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  1. seahawks

    747 PMDG Aircraft or Bird ???

    Thank you for the answer. I have Active Sky 2016 for FSX, the turbulence setting was default setting 70, I set to 50 to see the result. I would come back for the result Thanks dom
  2. To know if the 747-400 FSX is Airplane or bird, I think of bird, and you ?? Vidéo!ze5WHSQZ!ZjtE6iaSo2VDSkHnCngkdVR2yzhy8HBcRZ7UyZ5g2Jg A little too much No? Dom
  3. seahawks

    777 brake temp not realist

    hello all, Everything is wonderful about this plane, but a small remark EICAS MESSAGES "BRAKE TEMP" "Brake Temp" indication not realistic according to the information of a 777 Air France pilot. Too sensitive to braking, even with a slight braking. and even in cold weather!!! Dom
  4. seahawks

    Can not go to my account?

    thank you, password link is it in my mailbox, (mail box problems fixed today) dom
  5. seahawks

    Can not go to my account?

    Thank you for the answer. the problem is, that I have not received anything. I checked in the SPAM box, nothing And I don't have a ticket Dom
  6. I can't go login to my account?? On PMDG Register/Login page "Please reset your password before logging in" " Enter your registered e-mail address below to receive the reset password link and then use it to reset your password" ???? OK I entered my e-mail address and I don't receive the reset password link?? Dom
  7. seahawks

    Before buying QualityWings Boeing 787

    Thank you for the answer, and the information. I will wait before buying, it seems to me that they have not yet reached the PMDG level And thank you all, for taking the time to answer me Dom
  8. seahawks

    Before buying QualityWings Boeing 787

    thanks for the answer, but sorry reading all the posts I did not learn anything about the QW 787 for FSX Dom
  9. Bonjour tout le monde, Avant d'acheter je voudrais avoir des avis au sujet du Boeing 787 de QualityWings pour FSX Merci d'avance Dom
  10. Hello everybody, Before buying I would like to have some feedback about QualityWings Boeing 787 for FSX thank you in advance Dom
  11. seahawks

    777 Doors open before Armed??

    I can tell you that on the aircraft on which I flew, we did not systematically use the auto brake and most often on 1 or 2, the maximum position was used only on soggy and short runways. The power of the reverser was good enough in most of the time. And that's almost never done we needed to cool the brakes, and even in hot countries. Nowadays pilots brake a maxi to take the first ramp and decrease the driving distance. It seems that it is for fuel economy. LOL On the 777 PMDG there are even brake temperature alerts on the pushback. We tried the 777 PMDG a very long runway landing (low outside temperature) without braking and low speed taxiing with a slight brakes assistance to turn. Well, we had the signal "Brake Temp" We have no special hardware just a joystick, the brake control in not operative if not used. FSX is only used for navigation courses and fun for future pilots, at least I hope so. Finally, I can say that the PMDG planes are, the best for FS. I bought the 3. 737-800, 747-400, and 777, and I hope that someday come back the MD11 for FSX Now please excuse my bad English, I speak it better than I write it Happy New Year to everyone Dom
  12. seahawks

    777 Doors open before Armed??

    After 45 years as a pilot (DC8-DC10-767 at French Air force , UTA and Air France) I know that , and if you think the PMDG 777 is close to reality about the brake temp, then there is nothing more to say.....have good day Dom
  13. seahawks

    777 Doors open before Armed??

    Thank you for the info. Another small observation The PMDG 777 is perfect like all PMDG aircraft. But one thing that is certain is that compared to the real (confirmed by a 777 pilot) the brakes are a little too sensitive to heat. LOL
  14. seahawks

    777 Doors open before Armed??

    Thanks for the answer, Domage is more practical and logical on the 747. An unopened door does not need to pass on open, to be armed. An update is it planned for that? dom
  15. seahawks

    777 Doors open before Armed??

    Hellp All, Why do we have to go through open doors to be able to rearm them? Why not do like on the 747? Dom