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  1. FSX-MS

    No, and no resolution was attempted that has ever been published or publicised. DJ
  2. FSXcenery is able to sell one airport to one user who has never bought his airports before. Their general look and truly awful performance will make sure that is all he will sell to that person. He desperately needs to learn to make the airports perform well on average+ systems. DJ
  3. FSX-SE

    Try Utopia from the AVSIM library - look for utopia12.zip. I've had TOPCAT for years and never found it particularly useful... DJ
  4. In FSX alone I have about 500 unique airports and I've been simming for over 20 years... there are a lot more airports that I don't have simply because I don't fly to those areas. There are over 24,000 unique airports in FS counting VFR and IFR airports. The current AIRAC lists over 13500 airports. Does that give you some idea? DJ
  5. Yes, there are two lights - both are mounted on the fixed portion of the NLG and do not move with the turnable portion of the gear. DJ
  6. Consider the source of that piece. "Coast to Coast" is right up there with "World News Daily" as a fount of news... DJ
  7. FSX-SE

    This has been discussed ad nauseam in these and other forums and from a technical standpoint, without source code, is absurd. The 64bit version has just been released by Lockheed Martin and is called P3D V4. DJ
  8. FSX-MS

    If the clouds are above the elevation of the airport above sea level, then you won't have the clouds on the ground. KDEN is `5000 feet, clouds at 7000 feet would be 2000 feet above ground level - clouds at 5000 feet wouldn't be. DJ
  9. FSX-MS

    You will encounter this issue with pretty much all high terrain. FS/FSX doesn't pay attention to how high the terrain is when it generates weather so cloud heights are based on sea level. In places like KDEN or MMMX which on very high terrain, this is what you get. DJ
  10. As you may have guessed from the OP's post, it uses Navigraph or Aerosoft navdata which is outdated in the release. It does not use the default FS data. DJ
  11. In all probability, the waypoints/navaids in question were added after that database was created. Navigraph's subscription policies are here: https://www.navigraph.com/SubscriptionOptions.aspx. Nothing is free - developers pay to distribute a particular cycle of the AIRAC data and consequently, those offered with any model I can think of are out of date to one degree or another. DJ
  12. It isn't a bit clear that Brazilian law will allow such a sale. Should be interesting to watch. DJ
  13. The rotor is a wing... DJ
  14. "There are more things in heaven and earth, Horatio", Than are dreamt of in your philosophy..." DJ
  15. The ATR or the PMDG B1900C re-instrumented with the GNS530 waas is very nice. DJ