    I have the same question Actually we need to know space required to download and install.
  4. I think, there is LESS LOVE for the project and less interest for the experience the user will have by using the product, and, much more focus and desire for the money... I'm talking about the mindset of the developer, not whether a developer should ask money for his effort. Fortunately there are still developers who love their projects and respect the experience of the users.
  5. SLKVP

    RealAir Simulations Closure

    By best wishes for you and your families. I really enjoyed (and still enjoy) the B60 Duke V2 (not turbine) Sam
  6. SLKVP

    Approach Minima: Baro or Radio?

    Very informative post. Thanks !
  7. SLKVP

    Hard IFR - KFDK to KSLK

    Very nice ! Looks like the iOS app is for real conditions/operations.
  8. Find it Here:
  9. SLKVP

    Oh My

  10. Great thread! I think I'm still learning manually flying the MD11, but, anyhow here is my attempt: (KSAN RWY27)
  11. SLKVP

    Europe's Dangerous Approaches

    Kerkyra - LGKR RWY17 Iraklion - LGIR RWY09 Mykonos LGMK RWY16
  12. Welcome and useful information Thanks !
  13. Happy to see I'm not alone. :-) Great Add-on.
  14. SLKVP

    Much better front page layout this evening.

    +1 I like it very much! Reminds me of the old-good AVSIM layout. I would like to see "Latest Forum Topics" moved to the left-side pane/border. I don't find "Recent Comments" being there so much usefull Kind Regards
  15. I thought this was an FS2004 thing. No P3D here, but can't believe that "feature-bug" still exist.