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  1. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    Hello, I come back late on the forum. thanks for the idea. Merry Christmas
  2. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    Hi Scott, Thanks for the good idea, I will wait and watch for sales until the holidays are over ?
  3. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    Hello all, Once again, thank you for your answers. I will wait for Christmas to see if there is a discount. sorry for my bad English
  4. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    Hi Chock, Thank you for your post. Indeed my native tongue is not English and I do not understand all the turns, while I speak 4 languages. Next to my question and your answer, the majestic Dash 8 Q400 is presented in two versions Pilot and pro. For me the Pro version is too expensive for this kind of plane, while I have 737, 777 and 747 from PMDG. What do you think of the pilot version? Regards
  5. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    I know emoticons and smileys, the whole world uses them, but I also know not to make fun of others 😏
  6. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    Thank you all for your very positive responses. Since I use a lot of very complex scenery and airports, Bill's info is very useful to me, so I'm going to consider buying dash 8 Best regards have good days Dom
  7. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    Thank you for your answer, for me it is only on FSX that I asked my question. P3D or other does not interest me Regards
  8. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    I do not know who you are talking to. To be ashamed?? Shame on you for this kind of response I only want to have opinions, I do not know any of these add-ons. It seems to me that Majestic Q400 is quite complete, now in 2018 does not have non-3D buttons, it's a bad point. For me it is the PMDG my favorite, but I am looking a plane for short flights aircraft
  9. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    Thanks Maserati did have a Biturbo a few decades ago
  10. seahawks

    Which is the best,

    Hello all, I am looking for a bi-turbo and I would like to have opinions. For FSX Which is the best, between: Carenado F50, S340 Carenado BAe JS 4100 PMDG Dash 8 Q400 Majestic software Pilote edition Thank you in advance for your advice Best regards Dom
  11. Bonjour à tous. Je cherche à acheter un Bi turbo genre ATR que j'ai mais que je trouve déplorable pour FSX. Aussi j'ai besoin d'avoir des avis pour choisir entre: Le Dash 8 Q400 de Majestic Software De Carenado le S340 ou le F50 ou de PMDG le BAe JS 4100 Voila merci d'avance pour les infos Bonne fin d'année PS: Promos sur ORBX jusqu’à la fin de l'année Dom
  12. seahawks

    747 PMDG Aircraft or Bird ???

    Thank you for the answer. I have Active Sky 2016 for FSX, the turbulence setting was default setting 70, I set to 50 to see the result. I would come back for the result Thanks dom
  13. To know if the 747-400 FSX is Airplane or bird, I think of bird, and you ?? Vidéo!ze5WHSQZ!ZjtE6iaSo2VDSkHnCngkdVR2yzhy8HBcRZ7UyZ5g2Jg A little too much No? Dom
  14. seahawks

    777 brake temp not realist

    hello all, Everything is wonderful about this plane, but a small remark EICAS MESSAGES "BRAKE TEMP" "Brake Temp" indication not realistic according to the information of a 777 Air France pilot. Too sensitive to braking, even with a slight braking. and even in cold weather!!! Dom
  15. seahawks

    Can not go to my account?

    thank you, password link is it in my mailbox, (mail box problems fixed today) dom